Methodists adjourn with mixed bag

Is the flame of the Methodist Church about to sputter out? The news out of Fort Worth, Texas from the general conference of the United Methodist church is not good.

For almost a generation now the denomination has “debated” the inclusion of homosexuals in the ministry and unfortunately there was no definitive decision on the matter this year. That points to one thing: homosexual activists within the organization are gaining strength and inevitably will overtake —and overthrow— the denomination. Not only are the Methodists falling to gay christian error, now transgender (men/women who have had sex changes) have joined the fight against biblical truth and are now demanding their rights.

While the pressure was intense, Christianity Today reported that delegates voted down an attempt to remove language in the Book of Discipline which deems homosexuality “incompatible” with Christianity.

The United Methodist Church held to its traditional rules on homosexuality Wednesday (April 30), refusing to support or celebrate same-sex unions and maintaining language that calls homosexual activity “incompatible with Christian teaching.”
While many Methodists gathered here acknowledged sharp disagreement within their church on sexuality and biblical interpretation, delegates voted down efforts that would reflect that division in church rules or social policies.

A measure to remove the “incompatible” phrase and replace it with a mandate to “refrain from judgment regarding homosexual persons and practices as the Spirit leads us to new insight” was defeated 517 to 416.

Only a hundred votes separated the dissenting groups.

Another protest tactic seems to be developing as the gcm pressures weary denominations to give up and allow them control. Homosexuals are now “getting married” at meetings to protest attempts to keep them out of leadership. 200 people attended a lesbian wedding at a park across the street from where the Methodist conference was being held. Gay bishop Vickie Gene Robinson plans to marry his male partner at this year’s Lamberth Conference in London despite being asked not to attend.

A sad day indeed for the church in America. We are watching the wanton dismantling of once great institutions by foul spirits of every type.

UPDATE: Be sure to read Neil’s post about the conference and about his pastor who spoke out very eloquently in defense of the gospel truth. Neil is a member of the UMC in Texas.


13 thoughts on “Methodists adjourn with mixed bag

  1. Hey – I have an extended blog on this set to post tom’w. My pastor (who is on the orthodox side) was extensively quoted in one article. He and our jr. pastor (also a good guy) think the tide is turning in Methodism, and they aren’t the Pollyana types. There are some risks, for sure, but I think the conservatives may be holding ground. The growth of the Int’l church may help, as they tend to be more orthodox.

  2. Thanks Neil, I was hoping there was something from the ‘good guy’ side on this. I really wanted to hear their “heart”. Can you supply the link to the blog?

  3. It’s time to stop forsaking 1 Corinthians 5. Those who know homosexuality is an abomination need to be putting forth a resolution of their own, demanding that those known to be in continual sin OR EVEN CONDONING CONTINUAL SIN (such as the 416) be REMOVED FROM THE CHURCH.

    Oh, but hat would disturb the money flow!

    Without a firm application of 1 Corinthians 5, the homosexuals will take over, BECAUSE NOBODY KICKED THEM OUT AS GOD COMMANDS!!!

  4. IC, I guess too many people/leaders —and not just the Methodists— are trying to be diplomatic.
    Its funny, thouth the progay crowd isnt being diplomatic at all in their takeover attempts.

    Just look at what Vickie Gene Robinson did when he got into position.

  5. Sorry for plugging another link, but I did a piece on 1 Corinthians 5 showing how one could use all the pro-GLBT “reasoning” to show how Paul was out of line for rebuking the guy who slept with his father’s wife – Problems with pro-gay theology. Of course I did it as a parody, but it was amazing how all the excuses they use could be used to rationalize other sins and to ignore church discipline.

  6. Neil I remember that post. Excuses ad nasuem (see Candace Chellew comments).

    Just a thought: do you know if any African Americans at the UMC conference came out against the progay takeover attempts?

    Just kind of wondering because they are usually duped into “discrimination” argument.

  7. I’m not sure. That is sad if they side with the discrimination bit. If I were African American I’d be really ticked that the GLBTQ folks have co-opted the Civil Rights agenda to justify their sexual preferences.

  8. Wow, but wow Neil!

    I dont think she was suspended as much for her “civil rights” position as she was for her “gays can change” position.

    NOTHING enrages them more than someone saying a homosexual can be changed.

    That is the foundation of all of their socio-political (and now religious) arguments for “rights”.

  9. As a UMC member – our small church is blessed with a pastor who teaches absolute biblical authority. I have already spoken out that the 401 should be removed as IC rightly suggest. enough is enough!

    Needless to say – I have those who now avoid me like the plague, refuse to come to the bible study I lead. Does anyone know where I can find the names of the 401? I can’t seem to locate it and I tried the IRD. I’d like to know how the VA bishop voted – the lady who suspended a VA pastor without PAY for counseling an open homosexual before granting membership.

  10. Mark, it would be good to publicize their names. If they feel so strongly about overthrowing righteousness in God’s church, every effort should be made to inform the church constituency of just who they are.

    If you find them let me know and they will certainly go on record here.

    PS: per Jill’s comment on Kirbyjon Caldwell in Houston, I wonder if he is feigning ignorance on this too or did he vote against the progay measures?

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