Christ was a 'gay martyr' says writer

To be fair, there are a wide variety of unconventional beliefs under the banner of “christianity”. Its seems to be the only faith system with an abundance of people who want the label, but yet refuse to adhere to its fundamental truths. But since this is gay christian movement watch, our job is to examine doctrine, practices, leaders and public events of the movement and compare it against what scripture —not conservatives— say.

There’s ample evidence that embracing and practicing a lie will spawn all types of spurious sub-beliefs. Case in point: “Christ, the Gay Martyr” []. Its a blog written by Don Charles a gay christian and a contributing writer to a slew of counter-culture magazines.

Charles takes identification with Christ down a road that could only be described as counter-biblical. By that I mean Jesus is rewritten in Charles’s imagination.

” The SAVIOR suffered just as LGBT [gay] folk suffer. He was called an ABOMINATION. He was MOCKED. He was BRUTALIZED. He was DEMONIZED. He was MURDERED. Knowing the means men use to humiliate other men, He may also have been RAPED. Jesus Christ may or may not have been HOMOSEXUAL in His Earthly form, but because He was GENTLE and HUMBLE IN HEART (Matthew 11:29) and UNMARRIED, it’s very likely that He was PERCEIVED so. Whenever we are PERSECUTED, we should remember that the Messiah also endured a GAY-BASHING. We should also remember that He said: “Blessed are those who are PERSECUTED in My name, for they will INHERIT THE KINGDOM.”

While we should identify with the Lord in his suffering, we are not to lose sight of the purpose of his suffering. He suffered and was brutalized to satisfy the penalty of sin, not to grant us social equality. If we fail to recognize that our sin was the mandate for his suffering, we miss the purpose of the cross and thus remain outside of God’s redemptive outreach to mankind. However, Charles takes a classic antinomianian stance on gender identity and sin. He exempts himself and other homosexuals from having to face their sin like the rest of us do. Sin and repentance doesnt apply, he believes, because homosexuals are a special class of people, somehow better than others due in part to “persecution”.

“The secret of GAY IDENTITY is found in Christian scripture, but NOT in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as many would have us believe! LGBT folk are a CHOSEN PEOPLE of God! Both Old and New Testaments affirm the special status accorded to God’s VIRGINS (women never defiled by men) and EUNUCHS (men who eschew sexual contact with women). Like the occupants of Heaven, we possess FULLNESS: Our souls are simultaneously MALE and FEMALE, which explains our unorthodox approach to GENDER ROLES. Prohibitions against same-gender intercourse have NEVER applied to us!

Since he doesnt provide any scriptural basis for his claim that homosexuals have male and female souls, its hard to refute that. Of course, its a ludicrous notion but at one point people believed the earth was flat. And Charles has his own ten commandments of gay christianity. If you live by this code, he states, you will most definitely be a proud gay christian.

“Do not commit RAPE. Do not engage in PROSTITUTION. Do not take CHILDREN as sex partners. Do not MUTILATE YOUR BODY to conform to human concepts of gender. Do not LIE about your LGBT status. Do not refer to yourself or others of your kind as PERVERTS, FAGGOTS, QUEERS, DYKES, TRANNIES, B***** or other derogatory names. Do not enter into “EX-GAY” THERAPY, be it secular or religious in nature. Do not engage in sex practices that ENDANGER YOUR HEALTH or the health of others. Do not attend or support an ANTI-GAY CHURCH. Do not follow the doctrines of any religious teacher except JESUS CHRIST, your SAVIOR.”


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  1. Some of these leaders anger me because of the lies they tell. Some, like this guy, are so completely deluded that they elicit compassion. He is obviously worshipping his sexual perversions.

  2. I don’t even know where to begin – again, spitting out my coffee as I read this garbage (Pastor, I thank God that He’s using you to expose such heresy…it still angers me to know that it’s even spouted out)

    Our Sovereign God and His Holy and blameless Son are being reduced to a martyr for the homosexual movement? The chastisement of our peace being poured out onto the ONLY BEGOTTON SON of our Father God is compared to the discriminiation that homosexuals receive as a result of their lifestyle?

    How can Don Charles even eisegete scripture to suggest that Christ was homosexual (it sickens me to even type that – may God have mercy on me) because of His compassion, humbleness, and “single status”…isn’t Charles making the same type of discriminatory statement that homosexuals condemn as bigoted?

    When Did Charles become an Apostle (or associate of an Apostle) because that’s the only way he can attempt to create and cannonize his “version” of the 10 commandments.

    Alright – I’m really upset now…I’m going to go and reintroduce myself to the REAL Christ!

  3. Neil and IST, Listen my brothers I wouldnt discourage anyone from healthy righteous anger. Heresy and the dismantling of our faith is underway. The devil is utilizing every form and format available to malign Christ, his image and his church. The inside disease is even more potent that the outside threats, imo.

    Exposing the devil’s plans and his partners is commanded by scripture. Of course its dirty work, almost like having to show someone a infested sore.
    Its distasteful to all involved, but necessary so that people have a choice based on full disclosure.

    Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them; Eph 7:11

    My anger comes from those who cavort and uphold these individuals knowing full well their souls are at stake and the deeds they refuse to repent of sullies the church. But they get hostile when we tell the truth (expose) their associations.

    Wherever God has set us as watchmen, we should be awake, sober, vigilant, focused and faithful to it.
    Souls hang in the balance, even those like Charles who are currently walking in darkness.

    Warning: dont drink hot coffee just prior to reading gcm watch! 🙂

  4. Wow the Blasphemy against our Lord . Were is the fear of our God and King. There is none it is true day by day we are headed to an apostate state.

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