What’s your advice for your denomination/church?

Our friend Neil writes that he hopes his denomination the Methodists could learn something from the Episcopals in dealing with homosexuality, progay theology and the gcm church club who always seem to want to disrupt denominational meetings.  While we are mentioning disruptive gay christians, the head disrupter du jour, Bishop Vicki Gene Robinson has decided to disrupt the 2008 Lamberth Conference by “marrying” his homosexual partner and honeymooning in London as an “in your face” defiance of the bishops who oppose homosexuality in Anglicanism. He was asked not to attend the once every decade meeting so the business of the church could be conducted and not derailed by homosexual drama.

But back to Neil: I hope so too. I really do.

Neil’s advice is really good.

I’m really hoping that the attendees learn from the Episcopals and get more firm with this. By extending the dialogue it gives false credibility to the bankrupt pro-gay theology. We’d be doing everyone a favor by telling them to just move on and quit trying to destroy the denomination. Or at least let them know that we’re tired of the bullying. Either follow the established change process, or get arrested. Yes, it will give them their TV sound bites but we can at least let the convention proceed in an orderly manner.

So is your denomination/nondenomination/local church doing a good job in dealing with homosexuality? Are you happy at the direction they are going in?  If you were in an influential place in your affiliated organization,  what would you advise them to do to remain biblically faithful, but yet not ignore the problem? I seriously doubt that any of the major denominations can ignore their sexual civil wars. There is at least one illegitimate gay christian group in each of them. The difference I’ve noticed is that the Pentecostals/African American groups have not had anyone form a group that is actively attempting to overthrow denominational beliefs about homosexuality. For instance there is no organized “COGIC Gay and Lesbian Caucus”


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  1. The three underlying issues for the Gay Theology debate within any denomination are: (1) What is their view of Scripture? If the do not have a consensus on the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture you’re not going to get very far debating over the text. (2) What is their hermeneutical methodology? If they all the Bible to be interpreted Bible via extra-Biblical material, then THAT material has become ultimately authoritative over the text. (3) What is their view of the moral law of God? If they believe that the OT moral law is obsolete then the NT moral law which is derived from the OT is obsolete as well. Liberalism and antinomianism are the REAL problem. Gay Theology, egalitarianism, eco-feminism, theistic-evolution and so forth are just the fruit of their theological errors. I know of some very conservative Presbyterian denominaitons that are beginning to slide because though they say that they uphold the inerrancy and infallibility of Scripture they are in error on these other two issues.

  2. Rik, I couldnt agree more that antinominanism is at the root of the liberal/postmodernist/inclusive et al doctrines.

    Without a basic agreement in the inerrancy of the Word, we will always talk apples and oranges horizontally.

    I seriously doubt that any of these groups as a whole will accept that inerrancy. They have invested way too much hyperbole by sustaining the lie of the gay christian movement.

    At some point leaders have to AGREE with the Bible and once and for all put these people OUT of the church lest everything is completely contaminated by this ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth.

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