Darwin Hobbs breaks his silence

With his wife Traci sitting beside him on Atlanta’s Praise 97.5, Darwin Hobbs , the prolific gospel music minister testifies of his secret pain from sexual abuse from a man. Like many male victims of sexual abuse issues such as pornography, fear and most likely homosexual feelings become a lifelong struggle. But, Hobbs emphatically says, deliverance came from God. The release can only come from God himself, he says. Hobbs, alluded to this last year that he would tell his “real testimony” when God released him. We are glad the release to tell has come.

For all of you who have been damaged by the evil of sexual abuse, know that God is able to restore the years that the cankerworm has eaten away. Furthermore, you will not die but live and like Darwin Hobbs, myself and others who have had their sexual purity taken from them at an early age, you will live to declare the works of the Lord.

The thief comes but for to steal, kill and destroy, but I am come that you might have life and having it more abundantly. John 10:10

Part two of Darwin Hobbs’ moving —and confrontational— testimony:


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  • 5 thoughts on “Darwin Hobbs breaks his silence

    1. Very interesting – and moving.

      I remember when DH was the worship leader when I was at Club New Birth years ago (after Byron Cage left).

      I always say that all of us are lost without the saving and cleansing Grace of God through Jesus Christ.

      DH is another example of an overcomer, and I think it’s empowering to stand against evil NO MATTER where you find it.

      I pray that his testimony (like yours and countless others) remains a beacon as to the power of Christ.

    2. I respect him for saying al he said, it was brilliant because he was candid and still kept in line with scripture I wish people could learn from him and gospel could start dealing with these problems.

    3. I’ve been blessed by his testimony. God bless this man and bless his ministry. As he yields to the power of the Holy Spirit, increase him more and more. I pray his strength in the Lord.

      Thank you for posting.

    4. Darwin, I am so much an admirer and i appreciate your ministry. Just like yourself, Kirk Franklin, and so many others, known and unknown in the Gospel arena of the music ministry, it takes a strong and courageous real man to let it be known what has happened in our lives concerning this issue. I have been consumed with pornography for many years being associated with the military and I have tried to cover up the issue even after being caught by my wife, but she stood by me and still today she loves me and prays for my deliverance. i too am a worshipper, praiser, songwriter, willing and ready to be used by God, I attend Right Direction CC, which you will be ministering this week, and i look forward to meeting you. God Bless you, and I love you and your ministry, from a man of God to another in the gospel Music ministry

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