Church gays want gospel music, but not the gospel

“I want to stay in the music business through promoting gospel music and upgrading the quality and performance of gospel music.” —Rev. James Cleveland, 1932-1991

A friend in Dallas attended the 2006 Gospel Music Workshop of America (GMWA) and reported that our worst fears are confirmed. Church gays who flaunt, priss and parade, are the stars of the show at the event.

I wrote about the GMWA and its controversial founder James Cleveland in my book Touching A Dead Man. The stories I compiled revealed a picture of a man whose sexual appetite for young males could have been the reason why he created the GMWA. Cleveland, who as we reported earlier died of AIDS, was in my opinion, a sexual monster who ruined and debased the very musical expression intended to uplift people. Its still a shock that anyone would “celebrate” such a profane life.

Bishop Yvette Flunder remarked at the Atlanta Love and Acceptance conference that if all of the gays in the church were taken out, the church wouldn’t have any music. Laughing, she said the church would be left with maybe one or two songs that nobody wanted to sing. I think that’s a lie. An arrogant lie. But gay religionists do love gospel music. The problem is they don’t love The Gospel. That’s a major problem. Singing the gospel you refuse to obey or submit to is an abomination. Offering up “strange fire“, as the Bible calls it, and a deadly venture to those who do it.

Black gays and their rocky love/hate relationship with the church is a bonified mess. That’s on both sides of the fence. The war is fueled by the voodoo-like beliefs of the black gay community’s spokespersons like E. Lynn Harris. Harris said the inspiration for his last book I say a little prayer was what he “saw happening in the black church. The homophobia. The black gay and lesbian people not having a place to go and get their spiritual needs fulfilled.”

Harris and people like him dont understand that the church is not a place to come and get your needs met. Especially when your “needs” are incongruent with God’s will for your life. Unwilling to repent of their sexual sin, Harris instead wants to create the type of church which allows his sin to be accepted and celebrated. After all, this is what he considers meeting his “spiritual needs.”

But back to Dallas and the GMWA convention. “Bro C” told me:

“I had the pleasure, or should I say displeasure of going to the Gospel Music Workshop of America and it was a hot mess. Trust me, it is everything you said and more in your book confirming what goes around at that convention. A friend of a friend (which is still in the life[style] who is a choir director for the New Orleans chapter) saw two young men walking out of the Hyatt Regency hotel in visible pink thongs right here in Dallas. I went to three of the concerts and I was not happy, but it actually hurt a bit.”

I know what you’re saying. If he knew it was like that, why go? Well, ignoring sin only allows people to lie about what’s really going on with no witness to refute it. Some people still think the GMWA is a great place to let their youth go to. Last night, on the Word Network, Kirk Franklin gave the GWMA convention a glowing review, saying it was a great place to come and chill.

The GWMA’s motto is “The convention where everybody is somebody.” That’s an intentionally large umbrella to accomodate the divergent lifestyles of the singers and musicians. For instance, at the 2006 Dallas meeting, Cheryl Gamble (CoCo) of the 90s R&B group Sisters With Voices (SWV) was hailed [cached] at the GWMA for “returning to gospel music.” But the very next month, the same group were featured performers at New York “Black Pride” along with this man. Yes, that’s a man. Yet, Gamble told the GMWA that she never left gospel music. “I’ve always been active in my church,” she said. “Church was more than a breeding ground for me to sing. It’s where I nurture my soul. It’s a lifestyle for me.”

The broader question actually brings us back to the basics. Is what God said about sex and sexuality applicable in contemporary life? If we can shuck His restrictions on that, what’s to stop us from shucking any of His restrictions on anything simply because we no longer feel its relevant? The GMWA is a glaring example of “having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof”. The Bible warns us: from such turn away.

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11 thoughts on “Church gays want gospel music, but not the gospel

  1. First, lest me thank you for the link regarding the GMWA. As a former traveling gospel singer, workshop leader and choir director I can vouch for the sexual misbehavior of many involved in the field. When I was a minor, my group (a trio) was once invited to participate in a weekend revival in Maryland. We drove down after being told our accomodations would be provided and a stipend would be paid. The two women in the group were provided their accomodations with each other. It was “arranged” that I should stay with the evangelist running the revival. When we got to the home I was led into the room with the evangelist (once a nationally recorded musician with a gospel hit on the charts). To my shock and embarrassment there was only ONE bed. I was promised a chance to be on one of his records (yes, records, this was waaay before CD’s!), a chance to travel and sing which was a dream I had since I was a very young boy. Being gullible and desirous of the chance to record and become “famous” I gave in to the minister’s advances. I was so traumatized by the encounter I wet the bed. After the evangelist got what he wanted all the vain promises were forgotten and I lived with the shame and the embarrassment of the night for a long time. I know what James Cleveland’s son, er, um, VICTIM meant when he said Cleveland looked into his face and saw his desire and used it for his own lust.

    One of the reasons there is so much uncleaness in the music industry as it is so called is the music is often called gospel but the content has shifted away from the centrality of the cross, service, consecration, the sacrificeof Christ and the great doctrinal themes of the scripture in the lyrics. The majority of the music is experiencial and testimonial in content. In itself that is not bad, itis just no enough.
    Start singing with the anointing of GOD about the blood of Jesus Christ, (When I See The Blood, etc), or the power of The LORD t destroy the bondages of demons (A Mighty Fortress, etc.) and I believe a lot of the mess will be challenged and exposed and expelled. I have seen the praise of GOD
    usher His presence in and truly destroy the plans of the devil. I have seen the the LORD’s song bring people to conviction andlead them to salvation. It takes leaders who are willing to nuture holiness in their music ministers.
    When I was coming up if you wee not conforming to the character of Christ as a musician we were REBUKED, SAT DOWN, DISCIPLINED, CHASTISED AND DISCIPLINED. it bore righteous fruit. You know what? Sometimes that meant the most talented singer, or the most gifted pianist, the better organist or the most skilled choir director was just not available. The went with the life FIRST and the gifts needed to be consecrated to Christ.
    Lastly Our pastor banned a very popular choir from singing at our church anymore when he learned that they were entertaining people in a joint called the Sugar Shack. They claimed they were spreading the gospel. He said singing for the LORD was a sacred work and you couldn’r sing to people in a night club as they drank liquor. He onced pubilcly rebuked a group of singers publicly in the church and made them sit down because a man had just had a baby while unmarried. “You must live Holy”, he said; “Sit down!” Would to GOD we had a zeal for holiness in preaching AND singing again.

  2. Elder Jimmy:


    I preached on sanctification and holiness this Sunday. One thing I noticed very clearly when studying is that the gifts and giftings are sanctified (set aside for God’s use). Ephesians 4:11-16. They are for the edification of the saints. The equipping of the saints. Any other use outside of the stated use is misuse and not ordained by God.

    Therefore, the bearer ought also to be sanctified.

    Where are the pastors of Jeremiah 3:15 who will demand once again that the Lord’s people be sanctified and holy?

    Where are you pastors??

  3. I discovered this article while researching what I heard about Yvette Flunder being a lesbian. It unbelievable what she has said about gospel music if you took all the gays out. Yes, it may be just a few left, but God doesn’t look at quanity, but quality. It’s sad because I love the song she led for Walter Hawkins Thank you Lord for what you done for me. but she has not let the Lord save and deliver her from lesbianism. I give her one credit, she admits it. Satan has ruined the image of the church with these gays at the forefront which has kept real men away.

    Elder Kysel, thanks for visiting. Everything GCM Watch has reported on Yvette Flunder is true and accurate.

  4. It amazes me how critical “Straight” church folks can be about gays in the church, but are the first ones shoutin’ on Sunday. I’ve heard and been told that there is a such thing as deliverance from homosexuality, however I have yet to experience it. Neither do I personally know anyone who has. However, I do know that many people are forced into a “straight” lifestlyle because of the church. And are still living a gay lifestyle on the DL. Men & Women. Gay folks wouldn’t have to sneak and live on the DL if society would leave us alone. Gay folks and straight people are no different. You have gays who are all about sex and so are straight folks. Then there are those of us who cherish our relationships with that one person whom we want to spend the rest of our lives with. It’s called LOVE. I find out that when preachers are constantly bashes gays in their sermons, those are the ones who are on the down low. I have gone to some churches and a minister could have just finished his gay bashing sermon and a gay friend of mine will tell me, ” he just texted me last night, trying to hook up.” Will we do anything to “save face” for the church? I know I have prayed, till I was blue in the face for God to changed me. Because I was/am sick of the gay bashing sermons. If my lifestyle is going to send me to hell, then God deliver me. Because I don’t want to go to hell. Well 15 years later, I’m still here and still gay. See people need to start being real about what’s going on in this thing called “the life.” The church for one need to stop hatin and start educating. Our young people are wild and crazy because no one is being real with them. Straight and Gay young people thinks it’s all about sex and it’s not. CHURCH what do you want us to do. Stop bashes us, but want us on your praise teams and instruments. I’d rather you put me out the church than prostiute my gifts & talents. Some of you preachers get right. Stop preaching sermons entitled “What flows from the head….” Be careful, because while you spend time hatin’ some of you are going to be exposed real soon. The church will LOOK past us gay folk when we’re giving our tithes & offerings, when the musical brought in enough money for the pastor’s new house, when the CD is selling and the choir is winning stellars, it’s all good then. All the laying on hands and oil slanign’ hasn’t delivered one person I know yet. If anything it’s forcing them to live a lie. I get married & hurry up and have some babies so folk won’t have to question my sexuality. This type of behavior is causing innocent men & women to get hurt. But we’re not to deal with that issue. I mean if we’re going to call out all the “sins”, lets call the roll. Which means Everybody should be in line. I’m so glad I look to the hills from whence cometh my help. Because the church and the gay bashing is messing folks up. It almost got me. Look to God and not man….cause when these so-called “stone throwers” get through, God got something for them as well. Sweep around your own front porch.

  5. Miss 1976, and just who are you directing your stones. Procaliming what the Bible has to say about homosexuality is not “bashing”. Your argument is supported (so to speak) by the failures of others and you have measured yourself and your belief by the sins of “Preachers” and church members. Your standard should be Christ Jesus. Being faithful in tithesa nd offerings should not make anyone’s sins acceptable straight or gay. A preacher who is primarily about the tithe will take money from anyone.

    Personally speaking, People in general have a problem with tithing PERIOD ( I have my own view of that as it relates to the NT) so I so seriously doubt that the same gender loving people in churches are tithing at a higher rate than any other group.

    Regarding the word deilverance. The original language means to be “rescued or snatched from”. That does not mean that there will not be a serious struggle to conform one’s behavior sexual or otherwise to the limits of scripture. That is if one wants to call themselves a follower of Jesus Christ.
    Lastly, LOVE, what is love and as you attempt to formulate an answer please remember that Love always tells the truth. Love cannot be separated from the truth. The debate is not over love but truth.

  6. Miss 1976,
    A point of clarification. I didn’t meant to imply that you said that gay folk tithe higher than others. My point was that gay people aint tithing at such a rate that preachers would fail to tell the truth for money. A preacher who will fail to tell people the truth for filthy lucre is not really worth discussing. I didn’t see in your point a position from any standard of truth. Hurt feelings and feeling insulted does not a position make.

    And, just what are the judgements coming against the preachers? Will it be for sexual sins too? If the answer is yes, then you will also be in line for judgement wouldn’t you. I just don’t see what your point is at all. really.

  7. I agree with some things Miss 1976 said.
    The church is fraught with problematic issues. But is the problem greater than the solution? Where should the focus be on?

    Thus, I disagree with Miss1976’s solutions to those problems.
    We have a clear divergence of opinion on that.

    Since God’s solution for sin is not to condone other sin (that’s not true justice) then neither should we.

    Miss 1976 should first get right with God. The church can be wrong, but God is never wrong. Our responsibility is to LINE UP with God’s truth, no matter what the church is saying or doing. That’s the primary issue. Then if God leads become a reformer, but only in concert with scriptural reformation (read Mark 1:14-15).

    Second, I highly reccomend you read our post on the “make me straight prayer”. and then come back and talk. Thats if you are not like some of the commenters who drop in here to “tell somebody off”. Those people are called trolls for good reason.

  8. I attended my first GMWA and all I have to say is if u go for all the right reasons you wont have any problems. I went there to seek Jesus and I found him there. If you go looking for “OTHER THINGS” yeah its there to but its all what u take in at GMWA

    GCMW: Wow, God’s child so if Lot has just went to Sodom for the right reasons and paid no attention to the homosexuals and their attending corruption there, God would have never destroyed that city, right? We should see no evil, hear no evil, right? Just stay “positive” and pretend like nothing in the church is wrong, huh? Is that your solution?

    How would you explain Jeremiah 1:9-17 in light of your comments?







  10. I guess I have lived a shelter life thank God, because I have known my whole life that being gay cannot coincide with Christianity. I was sickened to see there are website dedicated to convince people to accept this as christian behavior. God forgive these folks for their sin.

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