Clergy sexual abuse poll

Have you been a victim of clergy sexual abuse, propositioning or molestation? If so please take our anonymous, nonscientific poll. The poll is open to:


–heterosexual or homosexual

–church member or non church member

Sexual abuse  is generally defined as the forcing of undesired sexual acts by one person on another. Sexual abuse can range from forcible rape to exposing one’s genitals to fondling another’s genitals and including conversation intended to arouse sexual stimulation in another against their desires.


10 thoughts on “Clergy sexual abuse poll

  1. perhaps you should include musicions and directors. I bet that many more men were approached by people from these two categories than pastors/preachers

  2. suop, thats a very good suggestion but it would have to be a separate poll. Some musicians are indeed clergy and if thats the case it would be covered in this poll.

    In short, this is more about reformation in the clergy ranks. I am just as serious about reformation in the gospel music industry. Unfortunately that seems to be more laborious because far too many of the “artists” are themselves part of the problem.

    If there are music ministers out there that are serious about reforming the gospel music industry, I invite them to make that known publicly. In my opinion that is the only way to jumpstart the effort.

  3. It is such a horrible thing to do to someone. The pastor sent me to this man’s house because I was lonely, and the man was old, the pastor thought I could do some shopping for him. I was a child abuse survivor, and I thought that God hated me after that. The church treated me really badly afterwards, they didn’t believe me until another three women were molested by the same man, so then they sent a team of pastors and deacons round to his house to talk to him. He died not long after that, and I felt really guilty, I felt that I had killed him. I went to his funeral but I didn’t want to look in the coffin. They told me to, but I didn’t want to do it, it would have freaked me out too much.

  4. It still hurts what happened. I haven’t really had too nice a life. God doesn’t seem to want me to have any peace at all, and I don’t know why. I thought when I became a Christian that God would take care of me, but when there are bad people in the church, preditors, it all goes wrong. Another man in the same church raped my daughters best friend, and she was only 6, it was full sex. He went to prison for a year, but he came back to our church when he got out from jail. My friends marriage broke up, they were smashed up, they’d left this man, this deacon to babysit their kids while they went to a church meeting on holiness for families! How hurtful is that? He was after my daughter next, he offered to come rounbd on Sundayschool business, because I was teaching in the Sundayschool at the time, but he didn’t get my daughter, thank goodness. He raped another two children from our church when he came out of prison. I threw a box of eggs at the church. I feel disgusted with the church, really disgusted, and I don’t go any more.

  5. I wish someone would explain to me why these things have happened. I wish God would tell me. I’m crying here. I feel let down by God, I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. I haven’t had a very nice life. I shouldn’t say that, I’ve got a nice family, I don’t mean to be ungrateful at all. I just don’t understand, why all the abuse? It makes no sense to me at all.

  6. God is good though. I’ve prayed to him about things and he has answered my prayers time and time again. So there must be some reason, but I don’t know what it is.

  7. Zoompad, take heart. God has not been asleep while you endured what you did. He has seen your tears and pain; the eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the good and the evil. Your last comment is exactly where you should arrive and stay. Praise God for his goodness! Praise compares our pain and hurt to God’s goodness and mercy. And in that you see that there is no comparison.

    That does not mean that your hurt is not real or that we are to spiritualize it away. But if it is peace you seek and need, praise will take you to the door of worship. And this is what the Father seeks. In his presence is peace that passes all understanding.

    Thanks for sharing your comments here.

  8. Zoompad, your last comment truly blessed my heart. Inspite of all you have been through, God has still put a praise in your heart to bless Him. As you continue to move about in this wicked world, understand that there have always been and there will continue to be evil men who seek to destroy Gods’ people. Be thankful to God that he has snatched you (and me,too) out of the hands of the enemy by the blood of His Son Jesus Christ, and that He has given us His Holy Spirit to sustain us; no matter what others try to do to us. We will go through things as long as we live in this wicked world. But be encouraged. Continue to pray that God gives you His wisdom and discerment to try the spirits of those who you fellowship with and are serving under. Evil, I’m afraid, is quite rampant in many “so called” houses of worship today. So we must continually be careful. In the meantime, know that your name is written in the Book of Life, and that is the most treasured gift of all. It’s truly beyond any earthly reward that will evenutally rot and fade. away. Again, be encouraged, for He is with you.

  9. It’s time for church leaders to wake up and stop all of this madness in the church; If you can’t lead then sit down and let a real man of God stand up for what is right. Men need to stop hiding the brotherhood sins and expose the evil, sickness in the church. If the man won’t do it then the women need to stop giving money to the church, that is if they aren’t scared too. I think some serious back wood butt kicking needs to be done in the church. Will the real men please stand up. Get a whip and whup some butt. Expose the evil for what it is EVIL

  10. During this last year, I went through the process of recovering memories of sexual abuse and healing the damage it caused . . . I documented that journey in a journal — I’m posting excerpts from my journal on my blog — I invite you to read it . . . it may help you know you aren’t alone . . . thank you!

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