A song of rebellion

gospel.jpgHow long will it be before we see a complete implosion of the so-called gospel music industry? With shocking behavior, ungodly appearances, and mountains of unbiblical lyrics why is the church still in love with an industry which has foregone its reverence for God? Shows like A Celebration of Gospel, The Stellar Awards and Bobby Jones Gospel Show are  irrefutable proof that the industry is nothing more than a rancid misrepresentation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

But enough from me. After reading the article The Spirit of Rebellion: Gospel music under attack by its own artists, I was thankful that I wasn’t the only one who saw (and spoke out about) the dearth of integrity and holiness in the gospel music arena. How ironic that the music which should be spreading the message of change, repentance and truth is now the best spokesman for musical apostasy.  Their excesses and behavior mirror, if not eclipse that of their secular counterparts.  J. Matthew Cobb, the writer of the article called it by a word which sums up the totality of satan’s character: rebellion.

Now it’s normal to sing gospel that no one can understand or interpret. Now it’s okay to sing with such insane vibrato that we actually have the nerve to call it “musically correct,” when it [vibrato] is supposed to be used only to add expression to a song, not to be used carelessly. Now it is okay to sing hundreds of meslismas in one song and having the nerve to question why the song won’t fly up the charts. Now it is okay to have choirs yell, jump, scream and act like a circus clown in the choir stands and the same groups are left puzzled as to why the audience hasn’t clapped at the end of the song. Gospel music is heading down a very dangerous, uncomfortable and defiling path and it’s happening for a reason. I think it’s only one reason…period. Quote me on this: it’s a spirit of rebellion.”

Remember, according to the Word of God, Lucifer’s pride led him to rebel against the spirit of righteousness and anything pretaining to what was good; ultimately exalting himself against God’s order. It led to his termination from Heaven’s musical department, but it only marinated into his ugliest transformation because of a spirit of rebellion.

After years of careful cultivation, satan’s rebellious music and character has finally reached center stage in the church. The talent-without-salvation juggernaut has gobbled up almost everyone in its path.  Those who are not part of the charade of false “psalmists”, “artists” and foolish court jesters are too weak or perhaps intimidated to mount any serious reformation. Cobb has written weekly gospel music reviews since he founded PraizeHymn in 2001. While he could have blindly exulted over the overabundance of talent, Cobb instead forcefully chastised their lifestyles.

When gospel artists continue to live filthy lifestyles and are promoting a spirit of rebellion in the work fields of God’s acreage, they are giving us (the recipients) a taste of rebellion and have planted their seeds of discord amongst us. And in the end when the gospel community stands alone in peril and with disappointment looming in our eyes, all of us will have to hold the responsibility and accountability of its failure. Now remember God’s Word will not fail, but the music [and style] we so dearly loved for ages, if defected, is not immune from God’s wrath. We still have confused stargazers in our company that continue to call Tonex’s The Naked Truth acceptable to God’s Word”

Tonex is just the latest in a string of astonishing implosions. Now reduced to fits of profanity and appearing on homosexual shows, Tonex is a stark reminded that God is not mocked. Yet, despite his very public absurdities,  a “celebration” is planned at Higher Dominion COGIC (scroll down) in suburban San Diego where Tonex will be honored as “San Diego County 2008 Most Prolific Gospel Artist.” The spirit of the age has come of age in the gospel music industry for all the world to see… and mock.

We are living in a day when normal isn’t good enough, when being original means to throw out everything that is old and of the before. We are living in a day and time when gimmicks and tricks have replaced good quality singing and compassionate ministry. We are living in a society that seems to be very much patterned after Paul’s revelation of future reparations found in Romans 1:21. In that text, they [the world in the so-called church] knew who God was, but they didn’t glorify Him as God nor gave thanks to Him, but their own thinking became futile and their foolish hearts became dark. And although they professed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged God’s glory for images made to look like mortal man. In verse 25, it states that they exchanged the truth of God for a lie and worshiped and served created things rather than the Lord God. And even though they were religious and had a form of godliness, they were rebelling against God deep in their heart.

It pains my heart to see once great music missionaries like the Clark Sisters participating in the shameful revelry which does nothing but dishonor God and mock the suffering of the Lord Jesus on the cross. This is what compromise does. It drags you into the mud and soon you are just as nasty as everyone else. But what does the Word of the Lord say?  God is not mocked. He warns, he extends mercy and he is patient. But for how long? And should we continue in sin that the grace of God may abound? God forbid.

Yet the arrogance, pride and rebellion continues. When they knew God, they glorified him not as God, but became foolish…

1 Peter 4:17 For the time has come for judgment to begin at the house of God; and if it begins with us first, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?

For those who say just pray, I will. I pray that you will wake up and stop funding this rebellion. I pray that you stop watching and stop supporting these rebels. I pray that you get the spiritual fortitude to tell your pastor not to allow these foolish individuals perform in God’s house.



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  1. TONEX?!? Has anyone visited his Myspace page recently? Oh, LORD! We are living in a day when evil is called good and good is called evil.

    Fame is seductive. I think it is more seductive than money . Especially in the church. Fame and prestige and reputation will bring money to you. Many of theses singers have sold out to the adulation of the people. They are seduced by the cameras and the notriety.
    Watch what the audiences respond to in most cases with a few exceptions the performers demand that the people stand to their feet and clap their hands before the song even starts. Then they are “trained” to respond to the vocalizations of the singers instead of expereincing the song as the Holy Spirit ministers it to the people. The performer demands a certain response and then attempts to replace the presence of God for the presence and charisma of the performer. In so many ways this is a substitute for real worship; Lucerferian, i.e.; stealing the glory that belongs to GOD.
    Jesus ran from untimely notoriety. Instructing some to keep their miracles to themselves. He retired to solitary places to pray and get away from the crowds. He lived a humble unassuming life during his ministry. There is far too much running to and after the crowds; crafting music that will please the crowds (carnal Christians and the unconverted) love that fleshly inspired and fleshly performed music.
    May the LORD Himslef raise up more like Cobb.
    It is way past time to hold the church accountable for making a distinction between the sacred song and the gospel song in its present form. Much of this mess is not suitable for worship services. Not everything that hits the gospel Top 40 is appropriate for the House of the LORD.
    Tonex should be soundly rebuked and “sat down” like in the old days (holiness and penteostal people used to do that). This story is lamentable.

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  4. Bro D, you are right on the head with this. I could never get “into” Tonex before and there was a reason. I could never get into the “quartets” when I was in South Carolina, and that was for a reason. I read a book on the history of the black church and one of the things the author pointed out was that folk where deemed “called” to the ministry because they could sing and whoop. For far too long we in the black church have lifted up talent and it has always done what it does best- take the spot light. We are to blame because many of us continue in the same sins these singers are in and out of guilt of being caught (not of just sinning before God mind you) many have turned a blind eye and the dog and swine have turned on their masters.
    Sadly, all we are going to try to do now is play catch up with something that may not be redeemable. I think that as the church as a whole you will see two emerging- one of righteousness (the true bible beleiving holy church) and the church debauchery where everything is acceptable if you through the “christian” tag on it.

  5. Don’t know where this may tie in, but has anyone ever considered the fact that perhaps the problem we’re seeing with the music is only a symptom and we’re perhaps focusing on that but forgetting the root?

    I’m reminded of what happened with the disciples in Mark 9:38-41. In this case, Jesus was saying that neutrality toward Him was possible…..but nevertheless, his followers will not all resemble each other or belong to the same groups. People who are on Jesus’s side have the same goal off building up the kingdom of God and they should not let their differences interfere (providing those differences aren’t essential). Those who share a common faith in Christ should be cooperated with…….& People don’t have to be just like us to be following Jesus with us.

    This, however, is often not the case. The same thing can be seen whenever people (G.Craig Lewis, for example in the Pentacostal Camp) try to call out the issue of rebellion and yet people from differing camps who don’t hold to his doctrinal stances completely shut him down….along with others who aren’t from the same camps as they are (i.e. you’re Charismatic, I’m Cessationist/Conservative….and therefore, even when you recognize an issue, I refuse to support you and will blast you instead)

    Often times, people’s reactions against them seemed akin to the disciples, who were jealous. Prior to them seeing the man cast out a demon, nine of them together had been unable to drive out a single spirit (Matthew 17:14-21, Luke 9:37-43, Mark 9:14-29)….but when they saw one man who was not of their group driving out demons, they told him to stop. Our pride is hurt where somone else succedds where we have failed…..but Jesus says that there is no room for such jealously in the spiritual warefare of His kingdom. Share Jesus’ss open arems attitude to Christian Workers outside your group…..and when people come to Christ, rejoice.

    This again doesn’t seem to happen enough….and I question how effective we can be in destroying the Works of the Enemy when it seems in the Christian World the Kingdom’s divided….


    And there are many teenagers who often feel that what the church has to offer seems of little value to what happens in the world when it seems they have rebellion against the Lord on their own—just on a different wavelength (i.e. backbitting, slander, gossip, insulting, divisiveness, party spirit such as “I’m of Paul”, “I’m of Apollos”, and an unwillingness to KEEP THE MAIN THING THE MAIN THING,, which is the Centrality of CHrist)

    Ephesians 4:1-6

    On one side of the coin, we shouldn’t be concentrating on what divides us (non-essential things, to note, like baptizing by immersion or sprinkling or whether or not you believe in spiritual gifts/the miraculous still being available today, etc.), and we need to remember what unites us together in God—Faith in Christ. Apart from that, how can we live lives worthy of the calling to spread the gospel or ever truly see how differing “gifts/viewpoints can help the church as it does God’s work‿? Apart from learning to enjoy the way that the “members of the body of Christ’s complement one another”, how can we truly be effective in serving the Lord? (1 Corinthians 12:1-31)

    Moreover, seeing that Christianity isn’t a “private/individualistic” thing based and that it’s not about competition (i.e. thinking one’s gifting is superior to another) or exalting our gifting/self advancement (Philippians 2:1-11) but rather about using our abilities to serve the body, we need to appreciate/encourage one another in whatever attempts are made to do so

    Since none of us are flawless, of course we need to walk in humility when dealing with issues of fault/sin (Matthew 7:3-6, Galatians 6:1-3), and we need to love other Christians in patience and gentleness (Ephesians 4:2) since Christ has done the same for us….not dwelling on our weaknesses or finding fault/starting conflict simply for the sake of doing so since Christ has forgiven us/been merciful to us when even we were unaware of our the dangers of our sin (Luke 23:32-34, Romans 5:6-11) and since we don’t have permission to not to serve/be merciful and love those who’ve sin when we’ve received so much mercy/kindness from Him for our sins first (Matthew 18:21-35, Ephesians 5:1)—to do otherwise would be a mockery of Him, the only one perfect enough to Condemn (James 4:11-12).

    On the other side of the coin, however, unity for the sake of unity is not what we’re called to. To seek unity apart from being unified in the Spirit—that is, everything that is in line with the nature Spirit of God–that not what we’re called to. Moreover, whereas its’ one thing to not be in conflict with whatever’s non-essential, it’s another thing entirely to avoid be divided and have conflict over those which are (ex. joining with those who say Jesus wasn’t perfect, or not addressing those who believe that Grace is a license to sin!!).

    Even Christ didn’t come to bring the kind of unity that “glosses over deep differences just for the sake of superficial harmony.” He himself came to bring division…the kind of conflict and disagreement that will/should come up for those follow Him and those who don’t (Matthew 10:34-39, Luke 12:49-53)

    How in the world are we gonna reach the world 4 Christ by seeking simply to be unified when we’re not in Unity with the One sending us to begin with? If I’m not united first in Christ (i.e. all He stands for), am I’m not divided against Christ (Matthew 12:25-37)? If I maintain a worldly mentality and unite with whatever offensive to Christ, do I not make myself an enemy of Christ (James 4:4-5)?

    If I try to “pick and “choose” with the Word or seek to be selective with any of His ideas I prefer/match my agenda….and If I overlook the price that comes with following Him, can I ever hope to be a true disciple of Christ? (Matthew 7:13-14, Luke 9:21-27, Luke 9:51-62, Luke 14:15-34)

    In promoting/ignoring ungodly works from the Kingdom of Darkness (i.e. anything contrary to what’s in line with God’s Heart), what hope is there for me to even promote effectively or live fully for the Kingdom of Christ (I John 1:5-9, and I John 2:15-17)?

  6. G2G,
    I wish you could have said that in 1000 words or less. 🙂

    Nevertheless, the root issue is sin.

    Doctors discuss both symptoms and causation. Understanding one helps to understand or perhaps identify the other.

    In relation to the post, I dont get these two statements:
    (1)”Those who share a common faith in Christ should be cooperated with…….& People don’t have to be just like us to be following Jesus with us.”

    (2) G.Craig Lewis, for example in the Pentacostal Camp…”

    Please explain and be brief.

  7. As I see it. The issue is righteousness verses unrighteousness. By this I certainly do not mean styles of music or what is currently called contemporary versus traditional. The passing of time always makes those terms obsolete. Of course the issue is exactly sin. Sin is not just what one does as Jesus taught. It is also what one thinks. Sin is begun in the heart. That is where the root is. I am addressing the heart that desires to be acclaimed more than it desires the acclaim to go to Christ. The latter desire may mean that one does not ascend to the “holy place” of the gospel music industry’s roll call of acceptance or artist excellence.
    The real issue as i see it as it relates to the Christian music industry is the failure to ove the LORD your GOD with all your heart mind soul and strength. The ancient jewish understanding of righteousness apart from action is non-existent. Jesus was teacjing the disciples that the entirety of their lives must conform to GOD’s holiness. Of course they could never do that of their own accord. They, as we, can only fulfill that commandment through the divine enablement of His grace. Though we understand that we are saved by grace through faith, real, living faith exhibits itself in righteous living and motivations. When I and others (including the unsaved) can see that the merger of secular interests with the sacred act of worship or praise has polluted the purpose of the gift of music and song some judgement is absolutely neccesary.
    When I see Kirk Franklin dancing and doing pelvic thrusts, Trinitee 5:7 replicating night club dance moves, hip hop dancers behind the gospel soloists in an attempt to connect to young people (actual CD buyers) I do not have to guess about the root cause. I know its the love of money either promoted buy the record company or instigated by the performer.
    The preaching of the cross is the method that GOD has appointed to be the means to salvation of those that are lost. Music can be a tool even a anointed tool but it should lead people to the foot of the cross.
    What is the result of this carnal music? Does it inspire others to serve the LORD more ferverently? Does it strengthen the great doctrinal themes of the scriptures? Does it promote the supremacy of Christ Jesus or does it exalt the experiences and the talents of the singer? Does the music lead to conviction of the Hoy Soirit or does it merely inspire the listener to dance and bop and groove along to the melody. I am not opposed to music with a beat or a groove even. But there is a attitude or “spirit” on this stuff that is foreign. My conviction and opinion. I speak as a singer, songwriter and minister.

  8. Elder Jimmy, youre right the spirit of the music is foreign. It has another parent and a goal different than that of the gospel.

    Im really sick of this phoney humility and hollow spirituality when it comes to dealing with the chaos in the church today. As Rik said no one likes to have to confront a brother or sister when their error in clear, but it is just as necessary as loving them.

    When God commanded us to put a DIFFERENCE between what is holy and unholy, how can that possibly mean anything other than what it says? And we are supposed to apologize because God commanded us to do it?

    Some claim they are concerned about the person’s soul. Its strange how people are quick to use the Pharisees when they want to criticize the church. But when they are in error, its all about Jesus’ love, mercy and grace.

  9. Hey, Brah.

    Regarding your thoughts, here’s what I was trying to say. When it comes to dealing with those in the music industry who are basically promoting sin in the name of Christ, those sharing a common faith in CHrist and who are trying to adress the issue—-as you are here at this site—are often shut down/not supported by those from camps where the theology’s different and where they may not see EYE TO EYE (i.e. the difference between someone who’s Charismatic and Cessationist and how they’ll often combat each other while trying to simutaneously deal with the issue of music industry—–one will say, as many Pentacostals “All we need is the POWER OF GOD to show them the difference”….while others will say “All we need is sound theology”…and while both are bickering over it, the problem with music continues… In relation to the post, I dont get these two statements.
    (1)”Those who share a common faith in Christ should be cooperated with…….& People don’t have to be just like us to be following Jesus with us.”

    That’s why I broght up the example of G.CRAIG lewis. Many of the same points you’ve brought up here he has done so already…..yet what you often see is that others not agreeing with his doctrinal stance will completely fight against Him/ignore all of the damage he has done to the music foolishness/helping youth…..while the music industry continues to implode.
    Basically, perhaps unity in the body of Christ and being willing to unite in order to combat the music foolishness rather than trying to do so from a “camp” mentality and maintaining our turfs is part of the problem.

  10. I guess I have the right to feel appalled on this issue. It bothers me to see and hear that in the gospel industry, we are looking and acting like the world. I thought that we as believers are supposed to be different; but we are doing the worldly dances, brothers are wearing their earrings, and sisters are dressing like hoochie mamas. It’s a sad thing that even the ones that are truly annointed are either being forced to conform to a way that is not like them; or a persecuted all together by this “gospel music industry”. This is why I stopped watching “Bobby Jones Gospel” a long time ago. I did not agree with artists that openly admitted that they did not sing gospel music- only positive songs. Nor did I agree with so called Christian artists that said foolishness such as “there are many avenues to get to God”.

    When I took a glimpse at “Sunday Best”, all it was to me was a version of American Idol. The “judges” were looking for packaging, not anointing or ministry. This what is happening in the gospel music industry…Just me two cents…

    Leidell J. Gettis

  11. Leidell welcome and thanks for your comments. You were right on the Sunday Best (the mary-mary, kirk franklin show) people immediately compared the show to American Idol, so the focus and everything associated with it was to get a PERSON in the spotlight.
    It was distasteful to say the least. Appalked is the right word to use. I pray that translates into no purchasing of these folks music.

  12. I`m glad I found this message board. I am so fed up. Most of these singers say they are trying to reach the young people. It`s just an excuse. Young people are the main buyers of this hip hop music and what is it really doing. Most of this music is just worldly boggie-woogie music. The gospel shows like the stellars, celebration of gospel and such are for the most part a joke. The artists are wearing tons of makeup, cleavage showing, super tight pants, dancing like they are on soul train. I`ve seen hootchie type dancing on these shows. Most of it is shameful. It`s sad too because some of the so called biggest names in gospel music are responsible for starting this. Maybe at the beginning of their careers they were sincerce but they have gotten away from God and wrapped in themselves,money and the world. The bible says be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of the mind. I find myself barely listening to todays gospel music. I`m usually listening to gospel music made 20 and more years ago when you could still tell that your were listening to gospel music. I would say these people need to get out of gospel music and go secular and stop leading this generation and our next generation away. We need to get back to that old landmark with our music and our lives !

  13. This is an interesting post. I was at the Super Bowl’s Gospel Celebration in Phoenix this year. Gladly I wasn’t there to listen, but to street preach. My friend was able to be there all afternoon as the people came in. I got there a couple of hours before the “show”. The crowd looked like they were going clubbin’. Cleavage, legs, and tight skirts were ceaseless. We preached and one man actually fell under conviction and left. The event was emceed by that bishop of holiness (sarcasm) Cedric the Entertainer. It also included such spiritual giants as the pro-homosexual Patti Labelle. Bebe, CeCe, and Donnie McClurkin wrapped up the headliners. Oh yeah, forgot one… Jakes’ boy Deion. Entertainment, strictly entertainment.

  14. I agree totally. You are not the only one who see this as a hinderance in the churches, especially black churches. KUDOS FOR LETTING THE HOLY SPIRIT USE YOU AND BEING OBEDIENT. I ENJOY THE TRUTH ON YOUR SITE. THE SITE EMBODIES SO MANY THINGS THAT NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED. GOD BLESS

  15. gmcwatch:

    Why is Ty Tribbett’s picture shown? I have not heard anything bad about him. Is he oneness? Living a rebellious lifestyle? I thought he was married with 4 daughters. I know that he has been on Bobby Jones and TBN a few times, which is exceedingly regrettable, and has performed at Jamal – Harrison Bryant’s church (also regrettable) but that is about it.

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