Mormons walking into a trap?

I’m no defender of Mormon doctrine. Its patently false and heretical, but it seems they are about to betray some aspects of their beliefs in an effort to appease gay mormons who are seeking to change church doctrine.

One News Now is reporting that the church has agreed to meet with homosexual activists from the unofficial Mormon gay group “Affirmation”. According to the AP cited, the groups demands won’t affect church doctrine. Perhaps not the 12 wives part. But here are a list of their “concerns”.

“Affirmation has specific issues it wishes to address, none of which the group says will require any change in church doctrine. Specifically, those issues are: the historical treatment of homosexuals by the church, including recommendations for therapies designed to lead individuals out of the homosexual lifestyle; recommendations for more effective counseling methods; ways to avoid family break-ups; and a change in the honor code at church-owned Brigham Young University that can result in expulsion for sexually active homosexual students.”

They are making a mega mistake. Perhaps they are not aware of the meet, greet and conquer tactic being used against churches across America by homosexual activists like Soulforce and the so-called “family outing” day planned for June.

In case you are wondering, just what should the church do? Should they meet with these individuals who have no intention on compromising their beliefs but demand the church change its beliefs? I say no, send them a friendly letter and advise that a meeting would be in order if they are willing to repent. Otherwise, it would be unproductive.


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  1. Although none of us here adhere or even give credence to the Mormon doctrine, the one thing we can say is that they seemed to be very pro-family. However, that being said as with anything that lacks the Biblical Christ and true salvation plan we must also recognize that the presence of the Holy Ghost is not there. And because of this we should not be surprised at the Mormon Church accepting this lifestyle. In fact let me take it a step further. Is the Mormon Church any different then most other “traditional” denominations today? OK, what do I mean. Well, first lets be frank with ourselves and recognize that many main line denominations are heavily steeped in the ecumenical movement. When this is done the truth is relegated to the back and different “opinions” and beliefs are celebrated. Essentially the leaven is present everywhere. If your Church is NOT Christ centered then a whole slew of bad doctrine and acceptance of obviously abhorrent behaviors will soon follow.


  2. First, I’m Mormon…and also gay. Your comments certainly don’t sound like you teach a Christ-like love. Too many Christian organizations say they do; but, in practice, they don’t. You also do not know much about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

  3. Hello, Juan:

    This doesn’t sound like a “Christ-like love” teaching either:
    If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to
    your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven
    give what is good to those who ask Him!”

    Wait a minute . . . this sounds like Jesus Christ!
    – Matthew 7:11.

    By the way, it makes me sad that you are under the double
    whammy of being both Mormon and a catamite.

    “. . . perhaps God may grant [you] repentance leading to the
    knowledge of the truth, and [you] may come to [your] senses
    and escape from the snare of the devil, having been held captive
    by him to do his will.” – 2 Timothy 2:25-26.

    Now is the time to repent, Juan!

  4. While you begin your article by saying, “I’m no defender of Mormon doctrine…” I wonder if an organization called “Gay Christian Movement Watch” in reporting on MORMONS has not to some degree now included this cult as part of the “Watch” and thereby part of the ” “Gay Christian Movement.” In other words, to some degree you have legitimized their claim to be Christian by including them as part of the “WATCH.” However, if your organization was called “A Christian Watch of the Gay Movement” it would mean that your organization encompasses reporting on ALL Gay movement activity.

    I know I may a bit nit-picky but when I read the article I said to myself, “Who cares if the devil’s organization wants to include homosexuals? They believe Jesus is the spirit-brother of Lucifer!” I think the LDS has a lot bigger problems than whether or not their people add homosexuality to their list of false doctrines and practices

  5. lol@ Rik. Youre absolutely right. I almost deleted the post several times.

    But I did want to emphasize the trickery “meet, greet and conquer”.

    Trust me there is no legitimizing such beliefs after one post but all things considered, I wont “watch” them again.

  6. Pastor Foster,

    I actually defend the post. You see Rik is looking at the glass half full. The fact is that this is important because of the ecumenical movement right now that is including LDS, Emergent Church, Seven day Adventist, etc, with other “mainline” denomination. Think of the leaven of all this poisoning the mainline denominations.


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