Rev. Kenneth Samuels out of Soulforce protest

GCM Watch expresses appreciation for Rev. Kenneth Samuels who on Wednesday backed out of the planned Soulforce confrontation of Bishop Eddie Long and New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in suburban Atlanta. Samuels had signed onto the June 1 event, but then changed his mind citing a protest of his own church.

According to an interview with the Southern Voice, Samuels who at one time pastored New Birth, said it was a matter of respect of a pastors “sacred space”.

I cannot in good faith do something similar,” Samuel said. “The best way to combat bigotry is from the pulpit, to educate the members themselves. It’s rather intrusive for a pastor to come onto another pastor’s sacred space.” While he supports Soulforce’s mission, Samuel said he believes “intruding” on another’s sacred space can be counter-productive.

We applaud Rev. Samuel’s decision to respect the dignity of God’s house. Soulforce, would do well to follow that decision and find another venue to protest rather than disrupt a church’s right to worship God in peace.

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9 thoughts on “Rev. Kenneth Samuels out of Soulforce protest

  1. In the latest plot of what I call the “Soulforce of abomination”, they are not trying to “protest” outside of any building. They are seeking to be granted access into the building. To spread their lies right from the pulpit if allowed to do so.

  2. Independent Conservative, I wholeheartedly agree with you about the motives of Soulforce. You know, they have their own forum, and over there, they don’t allow posters to say things, that contradict their position? Isn’t that a double standard?

  3. IC, be verrrrry wary of Soulfarce. They say they arent going to protest but the very nature of their “dialogue” is to protest the alleged treatment of unrepentant homosexuals in the church.

    I dont know which is worse…outside or inside.

  4. perhaps, maybe they just want the church to change their views on homosexual behavior, by appealing to people’s emotions. this is part of their “dialogue.” Soulforce’s message is: “Gay and lesbians are very nice people, therefore it must be okay to practice homosexuality, for them.” But, that’s not the real dialogue. These churches understand that. While, I agree that most gays are nice people, but being nice does not allow the behaviors that the Bible disapproves of, and that goes for anything.

    btw, in my previous comment, I put the question mark in the sentence where I talked about Soulforce forums, by mistake. I was not questioning the way who they run their website.

  5. gcmwatch, You have a point and I would be the last to say we can fully trust the word of the “Soulforce of abomination”. A group that abuses the Word of God is capable of shooting off a lie regarding their plans for sure.

    Somebody DEFINITELY needs to talk with Eddie Long and others about matters of doctrine, but it’s certainly NOT Rev. Kenneth Samuels. In fact Samuels needs someone to speak to him about his own doctrinal issues.

    Then again, people have already tried to reach folks like Eddie Long and there probably have been efforts to reach Samuels as well. So they’ve all been warned of things like Prosperity doctrine and pro-homosexual doctrine being heresies.

    They’ve all shown to be rather stony (as in not considering embracing a more sound doctrine) about their positions.

    Perhaps the Lord will one day grant them repentance, but for now they are all best avoided. I see their “space” as “polluted”.

  6. John MacArthur must have had a group like Soulforce in mind when he wrote about apostates:

    At the heart of their apostasy is rebellion against Christ’s lordship. They may call Jesus, “Lord, Lord,” but they do not do what He says (Luke 6;46). In the words of Paul to Titus, “They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work” (Titus 1:16). Their apostasy eventually poisons all their doctrine. They twist and pervert and reinvent teachings of Christ. They adjust the gospel to suit their own tastes. When you get to the core of where they are, they simply want to be kings of their own domain.

    Wow! Is that a perfect description of the lies that the gay christian movement and groups like Soulforce spread?

    MacArthur then discusses the issue of character:

    Apostate false teachers are not humble. They are not broken. They are not submissive. They are not meek. They are blatant, proud sovereigns of their own religious empires. And while they like to use Christ’s name for their advantage, they do not really know, obey, or love the truth – written or Incarnate.

  7. Thanks Christinewjc for posting MacArthur’s comments they really put the various rebels in proper perspective for me.

  8. “Apostate false teachers are not humble. They are not broken. They are not submissive. They are not meek. They are blatant, proud sovereigns of their own religious empires. And while they like to use Christ’s name for their advantage, they do not really know, obey, or love the truth – written or Incarnate.”

    Completely true. If you are truly a child of God and found in error you will repent and agree with God. Satan’s tares show their real selves because they only want to use Christ’s name to get attention and fame for themselves. Even when their error is shown to be 100% error they yet refuse to repent and have no intention of leading people to God. They are snakes and vipers and their father is satan.

  9. These people are not true believers. Obedience and submission to Christ is not evident in their word or deed. They remain lost and lovers of darkness and only the truth can liberate them. The truth of scripture, the absolute clarity of God’s revealed word. Resist that, and you will remain ungodly and unsaved by Christ. Compromising God’s word and false teachings are nothing new. Christ warned us before hand in Mark 13:23. We must rise up and defend God’s word. We must restore order in the church and have zero tolerance for Apostates and those who corrupt scripture .

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