Exposed: Saints are you awake yet?

awake.jpgWe have several items to report to you. This is a rather lengthy post, but the false prophets are working in overdrive. We have learned that gospel music luminary Beverly Crawford, who launched her career with Bobby Jones, is responsible for the career of gcm activist Tim Dillinger. A gay christian from Exgaywatch articulates why the gcm is nothing more than a heresy revival. Soulforce is on the prowl again, with plans to visit TD Jakes’ Potters House among others. G. Craige Lewis’ latest post connects the dots between the false prophets, their false lifestyles and their tricks to strip you of your money, salvation and God-given potential. Saints, are you awake yet?

Fear of the Bible? Said a gay christian at exgaywatch:

I do not believe, however, that we are to take the Bible and use it as a weapon. It is for that reason I accuse those who do so as “Biblists” because they use only the Bible as their source, leaving out reason and love and compassion which are more powerful gifts God has given us than a written text. A Christian who only relies on the Bible as a source for beliefs – gay or straight – is not a Biblist per se in my definition so long as they use other sources for their understanding of God’s message – reason, love, and compassion among other gifts. A Biblist is one who uses the Bible in such a way as to demoralize and destroy others – as well as placing the Bible above God him/herself, making God chained and bound to what has been written in the sacred texts.” (our bold)

Love, reason and compassion are more powerful gifts than the Word of God? That’s right out of the antinominian heresy manual which elevates spirit above scripture. It allows an individual to conveniently opt out of God’s moral laws because of self defined love. What does he believe is the source of love reason and compassion? This is precisely why the gcm will remain in a dark, spiritual stupor because they continually reject the only source of truth, God’s Word. Without it, one cannot be free (John 8:32).

News is getting out that Soulforce’s tactic of so-called nonviolent visits to Christian schools has mutated and they are planning to show up en masse at six selected “megachurches” to ask them “can we talk”? Churches on the list include:

  • Rev. Joel Osteen and the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas
  • Bishop T.D. Jakes and The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas
  • Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. and Hope Christian Church in Beltsville, Maryland
  • Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia
  • Rev. Bill Hybels and Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois
  • Dr. Rick Warren and Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California

All of the churches, except Hope Christian Church have leaders who are steeped in controversial, if not false doctrines of some sort. So its understandable why Soulforce would target the ones who are most open to their “visit and talk”. They actually praised Joel Osteen’s mass motivational church approach. Soulforce has added some teeth to this venture by partnering with the National Black justice Coalition, Rev. Kenneth Samuels of Atlanta (who damaged the original pre-Eddie Long, New Birth with his false teachings on homosexuality) and Jay Bakker the cool, hip false prophet son of Jim and Tammy Faye. We wonder what would happen if large groups of Christians opposed to homosexuality started showing up at gay churches for a “talk”? Can someone say homophobia?

Of the meetings, blogger Matt Green accurately predicts, “Unfortunately, if history is any indicator, the leaders of some of these churches will lapse into sentimental platitudes, neither satisfying Soulforce’s desire for affirmation nor confronting the sin of homosexual behavior and extending the offer of salvation by grace through faith–thereby squandering the prophetic platform God has given them in our culture.”

If you are black and know anything about black gospel music, you’d know Beverly Crawford is at the top of the heap. Her over-the-top pentecostal energy propelled her as a standout on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show. She eventually went on to establish herself as a major personality within that industry. She is now a minister at TD Jakes and Company in Dallas. But she also seemed to have picked up Jones’ nefarious connection with homosexual affirmation. Tim Dillinger, who describes himself as a “queen”, wrote of how Crawford helped nurture him along even while he was admittedly homosexual. Once again, it shows how perverted the gospel music industry’s leaders, movers and shakers are to elevate talent over righteous living. How can such perverted theology produce righteous music representative of a Holy God? What a dirty, dirty treasonous slap in the face to our Holy God. After using the church to get recognition as a gospel singer, Dillinger left to be an R&B singer.

Finally, G. Craige Lewis of Dallas writes on his blog:

The black church is imploding. It’s blowing up from the inside out. No terrorist bomb needed, no plan of the devil needed, no assistance from hell needed. We are allowing those that lead the church to tear it apart for their own selfish gain and we are saying nothing. We won’t call names when we should. We won’t stand up when we should. And we are following what we know to be wrong as if it was right! We are too afraid to read the signs. We don’t want to add this up and come up with a figure in the end. We don’t want to know what’s really happening because it’s too scary. We want to sit in the pews and clap, sing, and give offering without questioning motives, intent, or what is right before our eyes.

I’m not questioning their lifestyles in secret, I’m telling you that what they are doing in the public eye will always expose their their hidden agenda. When a person does things in the public eye that are contrary to the Word or Holiness, they are sending a message that they don’t care what you think or what the bible says about it because they want to shift public opinion in their favor. What these folks are doing in plain view and don’t mind you knowing, is the nail in the coffin. This means they feel they are right and you better get with them or get crushed. Wow. 2007 exposed a bunch of folks motives and 2008 will be even worse. Pray for the church people. Pray. And after you have prayed and fasted, ask God to show you what is real!”

I will emphatically add one thing to Lewis’ passioned plea. After you have prayed, do something! Tell somebody so they are not led into hell by these pied piper demons. We do not post this information for you to gawk at, laugh over and gossip. This is just like the sexual offender registries that are now commonplace. People need to know who and what are threats to their spiritual well being so they can take action and protect themselves.


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  1. I hope I’m there when SoulForce decides to come to New Birth. I will find a way to make it there so as confront them w/ the truth!

  2. Carol, no I didnt, but thanks for the link. I will be checking to see what their response will be. I dont think it will be godly at all. They have shown zero propensity in the past to deal with the subject righteously.

    If anything, Soulforce will be welcomed with open arms as “brothers and sisters in Christ”

  3. I am a strong defender of the 1st amendment and everyones right to say what they want but after reading some of the “NONSENSE” on this site I can only say shame.

    I especially take notice with what you wrote about “Tim Dillinger” I know him personally, he is a god loving and very dear friend who was brought up in the church and has never done or said eveil to ANYONE (not that he hasn’t got a right to if he did being bashed at every turn from childhood through adult for just being who he is by small minded people as yourself) your saying he refers to himself as a “Queen” was taken totally out of context.

    If you are going to try and defame someones good name and character at least get the statements CORRECT!!!!

    GCMW: Please relay to Mr. Dillinger not to indulge in excessive flattery of himself. The post was about Beverly Crawford. The BRIEF mention of his name and activity was only relative to Evangelist Crawford’s lack of spiritual maturity.

  4. I say read 1 Corinthians 13:1

    Love was the key to message behind Gods inspired word and to further reinnerate that God Sent his ONly Begotten son Jesus Christ to show THE EXAMPLE of How God Works and expect his followers to work. One of the many occasions Jesus was disappointed or saddend, it was never over Homosexuality (of which he never mentioned) but of mans refusal to follow Gods simple laws and instructions. Love thy neighbor as thy self. KNowing love therefore knowing God. And Not to judge others, leave that (in Faith) to God. Love was the basis for Jesus being here. He gave his life and endured torture out of LOVE, He spoke to the masses sick, and out cast out of LOVE. And here in Corinthians, several years later Paul is telling the congregation of Corinthians that love for shadows even miracles, it forshadows the Gifts of Spirit and Gog Himself….Love is more important than it all!!

    Again why later on 1st John says “To know Love is to know God, because God is love! He who does not know Love, does not know God!”

    You posted “Love, reason and compassion are more powerful gifts than the Word of God? That’s right out of the antinominian heresy manual which elevates spirit above scripture. It allows an individual to conveniently opt out of God’s moral laws because of self defined love. What does he believe is the source of love reason and compassion?”
    I ask you from where is the definition of love to come from? Gods Moral Laws is Love! Who are you to define it for others? The source of Love is WHat God put inside of us, hence why he made us in his image! It is our heart condition. It is through love that we bare the ultimate witness of God in his greatness and give glory to his name!

  5. I concur that love is supreme, but even love has its restraints. That very clear in scripture. Love isnt and has never been defined as the freedom to do as one wills. Citing 1 Cor 13 does not support this theory. We are subject both to the law of love and the moral law. Its not an either- or.

    God’s moral law includes sexual restraint, sexual fidelity and sexual morality. Read Romans 6:8-15

    Does one’s definition of love trump that?

    Is love’s true definition found in scripture? Are we to test definitions of love against scripture? I think so. When a man says I love another man sexually it is not congruent with 1 Cor 13 no matter how you look at it.

  6. In regards, what if B.Crawford didn’t know that T.Dillinger was gay? According to his blog, he said he wasn’t

    Now I also read his writeup on her, and it seemed that he appreciated her for wanting to sing, period, not necessarily go into secular music, etc.

    And keep into account that this happened many years ago. How do you know if she even knows of his lifestyle and supports it? Maybe she didn’t know, because she was younger then and may have innocently wanted to encourage him to sing.

    Now I’m not condoning either one of them. I pray for both of them, but at least get more of a background on stories.

    GCMW: Dillinger wrote “I backed against the wall, needing to stabalize [sic] myself there, because I became a stereotypical queen about to faint upon viewing his favorite diva.” No real man, who identifies as a child of God would describe himself as a “stereotypical queen”. Juxtaposed against the descriptive fire and Holy Ghost singing Beverly Crawford was doing the many years she was his intimate mentor only says that she had a serious case of zero discernment. That’s NOT a good thing and it underscores the point of the post. GCMW attempted to contact Beverly Crawford for a response prior to the post, however she did not respond.

  7. ” One of the many occasions Jesus was disappointed or saddend, it was never over Homosexuality (of which he never mentioned) but of mans refusal to follow Gods simple laws and instructions.”

    That is an argument from silence. Some of God’s simple laws and instructions were in Leviticus 18. Homosexuality was not an issue for 1st century Judaism, what with it carrying a capital punishment and all. Jesus did reiterate multiple times that marriage for a man and a woman.

  8. Neil, Homosexuality was nothing new. And in fact historicaly was around during the 1st century, hence why there was male prostitution. And many believe this was the man on man and unnatural acts being done in and around the temple.
    As far as Leviticus Im sure you know two things:
    1) many of the things written like “we shall eat nothing with scales or from the ocean….” follows the passage of “man shall not lay with man.” So I dont see first watch trying to boycott or bring down Red Lobster, Arthur Treachers, or Long John silver!
    2) Leviticus part of the old covenent in which the first laws were pretty much deisolved, when Jesus himself came. Because scriptually Jesus himself was the New Covenent. Hence why the tablet of old covenent law, was broken when he was ressurected. It was from his teachings that the Law of God be made known. Reversing the effects of Sagucees and Pharisees who twisted the old covenent to have power and status.

  9. Gcmwatch, Love has restraints? What biblical passion is this? There is no sin greater than the other right? All sin is bad right? Did not Rahab Lie, in order to save Gods servents? And was this not over looked and was she not blessed by God because of her heart condition?
    I think we have to be careful with messages where WE, IMPERFECT human Beings start dictating How things should be in and out of congregations, and try using scriture as a way to keep people away.
    Most homosexuals would tell you they didnt choose to be Gay, they were born that way. I dont argue with God and or his creation.If he feels it is wrong he will deal with them, I have the upmost faith he can handle that. WE dont need to intercede and try to do His Job. I will instead Follow Jesus example and Love all, Sick, young old, gay, straight and so on. Most people God chose to do his work were the most unlikely of people. Noah a drunk, Saul later Apostle Paul a Murderer, Rahab a prostitute, David a mere boy….I mean whos to say Gofd wont use a Gay to bring his message of course. And here we are doing a darndest to block that…I dont know yall!!!

  10. David, stop with the strawmans already. I thought we were talking about love. Now, seeing that your argument with that was weak and baseless, you insert lying, etc.

    The MESSAGE is that God’s Word is right. It is right no matter how many homosexuals tell you they were born that way. Sin is unacceptable to God. Period.

    If you cant defend your initial premise on love, then just say so before skipping on to something else.

  11. Hi David,

    Yes, homosexuality was around in the 1st century. I wasn’t disputing that. It was obviously around when Leviticus was written as well, or there wouldn’t have been a prohibition against it. My point was just that the fact that it wasn’t recorded as being mentioned by Jesus isn’t that surprising. It was addressed in the NT, though, and it is all his Word.

    Your responses about Red Lobster and such are well worn sound bites that ignore the context of the passages. The “Red Lobster” argument is full of holes but is appealing to many because so few bother to read the passages in context. I encourage you to read flaws of the shellfish argument.

    Jesus fulfilled the ceremonial / sacrificial laws once and for all. We agree on that. Yet while He fulfilled the moral laws in the sense of obeying them perfectly, they didn’t go away. The prohibitions in Lev. 18 still apply (unless you are making the case that things like child sacrifice, sex with in-laws and bestiality are now acceptable).

    I don’t think anyone is saying that people with homosexual temptations can’t follow Jesus, just as heterosexuals who battle lust (which is probably almost all of us) can follow him. But that doesn’t mean we encourage people to engage in behavior that is physically, spiritually and emotionally destructive.

  12. Sosa, all the people that you mentioned erred either before or after their encounters. Now this will be the same for both: They did not continue in their sin! All repented and all went on to do what was needed to for Israel and the Saints (in ref. to Paul). Furthermore, is it not loving to warn of the coming hell-fire and to do our best to help people from being engrossed by it? When Ezekiel spoke of the watchmen on the wall he said that were to warn the people. That warning wasn’t a silent wink to get someone’s attention. TGhe watchmen blew their trumpets, shofars and yelled at the top of their lungs to get the people’s attention. Now, for those that were warned and prepared themselves and managed to live- they were grateful. But those who did nothing to ready themselves paid the price with their lives. Christians are to be watchmen. Anything less is to ignore the scriptures which say “compel them to come in.” You migh think you are being loving by not speaking against their sin and allowing them to make up their own mind, but it is only a sign of cowardice on your part. Fear. The fear of men, the fear of rejection, the fear of having someone ask a question that you cannot answer because you are not studied up. I preach Christ with compassion, but I also warn with fear. And remember, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I really do hope you will take what I have said into consideration.

  13. Thanks JulianofGod. What a timely, timely message.

    In these times we live in, knowing the terror of the Lord, we have no choice but to lift our voices and warn the wicked to flee the destruction to come.

    That includes warning God’s people that God is not mocked.

    Sosa and other middle of the road passivists seem to despise that divine mandate.

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