Church bans bishop for pro-Bible position

Last week, in retaliation for his stance against homosexuality and the ordination of a homosexual bishop, the Episcopal church ecclesiastical powers banned Bishop John-David Schofield from practicing his duties as head of the San Joaquin diocese.

“He was aware of the consequences of his action, warned repeatedly, and there comes a time when it is important for the church to hold its own leadership accountable,” said the Rev. Canon Charles Robertson. “This allows him time to recant and to steer off this course.”

The diocese issued a statement which read in part: “It is the primary duty of bishops to guard the faith and Bishop Schofield has been continually discriminated against for having done so. How is it that over 60 million Anglicans worldwide can be wrong and a few hundred thousand in the American Church can claim to be right?”

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4 thoughts on “Church bans bishop for pro-Bible position

  1. It is the condemnation about homosexual behavior in the Bible that irritates and bothers them.

    It matters greatly what kind and type of “faith” one is supposedly guarding.

    Is it the one true faith that was “forever delivered unto the saints?”

    If they are guarding error (as Robertson et. al. most certainly are), then their error and sin is inarguably exposed by God’s Word!

    I think that the Rev. Charles needs to look in the mirror and say to himself, “This allows me time to recant and to steer off MY OWN course (of blatant error)!!

    So much for wishful thinking…

  2. The entire world was swept away in the Flood, only Noah and his family spared,
    the whole anglican world can be in error.
    Majority is not truth, simply that.

  3. Majority doesnt equal truth, I agree on that. The diocese shouldnt have used that as a defense.

    That being said, they are right about homosexuality being sinful and they are right to break fellowship with the national church which has lurched outside of Gods will.

  4. To “1arabella”:
    You made an excellent point.
    The whole idea that majority thinking constitutes
    truth, makes me wonder how the Reverend Canon
    perceives the level of his flock’s bible knowledge.
    What if Caleb and Joshua had “thrown in” with the other
    ten spies (Numbers 13)?
    Who were those other ten anyway?
    Likewise, we will not remember the good reverend either.

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