Why progay theology is a hermenuetical abomination

Strong words, we know. But given the seriousness of the consequences, the choice of words is intentional.

Repeatedly, GCM Watch has cited, refuted and exposed the almost silly allegations of gay affirming religionists who contend that because the Bible has been misinterpreted, homosexuality is not sinful. But in fact it is the false teachers who are misinterpreting foundational theology and misapplying hermenuetics which always produce a false conclusion. While the false teachers complain we “cherry-pick” scriptures to suit our alleged biases, they seem to have no problem cherry picking Jesus’s words (or the lack of words) to support their arguments. Just in case, there lingers any doubts regarding the clear scriptural witness against the homosexual condition, we invite you to read the exchange between a university professor and Jason Dulle, a young man who inadvertently got the email. Jason responded with an astonishing amount of grace and precise truth, not to mention documentation and sound logic. He wrote:

The following is an email exchange between a professor at the University of California Santa Cruz and me, Jason Dulle. I was not the intended recipient of the email. The professor sent it to the students in a class he was teaching on the Gospel of Mark. One of those students forwarded the email to his pastor, who in turn forwarded it to me. The email (sent on April 30, 2003) was in response to a student’s question concerning what Mark had to say about homosexuality. Having already clarified in a prior email that Mark speaks nothing concerning homosexuality the professor dedicated this email to the Bible’s treatment of homosexuality. I took the liberty of responding to the professor’s claims, but have received no reply to date.

Read the professor’s letter and Jason response.


2 thoughts on “Why progay theology is a hermenuetical abomination

  1. Good responses by Jason! That professor starts off with a fallacy (it was written a long time ago, so it must be wrong) and gets worse from there.

  2. D’oh! That wasn’t supposed to be a smiley face. I didn’t realize that a quotation mark and a right parenthesis made that symbol.

    GCMW: LOL So, that’s how they do that! “)

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