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Today, I will begin transferring a number of my earlier writings and commentary from our Witness Ministries site here. Initially, these articles will be listed or tagged only as archives and won’t be open for comment until the full transfer is complete. If there something you just can’t wait to say 🙂 about any of these articles, you can leave that comment on this post.

The information transfer is a first step in restructuring the Witness site to more effectively present the overcoming message to ssa (same sex attraction) strugglers. For those who think the only aspect of our work is to expose the gay christian movement, you are misinformed. The bulk of our work is helping men and women experience radical freedom from their homosexuality by submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ. This has been and is currently our committed passion since February 1996.

Additionally, within the next few months we plan to upgrade Gay Christian Movement Watch to a dedicated url. We’ll drop you a note when that happens.

After the transfer is complete, we’ll resume regular posting by finishing up the two part “Grace” post.

As always, thanks for your patience and support.

One thought on “Information Transfer/Archives

  1. in reagrds to: “Our response to Bishop Blake’s letter”

    you said:

    “Perhaps, Bishop wasn’t aware that he was being set up. The educational elitists at Harvard have long despised the principles of holiness and morality which are the hallmarks of the church Blake represents. Their lofty and enlightened ideas of tolerance and diversity do not include those who refuse to cowtow to the left cloned mix of homosexual and abortion rights. For instance, Gomes’ Memorial Church has been performing homosexual weddings since 1997. Perhaps Blake was venturing into this ecumenical arena completely unaware that homosexuals are looking for validity through association and he was a perfect target. Clearly, Bishop Blake had stars in his eyes. Of his prospects at being honored by Harvard and dining with the good Rev Gomes:”

    You hit the nail right on the head! What these men do not realize is that they allow themselves to be set up on pedestals, and they come to enjoy the high seat too much, the flattery and the adoration too much and they eventually lose all sense of discernment.

    your words are applicable across the mainstream of Christianity today! Well Said!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    God Bless,

    John Baker

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