Tonex’s gay church gig

Is the singer finally out the box?

Its really sad to report that former black gospel music golden child Anthony Williams aka Tonex (pronounced tone nay) is now singing in gay churches.  The website of a local Unity Fellowship Church carried this brief announcement.

We, the Body of Christ of UFCNB, would like to take this glorious opportunity to say thank you to every member, volunteer, supporter and friend who made our 7th Anniversary Gala an extraordinary event. Blessings to TONEX for anointing the building with his magnificent voice.”

Tonex has chronicled much his public meltdowns with his record company, former wife, gospel music industry, his church and others online. Last year, in a profanity-strewn confession, he admitted homosexual conduct. Despite that very public fact, Tonex was still feted as a special guest at the Higher Dominion COGIC in suburban San Diego.

We are urging prayer for Tonex and warning churches not to further hasten Tonex’s downward spiral by exalting his talent above the need for his soul to be saved.

Addendum 06.16.08: There seems to be some discussion around the internet as to whether this post is legitimate in its reporting on Tonex and his sexual issues. What we strive to present is evidence, gathered from (1) events Tonex has been in attendance, (2) words spoken or written by Tonex himself (3) words written by others about their direct interaction with Tonex. Based on this evidence and in context, we compare it to what the scripture says about such conduct. As a general practice GCM Watch attempts courtesy contact to get subject’s pov, but more often that not, there is no response.
As such Tonex is welcome to present any information not already made public here as long as it is not gratuitous self promotion or the wanton promotion of false doctrine.

Recently, we recieved information that Tonex would be a guest performer on an exclusively homosexual cruise and had produced the theme song for the event  (ironically named Standing in the Truth) where he sings of “loving” another man. Our admonition to churches and pastors to close their doors to this man is based on this information which does not bring glory to God nor is it acceptable Christian conduct to be celebrated in God’s house. There is no intent on the part of GCM Watch to prevent Tonex from living his life as he chooses. We do have an obligation to inform and warn churches of his chosen path when it comes in conflict with biblical principles.

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  1. No, not at all. He got that from his Carlton Pearson/Yvette Flunder associations. How quick and easy it is to fall into false doctrine.

  2. You know all of this sounds like unfair judgment of Tonex to me.

    Have any of you had to deal with sexual issues or molestation? Have any of you been violated by the church and or it’s leadership? If it turns out that Tonex is presently having sex with men, then isn’t this gossip? and if it turns out that he is not, then isn’t this slander?

    We can continue to violate the demands of Scripture to promote the scripture.

    At what point would it be okay for Tonex to minister again? Are we going to perform a sin check on all of the gospel singers, pastors and ministers of the day? If we do, I see empty churches, pulpits and and many non updated web sites.

    What is this web site going to do to help those affected by homosexuality find the love and light of Christ.

  3. Kwesi,
    You would have explain just how this is unfair judgment? What criteria are you using to make that determination

    The answers to all your questions are answered fully on this site. You may need to take some time and read. If you find that some are not, please specify which ones.

    You asked: If it turns out that Tonex is presently having sex with men, then isn’t this gossip? and if it turns out that he is not, then isn’t this slander?

    Those were Tonex’s claims, not ours. Bisexuality does indicate sexual affirnity for both male and female, does it not? Again, you should take some time and read and your questions will be answered.

    Additionally, in the slim chance it is “gossip” wouldnt you just be contributing to it, instead of ignoring it thus making you a partaker? Think about it.

    You also asked: At what point would it be okay for Tonex to minister again?
    According to the scripture when he has repented and been restored to fellowship in the brotherhood. Reference Gal 6:1

    You said: Are we going to perform a sin check on all of the gospel singers, pastors and ministers of the day? If we do, I see empty churches, pulpits and and many non updated web sites.

    No, Kewsi thats a spiritually fatalistic pov. I call it the Elijah complex. There are MANY pastors, bishops, preachers and singers who are not part of the gaychurchmatrix. Its an insult to Christ ref Matt 16:18 to suggest that the church will “empty out” because sin is exposed. We are commanded to expose sin in the church and not fellowship with Christians who wont repent.

  4. “We are urging prayer for Tonex and warning churches not to further hasten Tonex’s downward spiral (judgmental) by exalting his talent above the need for his soul to be saved.(judgment)”

    The clear insinuation here is that Tonex has been judged to be in need of saving. Among the things that he professes in the song that you sight is that he is saved. That he has a relationship with Jesus Christ and is in process.

    Listen, I’m all for honest conversations, I have no time for straw men. The article warns that Tonex should not be called upon to minister because the judgment has been made that he remains in a sinful state. The judgment has been made that his heart is not bent towards God, an that he is not a true believer.

    About the said Elijah complex, There are many who are not apart of the “gay church matrix” as you put it. Is homosexuality the only sin?

    We are called to judge fruit, I agree. I believe the bible addresses how this should be done, no? Have you spoke to him in love and addressed your concern? Have you again done to him in love with a witness and then taken him before the body of believers he fellowships with? Investigation is required and love is demanded biblically speaking.

    As a person that has dealt with and by God’s grace and process overcome same sex issue, molestation by an uncle and abuse by straight leaders in the church, I miss the point. Dealing with the sin issue in your life is never easy to do and often is not instant.

    When the adulterous woman was caught in her Sin, the religious were ready to point the finger, judge her and stone her to death. JESUS said and you know this. Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.

    Is Homosexuality a sin? Absolutely! Are the unrepentant homosexuals in churches all over the world? yes. Is God aware of this? surely and did He not say that the wheat and the tear grow together.

    You are right, I have not read the volumes that you have on here in it’s entirety. You are wrong, addressing this issue directly with you and defending another’s reputation does not make me equally a gossiper, on the slight chance that the article is gossip.

    I respect you enough to ask you directly any question that I have and refrain from judging you without personal relationship and or interaction.

    I commend you for posting my comments in tact. Thanks for your honesty.


  5. Again, Kwesi, it appears you dont know the full story of what came from Tonex’s mouth. You could possibly be “defending” Tonex reputation without being aware of what he has said about himself. That doesnt sound logical at all.

    You seem to be confusing several issues and superimposing sentiment over scripture.

    Judging is not that hard to do (John 7:24) and again we are commanded to judge one another based on what we know, what has been said openly and what scripture teaches in regards to the situation at hand. Paul wrote to the Corinthian church (who acted as if judgment was only God’s domain) that the saints would judge the world and angels. He asked them why it was so difficult for them to judge small matters among themselves.

    Paul made a judgment on a sexually immoral member of the Corinthian church without even seeing it firsthand. He said that it had been told to him.

    You may deny it, but your comments are judging. We all make calls on what we see and hear everyday. Now if you are without sin there (according to your interpretation) you are justly casting a stone. If you do, then your arguments are circular.

    What we wrote here about Tonex is in keeping with Biblical instruction and in love.

    I would suggest you go and do some research and then perhaps your comments might be a little more weightier. Thanks for visiting.

  6. Kwesi and Latisha:

    Since our Lord says that many will say to him “Lord Lord” and he will say to them “Depart from me you workers of iniquity, i never knew you”, we know that there is such a thing as a false profession of faith. Tonex’s is oneness and recently he has shown himself to be a universalist. I don’t know the eternal state of his soul, BUT THE FRUIT THAT HE IS BEARING IS NOT GIVING ME ANY HINT THAT HE IS HEAVENBOUND.


    The gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to our sin. Check romans 6-8. As long as we are clothed in sinful flesh, we will always desire what is contrary to the what the Spirit of God desires (rom 7, gal 5). Believers just have to desire God above their sin. They have to remember that sowing to the flesh will reap death, but sowing to the spirit will reap life (gal 6 – and we mustn’t be deceived, we will reap what we sow). Romans 6 says that believers have died to sin and the sinful nature. Romans 8 says that by the spirit we will put to death the misdeeds of the flesh.

    What does this look like practically?

    -Feasting on the word of God. ps 119
    -Fellowship and Accountability with other believers (other believers will pray for you and ask you about your walk with the Lord), heb 10
    -Mucho prayer jm 5
    -Fleeing sexual immorality 1 thess 4:3/ 1 cor 6
    -Renewing ones mind by allowing the word of God (and not man) to shape their worldview and define what is “normal” and “acceptable” (rom 12:1-2 – not conformed but rather, transformed)

    …and to do all these things with full hope and trust in the Lord and not in ourselves since we know that there is no good thing that dwells in us…and apart from the Lord we can do nothing (rom 7; john 15)

    …and that all of this must be done as unto the Lord and for his glory (1 cor 10)

    and some other stuff that i’m probably forgetting.

    if this is unclear, drop by my website!

  7. I think this is wrong for you guys to sit here and post judgements on ToNeX like that….I’m pretty sure none of you know him personally and whether he was singing at a gay church or not what does it matter?….eVer heard of deliverance through song……

    ToNeX’s Business is his business…..meaning whether he is or isn’t gay its none of your business to sit on here and post public articles slandering someones personal life that you have no facts for.

    If you think about it many artist sing at gay churches but sometimes they dont even know……..maybe this was the case. I’ve known ToNeX for a goodwhile now and despite the things you guys may say about him he is a very loViin and caring person…..he has been a great friend and mentor for me these past few years.

    ii honestly cannot see how whomever posted this can call themselves a christian….making allegations [which u have no facts for] on a child of God…..what has ToNeX done to you?…….how do u think he would feel seeing things like this…..

    True christians Love one another NOT SLaNDER….ii pray that God reveal his fullness 2U and show that he is NOT a slanderous God…cuz if u are one to think he is…..YOU dont know Yeshua…POINT BLANK!!

  8. rickey, your sincerety shines through, but you are as wrong as 3 left feet on one leg.

    What you have assembled in your comments is a collection of feel good platitudes that do nothing for Tonex ‘s—or your soul—. Your remarks are typically emotionalism without truth, even though the EVIDENCE is posted right there in the article.

    Maybe you are just a Tonex fan who sees no evil in their idol. If that’s the case, just fess up. If not, then if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, God’s word is the most important thing in our lives. By that we know what and what not to do.

    What you are attempting to brand as “slander” is what Tonex SAID and DID with clear evidence. Its DOCUMENTED ricky. Did you just ignore all of that? You may just want to check the definition of slander. Secondly, it is our job, duty, responsibility rickey to judge those who claim the name of Christ, but refuse to repent of their sins. To make matters worse they teach others to sin. Sin will take you and me to hell rickey. The reason you tell people the TRUTH is so that they will repent, turn away from their sins and have eternal life with Christ.

    Is it wrong to want that for somebody? God want the same. Its not his desire that any should perish.

    Finally, rickey a lot of “loving, caring” people like Tonex will end up in hell fire if they refuse to repent. And it wont be the fault of a free wordpress blog.

  9. Wow. This should IMO be a non-issue. Tonex is a walking contradiction in terms; he is clearly filled with the spirits of hedonism, lust and idolatry. He says that he is a minister of the Gospel but it is clearly not of GOD. He has none here to condemn him; by his own words he is doing a great job. Not only is he unrepentant of his actions, he is encouraging those in his sphere of influence to wink at his confessed sin, consequently winking at their own, rather than repenting. He may be a ‘loving, caring” person, but before the LORD he is openly rebellious, perverting the precious WORD for gain. Am I rebuking Tonex for his readily confessed sin? Yes I am. Do I have the right to rebuke him? Yes I do, as one who considers himself a “brother”. He is still claiming Christianity, so 1 Corinthians 5 is rightly applicable to him. Is homosexuality the only sin? Absolutely not. I pray for repentance of his sins and us of our own.

  10. Homosexuals are not Christians. I know that a lot of people believe that homosexuals can be Christians, but according to God’s Truth that’s not so.

    Anyone can believe in God, but does believing in God makes one saved? The answer is no. The Devil(s) believe in God.

    Someone asked, on the line of what can save an Homosexual. They need to be born again. They need the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. The Bible is clear about how someone is to be born again.

  11. ChurchGuitarist,

    Arch did make some sweeping comments that show very little depth. First, let us examine the idea of “can” a homosexual be a Christian. The answer is “no” to a person who is openly accepting, practicing, and denying that it is sin. This differs from someone who is saved and is struggling and possibly backslidden although clearly knows it is sin, feels the holy ghost conviction, and has shame. You see the real question is this. If we as Christians are sinners saved by Christ can we backslide? Clearly yes. This applies to ANY sins. That being said there is a vast difference between a Christian who is saved and backslidden vs a Christian who openly engages in sin and claims it is not sin.

    One is leaven to the body of Christ and corrupts the whole assembly of saints. The other needs prayer, continue to read the word, ask for forgiveness, and turn away from his sin.


  12. I did not know about what was going on with Tonex, this is so sad and so sad how he is being prostituted by these churches. GCM I was told that there is a “gay” church here in Mesquite, TX where I live. Do you know anything about that? The people that informed me are familiar with my ministry work against sexual perversion and wanted me to contact the church for possible speaking engagement. I didn’t really know what to think of that. Would it be good to preach a message of sexual purity at a “gay church” if they were willing to have me. Is it fitting to try and minister in such a venue if they are willing to “try”. I know this is a little off the topic of Tonex, but you having the mantle that you do I would love your feed back on this topic because they are still pushing me to come to their gay church and preach truth.

  13. No I dont know anything about a gay church in Mesquite. I would just say follow the guidelines of the scriptures. That’s the best advice. Whoever is “pushing” you to go to the gay church, if they have no applicable scripture as a basis, then it may not be worth heeding.

  14. Here lies the danger… As written above:

    “Tonex has chronicled much his public meltdowns with his record company, former wife, gospel music industry, his church and others online.”

    The key word used in this passage is ‘meltdowns’.

    All of us know we have said the wrong things on the spur of the moment, that unfortunate word spoken out of anger etc…

    I believe in this case as in many other INCLUDING times in our own lives that attempting to draw a sensible conclusion from someone who is in a state of meltdown is not appropriate. How many can truly assess how Tonex is feeling, his thought and motives? How many can TRULY assess what his life was like with his father and now that his father has gone. How many can truly asses the impact of what is going on in his life now?

    If we can truly assess this, then make we can comments and draw conclusions.

    One reason why GOD is the judge and NOT us, is because He knows all that has gone on behind closed doors. Even when a statement is made God knows what is going on behind it all. WE DO NOT.

    So what is prompting current revelations? We really have no clue. All we can do is comment and if we really do not understand, can any comment really be very fair?
    Prayer is much more powerful though and comments could direct ones prayer content, but again, can any comments really be very fair?

  15. guitarist, the problem with comments like the one you just made is that it is a faulty argument. It isnt sound at all. Its appears to be a variation of the “judge not” soundbite so popular today.

    A simple test would be to apply it to your own comments. If indeed no one can truly assess what is going on in someone else’s life without being “unfair” then how fair can your own comments be?

    True, no person knows all things but God, but is knowing all an appropriate criterion for judging a situation?

    This post was not making any attempt to judge Tonex’s feelings, but his actions. Actions, he himself made public. Remember: you know the tree by the fruit it bears? Its said nothing about asking the tree how it was feeling, just to examine the fruit and call it as you see it.

    And does not God reveal even the intent of the heart? Does not the Word of God expose the secret things? Did not God give us spiritual discernment for a purpose?

  16. gcmwatch

    The (“judge not” soundbite so popular today) is biblical. Matt 7.1,2

    But from your response above and re-reading the article, I realise you seem to be REPORTING not judging and thus it appears I may have misjudged you.

    I am just very concerned that homosexuals are given full access to the throne of grace on an equal par to every one else. They also should have the same avenues to praise and be ministered to just as everyone else. So if Tonex wants to go and minister to them that’s cool. If Tonex wants to minister to straights thats cool. It’s a shame we cannot accept difference in the church body and get on with the real issues of healing rather than separation.

  17. My friend it is rather disengenous to say that this is not a “real issue”.

    You miss the point of the sciptures telling us to put a difference between what is clean and unclean, holy and unholy. That’s not just a matter of personal perceptions, it is determined by using what God said as a standard.

    Sinners who are homosexual should have “full access to the throne of grace” through repentance. But, you are also missing the point that these are not sinners referenced in the article. These are PROFESSED CHRISTIANS who unapologetically are in a lifestyle of sexual immorality. There is a big difference between the two.

    Matt 7:1,2 cannot be cited independently of Matt 7:15-23 and John 7:24 . That’s the error of too many in the church and of course those in the world who use it as a defense against hearing the truth. Which by the way seems to be the ONLY scripture they cite.

  18. To:
    LLroomtempJ June 13th, &
    gcmwatch, on May 5th, 2008

    These pearls are for you.

    I was raised in Oneness, Unitarian, Apostolic, doc but God had His sovereign, had on my life and chose to bring me out.

    Many will go the BROAD way and find preachers to tickle there own ears. People without “God’s intervention” will naturally do whatever is right in there own eyes – giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons.

    Many will say to Christ in the judgment “have we not prophesied, cast out devils, and done many wonderful WORKS? Christ replies ” I NEVER knew you…” Many will chase miraculous signs on the one hand and undermine God’s Word with the other.

    Christ also said “MY sheep hear MY voice…’ Those that don’t hear will naturally do the deeds of their father. The greatest miracle is salvation.

    If anyone doesn’t want to hear what God has spoken had documented and miraculously, accurately preserved in the Bible my prayer is that they live to get another opportunity.

    What time is it?

    Today I stumbled across a song on pop radio evidently in heavy rotation with the hook “I kissed a girl and I liked it” by Katy Perry . It apparently has the gays in an uproar.

  19. Homosexuality is such a taboo issue, being molested and abused is no joke. It’s not something that is normally removed when one gets saved. I struggle with those issues myself, and I’ve prayed and cried for those feelings to go away and they don’t. Now there are many reasons why, which I won’t get into here.

    I’ve heard the Naked Truth, tonex’s song were he talks about some of the issues mentioned here. I don’t believe Tonex is un-repentant. Perhaps he is angry or upset at his situation… maybe at God. I’ve been there; I used to be so angry at God for giving me a desire for something that He hated… homosexuality. I mean deep down you know it’s wrong but when you engage in it, it does temporarily fulfils a “need” that you have. I mean homosexuality is so tied into other areas, identity, family, etc. It’s impossible to go into it all here.

    But I think that love covers a lot of things, including sin. And it’s great when someone can see someone’s fault and cover them, because we all have issues and things that we don’t want anyone to know or discuss. And unless you speak with Tonex personally it’s impossible to know where he is right now, as far as being un-repentant. It could be that he was at that moment, sometimes the struggle gets so hard it feels like you want to give up and just give in. But then the Holy Spirit comes and gives you hope, someone give you a Word, or something like that and you change again. Somehow God keeps us, like the songs say “God kept me”.

    As far as someone refusing to acknowledge homosexuality as a sin, I understand that too. We shouldn’t push, “it’s a sin” on people, everything is a sin, in fact we were born in sin and what we do or don’t do is a by product of the sin we were born in. What we as Christians have to offer is the Gospel or good news, that there is a better life. Even Christians who are living that lifestyle should be meet with love, not you should know better. Because someone who seems un-repentant may not be, they may be tired of fighting, or it may be hard to deal with or many things. I know because I have been there, because it’s a hard thing to overcome when something is that much a part of you. What is that verse that takes about the word of God being sharper than any two edge sword, able to divide between soul and spirit? That what it feels like sometimes, it feels like it is such a part of you sometimes. Well, I’m not really a debater and may not be able to state my case as clearly as I would like but my point is really that love covers a multitude of faults. And I’m not really submitting an argument, you can write whatever you want to about someone; I just wanted to chime in on the topic. – God’s Best to you

  20. heart, let me see if I can respond to what you have written and this is not about debates but truth. Truth has to matter or else everthing else means nothing.

    One thing that you may need to revisit is unequal comparisons. You compared how you felt to how Tonex must feel. We can never judge behavior (thats what this post is about) by other people’s behavior or even by own. Everything is to be measured against the Word. That;s if we want a true assessment. Otherwise your conclusion will be off base if not outright false.

    That doesnt mean feelings dont matter, they do. But there is no allowance in scripture that justifies wrong behavior because of how we feel or what has been done to us.

    Tonex is not a spring chicken who just got in the church. He was born in it. Those who know to do right and dont do it will be beat with many stripes.

    The problem with not acknowledging sin as sin is that it creates a feeling of justification or self righteousness. David did not do that ref Psalms 51. He called his behavior what it was and repented of it. Notice he never told God about how he felt about Bathsheba.

    Heart, there is no good news without knowing that the bad news of sin is why Jesus came. Sin is why he died so why do we want to act as if it doesnt exist and people just need to hear good news and never acknowledge their sin and ask for repentance?

    I have struggled with homosexuality in the past with the same intensity as anyone else but the Word of the Lord means more than my struggles. Difficulty does not mean impossible. That why Jesus said with God all things are possible. We need to stop feeding struggling people weakness and declare God’s power to overcome all. It is a promise and God does not lie.

    Hopefully one day Tonex will embrace God’s truth and not his hurt as a solution to sin.

  21. So what u are saying right now is that Tonex ain’t back?
    I need to know to make a lot of decisions.

  22. In answer to those who feel the need to pray for homosexuals and the life they live.
    I was a married guy with 3 grownup sons and grandchildren when my christian wife told me she no longer loved me.We had been married for nearly 36 years.And We were both baptised christians in the Christian Centre,Newquay,Cornwall Uk.
    When i was forced to divorce the only women i had ever fallen in love with simply because she did not love me,or could i live with someone who did not love me,I was forced to live alone in a bedsit and start life all over again and to make new friends as the main friends i had were those I knew as a married and family guy.
    I searched for friendship and it came in the guise of another guy 22 years younger than myself.
    For 5 years we lived apart but shared the friendship and our things of interest and the bond grew stronger until last year we decided to become civil partners and then over 6 months after the ceremony to live together.
    Our partnership is based on LOVE,LOYALTY,HONESTY The main ingredient of any good relationship whether marriage or not.We chose to marry and not within a church as both of us were former christians.
    We both have our faith within our hearts and it is of no matter to any man or women on earth to judge as we know who our judge is and he is our only judge.
    When that day comes we answer only to god,but here on this earth we are answerable to no-one.
    We are legally married according to the law if not in the eyes of the church and despite all who reads this site have to say we are HAPPY.
    There are many people who have committed terrible deeds of sexual perversions and even I was subjected to being raped by a guy at the age of 12.We are not perverted and have the full respect of those who know us,those who meet us,and spend most of our time doing good for other people rather than ourselves.
    I prayed for all the right answers many years ago as a young christian man attempting to overcome the trauma of being passed around like a lump of meat amongst men.I had to wait until i was 47 before it surfaced and made me a broken man having to relive it over and over again.I still do now and then but instead of having cruel and perverted men around me now I have a man who loves and protects me.
    I am epileptic as a result of my trauma which has subsided since i married my male partner.
    Pray for us all you has all been done before over a period of 50 odd years with no results.
    I found the only answers to my prayers in the guise of a young man.I found happiness and Love.
    Jesus would not have disapproved! and why?
    Because all of us have sinned and fallen short of gods glory.
    I wonder how many of your readers who are so quick to give good advice and prayer are realy struggling with issues of their own?
    Whoever is out there and reads this is my personal input and i never impose my opinions onto others.But even on opposite sides of the fence we all have the right to comment.
    God be with you all,and keep up the good work.

  23. i think the root of all this is unforgiveness. when you depend upon people and they don’t come through it hurts. hurt turns into bitterness , if not dealt with bitterness turns into hatred.

    it’s like green beans and steak sitting in the oven . the longer it sits, the stinkier and harder it gets. but it’s not impossiable for God.

    i guess that ‘s why God told us to put no trust in no man.

    the sad thing is when I, You, Tonex, Joe Blow messes someone up because of their sin or misrepntation of the Word or anything else. God has to send someone to fix it. that’s the part I would be afraid of.

    unforgiveness will have you sing about the past, write about the past and after that’s done sometime the person is able to move on. So the cd that he made when he was angry…let it roll…pray…move on

    did i say purchase his cd’s? NO
    did i say send him your money? No
    you be led by God as to what your involvment is with this man. If anything.

    I used to be a memeber of Truth Apostalic church before The Christian community knew who Tonex was.

    Tonex would go to a club on imperial avenue and rap/sing at the talent show. and i believe he would win. but anyway the next morning he would come and preach to us.

    a lot of times our minstry is that which God delivered us from. so in all honesty maybe that’s why he’s being called to the gay churchs. who knows? God knows.

    but don’t burst your brain trying to figure out anothers motives. if he is wrong God can stop him faster than you can .

    i used to church hop a lot. everytime i heard something about the pastor, everytime the pastor said something i did’nt agree with, everytime i heard a rumour bout him/her and I eventually ran out of places to go.

    you know what I had to do? I had to learn how to go to church. to sit and listen, and if i had any questions ask (with Love) but you know what truth seekers do? they seek truth in donkeys, children, animals, senor citzens, internet, false prophets, tall preachers, sinner. i don’t know about you but if a person is an alcholiac who just left the casino apporaches me in the parking lot with truth, i’m gonna listen.

    you guys better learn to seek the truth. and run with it. while you’re trying to figure out if this man is anointed, or not, if he likes men or not , if he has a baby or not, do you know their our people out there dieing, enlarging hell? do you know that someone women is walking the ho strow tonight and she’s living her kids at home by themself?

    we got work to do CHURCH!

  24. peter

    i thought about u last night while i washed dishes, i thought about u this morning when i woke up and i wanna say this. when your wife hurt you the person that you should have relied upon to ‘comfort ‘ u was God . instead you chose the arms of another man.

    hurt is real to the person that experiences it. but being hurt does not give a person a licesnce to just through themselves out there to who ever will catch you. watch this ; if brocoli makes me sick that does’nt mean i should go eat reccees pieces for the rest of my life. or does it?

    no praise goes to your ‘partner’ for what God did with your epilipsy. no apolgies. God has been good to you honey.

    the other thing i wanted to tell you is about my dog. he’s a little chauwawa and i used to drive a 18-wheeler, we would go down to new orleans and you know what my dog loved to do? run through the mud, roll through the dirt , and then waddle in another dogs feeces. that was ‘fun’ for him it made him ‘happy’ and he did’nt care what the world had to say about it.

    make sure peter that which you do is acceptable with God and not just something that peter calls ‘happiness’

    I better see you in heaven


  26. “shared the stage”…..

    NO offense to you Mrs. Taylor but I have also been in that “Music Ministry”. Most real ministry does not happen on a stage with concerts, competition and the need to wow the people reigns supreme. I won’t say there is no ministry there but little. After the concert, the people seek you out to know more about YOU not Jesus. They want you to sign their CD case with your name and picture and they are enthralled by YOUR presence much more than GOD’s. The people who came to be entertained don’t truly care about the lives behind the singers’ ability they want the feeling of what they call anointed.

    Real music ministry most probably takes place in a local church worship service, beside a hospital bed, in a rehab, in an evangelistic effort and many other places famous choirs, filled with homosexuals or otherwise do not go.
    I have experienced that when you do share the stage with people who are living an immoral life and you hold up the standard of holiness, they will not want to be bothered with you. If your’e called to be in the industry of gospel music be there and you can’t worry about whose on the stage with you. Sorry, I am on a rant……Peace

  27. all this is really called for. why is it we except anything in our churches!!! Whats done in the dark will come to the light!!! God knows!!! and right now it’s his time to be in the spot light for his sin. you can not sing about GOD and speak in tounges and at home you screwing men. AINT GO HAPPEN!!! GOD aint having that. So it is no ones fault that his is being put out like this. you see he aint came foward and said he wasn’t gay!!!!! so you do the math

  28. OOOH another thing, we do not understand the ways of… Rahab was a harlot ,but GOD had favor on her because she lied in a justly way, but God hate liars, yet she is listed in Jesus Geneology.and counted a rightous woman.. Davis committed a lot of act that were down right crazy, yet he was a man after GOD own heart….andlet us not forget Peter..attitude, attitude and Paul (saul) (Romans 7:14-25 NIV) [14] We know that the law is spiritual; but I am unspiritual, sold as a slave to sin. [15] I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do. [16] And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. [17] As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me. [18] I know that nothing good lives in me, that is, in my sinful nature. For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. [19] For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do-this I keep on doing. [20] Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.
    [21] So I find this law at work: When I want to do good, evil is right there with me. [22] For in my inner being I delight in God’s law; [23] but I see another law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members. [24] What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? [25] Thanks be to God-through Jesus Christ our Lord!
    So then, I myself in my mind am a slave to God’s law, but in the sinful nature a slave to the law of sin.

    ……GOD is a just Judge let him judge he is righteous in his Judgements.

    GNCWATCH ” GOD know your going to comment on this , he understands ur combative nature, but sometimes , he says “it’s best to be humble and pray”…… Some time we re-act with out rationalizing first ,by this I mean seeking God to help you address an issue when it’s related to the church and his people.

    Peace and Love!

  29. Sweetheart….Once man realize that a pastor is just a man and is not in-falliable like God then the church will be fine……Pator’s = Men and Men are falliable in every way… I find the church also have a problem in this respect. as in putting man up on the cross as if he died for our sins ,man did not die for me Jesus did ..If the church will take his eyes off of man and and look to the hills from whence cometh it’s help which is JESUS not man…God is the ruler of our Soul not man ……Man don’t have a heaven or hell to put you in, nor me ,nor Tonex ……..I understand where you are coming from as far as what the service of a bishop and decon duties are, but again MAN is falliable by this I mean he is subjected to fall, but only Gods knows how to pick him back up, not you nor I…. People are so quick to past judgement and put word curses on folks lives as Christian we are not to do that, when we see that our brothers and sister are lacking in an area it’s our duty to pick him up in prayer, not talk about the deeds he has done adding flue to the fire GOD don’t like that no more than he like tonex sins. NO weapon (your mouth) formed against Tonex shall prosper…I do believe the bible said for man to work out his own salvation and that what I suggest you do. and I hope Tonex work his out as I’m working out mine… I don’t like what he did any more than you do , with the cursing and whoopala ,but I do understand how it feel to be persecuted , every since he stepped on the scene people have been putting their mouths on him in regard to him being different and the gay speculations have been surround him forever. he was angry, Jesus was once this way when he went to the church and found out they were selling and what not in his fathers house he turned over the money exchangers table and said you have made my fathers house in to a den of theives. YES even as Christians we have the capacity to get angry..I feel he should have handle his anger more diffrently but we are not GOD we make mistakes if we did not their would be no need for Jesus would there? My ? to you is are you a Pharisee or Saducee because that what the church has become the temple of beautiful instead of saving hurt and fragile soul they have them starving at the door…Where is your power to save..You don’t have any because you bless and curse folks at the same time with your mouth…you say praise God and at the same time you condem this young man with you posionous mouth, Oh what a hypocrite! GOD see’s you and is soon to bring upon a righteous judgment on all of you. See folk’s don’t understand GOD ways Just as David didn’t put his mouth on Saul Saying “Then the men of David said to him, “This is the day of which the Lord said to you, ‘Behold, I will deliver your enemy into your hand, that you may do to him as it seems good to you.’ “ And David arose and secretly cut off a corner of Saul’s robe. Now it happened afterward that David’s heart troubled him because he had cut Saul’s robe. And he said to his men, “The Lord forbid that I should do this thing to my master, the Lord’s anointed, to stretch out my hand against him, seeing he is the anointed of the Lord.” So David restrained his servants with these words, and did not allow them to rise against Saul. And Saul got up from the cave and went on his way.” You folks better be careful who you stretch out your hand and mouth on…because if God has an anointing on them and I’m not just talking about Tonex.. I’m talking about that sister in your church with five kids by three different baby daddies or that brother who just can’t seem to get it together, or that child who is bad as sin., you better be careful child…..GOD is calling his people to pray and not just talk about folk if you all are so much of a Christian why don’t I see you praying and fasting ,turn down that plate and get on your face…God is so angry at the state of his Church right now, he said “if my people would just hear my voice and harden not their heart then I will heal them and take away their pain, But they refuse me and make me out of a shame with their unfruitful deeds” we as Christian are to be the salt of the earth…..Where is your salt? Learn How to stop talking about folks and PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY …Prayer is our weapon use your weapon please….I’m not going to say I’m sorry for getting on you, but GOD said this needed to be said .He loves you and he love Tonex and all the other people who are struggling in any area of sin these folks are demon bound and here you go and people like you giving Satan and upper hand in their situation when they need your Love , prayer, and the church support. GOD see’s you all and he alIow me to see your face all screwed up…The Truth Hurts don’t it… learn how to pray..Prayer changes situation, Prayer help lossen demons off of folks, It’s free and GOD ears are open he just want you to pray for each other………The church is the reason folks on the outside don’t want to come in GOD did not call us to past judgement on people he called us to pray ..he said pray with-out ceasing if you were doing that then you wouldn’t have anything bad to say about a situation, you would look at it examine it and PRAY ….on it… GOD loves all of us he just hate our sin(mess). I’ma simple women who has her hand in the lords hand he commissioned me to speak with you all today in hope that you may put down the evil deeds you are doing repent from it and learn how to pray…See david was a simple man who once he was aware of his bad deeds repented from them and prayed…today is your day God want to know are you going to be like David upon hearing the truth about yourselves repent and learn how to pray or are you going to be foolish and parish away…..The choice is your’s today….


  30. “they were’nt pastors though honey! God clearly gives a job discription in HIs word.

    Jus Listen they were bigger than pastor, David was an anointed king their were requirements on his life jsut as their are for pastors, all men/woman of God has requirements on their lives be it pastor of lay person…God is not only calling Pastors to be vigilante but man period . Man has an obligation to hold fast to the truth of the almighty….. And the Bible did say in the end he was going to pull his spirit on all flesh meaning we all have the capacity to be Pastors..Challenge GOD and his word on this note. We as Christian have to ask GOD for a better understanding of his word as well fo r this reason many are going to parish for he said my people parish for a lack of knowledge. I just want you to know the truth……GOD is coming back for a church meaning your BODY (not a building made by hand) without spot , blemish or wrenkle…Jesus Isn’t playing with us Christian anymore…We need to stop being so self -righteous, step- our game up as teh younggins say and follow Gods lead……..What’s so wrong with that….GOD challenge to you is that you examine yourself and see that if you have any faults purge yourself from them , because he wants to use you but you wont let him!

  31. He that has not sinned cast the first stone. Words taken directly from JESUS’S mouth. Paul also said that any man that says he does not sin is a LIAR. Remember ALL sin is ugly in GOD”S eyes, whether it be big or small ,GAY or just a little white lie. Try praying for this brother instead of condemning. Then take that BIG LOG out of your eye that makes you believe YOU are holy than anybody. Remember that HOMESEXUALS were also wonderfully and beautifully created by GOD and JESUS hung on that cross for them too as well. So with this being said we as believers don’t condone or accept this behavior, but rather look at them as how GOD sees them. We must all pray for our brothers and sisters that have let the spirit of homesexuality overcome them. They do not belong to the devil, they belong to GOD and they CAN and WILL be delivered. I Declare this today if Tonex is indeed practicing homesexuality, I bring him before the almighty GOD and declare he be set free in Jesus name. This is only an attack from the devil, he is upset with the progress of souls being saved through contemporary music. The devil is a liar. We as believer have the victory!

  32. The answer is to renew our minds to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He who knew no sin became sin for us. He gives us the ability, through the Holy Spirit, to resist all evil, from homosexuality to fornication, to unforgiveness. Get in the Word. Get it in you. Be conformed to the image of Christ. When we focus on Jesus, when we pray and meditate on the scriptures, the desire to sin lessens and His character is formed in us.
    Bless you Pastor Foster and continue the work. Their ears are getting itchier by the minute.

  33. What people don’t understand is this, if you are a godly musician then you are subject to the standards that GOD upholds you to!!!!!!!!!! We judge everything according to the word of GOD, and the bible also says that we are to judge those that are within(1 Corinthians ch.5 vs.11-13). Now having said this, remember what Jesus said in Matthew ch.7 vs.21-23. If any of us are practicing lawlessness(iniquity) and don’t turn from it then we will be cast away from him, and at this point it doesn’t matter how many souls got saved through you, don’t matter how many demons was cast out by you, don’t matter how many dead people was raised……if sin dwells in us and we do not confess it and repent then we are in danger of judgment. Having said this, I don’t condemn the man, rather if he is a practicing homosexual then I pray he repent. If it’s true that he’s singing at a gay cruise then I ask the question, where is his stand against sin? The holiness of GOD compels us to repent of our sinful ways and deny ourselves and follow him. The Holy Spirit of GOD will not allow us to continue in sin, so the only way to continue in sin is to reject the holiness of GOD, thus rejecting Jesus and all he has done. Remember that we as believers have standards according to the word of GOD and that standard is holiness, for without it no man shall see the LORD. Also, please go back and study why Jesus said let him without sin cast the first stone. Please study this out to get the understanding about what was going on, because this is one of the most misquoted, and misunderstood by alot of people.

  34. Jerome,
    Christ took the foolish things of this world to confound the wise, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone is just what it is …I love it when people try to make it into more than what it is…it’s simple to understand there’s no hidden meaning in that scripture …it is what it is. Jesus was very much talking to the religious leader of his day, but he also want to applied this to today under grace ….. you see under the laws of Moses a women who committed adultery was due the just punishment of being stoned to death…this was justifiable by the laws of moses and under the old covenant, but when Christ died he established a new covenant of grace, (By grace we are saved)… Jesus was very much a radical dude, he was challenging the leaders of his day , but doing so he cut through their hearts , see he knew that each and everyone of those people out to get this women had areas in their life that needed to be worked on…they were as much in sin as this women was yet they wanted to judge her deeds because her sin was exposed and theirs were not ( what lurks in the dark in time comes to the light, he’s not going to leave no stone un-turn) , remember God knows the contents in a man heart whereas man don’t… Jesus convict them with their own deceitfulness, they were out to get him and this women but Jesus convicted them. Non is with out sin in this world and let no man forget that…… it is so easy for one to see another man faults but not his own…We must break away from that a Christian life is supposed to be prayerful, we are to pray about all things, prayer is the only thing that is going to get us out of some of that mess we’re in are ……. We are all to live by the standards of God not just musicians alone, God said be ye holy as I am, he was talking to all who wished to follow him, but one must not forget the road to Christ is straight and as we walk that road we are bound to fall at times, that why Paul said put on the whole armor of God, God didn’t sugar coat anything he wanted us to be prepared for the bumpy road ahead of us …the weapons of our warfare are not carnal………, he said these things for a reason he knew we would have some trying time, but in those trying time we still have him. He overcame so that we could overcome he didn’t say it would be easy…It going to be tough, a challenge but with God we can win. compassion, the church need compassion, we need to pray much on how to win soul’s over to the lord, sometime hitting one in the head with the bible is not going to do it…..People want to see more action and less talk, we are to be the salt of the earth…action is more audible than words….The church have to stop nailing him back to that cross, we must walk the way he did. what good is it if I’m talking it but not living it…people what to see proof.. So he ask were is the proof?Jesus was very effective in his ministry because he set with the sinner. he listen to them he had compassion on their lives ,they sensed his loved he wasn’t fake or phony, he told them the truth in love and in the process the sinner’s were healed……….God wants to know are you confessing me with your mouth and is your heart far from me, or the other way around? Let the holy ghost be a lamp unto your feet, know man can teach you about the Bible only God, he said once the comforter comes you need no man to teach you are you lead by man of god? The mysteries of the Bible truly come alive when you allow the holy Ghost to teach you? Let no man deceive any of you…

    i love you all as Christ love his church, and is going to pray that God grant you all understanding…homosexuality and all manners of sin can be wiped clean in his body and by the prayers of Gods people God is calling us to pray and fast much for his kingdom is at hand don’t fall asleep on him. Jerome your on point my friend but some things are just what they are he was a very simple man, not complex at all…..let the holy Ghost lead you brother.

    Much Love!

  35. You know it was really hard reading all of this without going nuts. Because there’s so much that people really don’t know but yet it feels like access hollywood. I mean fine warn the “church ” about me and my “Demonic Univeralism” ( whatever that is ) but it seen very tabloidish to me.

    Yes I did minister at a “GAY” church because I have a alot of “GAY” fans and followers that are blessed by the Songs that God gives me to share; with EVERYONE.

    Yes I did write a song for a documentary called “standing in the Truth” which was about black people living with HIV. The song I sung was that of a character within the documentary who expressed his love for his “partner” and he was afriad to tell him that he got tested and was positive. I sung from the perspective of the character and I didn’t change the lyrics because that’s what the character felt. I went into it knowing that I would be judged and assumed to be EVERYTHING under the son for it. I wish folks would get their facts straight.

    As far as the ” GAY ” cruise is concerned I wasn’t able to go due to a theatrical obligation but will say if I wasn’t contracted to do the theatrical presentation I would STILL be on that cruise which left today. They called me and asked would I do a Gospel Concert particularly MAke Me Over. Who am I to deny ANY group exposure to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit ? So I told them YES. Things didn’t work out but at least God saw that I had the Heart and the courage to do it.

    I believe in morals and standards and walking upright before the Lord but I also believe in authentic documentation. I am real enough to not just type my spiritual victories, I also document and write about my challenges and failures through my walk with Christ. I’ve been through alot and just because you GET OVER something quickly it doesn’t mean that EVERYONE else does. But thanx be unto God I’m still standing, still reading all of these boards ( though I know I shouldn’t ) but I will only say something when I KNOW I’m being unfairly attacked.

    Don’t just type what I have done or what you think I’ve done because I’ll tell you what I’ve done myself !!LOL Type the other stuff that EVERYONE on this messageboard that NO ONE knows about. Then come talk to me. But see folks won’t do that. I WILL because my PAST don’t scare me or control me .It’s a apart of a series of events that will lead me to the ultimate place for which God has ordained me to be. I was called to reach the outcasts the ones that NO ONE wants the ones that EVERYONE is trying to send to hell. Because I know that the blood of Jesus is more powerful than the curse of Sin.

    So pastors if you no longer want me in your pulpits I respect that. But some of the pastor might wanna do a REAL self examination of what’s really going on behind these religious masks in Church. Ain’t no future in ANYONES fronting on this board. Continue to stand for Righteousness EVERYONE continue to walk in love. Jesus is Lord and God’s not through with me yet. I’m not crazy but I am a Maverick of sorts I won’t lie. But I’m got sense to know that Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life. That I am redeemed by the Blood of the lamb and if Jesus says forgive 70×70 then I know I have at least at least 4,200 forgiveness vouchers left. Geez you Christians love to write folks off so quickly. 😦

    God is love

    ACTS 2:38 for life.

  36. PS:

    And oh yeah.

    Nice touch with the photo choice trying to pound the ” GAY” nail the the coffin.
    Yeah, I know I’m out there with some of my fashion choices but don’t try to use a stereotypical picture from 2 years ago to try to make me look like something “Just” went wrong. I happen to like Japanese fashion and hairstyles. That’s what let’s me really know , you aren’t trying to warn ANYONE you are trying to create Tabloid Fodder under the guise of Standards Morals and Righteous living. Why would it be sad to report that I ministered at a GAY church ? That’s great especially if the person ministering is anointed and non judgemental enough to proclaim the love of God to ALL people ……whatever.

    GCMW: Which picture would you have used? The clean cut one of you with Bishop Norman Wagner? Take your pick of pictures of you we should have used. And that would prove what? Tonex, all the “fodder” was created, promoted, and released by you. Why be angry when you are the culprit you are complaining about. Isnt that a bit on the hypocritical side?

  37. Tonex, dont go nuts or be sad, just get your life right with God and stop encouraging people who are in rebellion to the Word of God to continue in disobedience. Why is that so hard to do unless you dont value what God’s word says.

    This isnt a fight between you and the church its between you and the truth of God’s word. If we wiped the church clean off the slate right now, the word of the Lord would remain and still say the same. Then what would you blame?

    I dont think anybody here has “written you off”, but the call to repentance is an act of love. Love does not want anyone to be lost. Even at the cost of your rejection, love is willing even constrained to tell the truth.

    On a positive point, thanks for clarifying the reasons, you wrote the song and went to the gay church. They dont seem to be ministry, but more career-ish stuff. I wish you’d be more honest about that. Ministry isnt about one’s “fans”. Your logic for singing the song from that perspective is again more of a career issue. But I will say that it is somewhat biased in favor of homosexuals. I would daresay you would do the same for a pedophile who truly believed he was in love with a child and didnt want to tell the child.

    We arent assuming too far when you said that you had been involved sexually with another man. I dont think anyone coerced you to say that. While youre clearing things up, AND IF WE ARE 100% WRONG, then take some time to state the facts. My friend you cant have it both ways (npi).

    Finally, brother there is a lot of hurt by people who love you and love your music. You left them hanging and accused them of having on church masks and more. Yet, you havent taken off your mask. You talk a lot about being real. But changing your look and singing a song a different way isnt being real. Radical realness comes with submitting to the will of God despite the clawing of our flesh to do its own thing.

    When you get that kind of real, then youre real. Until then, your mask is on just as tight as anyone else’s.

    Thanks, welcome and love.

  38. Tonex you said “if Jesus says forgive 70×70 then I know I have at least at least 4,200 forgiveness vouchers left.”

    in matt18:21 Peter asked the Lord how oft shall my brother sin against me, and he forgive them? Seven times?

    Jesus responded until seven times: but, seventy times seven.

    not 70x 70
    7×70 is 490
    if you have used 700 ‘vouchers’ already
    you have exceeded your limit


    just kiddin

    i think now is a time to bury our heads in the bible and study like never ever before.

    preacher, teacher, or just plain ole follower of Christ!

  39. I just want to know how you can be a light, a witness, to a sinner if you refuse to engage them because of their sin? How can we reach the lost if we are so busy glorifying our “found’ state?

    Are we waiting for Jesus to descend from heaven on a cloud and heal all of the sin sick souls of the world or is it our job to light their way out of the darkness?

    Somebody please tell me, if Carlton Pearson hadn’t reached out to Tonex who would have? What has happened to agape love?

    If we cast out every homosexual in the church, that leaves more room for the liars and the backbiters and the fornicators and the covetors and on and on and on……..should these people be ostracized too?????????

  40. @ Misante Jones,

    The problem is not that Christians refuse to engage sinners because of their sin. The problem is that the sinners refuse to acknowledge that they are even sinning.

    How can the sick be healed if they deny that they are sick? How do you light the way out of darkness when those who are clearly in the dark, despise the light and actually believe that the darkness is light. You don’t do it by agreeing that the darkness is actually the light. You keep shining the light!

    Finally, Agape love does not wink at nor ‘accept’ sin. It loves us despite our sin, but unless we repent we will never know the joy of that love!


  41. Tonex, it good to see you have Acts 2:38 down because a lot of the so called Baptists and COGIC only “shack” with Jesus Name. They haven’t taken him in his totality. But getting back to you. I wish you truly take on a saved, santified life like the scripture Acts 2:38 say.
    . Repent: Be Baptized, EVERYONE of YOU Baptists, COGIC etc…In the NAME of JESUS Christ and YOU will recieve the gift of the HOLYGHOST.
    Be Blessed.

  42. Dear GCM,

    A big props to your desire to expose and to inform the very un-inform body of believers.

    After being yanked out of the horrific lifestyle of homosexuality after many years (1980- 2002), I too feel it is not only my reasonable service but my duty to come against that spirit. I look to work with GCM in the near future.

    The Cross is the Answer to all bondage. We don’t have a economic decline but rather a moral decline and it’s getting worse.

    Again, kudos to GCM for taking a bold stand without compromise, favor or fear.

    -Redeemed by the Blood

  43. Tonex,

    I’m so sorry for what you’ve endured in your childhood. I know that you have suffered greatly. It shows in all your actions right now. I truly and I mean truly do understand and pray that God will take you in His arms and expose all the pain, hurt and heartache, as well as confusion in order to heal you completely and wholly.

    You are trying to justify your actions and feel it’s you against the world, and somehow you feel having your fists always moving to combat the criticism is giving you strength. I am here to tell you from my own experience that that is NOT strength. That is deception. The enemy is loving it. Satan knows you are only beating the air, and if he can keep you constantly thinking about yourself, justifying yourself, telling yourself that the church world doesn’t get it, that you are unique and special, that all you are doing in both the secular world, in the gay world is all in love and all in the name of Jesus, then he has you right where he needs you to be in order for him to attempt to destroy you .

    But you can’t stop now, you tell yourself. I have my fans, I need to have influence, I am gaining a new fan base to reach Jesus for. Only the Lord knows your heart, but I am here to tell you and I do say this with ALL SOBERNESS and no joking around, if you are in sin, and have not yielded and surrendered to God and the Holy Spirit so that He can heal you, then our Great Father will allow what is necessary in order for the ultimate goal to be reached – to bring you home safely, for His glory and His alone. Not yours. His.

    How can I say this to you? Because it happened to me. And I am grateful to God for His cleansing, rebuke and disciplining love. (Revelation 3:14-22). I say this in love my brother. You need to be alone with God – drop everything – the gift without the giver is hollow and empty. Seek His face down on your face. Your life depends on it.

  44. Tonex is not the ONLY person that has ever gone through terrible things in his life. All of us has. Basically, he needs to stop his mess, repent, and get saved and stop leading people astray. It is truly scary how people KNOW somebody is living an ungodly lifestyle, but because they idolize the individual, they look the other way, and protect them. God is going to judge you also.

  45. I am very sorry Tnoex if you have allowed that spirit(gay) to take hold on you if in fact this is true. God has blessed you with such a great talent. I pray that you will repent and get your life straightened out with God. Rememger those anointed songs that you sang about and for you to take on such a heinous lifestyle is beyond words. While you have breath in you body please repent. Remember it is not man that you have to please but God. And He totally against homosexuality!!!

  46. I have been blessed by the worship of Tonex over the years and when the meltdown was uncovered and I began to listen to him release the deep rooted pain in reference to being violated by a pastor and being ostrasized by the church, not only did I hear his pain but felt it also. The bible is clear that homosexuality is an abomination but lets not forget that the wages of sin is death and it didnt specify homosexual sin. We are to speak the truth in love to those who may have strayed whether straight or gay. God is the only one that knows Tonexs private struggle. If we are to minister effectively in the church its not enough to tell someone who is struggling with homosexuality that its an abomination without getting to the root of what led them into that lifestyle. There are also those who have been turned over to a reprobate mind because they refuse to adhere to the truth gay or straight.
    I have witnessed the pain and struggle of those in that lifestyle and the ones I have been blessed to minister to and love on were abused and molested. And it is a pain that goes very deep that only the Lord can heal and deliver. As I continue to listen to his songs I hear him crying out loud and clear. Before we start telling churches to close the door on Tonex it appears that God is closing and shutting down some church doors. There is a reason why the scripture said to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. The bottom line is the enemy is warring for Tonex’s soul because he was born to worship. God is a God of mercy! He is the only one that knows the heart of each and every one of us. Does love truly cover a multitude of sins? I pray that the Lord continue to teach us what it means to love unconditionaly. I continue to pray for the Lord to give the body of Christ the wisdom on how to minister to those in that lifestyle because it is a spirit of deception and the prayers of the righteous availeth much. I will continue to pray not just for Tonex but lost souls period.

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