GCM Watch to gospel singer Kirk Talley: repent and choose

talley.jpgIt wasn’t that long ago when we learned about Kirk Talley (pictured), one of southern gospel music’s “stars”. Talley had sung with all the genre’s top names  and was celebrated in churches all across the country. Without a doubt, Kirk Talley was southern gospel music “royalty”.

Then, news broke that a man in Knoxville, TN attempted to blackmail Talley. Reports state the two met while searching for male sex online. The story’s publicity and Talley’s subsequent admission that he was homosexual set off a chain reaction which caused him to forfeit many of the lucrative singing engagements he had once enjoyed.

Placed under the care of a “restoration team”, Talley suspended his career and set about to recover from his homosexuality. Less than a year later, on October 6, 2004 the “restoration team” announced that Talley was ready for a comeback. No one knows what the conditions of his “restoration” were, nor did the unnamed restoration team make public exactly what Talley had accomplished in order to be restored. That may have been a blunder simular to the one with Ted Haggard.

But GCM Watch has learned that things have indeed changed, although Kirk Talley is not being honest about those changes.  Talley seems to be weaving his way into the gay christian movement while still performing at unsuspecting churches which are not aware of his new friends and their false doctrine.  Talley is scheduled to perform in July at the Evangelical Concerned conference which describes the event as “a four-day retreat experience with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians.”

In September 2006, Talley was a guest speaker at an “exgay” conference in Macon, GA where he talked about how he changed after the blackmail episode.

In November, he appeared on James Robinson’s Life Today   (interview transcript)show where he told Robinson,

I tell my story and my story only. I don’t get off into all the arguable points of the issue. I tell my story and my story only in hopes that somebody will not end up out on the sidewalk like I was, trying to…”

Robinson finished the line with “…Have no choice but to go into this other lifestyle”[of homosexuality].

But just a year after the LifeToday appearance, Talley is becoming quite the fixture on the gay christian scene. Talley’s website makes no indication of why he has changed his mind about telling people they can overcome homosexuality. Is he being intentionally dishonest just to make money at the expense of people’s souls? His website —oddly enough— makes no mention of his upcoming appearance at the gay conference.

Talley, who won  2007 “Songwriter of the Year” at the Southern Gospel Music Awards,  doesnt seem to mind people knowing that he is now very comfortable at homosexual churches. After all, the pictures are posted all over Flickr. What does this mean? Well, homosexual churches, unlike some so called “loving” Christian churches will not allow anyone opposed to their lifestyle to preach or sing in their churches.  They possess zero tolerance while hypocrtically demanding to be “inclusion” in other churches.

GCM Watch encourages Kirk Talley to (1) repent (2) stop deceiving pastors and churches and (3) obey the scripture:

Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath Light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel? And what agreement hath the Temple of God with idols? For ye are the Temple of the living God; as God hath said, I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.” (2 Corinthians 6:14-16 KJV)

Should Kirk Talley refuse our call to repentance, we ask that he have the decency to call every church on his performance list and tell them he no longer shares their biblical views concerning homosexuality. Give them the choice as to whether they want someone spreading false doctrine through song in their churches.

We will be watching.


44 thoughts on “GCM Watch to gospel singer Kirk Talley: repent and choose

  1. People don’t like to be told about their need to repent. This is especially evident in the homosexual community. They would rather create their own type of Jesus than follow after our REAL Jesus.

    I have a post up that includes a hate email that I received today in reaction to my post about the CA Marriage Protection Act. It was from a guy who lives in Canada.

    Please see my post today called Which Jesus? I had trouble publishing it. I suspect that some irate people who disagree with my biblically -based and truthful views flagged my blog.

    No matter what such detractors may say or do, Christians need to stand up firmly against their lies and errors. We are to work for an audience of One…that being Jesus Christ…the REAL Jesus of the Bible, that is!

  2. Pastor Foster,

    This is just plain wierd. Besides his double life this guy is pitching a health drink on his website.


    What the heck does this have to do with the gospel?


    GCMW: Kyle, it is weird. The whole thing, plus the nonijuice. Maybe Kirk Talley will see the need to clear this up and tell us that we were wrong about him having fellowship with the gay christian church. I hope that I am.

  3. I hear you on that Christine. Its the flesh that hates to hear that it is displeasing to God and must change.

    The flesh is an enemy to God, but the spirit longs to be at peace (atonement) with Him.

    I think I said it before but the FIRST MESSAGE preached by Christ was “repent!” Mark 1:14-15.

    None of the love, peace, joy, inclusion, etc,etc can be authentic unless one first repents.

    You keep on telling, living and loving the truth. Yes, the haters will rage, but God wants people free. John 8:32

  4. I wasn’t aware of ANY of this concerning Kirk Talley.

    Goes to show how out of touch i am, i guess…

    To say im surprised is putting it mildly…

    It appears he now is being purposely dishonest in not openly admiting what he believes on his website and, to those Churches he is performing in.

    Thanks brother Foster…i need to digest this

    God bless

  5. I’m glad God evidently is not capable of taking care of His own and has called you to be judge and jury for all of his children. Since when should Kirk Talley or anyone else answer to you, instead of God himself. If you are his pastor, then I apologize and stand corrected. If you are not, than I would respectfully disagree with your tactics and ask that you cease trying to be his “Holy Spirit” by convicting him. I am so ashamed at what we try to pass as “Christian concern,” when it is actually very ugly and hypocritical. Let’s start a website to target all Christians guilty of lying, cheating, stealing, soliciting prostitutes, molesting children, having lust in their hearts, coveting, committing gluttony…….you see where I am going here? It’s ridiculous how much “holier than thou” piety you display here, and I for one disagree with your method. God bless.

  6. I am a christian who loves the LORD. He sent His only SON to die for our sins. My christianity, depends entirely on the BIBLE., and what it says. I cannot and will not change it to suit my self.We are christians because we believe what the Bible says. If we can’t or won’t believe it, then call ourselves something else, not christians.Since JESUS is the foundation of our beliefs, we must believe that if the BIBLE says something is wrong, then it is wrong. If someone dosn’t want to believe totally in what it says. Then go join a club that believes what you believe. We as God believing and God fearing people still love you.You are as GOOD as us, maybe better.But the Bible tells us what is right and wrong, and we choose to believe what it says. If you don’t believe the BIBLE, how can you call your self christians. Granted some things are hard to understand, but, thou shall not kill, lie, cheat, steal or homosexuality is a sin in the BIBLE. GOD can and will forgive, if we ask, but remember the part, GO AND SIN NO MORE. We must be firm in our beliefs and stand for what is right. HATE the sin,But LOVE, LOVE the sinner. GOD gave HIS SON for our sin.

  7. Mr. Riddick,
    Kirk Talley needs to answer to those who he is deceiving. He is not disclosing his activities with ECWR to the public. Eventhough these events are open to registrants, he lists those dates as “private events”. He does not want the Bible believing churches who he talks his way into to be aware that he is joined with such a militant pro-homo group. I know for a fact that he is doing this because I asked someone who had scheduled him if they were aware of his singing “engagements”. BTW, please keep your god’s blessings to yourself.

  8. Hey Bro Jones,
    THANK YOU. That’s the point of the whole post. DECEPTION. Why is Kirk Talley concealing these homosexual engagements from the churches who are booking him?

    They deserve to know so they do not become a partaker of his sins.

    Thanks for that response!

  9. Once again,another story a little twisted.The title of the article needs to go first. Kirk has repented and chosen the straight lifestyle.If the person who wrote this article were on Kirk’s e-newsletter,they would understand the process of healing Kirk experienced during that time he was off the road.I admit that he should have gotten victory over these temptations long before it augmented into what it is today.Kirk came clean of this sin and we should forgive him just like Christ forgave us.Do we feel we have done such a smaller sin that can be forgiven,but his sin can’t? I believe God forgives our sins,forgets our past,and foresees our future…so why don’t we do the same.BTW-why is it that only these types of articles appear on only ONE website and none other?It seems to me that all of these articles I’ve seen are staged to be is a gossip session to make anything of Christ to appear bad.Can someone please explain to me why people feel they should act this way?Just think of all the dirt God can dig up on us!

  10. Andrew looks like you are seeing only what you want to see.
    Take some time and READ what this blog is about and you wont have to ask questions that are already answered. Unless of course they are just rhetorical.

  11. Just because Kirk Talley sings for this organizaion doesn’t mean he agrees with everything they believe. Gospel Singers sing in all kinds of churches who differ in beliefs….I have heard him give his testimony, and each time, there have been people go forward to pray at the end of the services. It’s very effective and certainl anointed. Have you even heard his testimony???? I think I would wait and judge him after you hear what he has to say…….

  12. testwell, well , well………… i sit here reading this blog and have read some shocking things but prob the most shocking was Andrew’s response, wow. it seems like today no one will call a spade a spade. this guy talley is a great singer , performer and no doubt a fruad in this respect , that he is using the real Christan church for financial gain in my opinion and its only that. i guess what im getting to is Andrew is living in a cloud if he thinks what this site is doing is wrong, I’m thankful for this information, now do i know it is 100% true i can’t be sure but I’m sure of this where there is smoke there is fire and i think this the case here.
    that was free

  13. Gcmwatch: I am not a spokesman or affiliate of Kirk Talley in any way. I am simply calling a spade a spade in your case. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    Mr. Larry Jones: Your comment asking me to “keep your god’s blessings yourself” was a bit out of line and uncalled for. My God is spelled with a capital G. There is only one God, so please don’t belittle my faith just because I don’t believe in the hypocritical tactics of some of our brothers and sisters. Thank you for proving my point. We as Christians vilify and demonize with complete disregard and without Christian love. Why is that okay?

  14. Riddick, what stones have been cast? Stop playing passive-aggressive religious games, we dont have the patience for that. What is “the spade” you are calling out? Please be specific.

    What specifically is it about the post on Kirk Talley that you think is wrong and why?

    If you cant articulate that, Im not sure how to address your complaint. At this point without any concrete substantiation on your part, your comments are simply trivial complaints.

  15. Sir, if you would read my original post and then my response to your question, I have not played games. I have exactly stated my position. You are not entitled to call Mr. Talley to repentence and I believe you are out of line in demanding so of him. You do not know his heart, his beliefs or as you even mentioned what type of restoration he has gone through. I don’t either. So, I cannot defend him, I can only say that it is not for us to say based on the information you have presented.

    As to the rest, I was referring to one of the guests of this site who asked me to keep “my god’s blessings to myself.” I do not agree with that demeaning tactic nor the use of “God” in the lower case. I have been very forthright in my statements and responses and I will cease to play your games going forward from here.

    This might perhaps be straight forward enough for you. Tactics that you use in this article sicken me and I am ashamed that you claim to do this on behalf of Christianity.

  16. Your post was read. Had it not been read, It wouldnt have been posted. Thats standard policy. However, that in no way means that you have made a case against the post.

    You claim we have no grounds to tell Kirk Talley to repent. My question is did you read the article? Mr. Riddick, please dispense with the freudian religiosity and cite some scripture… any scripture to support your remarks that I (or any other Christian) is “not entitled to call Mr. Talley to repentance.”

    You seem to be caught up on “heart, beliefs”, but the article is clearly about his actions. Are you saying that as a Christian you posess no ability whatsoever to judge whether or not someone’s actions are right or wrong?

    Please answer clearly and support your answers with scriptures.

  17. Deron,

    Actually Pastor Foster is correct. Your responses are pretty vague. What are you trying to say exactly.


  18. I have been praying about this situation with Kirk. I don’t know who took the time to send me this link via e-mail. It was a waste of time. Kirk is my friend and I support him 100%. I have been in many of his concerts and on 2 of his Cruises. Kirk is one of the finest Christian young men that I know. He has a powerful testimony and wants the world to know about it. I admire him emensely for the strength that he shows in the adversity that he has gone through and continues to go through every day. He deserves our prayers not criticism. We all are tempted with something it’s what we do with those temptations that’s important. I recently flew 1700 miles just to see hm being inducted into the Christian Music Hall of fame.That’s how much I appreciate his talents and for all of the wonderful music that he as written and the blessing that I receive when hearing him sing. He has blessed the whole world with his music. So please search your hearts and lay off of him by praying for him and giving him your support. Recently he has gone through some health issues and he can us our prayers. Satan is trying to steal his voice. Let’s do what God has commanded us to do . Pray for our brothers and sisters. We fight the world daily let’s not fight each other. Keep Kirk in your prayers. He’s a brother.
    Thank you for listening to me.

  19. Mary, thanks for your comments and we concur with most all of it. You didnt address however the point of the post.

    There is no contention that Kirk Talley (a) is/is not talented (b) a good person (c) makes wonderful music etc.

    Is it right for him to sing at, fellowship and show support to homosexual churches who are in rebellion to God’s Word. Is it right for him to interntionally conceal that information from other churches and pastors who if they knew would not have him sing at their churches under those circumstances?

    Mary, are you ignoring that or you just didnt want to say that Talley’s actions are right or wrong?

    By the way, GCM Watch does not send out email links to any posts.

  20. I am not Kirk’s judge. Unless you have been living in a cave for the past 4 yrs. I don’t see how any pastor or church couldn’t have heard about his situation. It was plastered all over the world. The Christians really had a field day by printing his story in all of their publications and most of them still won’t have anything to do with him. What do you do with ICor 10:13 or Gal. 6:1 when we are to restore our brother. If Kirk doesn’t go to where these people are how on earth will they ever hear his testimony of healing. Most of these people won’t attend our churches because they would be excommunicated. He wants to share what God has brought him through. He needs an audience. We are all only saved by Grace. To answer your question I am 100% straight and I have never had to deal with this issue. I am not condoning it in anyway. Their are other things that Satan tempts me with so therefore I can’t judge anyone. We have to remember that we are all sinners saved by Grace. Not of any works that we have done or ever could do.
    I wasn’t blamming GCM for sending the E-mail. I know where it came from however, I know the individual must be reading these comments.
    God Bless,

  21. You may have some things confused here. We are addressing Kirk Talley’s foray into homosexual churches, not his blackmail issue. No one is inquiring whether you are “straight” or not. The question is can you, based on what the Bible says, recognize wrong behavior when you see it without excusing the person because you like their music, etc?

    Mary, have you asked Kirk how many if any of the people at the gay churches repented while he was there?

    Can you ask him what he specifically told them while he was there?

    You say you are not his judge. Are you saying that you cannot tell whether or not a fellow Christian’s actions or conduct is right or wrong? Are you saying that there exists no standard for the church is say whether a person’s conduct is not in line with the scriptures?

  22. I have never visited your site before and accidently stubbled on it. My heart is so sadden at what I just read. The following exerpt is from a message my assistant pastor gave on Jesus’ prayer on unity in John 17. The “conversation” I’ve just read has challenged me to speak to you about what is on my heart and to share with you my burden regarding the treatment of a very special friend of mine. I’d like to share with you Pastor’s conclusion:

    “So what is the conclusion to the matter? We have now explored Jesus’ entire prayer on unity. We have seen the extent of this unity — all believers are to be unified; the nature of our unity – that we are to share a unity that mimics that of the Father and Son; the reason for our unity — so that the world may believe; the culmination of our unity — which is that one day we will be united with Christ in glory; and finally, Jesus’ dedication to our unity — He was so committed to us being unified that He gave His life on the cross so that we would see His example.

    The bottom line: Jesus prayed that we would be unified. The best we can do is not just simply sit here and think, ‘Oh that was a nice sermon – that was a nice prayer that Jesus prayed.’ No, Jesus did a great deal, He brought us salvation, He died on the cross and suffered torment from the hands of men, all so that He could bring us together. He paid a great price to remove all the barriers that otherwise would divide us – male or female, rich or poor, black or white. He paid a great deal so that we could be here today. So this morning, if there is some kind of grudge that you may be holding against someone, or if you and another believer aren’t talking, or if you’ve got something against another member of this congregation, I would ask that you put it in perspective. No matter what amount of offensive or pain or hardship you’ve experienced as a result of this dispute, I’d just ask you to remember the extent to which Jesus went to bring us together.

    And I’d also ask you to remember the witness of our unity. If for no other reason, I would plead with you this morning to put aside any difference you may have with another Christian, so that the testimony of Christ may be maintained. If there is one thing that is found again and again in our passage this morning, it is that Jesus wanted us to be united ‘so that the world would know that You sent Me.’ When we are unified, people in the world notice and come to believe in the Jesus who binds us together. But, on the flip side, when we are divided, the people of the world also notice, and our division can cause them to say, ‘What a sham that Jesus Christ is. If that is the kind of followers he produces, I don’t want to have a part in Him.’

    And so my plea for you today is, if you honor the name of Christ, put aside any conflicts you may have with another believer. I hope you would agree, that Christ’s glory is more important than any disagreement or feud we will ever have. …”
    (Emphasis added.)

    The purpose of my letter to you is to ask that you read John 17 and prayerfully consider Jesus’ words and your relationship with God’s children, My hope is that you will not be swayed by those who are still punishing Kirk for something God has forgiven. What is the Southern Gospel industry saying to the non-believers about their forgiveness and treatment to a fallen brother? Maybe you are one who is afraid to step out and support Kirk. Maybe you are one who is already supporting him and, most importantly, praying for him. Maybe you are one who refuses to sing with him or have him at your concert or church? I don’t know your heart or your actions. My prayer is simply this, in light of Jesus’ words to us in John 17, you will — “ …if you honor the name of Christ, put aside any conflicts you may have with another believer. Because, I hope you would agree, that Christ’s glory is more important than any disagreement or feud we will ever have.”

    Oh, yes, I do know Kirk personally and I support his 100%. I have seen the changes God has made in his life firsthand and I am so thankful for his desire to serve the Lord. Pray for him and encourage him.

  23. In response to your reply. No I do not ask Kirk what goes on in any of his services. He’s not accountable to me. The one that he’s accountable to already knows. He wants to be able to show these people the love and grace of God. When he was searching for answers their was no one there to help him. He reached out to the church for help. He knows exactly what these people are going through. He’s been there.
    He wants to tell them that their is hope. God is the answer. How do you know about all of the other “Christian Gospel Singers??? Do you really know what struggles that they are going through??? I feel like Kirk is always singled out. Wasn’t the sacrifice of our wonderful Lord enough to forgive him as well??? He has asked the Lord for forgivness. It’s only us that can’t forgive. I don’t think that you can ever really know what is in anyone’s heart that’s betwen them and their God. Only he can know that. The Holy Bible says that we can’t judge the heart. I have been in Kirk’s
    services and have felt the Holy Spirit and have been blessed. Have you ever really heard him give his testimony?? He knows what he did was wrong but also knows that God has forgiven him totally. I have seen him grow and have seen the light come back into his eyes. If you spend anytime with him you will see that He truly LOVES HIS LORD. I will continue to support him until my heavenly Father tells me otherwise. Don’t you think that we serve a big enough God to convict him if what he’s doing is wrong. That is His job. I’m not here to defend Kirk but just to pray and support him. Would you also pray for him? I know he would appreciate it.

    GCMW: Well, around in circles we go. Mary, your refusal to answer simple yes or no questions reveal much about your devotion (or perhaps the lack thereof) to God’s Word. Please dont post again, since you really just dropped in to be a Talley cheerleader. We dont need that.</strong>

  24. Sorry you feel that way. The Lord knows my heart and I know what the scriptures say. I’ve read the Bible many times and try to live my life that way. I don’t see anywhere in the Scriptures where it says we can judge someone’s heart. My last words !!!! If i’m wrtong God will convict me

  25. You know, I have read about these homosexual churches that twist the scripture around to justify their lifestyle. I use to attend a church that was 90 percent divorcees, and many many of them were not allowed to be scripturely. In other words by the Bible they were not supposed to be married because the reason for divorce was not scriptural. Misery loves company, and people are looking for somebody to tickle their ears like Timothy said and say you’re alright, theres nothing wrong with you. Same way with homosexuals, sin is sin and we all will have to stand before the Lord and be judged out of this Bible we are given. It is all written in there for a reason to guide us to heaven. We cannot just say I’m saved sealed and sanctified and justified and live according to the world and its deeds. The Bible warns about doing that. I think we need to pray hard and witness as much as we can and show love and compassion like God does who causes rain to fall on the just and unjust. Anyone can change if they will just let God do the changing. I definately aint perfect, Ive got my glitches, but I do love the Lord and try to do whats right and He definately lets me know if I’m wrong. And thats the key right there, many people SAY I know Jesus and 1 John says he that says he knows God and lives in sin is a liar and does not the truth straight out. I think we all better be looking at the Bible very hard these days and sort out whats right and wrong and ask Gods guidance and help…Paul said if he’s walking along in this life and gets out of Gods will that God will bring him back in and show him his error….somebody that aint being shown their error or getting whipped by the Lord for doing wrong aint saved, period…according to the Bible. We are children and we get whooped if we do wrong, we cant just do what we want to and expect to not get whipped into subjection. If we’re saved we are bought with a price. How many times has God put me on my back sometimes so I would have to look up and humble down again….I must be a child. We better be careful how much we say God will put up with..people look like they are prospering well in this life and may really be prospering in this life, but Jesus said many here at that time will not even taste real death until the judgment. So we need to pray hard for these people that are deceived, whether we’re overweight, hooked on smoking, hooked on porno, hooked on anything…get the beam out of our own eye so we can see clearly to get a mote out of our brothers eye…God open our eyes and purify our hearts on this matter these people among many others are doomed for hell if they dont get saved before the end of their lives. The devils laughing in Gods face about all this stuff. Well hes good about deceiving people into thinking they are ok when they are not.
    I know this if a man says hes a christian and continually does and lives a life that brings shame and reproach on Christ he’d better watch out, he better get back in the Bible and work out his own salvation with fear and trembling because there is something not right somewhere, hes listening to the wrong voices. We are not judge other people but we are commanded to be inspectors of fruit…Jesus said you’d know them by the fruit they bear. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. And, what the mouth speaks will be judged, and what deeds are done will be judged. I’ve had conversations with homosexuals I’ve heard homosexuals who thought they were homosexual because they were being forced by some monster to do things against their will and damage their emotions for the rest of their lives and sometimes they go off thinking thats the way they have to live because it happened once or twice or they had to live that way in prison and that’s a lie out of hell. Some actually thought they were born that way and that their sexual organ was in their mouth…lie out of hell. Many think they are actually women in mens bodies…lies out of hell. Many thought that the devil was tempting them with men and that they could not resist because the devil was too strong for them…lie out of hell. Many think the Bible justifies their lifestyle and sure haven’t ever proved it because it s a deception. Its just gonna get worse toward the end..its as tho satan is on the loose and has but a short time left and hes mad and wants to drag anybody and everybody he can to hell with him so we better be on watch, he’s like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour…let HIM have an inch and he takes it all if he can. We have hope like a snowball in hell of winning a battle with that demon without Christ. We all need Jesus, Jesus ,Jesus The only Lord and Saviour. Who saves us F R O M sin.

    We become slaves to whatever we yield to…but thank God for his grace that is sufficient to deliver the worst alcoholic, the worst drug addict, or the worst homosexual…the only reason homosexuals dont change is that they like what they are doing and deceived into thinking thats the way God made them so they dont have reason to change because they think they are ok.

  26. If any of you people think that any man has the power to change himself from homosexual to hetrosexual or from hetrosexual to homosexual…..you are crazy. Unless God almighty does the changing, then you are whatever you are……..For someone who wrestles with same sex attraction/homosexuality……if they are praying and waiting for the change to occur…..and it doesn’t….what do you suggest they do?????? Do they quit loving God?????? Would you like to see them crawl in a hole somewhere and not try to live productive lives? Would you be happier if they didn’t go to any kind of church? Many a man and woman have fun FROM the church because of condemnation they have found in the church, and from websites like this one. I’d rather someone be in the church, hearing about the Love of God every Sunday , while struggling with whatever they struggle with…..than them feel like they can’t come to church.

    Stop all the bickering……start loving unconditionally like Christ did……There are lots of people in ministry who struggle with all kinds of issues…….Start praying for them instead of putting them down…..

  27. Christ loves, but he will not except ur sinful lifestyle. Loving someone and excepting their lifestyle is too different things. We are to love one another, but not someone’s unrepentant lifestyle. Why should we struggle with anything when we r to turn it over to God for we cannot deliver ourselves. If they are going to church with a heart to change fine, but if they are going and gladly displaying their homosexuality then that is another thing they might as well stay at home if they are not repentant and want to be delivered. We are not to except any form of sin that is unrepentant.

  28. A little off topic but since we are talking about gospel singers I must say that the best version of “I Want Jesus To Walk With Me” was by Emily Bram. I heard it for the first time and chills went through me. WOW!


  29. Pastor,

    I think we are fooling ourselves if we try to believe that homosexuality doesn’t effect the church. Many Christians struggle with questions, confusion and tendencies. I personally don’t have a problem with someone gong to minister to the gays and lesbians. Cynthia Clawson ministered in song at a gay church and took a lot of criticism for doing so. I loved her response! She stated “I am a minister of the gospel. I don’t get to pick and choose who I minster to, that is the Lord’s job. All I am responsible to do is go where He sends me.”

    I say cudos to anyone who can confess their sins to one another, and then instead of judging those who have the same struggles, try to minister and bring healing.

    The Bible speaks of Paul’s thorn of the flesh. We don’t know what that thorn was.Everybody speculates about what they think it may have been, but for all we know, it may very well have been homosexual tendencies. But look at the work he was able to do. He is a major contributor to God’s Autobiography.

  30. I had to turn away from my sinful habbit and submit to God in order to be freed from homosexuality. Alot of homosexuals think its a prayer or its just goin to happen with out a sacrifice but u have to sacrifice what u want and submit to God. You need to repent and not come back to what u struggled with.

  31. So true Nathaniel. You know when I listen to some “gays” talk about about potential conversion, they say that prayed for God to make them straight, he never does and so God made them “gay”. It’s not about heterosexuality but holiness. Anyone can live a life of sexual purity and holiness but like you said you must submit to God and have to want to change. Like you, I consider this a sinful habit. Once you distinguish between tempation and act, then his becomes manageable like every other tempation we as Christians face.

    Be Blessed!

  32. Regardless of whatever sins he struggles with and can’t overcome (and if any of you say you don’t have any I am calling you a LIAR), Kirk Talley has written music which has and will continue to nourish my spirit.. I do not know him; I am not his publicist. I am someone who has been blessed by the gifts God gave him, and regardless of what anyone thinks, God does give gifts to homosexuals. Instead of worrying what he does behind the doors of his own home, you would be well served to concentrate on his music and how it blesses. Those of you who have never struggled with homosexuality have no idea what kind of internal emotional torment it is. We didn’t choose it, no one in their right mind would. Before you pass God’s judgement on people, you should probably check with God about it. And I mean the Living God, not the one in some old dusty church book.

  33. Geoffrey,
    No one said that Talley didnt make good music.
    No one said that God didnt bless Talley with gifts.
    No one said they were sinless.
    No one said that struggling with homosexuality is easy.
    No one is “worrying” about what Kirk Talley is doing “behind closed doors”.

    However, God is looking at everything and everybody, both the good and the evil, yours and mine, public and private.

    In your quest to defend Kirk Tallley you totally ignored 99.9% of the purpose and content of the post. In doing so you did what a lot of people do when people worship is more important to them than God worship.

    Finally, what “dusty old church book” are you referring to? It wouldnt be the bible would it?

  34. “Dusty old church book”!? Let us hope Geoffrey meant a denominational manual (ha ha) and not the scriptures. If he did mean the bible then let me ask this: How will I check with GOD? Through my internal barometer of righteousness? Through my own subjective experiences? Perhaps Geoffrey’s own view of the god he is sugessting ideas and opinions be checked through is warped by his own views and struggles. I sure hope he didn’t mean a bible.

  35. At times we may judge and have critical thoughts on homosexuals and others that we forget we also have sinful habbit we struggle with also. And homosexuality is a sinful habbit the same as lie, stealing, and so forth. Becuz when it all comes down to it. Sin is sin. So ur just the same as that christain that is struggling with homosexuality. So treat them with love and respect

  36. nathaniel is that how you get someone out of sin? You love and respect them? Are you saying that “treating someone with love and respect” is what is required for them to be saved and not go to hell?

  37. When we looked in the bible we see that jesus always showed love and respect to the sinners to the ones who were hurting to the ones who struggled. He never once came to a sinner and say ur goin to hell! He always loved and respected others the only time jesus was direct and bold was when he spoke to the pharisees and that was becuz they were blind and they harden there hearts toward the message of the gospel. But even then he did it with love. At times we as christains are the ones to blame for homosexuals hardening there hearts and for them turning on God because we dont present the gospel in love but we present the gospel in hostility telling people that their goin to hell isnt goin to save them, but its goin to cause them to harden there hearts. So yes we should love and respect homosexuals and bring them the gospel of love and peace not of hostility

  38. It is absolutely your kind of watchdog antics that turn people away from the Christian life. Did not Christ Himself walk among sinners, eat with them, drink with them, and fellowship with them? To say he did not is a lie and contrary to what the Bible teaches us. Therefore, if Kirk Talley chooses to sing at a church that is inclusive of gay people, so be it.

    We are called to preach the gospel to the world, not just part of it. We are called to love our neighbors, not just some of them. Anything less is far from Christlike behavior.

    A young boy in our church was drawn aside by our pastor – this boy is 14 years old – and accused of having a counterfeit “experience” with the Lord because another boy told the pastor he was gay. This young man was in tears and we expected that he might not return. However, the love of Christ in his heart and his dedication to his Lord kept him coming back for three services each week. Christian brothers in the church loved him and nurtured him as did the sisters of the church. To have set him aside like last year’s birds nest would have been wrong. This “pastor” is now long gone, thank God, so he can preach his hatred and bigotry elsewhere. The young boy grew to be a great witness and is married with two amazing children. He sings in services and teaches our youth to this day.

    I can hardly wait to see what our Lord says to you, face to face, someday. It is not for me to judge, and it certainly isn’t for you either.

  39. There Is no Such a thing as a GAY Christian, to be a
    Christian, is to be Christ like. AND CHRIST WAS NO
    queer. End of Story………

  40. I am very suprised at what I read. I had discoved Kirk Talley’s “I Know A Man Who Can” video on youtube.com, and got such a blessing. I don’t believe that you can be gay and be Christian. It’s a straight and narrow path, not a do whatever you want path. This is a very sad thing. I think that we all need to just come together and pray for Kirk Talley, that he might change his ways.

  41. I am one of those “gay christians” who is at total peace with God.

    First, there is no such thing as a homosexual lifestyle. Homosexuality is an orientation comprised of many different lifestyles just as heterosexuality is. Both orientations are made up of celibate and non celibate communities.

    Orientation is not defined by if you are having sex. It is defined by who you are attracted to.

    The ability to procreate is not the standard for acceptable sexual behavior. If it were, many infertile straight couples are living in sin. Many fertile straight couples who are using any form of birth control would also be living in sin as they would be having sex with no intention of procreating. If natural sexual behavior is based on procreating, anything outside of working at making babies would be forbidden. That would condemn pretty much anyone over 50 for having sex.

    The ancients felt that those who were unable to concieve were cursed. Unlike our ancient counterparts, today we understand that sex is not first and foremost for procreation. we understand that people are unable to procreate because of biological reasons…something the ancients had no undertanding of…just like they had no understanding of how sexual oriention works. Today we know that God gave us sexual sensation as a gift. It is meant to deepen the intimacy that two people already share. Gender is not important. A couple does not have to get pregnant in order to have sex.

    In reality, the bible does not condemn homosexuality. With a closer look , one will find that such interpretations are loosely based. Ignorance is where fear is born. Fear of those who are different can lead to judgment. Christians aren’t known by their orientation. Christians are known by their ability to love ,especially their enemies. Jesus, I am sure, was very aware of homosexuality, but apparently he did not consider it a sin as he never talked about it. On the other hand Jesus often DID talk about what was sin: lacking love and compassion for others. Being judgmental. Walking in love is a narrow path and few, even among so called born again believers find that path.

    The truth does set people free. It is no accident that many churches are re thinking their views on homosexuality in our time. God is behind it and is moving and it is God that is breaking down the walls. As time goes on, the walls will continue to crumble. Many gay people are finding it possilbe to reconcile their orientation and their Christian faith. It is God that is causing this to happen. Jesus often looked traditional views in the face and exposed them for what they were. That is why he got in trouble with the Jewish priests. God is doing the same today. God is staring at Christian tradition in the face and exposing it’s error.

    There are many resources out there that God is raising up other than Evangelicals Concerned. The Gay Christian Network is experiencing phenomonal growth as God continues to move. The following links help explain its stand on being gay and Christian.

    I wouldn’t be judging Kirk Talley or Ray Boltz or any other high profile Christian that comes out of the closet…. and there will be more for sure.

    God might be doing something that seems contrary to YOUR UNDERSTANDING of the bible, but keep in mind…. God is not in a biblical box and is not obligated to conform to yout interpretation.

    Remember….the bible is not God. To equate a book, (no matter how inspired it might be) to God is idolatry.


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