Which one is the false Jesus site?

Without checking the links, take a guess which one of these sites leads unsuspecting searchers to a gay christian site with a false Jesus?


h/t:independent conservative

6 thoughts on “Which one is the false Jesus site?

  1. Thanks for posting about this GCMW.

    I was wondering, this new “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” section in each of your blog post. Is that something WordPress.com forces on you?

    One of the “possibly related posts” points to a Mormon site.

  2. Good catch IC.

    WP offers it as an option (one of their new “upgrades”), but I chose not to use it out of concern that it would point others to questionable sites…

    GCWM, you can go to your “design options” and click on the “extra’s” tab to amend it…

  3. Oh God, thank you man. I was really, really upset about that and didnt know what to do.
    It will be eliminated immediately.

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