The SHOW must go on

broadway_show.jpgDespite making a colossal error by appearing in and endorsing a homosexual movie, Bobby Jones is going on with his gospel show. Jones is best known for his 25 year run on BET.

Jones refused to acknowledge the calls for repentance for his enthusiastic endorsement of the movie’s message that homosexuality is normal and should be accepted by the church.

What’s even more disturbing is that the roster of so called gospel stars currently in heavy rotation on Jones gospel entertainment show (emphasis on entertainment) have been just as mum. Like the klan’s good ole boy network of the civil rights era, industry artists like The Clark Sisters, Martha Munizzi, Tye Tribbet, J Mossand others havent said a word. How could they? The homosexuals pulling the strings behind the scenes of the gospel music industry would blackball them without a second thought. It highlights why reform of the gospel music industry will never happen from anyone you are currently seeing on television.

The Gospel Music Channel the “Christian MTV” was falling over itself on announcing that on May 4 Jones would “bring his explosive and colorful personality” to their network via another reality show entitled  “Bobby Jones Next Generation.” With all the talk of “stars” and “performers” today’s bastardized gospel music industry has little to do with Jesus (except to co-opt his name to sell records.) and more with ego-driven personalities. If you think thats exaggeration, just look how those in the gospel music industry snorkle for pompous, “regal sounding” titles: “King of Gospel”, “Prince of Praise”, “Ambassador of Gospel”, “Crown Prince of Praise”, “Queen of Gospel”, “Rose of Gospel”, “Princess of Praise”, ad naseum.

These titles do nothing but divert attention away from the REAL KING, Jesus and the REAL PRINCE of Peace, Jesus. It diverts attention away from the fact that we are called to be AMBASSADORS of the Kingdom of God, not the gospel music industry.

“We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.”
(2 Corinthians 5:20)

Said Jones: “As I do with all my other endeavors, I plan to immerse myself in the new show, and I hope that it will be uplifting, joyous and meaningful for GMC viewers.

Yes, the SHOW must go on. With or without Jesus, the SHOW must go on.


8 thoughts on “The SHOW must go on

  1. You forgot the most PATHETIC one of all. The BAD BOY OF GOSPEL, PORNO MAN himself. We all know who that is. GREAT POST!

  2. I guess everyone has a career to look after but how come the situation is that bad, I cannot believe the level of tolerance inside churches in the States for this sort of behaviour. Sure this happens in Europe too but it is confined to liberal congregations.

    It sounds like choirs have been recruitment grounds for gay lifestyle sampling for a very long time.

  3. Hey dawkins, I agree this could very well be a career. A career in the sense that “I am doing this for financial gain and benefit.” Thats completely understandable and acceptable in a secular career.

    But the connotations of a career married to what should be the work of the Lord causes one to compromise principles of God’s Kingdom for personal gain.

    IF this is a “career” for Jones and others in this industry, why dont they just be honest and call it that? But they know couching it in religious terms .i.e “ministry” when it is convenient will keep the church dollars flowing.

    The fact that they say nothing against the rampant homosexuality/sexual immorality currently running amok in the gospel music industry is more than enough proof that the principles and ethics of holiness are of little concern to them.

  4. Well, it’s quite obvious that Bobby Jones is not going to respond on this issue. He would see as us Christians being overly critical. It’s even sadder that some of these Christian artists will not take a stand and call for integrity in the gospel music industry.

  5. Well, you must be blind or in denial about Bobby Jones, isn’t it a sin to act like a female or have female behaviors? 1 Cor. 6-9

    GCMW: Ralph who is this comment for and what remark are you responding to?

  6. It is about Bobby Jones, T. Tribbet and the rest of feminine acting so-called godspell artist.

  7. We are in our final days when the church can buy into immoral actions and not be accountable for its actions or promote a sin and tell us that is cool to sin (we loving each other) and should be accepted. This type of behavior not only confuses but it pulls individual away from the real cause of Christianity, because it is saying that God has provided us with rules, that it is okay to break them. Pray for them all….

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