Kim Clement, false prophet alert

The false prophet Kim Clement has said that God will make Obama the next president so that he will bring peace to the Middle East. The email arrived in my box today. Its disgusting to see how fast some Christians will circulate lies which are clearly not spoken by God. If you get this email, I encourage you to reject it.
According to the scripture, there are only two “men” who will bring peace to the Middle East.

1. The true Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ.
2. He will be preceded by a false prince, the antichrist who will bring a false peace followed by a tribulation which the world has never seen.

Now, which one is Obama?

Clement says God said he will raise up Obama to bring peace in the Middle East among other lies. The prophecy comes with a faux Old Testament/Modern English God voice.

God says, there is a sway in the political arena, a change in your political world. Enough of this discussion about Jeremiah Wright. God said, this makes no difference. It is a spirit that has endeavored to rock and sway the people and to divide them. God said, I will sway it next week. Yes, I will, and because of Pennsylvania I will raise up the man I want, says the Lord, to rule and to reign and to declare victory in the Middle East.

For the Spirit of God says hear oh people of Zion. Those who have been afraid in Zion, those who have been afraid in this nation, Fear not! For your news media has intimidated you and therefore it is My turn. Next week I will arise. I will change everything. For they have unfairly spoken against an African man and I’m not talking about Jeremiah Wright. I’m talking about Obama. For God said even though you may think this or that there is an element of righteousness inside of him to reach out for Jesus. Therefore I will sway it next week says the Spirit of God and I will cause My man, My power to exalt in the White House what is necessary to declare victory. For this time I shall rise up and I shall make known who I am in a way that I have never done it in this nation, says the Lord.

His website is entitled “secret” and you have to register to read his abominable lying words.

Jeremiah 14:14 Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.
15Therefore thus saith the LORD concerning the prophets that prophesy in my name, and I sent them not, yet they say, Sword and famine shall not be in this land; By sword and famine shall those prophets be consumed.

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  1. Pastor Foster,

    Oh My! Kim Clement. Where does one start Brother. This guy has claimed SOOOO many false prophecies I just don’t know where to begin. If this were the Old Testament this guy would have been stoned to death100 times over by now.


  2. Kyle, stunning simply stunning.

    Thats why they will be caught off guard when God drops the hammer on them for this identity theft.

    Clements is at the point to where he so believes the lies coming out of his mouth, you couldnt pay him to change it.

    Sad and shameful.

  3. I almost spit my coffee out over this one.

    Is Kim Clement on Obama’s payroll? I mean, c’mon – this is crazy!

    And you know that many sheeple will say “you know, Obama is of Middle Eastern descent. He was born in Indonesia or something, right?”.

    Kim is making my post on Aquilla Nash look like the junior varsity league.

    If Obama is elected, you know old Kim is going to crow about his “anointing” all over the world – and the sheep really better look out then.

    May God have mercy on us…

  4. Yeah Kim Clement is in a false prophet class of his own. There’s no spotting needed here. He’ not like the others who spout general false prophecies. He spits out specific “GOD SAID” false prophecies.

  5. It is the ony time I have seen his prophecies does anyone have a list of false prophecies he has given in the past?

    I believe in prophcey but I want to separate, true ones from false ones.

  6. gmcwatch:

    Have you considered a SermonAudio account? $150 signup, $30 a month thereafter.

    GCMW: I hadnt heard of that. Im checking it out now..

  7. I have to say is this….I can sort of believe this in a way. And before ya’ll start throwing stones, hear me out.

    Yes, I do believe that Obama will be our next President, like it or not. Also, I believe he will be the one to usher in this false peace that Bible speaks of. Of course, I’m no “prophetic voice to the nations,” but there’s something stirring that ain’t right in the atmosphere and folks are getting all excited about what is to come. Not realizing what is about to come is the beginning of the final showdown.

    Please note that I could be wrong on this but I dunno….. something ain’t right. Jesus is coming soon, but the peace that Clements is talking about isn’t the ultimate peace that Christ will bring after it is all said and done.

    Again, I do believe a false sense of peace is going to follow Obama…..and then BAM!!!….u betta get ‘cha house in order!!!!

  8. James, check the scriptures. You cant “sort of” believe a prophecy if its allegedly from God. That’s like saying you “sort of” believe the Bible, right?

    Clement said “God said”, thus he places his words as direct utterance of the Father. If God said it, then the criteria is that it must come to pass within the time frame specified or else God is a liar. We know that God cannot lie.

    That only leaves one conclusion Clement is a false prophet whose words should be judged solely by whether they have come to pass or not. Check the link provided, look at his prophecies and see for yourself this man is not to be trusted in the least bit.

    Anyone can make a political prediction based on polls, public sentiments, odds, etc. But that is not a prophetic word from God. Futher, the issue is not whether Obama will become president, but whether his ascendancy to the office (if you believe he will) will precipitate a peace in the Middle East.

    Again, there are only two men who can accomplish this. Christ or the Antichrist. One brings true peace, the other a false peace. Again I ask which one is Obama according to this prophecy?

    If he is the latter (antichrist) then we are all lost. The rapture of the bride occurs before the appearance and brief reign of terror of the antichrist.

    That leaves, Christ. If Obama is Christ the true Prince, we are all lost because Obama didnt die on the cross, neither does he fulfill all the messanic prophecies specifically applicable to the Christ.

    Like you I beleive Obama (if elected) has the capacity to usher in false peace, but lets not elevate him or anyone else to a place where they are not biblically accorded.

    Kim Clement is a false prophet.

  9. May be bro Clem, (bro for brother if you are a naija bro) has seen the antichrist but dosent have the boldness to proclaim Obama anti-christ.
    Well guys food supply is on all time low and the cost is rising, there are already riots in countries and more are coming.

    If Obama wins and performs americawonder (as we say in naija) then the world will follow him and make him King not president. what ever he say becomes law.
    The stage is set and have you heard of the world coming to an end 2012 and Putin-Russia will still be around..THOUGTH HE WILL BE THE ONE TO END THE WORLD
    Bro clem(I WONDER WHO IS HIS MASTER) maybe wrong or right but for me he can’t confuse me because I am stuck on DANIEL11:32

  10. Please where is kim from is it south africa..please check and let me know I think there is a homeboy mixup in his furtunetelling

  11. Sigh! I seen this guy on TBN with his mullet hairdo, tight jeans, and rocking back and forth babbling out “so-called” prophecies. It was more reminiscent of a 1980s hair band. But I digress. Kim Clement is a false Prophet by his own admission in the above post. He said, “has said that God will make Obama the next president so that he will bring peace to the Middle East”. Hello! It’s only Jesus who will bring everlasting peace when he returns and it’s the antichrist who brings the false peace during the 7 year tribulation.


  12. SUREWORD: In response to your question, yes, Kim is in deed from Africa–I’m not sure if it is South Africa, but he is from Africa.

    gcmwatch: Thank you for posting this chatboard. I found the information regarding Kim to be very helpful. Unfortunately, I was one of those who had been confused regarding his so-called prophecies…. Anyway, thank you.

  13. if you knew anything about the prophetic …you would know that humans make errors…

    prophets are humans too… and they will get a word… and try to put logic to it…by human ways…

    you are born with the gift of prophecy… God gives everybody gifts…even sinners…

    if what he says turns out to be true…

    I would be scared if i made those judgements against clement…

    I am voting for Obama… I not a typical judgemental christian…

    I disagree with alot he says…

    but i disagree more with alot of what hillary and mcCain says

  14. Derek,

    That was the finest response TBN could offer. Are you really serious about humans making errors regarding Prophecy? My friend if your going to prophesy and claim it is of God and it does not come to pass than you are NOT A PROPHET. Derek you need to tighten up on the scriptures bro.


  15. if you knew anything about the prophetic …you would know that humans make errors…

    Sorry, Derek…that’s not the prophetic. Where is your scripture supporting that statement?

  16. Kyle, naija is a nick name for NIGERIA in west Africa.

    Tammy thanks for the answer.

    Derek please the issue of error in prophecy is a seriouse issue in the church. Do you know how many people we would be missleading with false prophecies excused as human error. The last time I checked ISAIAH55:11 says ‘THE WORD THAT GOES FORTH OUT OF MY MOUTH SHALL NOT COME BACK TO ME VOID BUT SHALL ACCOMPLISH THAT WHICH I PLEASE AND PROSPER IN THE THING I SENT IT’
    If you are going to say God said you bet be dead sure like the bible prophets or just humble yourself and tell us ‘YOU THINK OR YOU FEEL’
    Once your prophecy is wrong..dose not come to pass and there is a consistent partern please stop calling yourself a prophet and do us a lot good stay off TBN. (I think TBN owes us a lot of appology for some preachers come on air).
    prophets are humans too… and they will get a word… and try to put logic to it…by human ways…


    if what he says turns out to be true…

    I would be scared if i made those judgements against clement…

    The issue of the coming of the LORD/raputre and the manifestation of the anti-christ 666 is all one calander event for christians. one is directly linked to the other (rapture/666/bam HE APPEARS IN GLORY AND POWER) ****my bros the end is so wonderful for the believer*******If any body is going to predict (prediction is a higher level of prophecy and this is where we miss it) the manifestation of the anti-christ is not far from predicting rapture or the coming of the LORD and this the LORD said no man knows not even the angels nor the SON OF MAN.
    Directly linked to rapture/666/coming of the LORD is the issue of peace in the middle east…precisely the peace of JERUSALEM(POLITICAL ISREAL).
    If bro Kim (now we are not saying he is not a bro but I am saying he is off the prophetic track on this) is predicting the peace of middle east, he is telling us something and that is Obama will rule America for 8yrs and that withing that 8yrs rapture will take place and 666 will manifest, that is Obama himself, and the Lord after the complete 7yrs of peace will come. hhhmmmm if I were Obama and his campaign group, knowing what I know I will refute this prophecy and tag it a republican/rightwing evengelical conspiracy.

    On Kims prophecy coming to pass, that dose not even make him a true prophet..come to africa we can give you evil prophets whose words come tom pass. so if it dose I will not be scared it has not changed anything am in a waiting mode for THE LORD.

    We are praying for you American christians, that God will help you like Docas in the ACTS OF THE APPOSTELS(THE MISSIONARIES AND GOD WORKS YOU ARE DOING NOT ONLY IN AFRICA BUT IN ASIA AND THE WORLD OVER SPREADING THE GOSPEL..IF YOUR LIGHT TURNS OF IT WILL BE ONE HELL OF FIGHT FOR THE CHURCH), there is a lot of compromise going in in the bordy of christ in america and that is corrupting the the church universal.

    Finally, Obama’s win is not the issue afterall taking any of the candidates on the basis of faith will be the worst mistake Christians will make cause non of them will stand their grounds if face with the lion in the den or Roman arena for the Lords sake.
    Power belongs to God and He gives it to whom He wills not to whom we christians want (controversial right?) He has the bigger picture.
    So go out there and trust God and vote for the canditate of your choice.

  17. Derek – How do you figure God gives spiritual gifts to the unsaved? The gifts are distributed to the Body for the edification of the Body. The unsaved are not a part of the Body.

    Other folks have already addressed your flaky take on prophecy.


  18. Kim Clement is right on Obama. God’s ways are not our ways. God chooses the least of people, people that we think with our human mind he could or would never use. I believe Jesus should have been born in a palace instead of a manger, but he was not. He chose david to be king and David was the least of the guys, God also takes the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. God’s ways are not our ways. We do not know the whole story and we see thru the glass darkly. HE will use who he wants to bring peace to the Middle East.

    just because you don’t agree with Kim Clement’s prophecy I would not say that he is a false prophet. We are to try the spirit (YES ) but be CAREFUL what you SAY

  19. Sherri, I see the Bible doesnt mean much to you, just reimagined platitudes.

    The reason Kim Clement is a false prophet is not because of the Obama lie alone, but because out of 6 known “prophecies” he has issued, 6 of them have been patently untrue. In other words, what he said would happen, DID NOT HAPPEN. With the latest Obama lie, he’s going for 7 out of 7. What else would it take for you to see what is as obvious as the sun in the sky?? Do you need a visit from Moses, Elijah and Paul?? I mean… come on Sherri!

    That’s called false prophecy by all biblical definitions.
    the Obama lie is just another one of his falsehoods.
    What you should be careful of is that you stop defending people, before the Word of God.

  20. Sherri, please kim can prophecy that Obama would be president of united states but to say he will bring peace to middle east, come this is elementry christian prophecy all events about peace in the middle east is a direct showdown between Jesus and 666 antichrist so on that kim is out.

  21. What about all of hte prophecies that Kim prophecied that have happened? A prophecy is a snippet of a very large picture, so how do you all know that the “6 out 6” prophecies have not happened (or will not happen)? It sounds to me like you all have something against Kim. Perhaps none of you are able to hear the voice of God like him, that’s fine, but you shouldn’t go around bashing him. As far as “declaring peace in the Middle East.” You all are stretching it saying it could be the Anti-Christ or Jesus. You are just looking for minor things out of, oh I don’t know…jealously? Nothing you have said even makes sense. I am not saying I agree with all that Kim says or has said, but reading your comments I would listen to him over any of you any day. I agree with Sherri, in that God can use anyone He would like to bring Peace anywhere. Lord knows it will not be any of you…as you more than likely bring shame to Him.

  22. @ GDP –

    Allow me to deconstruct your argument:

    A prophecy is a snippet of a very large picture, so how do you all know that the “6 out 6″ prophecies have not happened (or will not happen)?


    Is that from the “GDP” abridged version of the dictionary? Nowhere in the definition of the word prophecy do you see the words “snippet of a very large picture”. Let’s not parse words – when a “prophet” speaks, they claim it’s “directly from the mouth of God”. Either the prophet is 100% correct ALL OF THE TIME, or God is a liar – and we know that’s not the case.

    It sounds to me like you all have something against Kim. Perhaps none of you are able to hear the voice of God like him, that’s fine, but you shouldn’t go around bashing him.


    We DO have something against Clement – it’s called the Word of God. We have a mandate to root out deception and heresy within the Body (as do you if you’re a believer), so let the chips fall where they may.

    Oh, and we have no problem hearing the voice of God because many of us know how to read His Word to see what He is saying.

    You are just looking for minor things out of, oh I don’t know…jealously? Nothing you have said even makes sense. I am not saying I agree with all that Kim says or has said, but reading your comments I would listen to him over any of you any day.


    Jealous? Of what, a false prophet? What have we said that doesn’t make sense to you GDP – standing on the Word of God doesn’t make sense? Does Numbers 23:19 make sense? How about Isaiah 55:11? Or, how about Deuteronomy 18:20-22? If you’d rather stand with a mullet-wearing false prophet than on the Word of God, then be my guest.

    I agree with Sherri, in that God can use anyone He would like to bring Peace anywhere. Lord knows it will not be any of you…as you more than likely bring shame to Him.


    You finally said something that makes sense – God CAN use ANYONE, but why would he use a bonafide false teacher to bring Him glory? I mean, really, there are many men and women who God can trust with His message – so what makes Clement so special? He’s no different that Juanita Bynum, Medina Pullings, Aquilla Nash, and any other average false prophet.

    Maybe God won’t use any of us – it’s His Sovereign Will and He uses and avoids whomever He pleases. I just don’t think that God would use a see-through false prophet to declare His immutable, irrefutable Word to a dying world.

  23. HOw do you know he is a false prophet? You act like you are the “all-knowing” and you clearly are not. If I were new to this faith and I came across this discussion I would change my belief right away. It looks as if you are high-schoolers jealous of the popular kid in the class, so you put them down. Do you actually think God looks at you and says, “job well done,” becasue you go around and bash other people? Who are you to say who is and is not a prophet? You don’t know the heart of any man/women, only God does. You certainly don’t know the calling on any person’s life either. Perhaps you are confused about your own life, so you have to try and figure out everyone else’s life (you should know that no one likes those people). Contrary to what you said above-I never said I stand with Kim-I just think that he has more credibility then you all are giving him. What are the prophecies that have been false? He has given thousands, so which one’s? I just want to know, since I have not read every prophecy he has given like you have (or you wouldn’t be claiming that he is a false prophet).
    You have a lot to be jealous of, he is well known, respected and not respected, an author and has more credibility then you do…he has a life, and judging from your “does that come from the GDP dictionary” comment, you don’t. No one says that stuff anymore (you may want to take note).

  24. GDP either you are being intentionally stupid or you are truly deceived and just dont know it.

    Either case, you have my pity.

    You keep asking where are the false prophecies. That question has already been asked and answered.

    So, once again… Click on his name at the beginning of the story. Its not that difficult.

  25. …And GDP – stop reading this blog and start reading your bible. The Word of God is a great resource to help you learn more about false prophets and prophecy.

    Come back when you can move beyond replying “your jealous” or “why do you bash people”, etc.

  26. Kim Clements is NOT a false prohpet. That’s all I have to say and those calling him one need to stop.

    I appreciate you Kim Clements.

  27. I don’t like the idea of Obama for president, but I don’t know if the Lord has another plan. God raised up Nebucadnezzer. Would you vote for him if he were alive today running for president? the British brought peace to the Middle East. It wasn’t permanent, but they brought some peace. Saulludin brought some political peace, too. Temporary, but some peace.

  28. We have to remember no to fall into the spiritual trap of discerning people solely based on whether or not their prophecies come to pass. Deuteronomy 13 notes that a false prophet or dreamer of dreams can prophesy or bring a sign or wonder to pass but not to listen to them. also, Jesus warned that many would prophesy but we would know them by their fruit. Matthew 7:15-21. Before Jesus talks about false prophets in this passage he warns us to be careful about how we judge others, first we have to take the plank out of our own eye before we take the speck out of someone else’s eye? We have the plank not the speck. If we are willing to take up our cross and deny ourselves and we are willing to lay down our lives for our friends than we are operating in true discernment. Taking up our cross of course includes adhering to the Word of God and being doers and hearers of the Word. Also, we have to be very cautious in accusing people of being false prophets. If we accuse a true prophet of God of being false we could be in some serious trouble with our Lord. Satan is the accuser of the brethren, and he attacks. We are suppose to be on watch but we are not suppose to root out or attack false prophets. I know only God can do that. We will not always discern between the wheat (righteous) and the tares(wicked). God left the tares (wicked) with the wheat(righteous) until harvest time (end of the age) so that those who are righteous do not get pulled out with the wicked. Matthew 13:24-29 and Matthew 13:36-42. We were warned to be wise but harmless.

    We have to remember there are a few Scriptures that talk about how to discern a false prophet. Whether the prophecy or dream comes to pass does not mean a person is not a false prophet. Jesus warned us that “we know them by their fruit.” Fruit is not prophecy or how someone moves in spiritual giftedness. Fruit is talking about the nine fruit of the Spirit (Galations 5:22). DEuteronomy 13:1 warns us not to accept a prophet/dreamer based on the prophecy or dream. Be careful not to accuse people of being false or true prophets b/c it is dangerous ground to be on. It is not always so easy. If we receive a prophet we receive a prophet’s reward. the reward of a false prophet is death. if we put our mouth on a true prophet of God, watch out, looked what happened with Elisha. We do not want to lose our youth(teens) by speaking against prophets of God.

  29. Jamie,

    Kim Clement is dabbling in the New Age. He is also a Prosperity Pimp and “makin da Money”. Lastly the guy gyrates on stage in some rhythmic back and forth action while “receiving” so-called prophecies. This is not only disturbing but clearly not scriptural.


  30. Jamie,

    Please study the Word of God more.

    And by the way it is pure pride on your part to say “we don’t want to lose our youth (teens) by speaking against prophets of God”. Where is your scriptural basis for this????? Did God tell you and confirm to you that Kim Clements is His prophet?

    By the way you are not GOD – HE ALONE IS GOD and He will not lose those youth (teens) that are His.

    You post speaks with a double-tongue. You talk about God but your heart does not seem near Him. Are you for God and His Holy Word or Kim Clement and His false prophesies.


  31. Wow! Kim Clement has done it again! This is not prophetic, it is pathetic! Now, while I do believe that Barack Obama will be our next President, I do not believe he can bring peace to the Middle East. But my belief and disbelief does not rest with Kim’s false prophecy or any Biblical references. I cannot draw from Scripture definitively that Barack is the Antichrist, so I will leave that determination to the LORD and continue on with my study of the Holy Writ. Kim is a false prophet; my pastor and I were at TBN 5 years ago and Kim prophe-lied to us. He said to us, and I quote: “You have revolutionized so many people’s lives and because you have done that in the past I’m going to do something and turn it around for you this year.
    In your house and in your district and in your community I want to give you access into higher places…into governing places.. The sign to you will be that I will send people to your house with influence, and political power… You’re going to enter into a political influence in the kingdom of GOD!
    What you have seen in the past is nothing compared to what I want to do for you this year! The extra land you need will be given to you for you to do what I promised you that you would be able to do!”

    Not 6 months after this prophelie, my pastor resigned and so did our minister of music, not due to a political calling, but because of jealousy and infighting amongst the clergy and their staff. It was a mess. No political influence or power came. So, nothing that flows from this man’s lips is to be trusted. So, is exposing the truth of this man “speaking aginst him”?!? Well, guilty as charged! I pray that he repent expeditiously because the GOD of the Bible has great plans for him and his ilk.

  32. I heard about a prophecy years ago where Kim Clement said there would be a woman president in 2008. Does anyone know about that?

  33. Some kinds of prophecy must be mixed with faith or it will not happen. Like how the Israelites wandered in the desert for 40 years instead of entering the “land of milk and honey” as they were promised. Thats why they wanted to stone Moses (as a false prophet).

  34. what happened to the BIG E” Clement said to wait for some new enery source ..” THE BIG E”..What was that all about .he was saying that last year.?

  35. I attended one meeting in Rhode Island where Kim Clement was supposed to speak a few years ago. He prophesied that Hilary would lose in the primary itself and become an Evangelist. He also once said God had “anointed” Colin Powell to bring “peace” to the Middle East.. How can God “anoint” someone like Colin Powell to bring peace in Middle East? Obama will increase our taxes to 40%, destroy America, downsize military and will be very anti-israel.

  36. What I find to be absolutely amazing, not to mention
    downright scary, is the ignorance of people who claim
    to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, which
    should mean that the Bible is their guide for living.

    To defend Kim Clements and other false prophets
    when they are “OBVIOUSLY” going against scripture
    and what Christ Himself has said, shows that they
    don’t truly believe that the Bible is the Word Of God.
    They want nothing more than something that tickles
    their ears and their confused opinions, to the
    detriment of TRUTH.

    Please continue to expose satan and his co-horts
    because many will continue to read and be set free
    by God’s unchanging truth & your willingness to speak
    the truth no matter who doesn’t like it.

  37. I’ve heard Kim say that his prophesies are not based on his own biases. In other words, sometimes he says things that he’s not in favor of himself. After reading the above, I also know God would never promote a president who votes against his own laws and principles. If he did he would be double minded. And God is holy and can only promote righteousness. It all comes down to, what would Jesus do, if Jesus where voting he would look at the candidates voting records and vote for the candidate who’s voting record most lined up with the word.

  38. I also think its interesting to note that of all the prophets, only Samuel was said to have none of his words fall to the ground. Does that mean that others sometimes got it wrong? And even though Samuel’s words were apparently always right on, in Luke it says of all men born of women, there is no one greater than John the baptist. So I guess prophesy really has nothing to do with it. It’s all about the heart.

  39. The Christians wanted Bush in there and God answered. The last eight years have told me that God does not appreciate the many Christians who did not support him or pray for him. He was made a laughing stock. Now with Obama running, it is God saying to us that if we don’t pray for our leaders as we should, he could let a very bad one in there just to punish us.
    Obama is a warning it seems of how horrible things can get if we do not pray for our leaders. While we weren’t praying Obama was preparing himself to present himself as some savior to the world.
    I know God doesn’t want Obama to be president, so this tells me Obama cannot succeed and eventually he has to come down. If God isn’t in it, which he isn’t, Obama could forget it. Will he be elected? Not if God has mercy on America and answers the prayers of his people.

  40. So basically (after I saw Kim’s video) he is saying that America is going to go into the hands of the poor and oppressed so he can be praised. If I am understanding him correctly, he is saying Obama will be elected so God can reach the unreachable.
    Will God do this? Yes if he doesn’t answer the prayers of his people who are fasting and praying for Obama to not be elected. But God answers prayer.
    Also God doesn’t need any man to reach anyone, yet he has used pagans to tell us something such as when he gave a dream to Nebuchadnezzar.
    I can’t imagine who Kim is talking to since God’s people fear neither men or demons.
    Kim has been wrong and this immediately disqualifies him from being a prophet because a prophet of God is NEVER wrong.
    I can’t put anything on what Kim says.

  41. Jane, no, no, no! Kim is prophecying that McCain and Sarah are going to win. Here is an excerpt from the vault that CAN NOT be misunderstood:

    June 21, 2008 – San Jose, CA

    “And when there shall be the change of hands, there will be the change of arms in this country as you know. And when your new President comes in, they will say, “what of the age? What of the age? Will one die in office?” God said, it matters not, for I will bring civility because I will take three of your enemies and make them your footstool. I will take three of your enemies and I will make them your friends, says the Lord of Hosts, for there’s going to be tremendous discoveries in the soil of the ancient China and God said, rejoice for tonight you are hearing the mysteries and the secrets about America. I am planning great things for you, says the Lord!”

    I don’t care about any other words Kim says, these words seal that he is prophesying that McCain and Sarah are going to win. They can not be misinterpreted. They can not be!

  42. I thought what he meant by the above quote from Kim Clement by Timothy Shields was that McCain would win the presidency and pass away and then Sarah would be president, hence the women president from a previous prophesy. Either way we should be careful what we say about people. I have felt that God was telling me things time after time, but I stuck my foot in my mouth. So I guess I have learned that I better be really sure I know it’s God telling me and not just me and my great imagination! This discussion is very interesting to me though. I am praying for McCain though. God bless you all. Esther~

  43. Okay, this is perhaps the last place I have to say that I think I misinterpreted what Kim Clement was prophesying. Truth be told, I don’t care about politics anymore as I feel if God is going to put someone in office, so shall they be voted into office.

    To me it is NOW clear that Kim WAS prophesying in the YouTube video that I posted online that Obama WOULD be president. It was like I had blinders on, “white” house… change in the “white” house. The man is from South Africa and strongly opposes any sort of racism in anyway (I too believe racism is not to be tolerated, but will say no more).

    Anyway, America has chosen Obama to be its president for the next four years. My guess is that Sarah Palin will be the next president 2012, 2016… I don’t care though, like I said, I don’t care about politics anymore. I got way to “burned” in this election; what will be will be. If God wants someone in office, God will put them in, PERIOD!!!!! What I have learned from this election is that God does not need my help to put someone in office, as hindsight tells me that is what I unwittingly tried to do with McCain.

    If you disagree with anything that I have said here, the truth is that I don’t care anymore. The last thing that I ever want to happen again is for me to “fool” myself into thinking something is going to happen, like I did with McCain.

    God bless!

    Timothy P. Shields

  44. It appears that people today are living in fear of everything, when the bible speaks very clearly “Haven’t I commanded you not to fear. People are just running rampant with their words when all you have to do is declare what the word of God say’s and “Just do it”. His word has already been established. Whatever you loose on earth, shall be loosed from Heaven. Maybe most of you judges out there are caught up in what you have spoken?

    May the Lord Bless you and keep you.


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