GCM Watch seeking former members of gay churches

Gay Christian Movement Watch is seeking first hand accounts and personal narratives of several categories of individuals who have had personal experience with gay churches and organizations. 

First,  GCM Watch is seeking testimonials of former members of gay churches namely: Metropolitan Community Churches (UFMCC), any affiliate churches of The Fellowship (Bishop Yvette Flunder), Unity Fellowship Church Movement  or any independent gay church. In addition, if you were part of an “affirming” or “inclusive” church, but left because you no longer accepted its false doctrines, please contact GCM Watch as soon as possible.

Secondly, if you have visited, but never joined a gay/affirming/inclusive church your personal narrative of that experience is also welcomed.

Third, if you know of someone who fits the criteria above, forward this information to them and ask them to contact GCM Watch.

These personal narratives are being sought to provide a balanced and truthful counter to the lies currently being promoted by gay churches about biblical sexual morality. These organizations promise an overabundance of love, value and acceptance but what are they actually delivering to  hurting and confused people? 

This announcement will repost each month.

3 thoughts on “GCM Watch seeking former members of gay churches

  1. I visited Bishop Greenlee’s church many times years age. At the time I had my suspicions but gave the church and its members the benefit of the doubt. I even heard Pastor Yvette Flunder & Bishop Walter Hawkins preach there. The word seemed so rich. I rationalize this by saying that the Lord gives gifts without repentance. I am deeply concerned about the people who attend this church and churches like it. It also concerns me that there is no dialogue whatsover (at least where I live in St.L.) about what the bible actually teaches about homosexuality and other secret sex sin issues. Jesus showed us how to deal with secret sin issues of all kinds in John 4: 7-26. We tend to either excuse the behavior by condoning it or Throw those with sin issues out in the street. No one(with the exception of this website) in the the Black Community or Black Web Community seems to be dealing with this issue lovingly as Christ would. GCW is the one of the greatest sites I have had the pleasure to discover, read, and get information from on the internet. Your work is need, appreciated, and prayed over if by no one else, by me. Thank you!!!

  2. Black Christians also tend to favor voting for Democratic Party candidates who also favor advancing the Homosexual Agenda. This another issue that needs to be investigated.

  3. MinCraige,
    thank you for that testimony sir. God’s truth is supreme. Those who reject it have created another gospel and want us to accept it without question. If we do it will be to our damnation.

    Thanks and may God’s light ever shine in your heart.

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