Is having Jesus "in your heart" enough?

I’m sure people in the southern gospel music tradition found Mark Lowry hilarious, but I didnt. Lowry admitted  he “knew” what lesbian singer Marsha Stevens was “doing”. And that he was proud of her for doing it. What is she doing? Like others in the gay christian movement, Stevens is pushing the lie that homosexuality is not a sin and that any judgment whatsoever of a so called lgbt christian is a sin.

In the video, Lowry pushes more of the noncomittal brand of pop-christian belief that nothing matters except having  “Jesus in your heart”. Basically, that’s a branch of thinking which disregards sound doctrine. Of course, that type of thinking helps when you want people to ignore sexual immorality and other ungodly behaviors the Bible says saints are not to be involved in.

Interesting, Lowry managed to talk about being single and getting married without ever mentioning the opposite gender. Intentional?


23 thoughts on “Is having Jesus "in your heart" enough?

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  2. I read once how he mocked “fundies” for their pro-family views. I was disappointed that our local Christian radio station promoted his shows.

  3. Prophet Jeremiah spoke about “in your heart”
    Jeremiah 17:9
    The HEART is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
    Jeremiah 23:26
    How long shall this be in the HEART of the prophets that prophesy lies? yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own HEART;

    Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ talks about “in your heart”
    Matthew 15:18-20
    18But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the HEART; and they defile the man.
    19For out of the HEART proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:
    20These are the things which defile a man…

    Pastor Foster, the reason these phonies are operating right now–the spirit of entertainment and showmanship, megathis, megathat. “Well if Rev.Prophet.Bishop.Apostle.etc.etc. is on TV or has a lot of members/followers(not disciples) that means God is with him/her/them????

    I wonder if Lowery has altar calls at the end of his services and tells people let Jesus into your heart–Wham–you’re saved. Without repentance.
    I don’t know about Lowery, but this is the modus operandi of one Joel Osteen! LOL

  4. I noticed in his song he punned certain groups, but said nothing about the others. The ones he punned were ones who are not pro–gay.

    That shows bias. Which invalidates his hokey-dokey message. IF having Jesus in your heart is all that matters, why is he taking pot shots at Baptists, Pentecostals and some others who have not been seduced by the gcm lovefest?

  5. EW thanks for those scriptures.

    My problem with Lowry’s “Jesus in your heart” statement is that he is ONLY using it to deflect and suppress information that could cause someone to repent of their sins. That is a disengeuous withholding the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1:18). Repentance does not happen because you tell someone they are okay the way they are or the big gcm one: “God made me the way I am”.

    I agree with you that the contemporary church has redefined “sucess” in its own image and not in the image and counsel of God.

    God told Joshua success is defined as obedience. But today, success is big church+money+ expensive cars+multiple educational degrees. But as we have seen with the majority of those people, they dont have the backbone to stand for truth.

    This lust for redefined greatness outside of the will of God is what is crippling them when it comes to moral standards.

  6. Oh, and don’t forget the “custom tailors” on several different coasts…..(I just had to slide that one in)

  7. Yeh, “we all” have Jesus in our hearts… don’t we? …as if that means Jesus knows us.

    I refer back to Matthew 16:18 – Christ will indeed build HIS church. Folks like this Lowry fellow remind me of an old saying that says where ever Christ builds His Church, Satan’s kids have bulit a chapel right next door, usually with a larger attendance.

  8. What do you mean by “Custom Tailor’s”. Let me in on the secret.

    Elder Jimmy, they are.. uh… men who dress you up. Its kinda like women who dont want to have on the same dress as another woman? Well, these “custom tailors” make sure you dont have the same suit as another guy. From what I have heard, they are like gay hairdressers, except they do clothes. That’s my take.

  9. You are putting words in people’s mouths that aren’t really even there. From what I understand the whole story of Marsha Stevens may not have been all it was reported to be. As well, Mark Lowry made no mention of anything have to do with gays or tolerance in this video. He is poking fun, as he does with most things, and certainly not bashing. If you’ve ever seen him “live” he is exactly a joker all the time. He is not the devil, as you paint him to be. Get a life folks and start reading the Bible instead of trying to use fear and ignorance to tear a brother down.

  10. Its interesting how many times I hear “Jesus in your heart” or something similar as an excuse. Its pretty easy to live life if the rules you live by are constantly changing.

    Maybe one day I can excuse taking my neighbors wife because “Jesus is in my heart.” because she is hot!

  11. Now that you mention it, I see the scripture to say “believe” in your heart (Act 8:37 and Rom 10:9) , but not let Him “into” your heart. I understand where we get the notion. “Heart” to mean in your soul, or inner being.

    I know the hymn says, “…floods of joy o’er my soul,…since Jesus came into my heart”, and the famous, “…somebody’s knocking and it must be Jesus, let Him come in…”

    Can anyone help me – did I miss something?

  12. Psalms 119:11 said Thy Word have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against thee.

    In the NT, we learn that the logos is Christ. In that context it is “Jesus” in your heart. But notice that when Jesus isnt there, sin will be.

  13. One of the casualties of stripped-down (dare I say Christianity, Inc. we see today) is that we substitute doctrinal truths with “comfort” and (as Pastor Fost refered to previously) the “doctrine of feelings”.

    When we begin to hold people accountable for their “sinners prayer” – then it would become even more evident of what’s really in their hearts.

  14. I believe that having Jesus in your heart is not enough, it is at first, when you first invite him to your heart but it doesn’t stop there, the whole idea of Jesus coming to this earth to die for us is to take us back to the original plan, back in Eden when God created everything for us, and a man and woman as his perfect match.

    It was when people started ignoring God that homosexuality and all kinds of aberrations and sins came along.

    Now, I am not saying that the blood of Jesus is not powerful enough to save, I am saying that it doesn’t stop there, it is not fair to excuse yourself and say that you have Jesus in your heart and do whatever you want, diminishing Christ’s sacrifice. When you invite Jesus into your heart, it doesn’t stop there.

    You have to be aware of the fact that you have sinned and you have to —> REPENT<— that means; change your way of leaving, your lifestyle. Go back to the first page of the Bible, to the original plan. When Adam was created and Eve was created for him. At God’s image, of course all of that was distorted by sin, certainly God loves us as we are; you could be a murderer, a rapist, a liar, a thief, a lesbian or gay man, a pedophile, a drug dealer or user, however you are, it doesn’t matter. God loves you anyways, that doesn’t mean he supports your way of living.

    God accepts us as we are but it doesn’t stop there. He is going to make changes in us. He wants to transform us back to his image, to the original plan, to fulfill the purpose he created us for. When he first created man and woman, in the Garden of Eden.

    You cannot be living against God’s plan and will, and believe that you’ve got your ticket to heaven. I believe Judas, at some point accepted the fact that Christ was the Son of God, but he betrayed him anyways!

    When he began to ignore God and listen to other voices rather than God’s, just as eve did, something in his interior changed, he began to satisfy his own will, –– Judas was a believer too! But that didn’t keep him from betraying Jesus and hanging himself afterwards.

    Its not only about believing Jesus is the son of God and died for your sins and inviting him into your heart, its about repenting, changing your way of living, living a righteous life, trying every day to be more like Christ, sharing his truth and loving others regardless.

  15. Hi one and all,

    I have known Mark Lowry, his brother Mike and his father and mother for decades. We go back many years to Thomas Road Baptist Church. We are friends.

    There are a lot of Southern men who have accents similar that of Mark. It doesn’t make them gay. I also have many friends who have worked with Mark including some who were with him in that awful van accident that almost took his life.

    So my testimony is that have never seen anything personally or heard anything from these friends that would support this very damaging rumor. Mark is a little crazy but totally genuine. He is able to reach folks that many of us would not be positioned to evangelize. Perhaps God has honored his hard work and faithfulness to put him to this good use for the Kingdom.

    The field is white, ready to harvest. Mark is in the field working. Shall we join him or destroy him?

    Duron Davis

    GCMW: Its nice to give character witness for someone. But Ray Boltz’s wife LIVED with him for 33 years and she didnt know he wanted to be a homosexual. As a matter of fact most folk who knew Boltz have expressed utter shock at his declaration! Nobody’s “destroying” Mark Lowry. We are testing the spirits whether they are of God, for there are many false prophets among us. Does Mark or you have a problem with being tested according to what the scriptures tell us to do?

  16. Hi GCMW, Thanks for your kind response. I believe the Bereans tested what Paul taught against the written record of Scripture. I believe that the similar test for prophets is also based upon objective criteria; that being whether or not it comes true. I stand to be corrected but perhaps this establishes a pattern if not a precept that one must test the spirits against facts.

    Perhaps I was looking for something a little less subjective as a basis for giving legs to what is now a rumor. But in the end you are correct, my testimony doesn’t preclude any form of secret sin that Mark may or may not be engaged in.

    I believe in the cases where sin is established by several witnesses that the offender is to be held up “to open shame” as an example for others. I believe this is a Bible based approach.

    Since we both agree that if Mark has sinned it is not known by either of us, it is by definition “secret.” That’s when we need take more care to balance our spirit testing with the recognition that at present, this can only be a matter between God and his servant.

    I stand with you in believing that sin in the Christian camp, among preachers, singers and those who would be leaders and examples should be exposed in a Scriptural manner. God Bless!

    Duron Davis

  17. Duron, I didnt say Lowry “sinned” so Im not with you on that “agreement”. I am saying that given the times as forewarned by Jesus, we would do well to test every spirit. Even me or mine, you and yours. Lowry’s statement in the video is not biblical and borders on a sentiment based salvation. That does not make him “unsaved” only that by bringing it into question he would correct it or clarify it so that people are not lead astray.

    We cannot afford deception. Its deadly. Some are opposed to that and mislabel it “judging”, but unless the church exercises mature discernment and hold each accountable based on biblical standards, sin will infect the Body and we lose our voice of authority to preach the name of Jesus to the world.

    As I see it that’s already happening to some degree.

  18. Hi gcmw,

    We are on some common ground when you talk about deception. Jesus said that before his return there would be deception on a massive scale. I think we see it in many forms today.

    As to the topic at hand, Christians should be known by their fruit not by their profession. It is my view that trusting Christ means taking him as Lord. So you are correct to expect a Christ-like lifestyle from those who profess to have Jesus in their heart.

    For those interested in a short but comprehensive piece on precisely why people need Christ, they may check the section on my website titled: The Meaning of Life. Simply type my name Duron Davis in the search window of your browser and my site will pop up.

    Thank you for the respectful way you responded to my thoughts. God Bless.

    Duron Davis

  19. Surely to God, no one is going to say for a fact that Mark is gay. I love him and would marry him in a minute. I think he’s just a gentle, kind, caring, friendly, funny God fearing follower of Christ. I think any woman Blessed enough to have him as a partner the rest of her life will be the recipient of many many Blessings from our Heavenly Father. I want to be that one special lady for him. Someone out there have him call me, please!!

    GCMW: TH, that would be a good question to ask him before you get in a relationship with him.

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