Whistleblower to Bishop Alfred Owens: gay choir members out of control

Via loldarian, we’ve learned a major scandal has erupted at a well known black church in the nation’s capital. For years, we have warned pastors that a little leaven will leaven the whole lump. Now, here it is, true-to-life, in blazing shame.

Black, gay members of Greater Mt Calvary Holy Church in Washington, DC are seething over emails sent to pastor Bishop Alfred Owens, Sr., which blew the lid off the extensive homosexual subculture in the church’s expansive music department.

The three emails ripped apart 6 of the 8 choral groups, their leaders, and specifically homosexual men in the choirs. Additionally, the emails detailed names and the nefarious activities of male and female homosexuals within music departments, greeters and trustee board. According to a gay member of the church, “Bishop Owens met with all choir members for thirty minutes and offered to help anybody who wanted to change from being gay. He said the bible says that wheat and tares grow together but there are too many tares and when the tares out number the wheat I got to do something”.

The unnamed whistleblower says she along with other females are looking for godly, heterosexual men for marriage and are angry that homosexuals in the music ministries are preventing that from happening. Oddly enough, when we checked the ministry leadership we found that every music department —save one— was headed by a female. Look at the”mission statements” of the groups, compared to what is actually happening in the church. Edited for space:

Min. Lisa Jackson: The mission of the Alfred A. Owens Chorale is to be a body of believers anointed, gifted and/or talented to minister in music. It is my prayer that each member is committed to living the life that they sing about and is dedicated to ensuring that holiness is a lifestyle rather than just a concept.

Celebration Choir, Tierra Nanches:The mission of the Celebration Choir is to be a body of psalmists who are dedicated to God and focused on Christ, while still enjoying our youth and young adulthood and exhibiting the joy of Christ through song, praise, and worship.

Music Ministry, Elder Cornelius Young It is our duty to create an atmosphere that is conducive for the spirit to freely move as the membership engages in worship. We are to offer up every musical talent and gift to God so that he can inhabit our praise.

Praise Team, Min. Maria Jenkins: To prepare an atmosphere of praise and worship through music, so that the congregation can participate in the service.

Sanctuary Choir, Min. Teraleen Campbell:In response to the call of God, the mission of the Sanctuary Choir is to stand among those who share a commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Our desire is to be a vessel of honor which has been set apart and is now fit for the Master’s use to reach the lost and encourage the body of Christ both through song and the personal witness of holy living. ( II Timothy 2:20-21)

Voices of Calvary, Min. Julia Chaney:Our mission and responsibility as servants of God is… as psalmists our purpose is to strengthen one’s faith and bring encouragement to the body of Christ through song. Our purpose is to encourage souls and to transmit a message of hope, joy, peace and victory through Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Mt Calvary Holy Church of America is overseen by gospel music icon Evangelist Shirley Ceasar and her husband Bishop Harold Williams. The DC church is one of the denomination’s flagship congregations.

We are checking with several DC sources and will bring you updates on this story.

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33 thoughts on “Whistleblower to Bishop Alfred Owens: gay choir members out of control

  1. Yikes! Two questions: 1. Where was/is the discernment? If things are that widespread there should not have been a need for an email to reveal it.
    2. Where is the Prayer Ministry? I didn’t see anyone responsible for that particular area in their comprehensive list of ministry priorities.

  2. Yes, this is definitely an issue of oversight, or better put no sight.

    I wonder why it is that the people with the biggest churches seem to have the least amount of discernment.

  3. All gays are going to hell if they dont repent. I will never go to a gay church it is of the devil God is not there.

  4. I have visited GMCHC many times and that church is no different from any other mega church. Homosexuals are every where, there is no place you can go and don’t see a homosexual. If Bishop Owens address the issue he is a gay basher, if he does not he’s letting them run wild…sounds like he is damed if he do and damed if he don’t. There has got to be something he is doing that is pleasing to God and the THOUSANDS of people that follow him. So my suggestion is to build a bridge and get over it! Let that man lead his flock the way that God leads him. And for the record Calvary was on a 27/7 prayer mandate since Sept. 2007, but of course none of that is BLASTED all over the online!

    GCMW: Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. Mt. 7:13. Numbers have no bearing on a man’s righteousness or relationship with God. None at all. Apparently, the “prayer mandate” has done little good. How can a church be praying sincerely and such a colossal failure of leadership occur on so many levels?

  5. There is something in between “bashing” and “letting them run wild”, you know. A couple of years ago Bishop Owens was taken to task by the gay media for name calling in his church around the issue of homosexuality. His apparent (if not actual) insensitivity may be indicative of a lack of real intention to deal with the influx of the culture of Washington, DC into the churches there. Can it be lost on Bishop and Co-pastor Owens the gay culture in their city? Can they not see what the average congregant can see? Do they not have meetings with the elders and ministers in the church who work more closely with the people?
    How does a church have a “mandate” that is not mentioned on the website? Mount Calvary had every opportunity to blast their alleged prayer mandate. As GCMW has said numbers don’t mean very much. I will refer you to the Old Testament story of Gideon for your consideration.
    There are certainly quite a few music ministries there. That’s not a bad thing, though that may account for an influx of numerical attendants. I wonder how many of the thousands are disciplesof Christ?

  6. This is sad. It’s good though to read that the Pastor did speak with the choirs. To me that indicates that he hears the heart of the concerned members. However, one thing that bothers me is that did he not see it himself? Has he addressed the issue prior to these emails? So what if he would be called a “homophobe?” Deal with it and go forth. Address the issues as they should be addressed and lead the flock into righteousness!

  7. Thank you for your work DL. All this mess needs to be exposed and I am so grateful to God that he has blessed you with the insight, experience and courage to do what needs to be done!

    Love ya Brother!


  8. I am not gay. As a woman I have lots of gay male friends

    Here is what bothers me.

    “The unnamed whistleblower says she along with other females are looking for godly, heterosexual men for marriage and are angry that homosexuals in the music ministries are preventing that from happening.”

    This “lady” needs to stop blaming others for her not being married and look to her self.

    The spirit of these emails are very mean and evil. That is probably why she is not married. Also, what does she have to offer a man. Is she overweight, does she have a mean attitude, is she supportive, does she have a lot of kids and no job, is she opposed to working.

    THe other thing is I do not like outwardly Gay ministers. The choir and its directors are not church leaders. THey are patrons like everyone else.

    I think the Bishop should address the evilness of these outings. Question why such detailed information was available. Sounds to me like she was at the gay parties. And if she was there, why did she attend.

    I think that the Bishop should say that gayness is wrong. However, the church is open to everyone. We expect certain behavior. However, we are here to help you become good christians.

    THis is distasteful, and does not belong in the church. The email is the most non-Christian thing I have ever seen.

  9. veman I disagree with you. Should not a woman who is just as much as part of the church as the out of control homosexual men be allowed to voice her anger and concerns, no matter what her reason is?

    What justification is there for her not to do so?

    Secondly, it seems you are arguing for your “gay male friends” as opposed to Biblical standards of righteousness. Where is your true loyalty?

  10. Did I miss in the article and email that the Bishop & Bishopette are legally blind. That is the only way they would not have seen first hand what was in their choirs and on their instuments.

    They were either going-along for the good music that draws crowds or someone is playing after-hours.

    If the head of the music department is gay openly or on the DL. The staff and male singers over-time will reflect this.

    Bishop can’t fix this without cleaning house. He then must hire a straight man or woman for the culture to change.

  11. SUOP, you nailed this.
    It aint that hard. This is a failure of LEADERSHIP plain and simple. You cant put new wine in old wineskins. He should know that. If he truly cleans house (and I dont just mean the out of control gay folks) I do suspect that it might mean GMCHC wont “be the same”. Are they afraid of that?

    LOL @ you “bishopette”. Hadnt heard that before.

  12. Oh man, SUOP, I just didn’t even wanna go there. Though I was thinking that. Where you see this stuff going on someone in leadership has opened some doors somewhere……

  13. I think that Bishop Owens is a very strong man and that although the scandal my be going on in his church right now, he has it under control. I know Bishop Owens and he is a no nosense person, if something is not right he will do his very best to fix it. We may have not seen or heard anything but he has probably dealt with it as soon as it got to him. He is a man that knows what he is doing. He’ll fix it and thats that.

  14. Let me just repeat the obvious here.

    If someone has to send you an email to let you know there’s a serious gay problem in your church, then you might have a discernment problem.

    Hopefully he’ll get a handle on this.
    Simple issue. Simple solution. Offer counseling for those who want to be free. Those who don’t want to– just let them go. “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump”!

  15. What a hypocritical, mean-spirited, and like someone else described, un-christian thing for this person to have done. Aside from the questions that come to mind about how this person knows exactly what “activities” these choir members engage in, whether or not her claims are completely unfounded and just how unscrupulous she may have been in her investigating, the act of outing these people is despicable; talk about having a plank in your eye.

    GCMW: Couldnt help but take a quick look at your blog (removed link) which rails against the “evils” of Christians who oppose homosexuality. Dont you think you’re being hypocritical, mean-spirited and un-american to decided what people should do with their own faith? Don’t think youre being biased? Gays “out” people all the time. When is the last time you protested that? Regardless of how she found out, the overwhelming testimony of many people corroborate her findings. Sin is not a value of the church of Jesus Christ, thus unrepentant individuals in positions of influence and authority should be exposed.

  16. I’m not sure if you’ll allow this post through, since responding to you might count as going off topic, which I can respect. But even if that is the case and I can only, in effect, respond to you, I’m fine with that.

    I don’t decide what people should do with their own faith, as you’re correct, that would be un-American. I’ve only ever, on my blog, given my opinion on what I see people doing in the name of their faith.

    To answer your question, the last time I protested someone being outed by someone in the gay community was most likely the last time it happened, since I abhor the act of outing people in 99% of the situations.

    Back on topic, personally, I think you have to be willfully obtuse in order to say that there is no hypocrisy behind these actions. This is especially true, I think, in your defense of said actions, where you assert that since these choir singers (bearing so much “influence and authority,” as choir singers often do) are unrepentant in their sin, they deserve being targeted and outed. I cannot imagine such a focus has ever been placed on any other sinner in the church, let alone simply in the choir, and before you try to draw a distinction between the unrepentant homosexuals and the repentant sinners who comprise the rest of the church, you should realize that you have absolutely no way of knowing just who is unrepentant about which sin and what kind of struggles each individual faces and how seriously they take them.

    There is a clear discrepancy in the criteria used in determining unrepentant homosexuals, and unrepentant sinners of just about any other nature, and the message being sent here, whether you can see it or not, is that the only unrepentant individuals who receive scrutiny are the homosexuals, and everyone else receives entirely different treatment. The message is, as I’ve seen it written elsewhere, if you’re gay and in the closet, stay in the closet. It’s a message that is harming the mental well being of homosexuals in your church, and the hypocritical and mean-natured essence of it is perfectly demonstrated in this lady’s actions.

  17. To the moderator:

    By the by, given the last time I wrote about gay issues on my blog, I’d say you gave it more than just a quick look 😉

    Not an attack, just a friendly jab.

  18. Zorntac, your points are noted. Now, whether or not there is hypocrisy involved in the woman’s complaint is beside the point of truth.
    That doesn’t make hypocrisy in and of itself right or justified but that she told the truth. She only said (perhaps in more detail) what gays themselves have said about GMCHC for years. Why is it okay for them to say it and not this woman who is a legitimate —and by all accounts, faithful— member of the church? Doesn’t membership have rights? Particularly the right to want your church to be a place where sin is not the prevailing characteristic?

    You said: “There is a clear discrepancy in the criteria used in determining unrepentant homosexuals, and unrepentant sinners of just about any other nature, and the message being sent here, whether you can see it or not, is that the only unrepentant individuals who receive scrutiny are the homosexuals, and everyone else receives entirely different treatment.”

    This site is primarily about homosexuality and the church, Christianity. There’s nothing unusual about having a blog with a predominant subject matter. That in no way arbitrarily means that we condone or excuse any other sin in the church. Quite the contrary. Thus the criteria you assume exists based on your stated premise for its existence, is nonexistent.

    We want gays to come out of the closet of sin and walk in the light of God’s salvation through repentance…like every sinner has to do. It seems gays want an entirely different
    thing while maintaining an active presence in the house of God.

  19. I truly find it hard to believe that a man of God has to answer to the view of society when society is not always godly. I believe that sin is sin and anyone who is out of order should be set down for a time but with the compassionate of Christ which I know my Pastors do. Being gay, having sex outside of marriage, being a lier etc are all sin, ( no big or little; just sin). And we are all working on our own personal salvation and relationship with God. I attend Calvary and know my Pastors hearts which are for the members, all the members, and the will of God, but these things are never spoken of in media and by one side views of others who want to serve their own agenda.

    Did you know that GMCHC was the first church in DC to offer support and resources for those affected by HIV/AIDS when it first came out which premarily was the Gay community. We also minister to drug addiction, hunger, cancer survivors, domestic violence survivor and a host of other social needs.

    Calvary is a church and a Church is a place for sick people to be healed and made whole in Christ. Now If you came for something else like music, dancing, shouting – simply put – entertainment, you are missing the purpose of God’s house. And if being in your sin you are fine and don’t feel you need to be fixed or changed or healed that is between you and God but please don’t expect the Pastor to hold up for what you are doing because he answers to a higher authority… God. Now there are church that will say you are right when by the Bible which is God’s Word you are wrong.; and if that is what you want that is where you need to be. Please don’t think I am saying all the gays and lesbian should leave GMCHC, that is not the case but we all have choice to stay or leave but understand where you are your lifestyle be acceptable be you homo or hetersexual but that does mean you are not accepted by God just not your mess ( and we all have some mess). But two emails and whistleblower are both wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right.

    I know Bishop and I know he is compassionate and caring for all! I am sure he has not addressed all parties involved with that straightforward and caring way that only a Father can do and most of all in love of Christ! We don’t know the whole story just bits and pieces.

    As far as Calvary not being the same if he cleaned house, it is God’s house , God will handle how the house is run! This is really between the members of the Church, our leadership and God! but because people when offended or hurt usually hurt or offend others…this is where we are. Our family being talked about and critized by outsiders!

    All I can say for those who have critized and giving your negative views of Calvary, our leadership and members be careful when you point your fingers because one is always point back at you.

  20. I am a member of GMCHC and I can say that there are a lot of gay men and women in the church but there are gay men and women in all churches. Gay people need Jesus too. What ever is going on in the church Bishop and CoPastor will deal with it. I admire my leaders and I know they are no nosense leaders. Keep your head up Calvary.

  21. To “4theluv” and “Saved”:

    Its nice that you are wanting to defend your pastor. However your comments fall flat. Deflection of the serious issue of sexual immorality is not solution to the problem. I would even go as far to say that’s probably why GMCHC is in this predicament now.
    Because it seems like you (and other sympathetic members) are only angry and puffed up that your pastor is being called into question over this episode, rather than being truly sorry that this type of sin has become synonymous with your church name. It almost sounds like the situation in 1 Corinthians 5.

    Gay people need Jesus too?

    You really don’t understand what GMCHC is facing do you? We’re not talking about sinners coming to church and sitting on the seats, but so called Christians proudly and defiantly engaging in sexual immorality. That’s two horses of a different color.

    Yes, sure the case can probably be made that there is sexual immorality in all churches. But when one searches the scripture you will NEVER find that as a justifiable excuse (if it can be found at all) for the passive, dead beat nonaction far too many pastors are guilty of.

    I dont mean to be hard on you, but grow up a little spiritually and stop being so quick to wave sin away in your house because “its everywhere”.

  22. I thank God for this, because this is the reason I left the church. My pastor and all his close friends were gay. At first I said well, we all come from different sins and are delivered. But when I saw him switching and saw all his out of church buddies. Then to witness him blessing other closet gay ministers. Well what proof do I need that the Spirit has left the building. Get those immoral nasty individuals out of there if they want to live that lifesyle, before you chase off loving caring brothers like me and folks I know.

    GCMW: Ralph all I can say to that is AMEN!

  23. GCMW: Sorry Latasha, this was too “bad” to pass up:

    Don’t you people see? This is an attack of Satan! EVERYBODY is a sinner and there is no difference between the sin of being gay, stealing, hating one another,cursing, etc… All of you people who are acting like y’all don’t sin, WILL be Judged by the ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF.

    GCMW:1. Everybody is not a sinner. Repentance and Salvation changes your eternal status. 1 John 1:7-9, 2:1,1 Cor 6:9-11
    2. Christians are to judge one another, God will judge the sinner (unrepentant) 1 Cor 5:11-12

    SO please, be careful who YOU point your fingers at and start saying mean things about churches, because that is the work of the DEVIL and it is Ugly and UNGODLY!!! Don’t you all know that ANYTHING that is bad is not Godly, NO matter HOW SIMPLE it is!!

    GCMW: 3. You wouldnt be pointing your finger at anyone now would you? It really sounds like you are judging. That would make you guilty of hypocrisy.
    4. What exactly is mean about saying the pastor should be responsible what goes wrong in his church? Isnt he in charge?

    I actually use to attend this church when I moved to DC from NC. It is a beautiful place to come and worship. If you are going to church to FIND a husband or wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend, you are there for the WRONG reasons. Maybe she can’t find a husband because she has not prayed about it.

    GCMW: 5. Why shouldnt a woman IN CHURCH seek a husband in church? Did you want her to find one in the club? The Bible says do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers! (2 Cor 6:14) Why shouldnt a woman looking for a godly man IN CHURCH be upset to see so much perversity parading around her? Why shouldnt she speak up and speak her mind? According to you, she should sit quietly like some whipped puppy and just take it.

    But please people, do be careful of what you say and stop letting the DEVIL control your tongues and blogs. Lets stop pointing the fingers and you all look at yourselves and how YOU live YOUR lives and focus on YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE!! GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER BEFORE YOU STEP UP IN SOMEONE ELSES! NOW CAN THE BLOGGERS SAY “AMEN”

    GCMW: 6. Latasha, be VERY careful that you are not ascribing the work of the Holy Spirit to the devil. Its called blasphemy. Are you saying the DEVIL is controlling this blog? What is your scriptural proof of that? BE CAREFUL. Luke 12:10 You should really take some time and read your WORD, pray, and make sure what you are saying is Biblical. If the woman’s at GMCHC opinions dont matter, why should yours?

    Think about it.

  24. Response to GCMW- Your responses were not too good either.

    Well all I know is that I AM NOT PERFECT and NO ONE ON THIS EARTH IS. I know that you can repent for your sins but NO one on this earth does EVERYTHING right ALL the time. And NO I am not being Judgmental, that is just how YOU took it. All I am saying is GOD is the last person and the only person that should judge anybody.

    GCMW: There you go again pointing the finger. I guess you are so adamant about every one being messed up like you, that you cant see how judgmental you are. And again NO SCRIPTURE to support your statements. Latasha, I gave you BIBLE that was completely opposite of what you said, yet you rejected it. Do you believe God’s word? Do you think that its true at all. Or do you just go on your feelings? Again: Please, please read your bible first and stop making statements that are not true.

    You seem to be stuck on the “nobody does everything right all the time” (which is a judgmental statement). I checked every response on this post and not one person said they do everything right all the time. Not one person said they believed they or any one is perfect. So why are you trying to prove a point that was never made?

  25. Judgment is so often missued by beleivers, When the men were going to bring judgment on the prostitute they were going to stone her to death. Look at the times The Almighty brought Judgment on a nation, there was death such as Sodom and Gommorah. When we pull a persons coat to drifting away from scripture, it is not judging, it is love. So Latasha, when this loving caring person pulls your coat, he is not judging you, but loving you.

  26. but back on topic, the venemous ‘sistuah’ that went on an outing spree is something I’ve seen in church before. You know the kinda black woman that has entitlement issues in terms of compansionship. Say you think homosexuality is wong , which is your right, your disdain and/or frustartion with it should NOT drive you to becoming an evil B****H. Further, why would you be upset with a homosexual dude who doesnt want you? Id think you ‘d be thrilled that someone had the audacity to “keep it real” as opposed to the ULTRA destructive sin called the “Downlow”.

    Thanks again for the forum,

  27. I have nothing to do with these type of folks, we must remove ourselves from such evildoers, I just wonder why Homosexuals think they are righteous. They should get their own church, and ask for forgiveness just like us straight folks do. So don’t get upset, just get right with The Almighty!!!

  28. So what’s the real issue here. The anyonmous informer stated, “she along with other females are looking for godly, heterosexual men for marriage and are angry that homosexuals in the music ministries are preventing that from happening.” How are these individuals keeping these women from finding a man to marry?

    There are so many issues with this statement, but I will only explore two. First of all, it sounds as if these women are not attending church to glorify GOD, but instead to find “a man”, which of course begs the question, what is a godly reason for attending church to begin with. Second, these gay men in the music ministries represent a small minority of the overall congregation, how is it at all possible that these few inidivuals can be responsible for the marital status of all of the single women in the church?

    This is, once again, a perfect example of how out of touch with reality some people are….I say-give me a break.

  29. Where else should single God-Fearing women look for a God-Fearing man. And then to her surprise so are some men looking for men, no you give me a break.

  30. All I can say is Amen to GCMW ~ you are right on point with everything and because you have the Word to back up what you are saying, that pretty much says it all. I also have to say amen to Big Ralph as well ~ your points are right on point and duely noted.

    My comment about gay men & women in the church is yes, there are probably some in every local assembly, but not all are in positions of authority, leadership, or heading up a particular area of ministry. If they are, they need to be sat down until they are delivered. And the same would go for someone who is lying, gossping, backbiting, sewing seeds of discord, fornicating, committing adultery and so on. Sin is sin and if it is practiced and continues to be practiced openly, then it needs to be dealt with.

  31. Wow this is crazy what is wrong with holy people today if the man of god call it out then so what to many preachers are shy when it come to this if you are gay clean up your life style and ask god to help you with your faults leave the man of god alone and for real he’s not trippin of of you all anyway because he knows who is and does not need anyone to valadate him so bishop owens clean up the house for GOD HAS YOUR BACK and for those who are talking crazy are the one MAIN ones bishop has helped and then want to TRY to dog him.

    GCMW: Your name was a little out there, so it was changed.

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