Attention ‘Emergent church’ watchers

Here’s a new set of resources to help you harpoon and lampoon the emergent church message. I don’t know if this is ecm directed satire, but I believe it is. Even if it isnt, its as funny as it gets. Especially if you know about the insanity of postmodernist influence on Christianity. The posters are patterned after those popular corporate motivational art posters.

The site calls the posters:

“Motivational Posters for the Emerging Church Conversation Chaos”

Above is a sample of one of them. The creators are liberal with their use, as long as you link back to them. Enjoy!


Turning the corner from humor to dead seriousness, the emergent church movement is handing the gay christian movement the head of the church on a silver platter. Its “rethinking” of Christianity is a dangerous breeding ground for apostate fruit. Already terms such as “dialogue” (remember Soulforce’s slithery invitation?) are taking center stage as an avenue to invite new voices, new thought and new ideas into what they have cleverly decided is a “dying”, “judgmental” Christianity. It will only be a matter of time (if it hasnt already behind the scenes) before these leaders include homosexual “voices” to help rethink Christianity. Sound familiar?

Thanks to Robert at Eric’s Corner blog, here is an eyewitness account of Robert Schuller’s ReThink Conference. Truly, our faith and the Word of God is under attack as never before. From within and without.


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