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I’ve got a new Myspace page. Yes, after considerable foot dragging,  I’ve finally arrived in the 21st century. 🙂 If you got a moment, come over and check it out. I may or may not write over there. And it probably won’t be much about homosexuality on it, but if you’re on MS, I’d love to be friend. I hope to add more features and try to keep it exciting. Hope you’ll visit soon.

4 thoughts on “Me on Myspace

  1. I have a question not in relation to your myspace. (I couldn’t find spot to post a general question). Anyhow,
    I enjoy your GCMW site it has been very informative to and my family in ministry. My question is, there is a picture posted at the top right of your webpage. Two African-American men one older with his hands on the shoulder of the younger man in dreads. Who are they? and is their an article on them?



  2. EB, thank you so much for the encouragement. It is truly appreciated.

    Anytime you want to ask something not related to a post you can email me. Just check the “ABOUT” for the address.

    To answer your question, the two men are part of a gay church ad campaign that ran last year. It was paid for by the national black justice coalition, a black gay political group. The message was that gay folks go to church too. Go figure!

  3. Myspace hater in the house 😀 . (That’s hate as in I just dislike it, not a biblical level of raw hatred.)

    Everybody being all part of the exact same web site turns me from MySpace. All the functions of MySpace can be accomplished with a regular web site.

    I’m sure a MySpace page is easier to maintain than adding some of its features to a stand alone web site.

    But everybody flocking to the same site and that site forcing registration as strongly as they do just makes me refuse to ever join.

    Oh there’s that Independent streak again 😀 .

    GCMW: Hey IC, Im a **reformed** myspace hater so I feel you on that. Its just a way of expanding my fellowship with people who otherwise I probably wouldn’t run into on conventional site or even a blog. I didnt have a problem with registration. Maybe thats changed since you first checked it out. Stay independent my brotha.

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