The high cost of standing with truth

The following was stunning to read. I had never heard of it, but it truly represents in our day the heavy cost of standing up for truth against homosexuality. This story brings to mind elements of the sodom story. As I say often, people change, but spirits remain the same. Despite the heavy cost, it yeilds an awesome example for all of us to stand with God and his Word no matter what the cost. Dr. McIlhenny, I am deeply inspired. If you’d like to purchase his book (pictured at left, here’s the Amazon link.

Dr. Chuck McIlhenny served as a pastor of for numerous years. In 1978 Dr. McIlhenny wrote a book which recounted how he was threatened and his church and home firebombed by homosexual activists subsequent to a lawsuit he won regarding the church’s right to fire its organist who was homosexual. Dr. McIlhenny’s home was firebombed while his family was sleeping inside. No one was ever prosecuted for the arson attacks and Dr. McIlhenny is still counseling homosexuals 20 years later. The title of Dr. McIlhenny’s 1978 book recounting his experiences is titled When the Wicked Seize a City .

In 1989, Dr. Mcilhenny helped defeat a domestic partnership law that would have treated two homosexuals as a family. For three years, the Mcilnhenny household received thousands of threatening and harassing phone calls 24 hours a day. Some of the callers threatened to sodomize and kill Dr. McIlhenny’s three young daughters. In 1990, repeatedly vandalism occured to his church and home with graffiti such as “Dykes for Choice”. In addition, the church’s windows were broken so repeatedly that the churches congregants boarded them up permanently.

Dr. McIlhenny has stated that “straight society in San Francisco is without power and without influence, living on the fringes of that society.” Dr. McIlhenny has been the target of repeated death threats from homosexual activists.

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2 thoughts on “The high cost of standing with truth

  1. Wow, talk about hate speech and hate crimes! The LGBT lobby is incredibly vicious and spiteful, yet Satan is such a masterful marketer. How else could they have such favored status with the media and academia?

  2. I know Dr. Mcilhenny (a.k.a “Pastor Mac”) personally and he was like father to me for 7 years before his retirement and we still keep in touch. He is truly one of my heroes.

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