Don’t talk to snakes?

This is a hard one. The Soulforce targeted churches have mostly demonstrated that they are not on par with Biblical truth, so how do you advise a church in this mindset not to talk to snakes, or, uh.. Soulforce? One News Now has a poll I thought was very interesting. Go over and select your answer. If you’d like come back here and tell us why you chose what you chose. The discussion there is fairly shallow in that it is mostly about “showing love”. The question is:

What do you think is the PRIMARY reason Soulforce has chosen to target mega-churches with the ‘American Family Outing’?

  • Potential for greater impact on Christian community.
  • Change to influence high-profile ministry leader(s)
  • ‘Dialogue’ could legitimize homosexual movement
  • Media wont cover small churches

The Eve and snake saga aside, this is nothing new. In 2001, we stepped into the fray as Soulfarce was just beginning to develop this tactic with their invasion of the Southern Baptist Conference in New Orleans. We sent a letter to the then SBC President James Merritt in response to one of the many attempts by Soulforce to have a “dialogue” with him. I’m not sure he read our letter, but he basically did what we advised. This isn’t over by any means. Its only the beginning. I predict that as more black gay church activists sign onto the Soulforce program, there will be more invasions at black churches. From what we know already, they are woefully unprepared.

What do you think? Should we show snakes love and dialogue with them?

Update: ONN has closed their poll and posted the results. About 50% of people believed that ‘dialogue’ with homosexual activists could legitimize their claims.  The problem with this is it only delays the inevitable. Without proper preparation and training, the church will be just as unprepared as this time. Secondly, it will allow the activists to get the attention which undoubtedly will further paint them as “victims”. That’s exactly what they want. Third, they use the event to recruit borderline people. This has been proven that everytime they showed at a Christian school, students who were closet gay activists were emboldened to join Soulforce.

The churches —not just the six megachurches— need to develop a proactive strategy. Eventually, this might develop into a Lot-Sodom showdown.


11 thoughts on “Don’t talk to snakes?

  1. i picked the 3rd option. I think by giving them so much dialogue we have indeed legitimized them and made people think, “Gee, the church is sort of split, so there is no telling what is right.”

    Except that the word of God is abundantly clear. These folks have had their hearing. They need to move on.

  2. I picked the third option – Chance to influence high-profile ministry leader(s) although all but the last one seem just as likely.

    Most of these churches, except maybe one or two I am not familiar with, all have weak stances on biblical clarity and authority. Soulforce knows this. I do not consider myself as a “we” with most of these churches.

    Should the body of believers dialouge with Soulforce? NO.
    Patrick Henry College, Liberty University among others all said in so much, keep moving! Your wicked, unholy, flesh inspired relative wisdom is not welcome here! The issue as been settled many many years ago! Appeal to your own god, the true God has spoken! and Christ sealed the deal.

    Unfortunately these churches have the mentality of “Hey! come to our church and see what WE are doing for God!” They have it backwards.

    …hey look what God is doing with us!

  3. In terms of primary reason. I picked option 4. I think this is strategic because they know they would NEVER get media coverage (thus legitimacy) if they protested at some small church.

    Although I think all of them are really their primary reasons.

    Im holding my breath on this. I would hope that the churches would preempt Soulforce’s action in a dramatic way (theyve got $$$ to do it) but that is a long shot hope.

  4. Hey – off topic comment – I just realized you weren’t on my blogroll and corrected the error. You’re on now! Keep up the good work.

    GCMW: What an honor! Thanks very much!

  5. As many are aware Mel White’s Soullforce conducted what they called Equality Ride in 2006-7. Busloads of assorted “Gay Christians” tried to visit schools around the country to “dialogue” with students about the schools discrimination of GLBT students. In most cases, thankfully, these equality riders were not allowed on campus but instead were arrested for trying to tresspass (which is exactly what they wanted to draw attention to their supposed “plight”). As one university said: ‘their problem (soulfarce) is not with the school’s policy, their problem is with the Scriptures’. Visiting apostate churches is just another step to further allign the opposing camps. Independent Conservative says it best: “The SoulForce of Death in Homosexuality Rides Again! This Time to see Pulpit Pimps” .

    FYI: A company called Eyethink Pictures is doing a documentary of the 2006-7 Equality Rides. 2006 had one bus which ended the ‘ride’ at West Point in NY to protest the military policy of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ and 2007 saw two buses doing more of the same. The only ‘good thing’ about this documentary is Soulfarce has no say about the content. Eyethink wants views from both sides of the fence. I personally drove 4hrs(one way) from my home to confront these equality riders who were being arrested by the military when I arrived. Since I was the only one opposing this I was swarmed by the various media but Eyethink filmed as they questioned me (I signed a release for them to use the footage). I was quoted as saying “these folks are engaged in a sinful lifestyle that will eventually send them to hell” BTW my banner quoted Ezekiel 9:4.

    Judgment must begin at the house of God
    As it was in the days of Lot…….

  6. I agree that Soulforce movement is a snake, and it can bite very strongly, which could produce side-effects. Frankly, I don’t know what needs to be done, but I remember there is a verse in the Bible talking about a child crushing a serpent with his heel.

  7. Mel White and Gary Nixon bought a house across the street from Jerry Fallwell. They went to all that effort because they disagreed with Jerry Fallwell’s extream views on homosexuality. The problem is, Mr. White seems to want to ignore the fact that the Bible is the book of God and a teacher of the Bible isn’t supposed to put their personal spin on it. I can read God’s words and understand what sin is. We don’t need a scholar who’s had shock treatment to tell us his perspective. Thanks for speaking the truth. Check out the Soul Force schedule for this year. They will be going to the Saddleback Church (Purpose Driven Church) and Joel Olstein in Texas. They are now targeting the big boys.

  8. We are not even supposed to eat with a believer who is immoral…somebody is not reading their Bible!

  9. Okay, I suppose we now need to have dialogue with all of the Christians who are shacking up or living in adultery too? Same Devil, same thing…

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