Surprise. Tabernacle’s (mostly) gay men’s conference

This was a surprise. And then again, it wasnt. The collusion with people who promote false doctrines and lies about sexuality is widespread in the black church. Some of them are becoming bolder (or comfortable) now that tolerance and diversity is fast replacing truth and obedience as Christian virtues. Herndon Davis, author of Black, Gay and Christian wrote about the speakers at Atlanta’s extra gay friendly Tabernacle Baptist Church men’s conference last year. If you live in Atlanta and know anything about black gospel radio, you’ll notice the name Reggie Gay, a prominent announcer and local personality. Gay was a speaker at the conference on April 27th. Sidebar: Please don’t make juvenile remarks about his last name. There are no intentional puns.

What’s the big deal you say? Well, there isn’t one. This is routine information that needs to go on the record here at Gay Christian Movement Watch.

Davis lists the speakers of that day along with a brief synopsis of their remarks.

Other speakers for the day included, the pastor of Tabernacle, Rev. Dennis Meredith who was recently spotlighted in a New York Times article concerning his love and acceptance ministry.
In addition, Reggie Gay, local Atlanta gospel radio/TV personality, who can be heard on KISS 104.1, GLORY 1340, and on the internet…
Donnell Duncan, founder of the cracker Door and author of the book, “I Curse Death” a revolutionary analysis of the concept of death.
Reverend Franc Perry, New York lawyer and staff evangelist for MCC-Atlanta, also flew in for the event as well. And we were joined by Rev. Christopher Vincent Brown, an associate minister at Tabernacle.
All of us came from diverse theological, personal, and professional backgrounds as we spoke on this year’s theme: Christianity and The Modern Man.
Here’s a rundown of what happened.
Reggie Gay gave a strong inspirational talk which set the tone for the rest of us to follow”.

Except for Reggie Gay, all of the speakers are gay or gay affirming. Christopher Brown, Dennis Meredith, Franc Perry, Donnell Duncan, and of course Herndon Davis. Davis is the gay christian while speaking at a church in Denver, took the Bible, hurled it to the floor and stomped on it. He said it was to dramatize his belief that the Bible isnt really God’s Word. The poor congregation went into shock. The pastor who invited him later announced his own homosexuality and the church fired him.
Would a crowd like this have such affinity for Gay if he didn’t agree with their views? Speaking from experience, I caused a near riot at TBC in 2004 when I gave my testimony in the midst of a hostile gay christian crowd. Its amazing how the “love and tolerance” crowd will behave when they are faced with truth.

Let’s recap: We are not saying Reggie Gay is gay by association, but it is interesting his association, given TBC and company’s rejection of biblical truth about sexuality. Reggie Gay is in everybody’s church in Atlanta and it would be terrible for churches who believe the Biblical view of sexuality to continue to host him if he holds unbiblical beliefs.

Mr. Gay, if youre out there, maybe you can make public your views on whether or not one can be a homosexual christian.



4 thoughts on “Surprise. Tabernacle’s (mostly) gay men’s conference

  1. Myyyyyy goodness! You know, I saw Mr. Gay on a tv show one day. It was a “gospel” show with local talent here in Atlanta. For some reason, the more I watched, the more I found that something just wasn’t right about him. Not questioning his sexuality, but just in general I was picking up on a vibe that did not sit well.

    WELL, now I know! The fact that he would be a part of that speaks volumes! I mean, really, is this thing that complex that people just don’t understand where the line should be drawn in our relationships w/ other “brothers” in the faith?

  2. James, it would be nice if Mr Gay could publicly clear up the new questions about his biblical views on homosexuality. There’s nothing on record about his beliefs, so he needs to set the record straight (no pun intended) Pastors who have him in their pulpits dont need to get a raw deal. I agree with you although he isnt gay, his appearance at and apparent support of this conference is disturbing to say the least.

    If he knows of Tabernacle’s progay (that’s putting it mildly) theology, then according to scripture he should have declined the invitation on those grounds. From what Herdon Davis said there was no challenge against the church’s false doctrine from him. If anything it looks like he encouraged them in their rebellion against God’s will.

    The Bible tells us not to be a partaker in other men’s sins.

  3. Regarding Reggie Gay, this sounds like a case of Amos 3:3.

    Reggie will roll with whomever for the sake of his own self promotion. He’s the same guy who was trying to stick up for Weeks and Bynum during the height of the Bynum/Weeks mess.

  4. What happened to being in right standing and good repore with your reputation in order to be in position in the kingdom of God? (referring to the teachings of Paul). We must not get caught up in what he’s not saying more so than what he did do. Actions speak louder than words! And he is saying plenty. And any pastor or leader who invites him to their congregation does not have the “sheeps” best interest at heart.

    I am concerned with what is happening and the standards of Christians today must be held tight now, more than ever. But it is all biblical and this time must come. So let’s spread the good news, sign show; Jesus is coming soon! Use all this hypocrisy as fuel and motivation to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, ending every sermon with “Jesus is coming back soon. You better be ready!”

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