Cynthia Clawson: "Jesus said nothing about gay people"

After following the story about Reba Rambo and her husband washing the feet of homosexual pastors and saying they were wrong about homosexuality, it was but a short journey to the next rather shocking theological heresy coming out the southern gospel music industry.

Cynthia Clawson, a Dove and Grammy winner, is the latest  southern gospel music personality to buy into gay christian doctrine. Like some in the religious music industry who get theological amnesia when it comes to homosexuality and the Bible’s clear teaching, Clawson offers only the same illogical and unbiblical arguments we have heard before from the gay christian movement.

We contacted Ms Clawson to verify these statements and received the following from an individual named Will.  Whether this is her son Will or not is unknown as the respondent did not identify himself further.

Hello, Thank you for writing! I won’t even begin to answer for Cynthia (who, by the way, does NOT read these emails), but I can tell you that she has suffered a lot for her views. So many churches have canceled dates, anonymous letters and phone calls have threatened her life, her family’s life ,her career and she’s been pulled off of most radio stations. All of that because she sings at gay churches. You will never meet a kinder, warmer, more spiritual woman than Cynthia. Please support her and buy her music and spread the word. Below you will find her mission statement that was written a while back in response to a lady who sends anonymous hate letters to every single church she is scheduled to sing at. It says it all…God Bless, Will

A Personal Mission Statement from Cynthia Clawson

I am a Christian and have been for most of my life. I was a girl when I experienced what I believe was a call to share the good news of who Jesus is and what He did for me. I first sang about this good news when I was three years of age; and now at 56, I am still singing. Because I recognized that I had been given a talent, I felt that I should cultivate it so I went to a Baptist University and majored in vocal performance and minored in piano. I began getting invitations to sing everywhere, and I accepted every invitation I could.
I am humbled that I had a chance to sing the gospel in India, Viet Nam, Japan, Holland, England, Ireland, at a Billy Graham Crusade, on The PTL Club, on the 700 Club, for the Southern Baptist Convention, for Karla Fay Tucker before she was killed by the State of Texas, at a night club on the Strip in Los Angeles, on some of Bill Gaither’s Homecoming videos, on the Crystal Cathedral’s Hour of Power, a night club in Houston, and at Radio City Music Hall during the GRAMMY Awards. The list is long because I have been singing somewhere different every week for thirty years. The total number of concerts is in the thousands, and the number of people who have heard me is in the millions. That amazes me, and I can only explain it by pointing to God who has called me, guided me, and comforted me all along this journey.
Let me assure you that it has been a challenging mission to answer to God’s calling to tell the good news to all that will hear. Since I will sing wherever invited, I have found myself singing in places when my theology, my moral values, and my political inclinations sometimes differ from my listeners, but I simply sing about the Good News that God loves us. I point them as best I can to Christ. That is my calling. God convicts, woos, and transforms lives by His grace, I don’t. That statement alone is enough to make me want to sing.
I am amazed that there are those who would not want me to sing for all people, especially homosexual people. I sing for divorced people and we all know what Jesus said about divorce! No one ever emailed me about that! We also know that Jesus never said anything about gay people. Not one word! How important could it have been to Him if He did not mention it? I dare say that I sing in churches full of sinners every time I stand to sing, and I never make it my business to question any group about their values or morals before I enter their churches. When people protest about me singing to gay people, I have to wonder: Do they not know that Jesus hung out with, ate with, and drank wine with disenfranchised people? Those who object to where I sing are free to think what they please, but they did not call me. I have a higher calling. As a singer doing my best to follow Jesus, I have sung the gospel if at all possible wherever invited just as Jesus did in preaching to the Pharisees and those that the Pharisees judged. Some repented some did not, that is between God and them. And what I have been called to do is between God and me. And a person’s sexual orientation is between God and them. It is none of my business. I am just a gospel singing, homosexual loving, heterosexual wife of one, mother of two who is caught up in all this violence. And, yes, I do think we are treating one another violently! This fight is not homage to our Savior who is the Prince of Peace.
I would ask for prayers from those who will pray for me. I am willing to sing the good news of God’s love anywhere I am invited. I am sad to say that I feel that there are not many Christians who will go with me. I won’t sing to condemn anyone; I won’t preach hate and exclusivity. I will sing at the very gates of hell if I am called to do so, and I would think that all of you who call yourselves God’s children would gather together in support of this holy mission. However, if no one joins me in going in love to the outcasts, I will go walking hand in hand with Jesus who seems to prefer spending time with outcast than to spend time with all the religious hypocrites spewing out hate, fear and condemnation. My desire in being a disciple of Christ is to be obedient. I am obedient because I am deeply in love with Him! I want to be true to God’s calling on my life, and if I am wrong in including all people, should I err in this attempt, let me fail on the side of the grace and mercy. Let me stand beside the oppressed, broken, disenfranchised, and the outcast because that is where I think that Jesus stands. And when I die and stand before the Father with Jesus next to my side as my advocate, I am not afraid for God to tell me that I erred on the side of compassion and love. I am not afraid to hear Him tell me that I was not judgmental enough. I am not afraid to hear Him say to me that I loved too much and too many. I trust with all my heart that it is Jesus who shapes my life and not the writers of these angry, cruel, hateful emails. The hate stings, the threats frighten, the whispers humiliate, but I have taken up His cross and His burden is light! My recordings are already removed from many Christian bookstores, and not played on many Christian radio stations, but I have my church, where I serve as the co-pastor with my husband, praying for me. I have dear friends in the ministry who support and encourage me. I have thousands of people buying my CDs and supporting my ministry. And, dear reader, I have God’s assurance through Jesus Christ – the criterion through which I read scripture – leading me to share the good news with all who would listen to my attempts.
If you can, pray for me and for all the homosexual people who have been demonized, ostracized, and denied basic human rights by self-righteous Christians. I will in turn pray that God will touch the hearts of those who are so angry at me, so that they will see the homosexual person the same way Jesus did as He hung on the cross with such love, such grace. “

As Will pointed out, you need not bother trying to contact Ms Clawson. She does not respond because she has predetermined that any communication disagreeing with her is “angry, cruel and hateful”.

What do you think of Cynthia Clawson’s statement? I am wondering if Ms Clawson would sing (about God) in front of a burning cross to a group of Ku Klux Klan members if invited?


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  2. I am always amazed how people always want to say how Jesus never addressed certain issue. Jesus addressed every issue when he said these things.

    1. I and my Father are one (John 10:30). Jesus declares that he is not just apart of God but He and God share the same nature and essence. He declares His deity and confirms that what God has done in the Old Testament is being fulfilled in Him.
    2. He that love’s me not keep’s not my sayings: and the words which you hear is not mine, but the Father’s which sent me (Joh 14:24). Jesus points out that real love for God is about being obedient to God’s commandments. Not listing to are own hearts. Jesus demonstrates real faith by keeping the words of the father.
    3. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come. He shall glorify me: for he shall receive of mine, and shall show it unto you (Joh 16:13-14). The Holy Spirit has reveled to humanity the revelation of God in Christ, because not only is Christ the center of the OT he is the fulfillment of the New. The Holy Spirit only speaks the same Words that God has spoken in the beginning, and always lifts up the name of Jesus.

    My point is this, our God has not changed He is the same God He was in the beginning of time and will be the same at the end of the age. What God called sin in the Old Testament, Jesus condemned when He said that Him and God are one. The Fathers work demonstrated in the Son and the Holy Spirit empowers the body of Christ to fulfill that work in the church. They all preach the same massage salvation through Christ alone.

  3. I wonder of Cynthia Clawson would sing at the nursing home where my church ministers on the 3rd Saturdays? We go for free. I have admired Cynthia Clawson’s ministry of song since the early 70’s when I saw her sing on Doug Oldham’s show. She sang: “I Heard About A Man”. I think a lot of Christian singers do exactly what Cynthia says she is doing; sing whereever they are asked to sing….for a fee, of course. They claim to sing “the gospel” when in fact they sing a form of the gospel. The gospel includes the need for repentance from sin and sinning.
    Jesus never mentioned many different sexual sins in the the New Testament. So! His world view was as a devout Jewish man (rabbi) who claimed he came to fulfil the Law, not to destroy it. He did not repudiate the law against homosexual acts. He railed against every other injustice the Phariseesand cheif priest abused with their misinterpretations and misapplications of the law. Why not those sins. Cynthia Clawson shows her biblical illiteracy in her comments. Great singer and interpreter of song. Bad theologian.

  4. “I am always amazed how people always want to say how Jesus never addressed certain issue. Jesus addressed every issue when he said these things.”

    Thanks Pastor Moore. It amazes me too. One has to willingly embrace deception not to see what is clearly shown in scripture without even a “deep revelation”.

    The will of God is not difficult to discern in these matters. The major problem is the rejection of God’s sexual boundaries because people are enslaved to their flesh and it is an enemy to God. They may not acknowledge it, but it is true. Trust me from experience its a awful place to be in.

    The apostle Paul wrote
    Romans 8:8Those controlled by the sinful nature cannot please God.
    9You, however, are controlled not by the sinful nature but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of God lives in you. And if anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, he does not belong to Christ. 10But if Christ is in you, your body is dead because of sin, yet your spirit is alive because of righteousness. 11And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you.
    12Therefore, brothers, we have an obligation—but it is not to the sinful nature, to live according to it. 13For if you live according to the sinful nature, you will die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the misdeeds of the body, you will live.

    As we have said before, you cannot separate God from Jesus, nor can you separate Jesus from the scriptures. The “tri-unity” of the three speak with one voice to the issues of the day no matter what they are.

    Thanks for your wisdom. Hope to see you again.

  5. The moment a doctrine dismisses biblical texts, divorces the eternal God from Jesus, dismisses the Old Testament writings, or puts one’s personal “spirit” above the word and law of God – Satan is at work. Jesus’ identity is not rooted in the fashions of the day – it is solidly and historically rooted in the words of scripture.

    Christ is the word, Christ is God, Christ is King, Christ is Savior, and Christ will return to gather His church and Judge the wicked. Heretical teachings will often gain large numbers of supporters when a popular or even talented figure re-invent God’s word. Sadly so many seek God on their own terms – that is not a path towards salvation, but indeed a path towatds hell.

  6. I read her statement, and to be honest I don’t know what she is saying about homosexuality. At first it seems she is saying that she wants to present the Gospel to those lost in sin and show them God’s love; that is good. But then she says she does not think Jesus said anything about homosexuality so she does not care about their private choices. So I am confused, as to what she is really trying to say.

    I recently crafted my own response to this issue in an article titled, “Homosexuality: Is it in the Jeans or in the Genes. If you have the chance, read it and let me know what you think.

  7. Jesus did, in fact, align His views with the father because He and the father are one. This being said, he also approached each sinner that he met with compassion. He expressed love and mercy in person and directed them to repent – to turn away from sin. He loved the sinner with grace and compassion while also directing the sinner away from sin.

  8. Paul had plenty to say about gay people in Romans chp 1, men and women. Jesus never mentioned a lot things, like say viewing internet porn; I don’t think that means he’s okay with it.

  9. I agree with you JR. I know what she is saying, but it is highly contradictory. Im not sure if she’s even aware of how contradictory it is.

    I was especially struck by her divorce comparison where she strongly implies that divorce is a sin because of what Jesus said about it. And indeed it is. (Matthew 19)

    I sing for divorced people and we all know what Jesus said about divorce! No one ever emailed me about that!

    But then she tries to make homosexuality right by saying that Jesus didnt say anything about gay people.
    But that’s biblical illiteracy because in that same passage (vs 4), Jesus condemned in the strongest language all sexual relationships outside of the male-famale covenant marriage relationship. All of them!

    By the same token there exists NO DIVORCE CHURCHES. There is no pastor I know (in his right mind) that would advocate divorce as a biblical right or as something good because people have a “divorce orientation”. Neither is there any movement within the church to legitimize divorce.
    There is no one who says that divorce is good and should be accepted.

    On the contrary, the gay christian movement does all of this and more even to the point of accusing the church of “spiritual violence” for refusing to sanction their sexual immorality.

  10. I think the problem here is simply a case of forgetting what Jesus’ ministry was and is all about. When asked what the greatest commandment was Jesus respond, as I’m sure you all know, by saying, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind” then continued by saying “Love your neighbor as yourself”. It’s a very simple message and if we are to follow this message the judgment of others that has become prominent in “proclaiming the message” wouldn’t be present. Passing judgment and declairing one person unholy or, even worse, ungodly because of their theological beliefs the Church gets torn apart and yet another blemish it put on all Christians and Christianity.

    Jesus pulled all the “outcasts” and “unclean” in society. Rather than embracing this message of inclusion too many Christians push these people further to the outskirts. This makes me very sad and often ashamed to call myself a Christian. I truly believe that when Jesus returns and if he were to select another 12 chosen more than one would homosexual. Rather than pushing these people away let’s embrace them for who they are show the love that Jesus Christ shows to them and all others that we may find theologically unacceptable.

  11. A Religion from Philippines Explians this verses about gays.

    I CORINTHIANS 6:9-10

    Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither the immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate [malakoi], nor homosexual offenders [arsenokoites], nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God.

  12. I think we are forgetting an important distinction. That is the distinction between loving, being around, singing for, serving certain folks, and accepting certain lifestyle choices, or sinful desires of those folks.

    Jesus certainly did hang around with the sinners and outcasts, and I believe that he calls us to do the same. However, he also was very clear when speaking about sinful choices people made. His visits with folks never were seen as acceptance of their choices but rather of them as people, despite their choices.

    Someone asked if Ms. Clawson would accept an invitation to sing in front of a burning cross to a KKK group. To some extent, I would hope she would accept it, as I think Jesus would have. However, I also would hope that a person accepting that invitation would present clearly the gospel message, not shying away from or hiding the message that racism and hate are not compatible with the gospel message.

    we in the church have a lot of trouble balancing those two competing “pulls” – between showing god’s love and speaking and communicating his truth. somehow we tend to make those mutually exclusive, while christ somehow made those very complementary.

    lastly, to thatsthebook, I will not dispute the claim that if christ came today and chose 12 new disciples, one might be gay. however, i do know that as those 12 continued to follow him, they would, as we all do as disciples, become more and more like him, which necessarily would include leaving behind that choice.

    i thank god that christ died for me while i was still a sinner, and that i was not responsible for cleaning myself up before he would come hang out with me. but i also thank him that he also loves me enough to allow me not to stay as the unclean outcast i was, as he makes me more and more like him.

  13. Amen, Brother Mark. Jesus cannot be divorced formn the revelation that he is the Eternal God come in the likeness of sinful flesh. To say that Jesus didn’t mention anything about homosexuality separates Christ from the Godhead.

    The aforementioned argument is really weak anyway. Jesus never said anything about pedaphelia either, does that make it okay? Iknow some will say “Your’e equating pedaphelia with homosexuality!” No, I am following the trend of your logic. Since Jesus didn’t deal with it, it’s okay.

  14. Patrick what you said is exactly what Cynthia Clawson’s statement is missing. A true balance of love and truth. The issue is not that she is singing to homosexuals, but there is no message of God’s truth embedded in her songs. Rather, as she clearly stated she is abetting such sin by declaring “Jesus said nothing about gays”.

    Making it a point to tell people God loves them but yet neglecting (because you agree with their sinfulness) that they need repentance and salvation, is a gross dereliction of the intent of the gospel.

    The remark about the KKK is intended to test the truthfulness of such ideology. Doesnt God love the KKK? Didnt Jesus die for KKK members even if they cant change what they think about blacks? If you can go and just sing to a group of people who are sexually immoral and make no differences at all about the way they are living, then you should be able to go to another “despised and outcast” group and do the same. According to her statement, I don’t think she would.

  15. thanks, graceMark.

    @gcmwatch, I completely agree. My proposed response to the KKK hypothetical was not intended to defend Ms. Clawson (since I agree with you that her statement is missing the affirmation of truth that sadly is missed by some who are quick to point out that Jesus ate with sinners, without also acknowledging that he also invited them to leave what they were doing and follow him), but was intended to say that Ms. Clawson SHOULD accept an invitation there, just as much as she also SHOULD be offering them what she fails to offer (or at least fails to MENTION that she offers – I havent been to a show so I cant say for sure) to gay churches.

  16. As I read this discussion, I have to be amazed at how many of us act as if our sanctification was our fault…as if we cleaned OURSELVES up, as if somehow we can take credit for the righteousness that is evident in our lives after years of following our Lord. I would classify homosexuality as a “sexual addiction” with many of the same roots as pornography and other sexual addictive behaviors that end up going to the very root of our identity. It has taken God 25 years of grace and love to break the chains of pornography in my life (and it remains a temptation)…and no one cast me out of the church because of it. Granted, i comprehended it as a sin…but many folks are under the bondage of deception and it takes time for them to come to know the truth. You are saved by grace, you are kept by grace and you are cleaned up by grace. All along the way you learn to say “yes” to God and no to ungodliness, and all along the way you fail repeatedly. But God’s grace is sufficient to the task. Show some grace and quit being so quick to analyze her every word to find fault with her motivations.

    GCMW: PastorBob, please answer one question. Did you find anything at all wrong with what Cynthia Clawson said in her statement? Anything at all?

  17. Pastor Bob,

    Your assertions regarding our “sanctification”, sexual addiction and proces to wholeness (deliverance) are places where we can agree. I do make a distiction between those who are fully persuaded that what we may call deception and from those who have beleived the deception are calling it truth.

    The scriptures demand that the church make a break from those who are willfully and unrepentantly involved in sexual sin (eg; 1 Cor. 5:5 viewing preceeding reference). In m mind there is a difference between going to a gay coffee house to share the truth of the gospel and going to a church where the ministers and elders are perverting the truth of the Bible into lies. In Sister Clawson’s statement (such as we have it) she makes none. On top of that she asserts that Jesus did not mention the issue. She shows her ignorance of the continuity of the scriptures. That derves commentary.

    Since Cynthia Clawson decided to speak oppenly regarding her commitment to ministering in song the gospel. She is open to critique for her position; inadequately articulated or fuuly so, as it may be.

  18. Benicio said it best when he didn’t give his opinion, he just used The Almighty Word!!!

  19. homosexuality is not an addiction. it is a sin just like the word says in many, many places in the bible. It is caused by a spirit(sodimite,lust) even if the person does not wish to be so they are controlled by this spirit . it takes repentance and deliverance. once you are filled with the Holy Ghost you have the power to over come all sin.Jesus said he was coming back for a church with out spot, wrinkle, or blemish another words a sinless church and it is possible to get all the trash out of you life.also if you ‘re a christian you are going to bare the fruit. 1st John 3:8″he that committeth sin is of the devil…..whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin” and what is SIN? 1st john 3:4 whosoever commith SIN transgresseth also the law: SIN is the TRANSGRESSION of the LAW.”it is very simple in any case. thats what the word says oh and i do believe the outcast were repentant also.if Jesus chastised the unrepentant pharasies don’t you think he would have chastised them to.

  20. I just caught my wife cheating on me with her best friend (woman) and we just had our 1 year wedding anniversary. Her excuse was that she thought I could change her into being the woman and wife that God wanted her to be, but she soon realized after we got married that she was born this way. Born this way?! My God is a just God. You are born with your eye color and skin color, but Satan leads you to believe that emotions that you can’t control are God’s doing. MY God gives us ALL a way out. We ALL struggle and are tempted with things in life, but I’m not blaming my God on being born addicted to fattening foods, that’s MY fault.

  21. I think Cynthia is mostly right. Jesus died for everyone. Anyone who turns to Him is forgiven. However, we should all turn from all forms of sin. I know the homosexual community does not see man on man or woman to woman as a sin, but it is not the way God made humanity to be. This is clear by reproductive design and should be obvious. But again, it is not our job to convict the world of “sin”. And actually there is only one ‘sin’ and that is denying Jesus Christ as being God’s Only Begotten Son – the Savior of the whole world for anyone who receives and believes upon Him. May God save all regardless of their sin, for whoever calls upon the Name of the Lord (JESUS) will be saved. Come all of you sinners to Jesus and be saved! Anyone and Everyone…the more the merrier!

  22. Philip, in the context we addressed in this post, Cynthia Clawson was not talking to the “world” nor was she going to the “world” with her message. She was going to gay churches. That’s not the world. These are disobedient, rebellious self declared Christians.

    You are right we dont judge the world, we judge those who call themselves Christian but refuse to abide by the scriptures. That’s exactly what we did here. You and other perhaps well intentioned defender of people like Clawson are misinformed and using a false balance. I suggest you not respond to it with an emotional argument, but with the scriptures.

    If they dont want to be judged by other Christians the solution is very simple: STOP calling yourself a Christian and claiming to follow Jesus.

  23. It hurts me to see Cynthia Clawson judged like this. She has the voice of an angel…a true gift from God Almighty. Her voice and message has been so beautiful and uplifting to so many thousands of people…it has really blessed me numerous times and I hope she recieves a jewel in her crown for that when she gets to heaven.
    Let the woman sing and judge yourselves, your friends, and your family!
    How do YOU and your loved ones stand up to the perfect life example of Jesus Christ? Maybe that would put things in prospective for many of you (that’s my prayer anyway). She is the one who has to stand before God and make her case just as the ones who spewed hate at her must to do the same.

    I thank God that her ministry is sharing the Gospel through uplifting, inspiring, Godly, and amazingly beautiful songs proclaiming the glory of Jesus Christ.

    She should continue to testify, through song, to anyone who will listen and leave the gospel of spewing hate, judgement, ridicule , and God wrath for homosexuals to others….I don’t think it would be becoming to her honestly.
    Glory to His name!

  24. Some of the comments here are really sad to read. You have head knowledge of scripture, but no heart knowledge. You hear, but don’t understand.

    The truth here is that we are all sinners- Jesus said if you’ve committed one, you’ ve committed them all. That pretty much makes everyone here gay, murderers, liars, adulterers, etc. Jesus said it- not me. If you want to argue, do it with Him.

    How pious to think that those gathering in a “gay” church are any different in God’s eyes than those gathering in other churches. They have sin too. Sin is sin. It doesn’t make homosexuality right, but many of you think far too highly of your own sins, failing to see that they are no different. Sin has no rank- only the earthly consequences are different. If I murder, I go to jail, take drugs and I might die, etc.

    Regarding the following comments:

    “She was going to gay churches. That’s not the world. These are disobedient, rebellious self declared Christians.
    You are right we dont judge the world, we judge those who call themselves Christian but refuse to abide by the scriptures. That’s exactly what we did here. You and other perhaps well intentioned defender of people like Clawson are misinformed and using a false balance. I suggest you not respond to it with an emotional argument, but with the scriptures.

    If they dont want to be judged by other Christians the solution is very simple: STOP calling yourself a Christian and claiming to follow Jesus.”

    This comment is either pitifully absurd or completely
    ignorant. First of all, all churches have sin. If you are suggesting that she is wrong for singing in “sin filled” churches, she would have to write them all off- yours included because you are there. A sinner just like the gay people. You and I are exactly what you labeled the gays as:

    “These are disobedient, rebellious self declared Christians”

    That is, unless you are perfect. And by the way, if you want to argue using scripture, you might want to brush up on “judge not less you be judged”. No where does scripture say it’s ok to judge “rebellious christians”. And by the way, if we are using your logic, you might want to stop calling yourself a christian if there’s sin in your life. And stop claiming to follow Jesus, because you are clearly rebelling against the scriptures by judging others!

    Do you see the ridiculousness of this line of thinking?
    None of us are perfect! That’s why Jesus came and died- not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it. Something we could never do. No one could ever keep all the law, not then, not now. If you say you have, then you never needed Jesus. Where sin abounds, grace much more abounds. Not so that we can sin more- no! It’s the goodness of God that leads men to repentance- Romans 2:4). Not the condemnation spoken here. Jesus said Love-. I believe if we all walked in the kind of love He talked about, people would be so drawn to Him that they would walk away from their sin! That’s the power- not all this self-righteous finger pointing.

    Finally, your comments regarding Reba Rambo-McGuire and Dony McGuire are wrong. I know them personally, and they both walk in love. They do not condone homosexuality. What they repented for in the foot-washing service at the “gay” church was for not walking in love toward gay people! They repented for judging them, and not showing them the love of God! They repented for treating them differently than anyone else in sin. They chose to embrace them and allow God to do any clean-up needed. They are wonderful, godly people.

    We must learn to love. It doesn’t mean we approve of someone’s lifestyle. It means that we believe the power of God’s word is more powerful than any sin in their lives, and that maybe they will be drawn to Him because they see His love in us. They sure won’t see Him if we shut them out. Just be with them and show them that love is supreme! That’s what the kingdom of God is all about, and when we love, we bring it near to others.

  25. Again, I will reiterate what was said before. The “world” is different from “apostates.” There are sinners, and then there are people who not only know the truth but refuse to live it and who try to change the truth into a lie. These people want others to partake in the lie. This is EXACTLY what Romans chap 1 is talking about. I’m getting really tired of the “Jesus hung out with outcasts” argument. In our American culture, homosexuality is celebrated and uplifted as the cool thing to do. In many Christian churches, this group has infiltrated and taken over. They are TRYING TO GET YOU TO BELIEVE A LIE. They are trying to tell us that the God of the bible made them that way, when the bible is very clear about what God did and did not make, and about what God will and will not accept. This group is not outcast. They are part of the apostasy. TRUE christians allow God to purify them from sin. As we are conformed into the image of Christ, we hate what God hates, and love what God loves. A true christian will not be able to remain in a state of sin, in a lifestyle of sin. The conviction of God will bring them to their knees. I say to you that apostates are not my “brothers and sisters in Christ.” Their father is the devil.

  26. How sad this make me. I have a utube veresion of some of her songs on my website. I think I will leave it though because she does have a beautiful voice and it is the words that linger not the messenger in the case of a singer. I sing words to songs now that I have no idea who originally sang them. Jesus can use words praising him
    . I remember when I first heard about Kirk Talley being Gay and how it made me sad but his song “Serenaded by Angels” still comes back to me when I hear a saint has died. I think I will just leave judgement on her to God and just enjoy the songs.

  27. I think some people are used by God to bring acceptance, love, and mercy in particular times and places; and that not everybody has to be judging sinners all the time. Sometimes we’ve just said the rules over and over too many times, and something else has to happen or communication breaks down completely. I think there are times one has to know the truth for himself and pray that others will see the light. Even if someone is blind-they can still be loved. Personally, I think Cynthia has suffered alot to show the love of Christ and He is not unaware.

    GCMW: Although I understand the feeling youre trying to convey, you are still reading and applying the scriptures wrong. Remember we are to “rightly divide”, not wrongly divide. Rightly dividing the scriptures has nothing to do with whether we suffer. It is about obedience. And Cynthia Clawson is patently disobedient on this one. To paint it as suffering for right is to pile on more disengenous opinion over what the scriptures tell us to do. Question: how important is obedience to the scriptures to you?

  28. Ruth Ann KIng, Cynthia Clawson does not take her position out of love, not love of the real Jesus at least, but out of greed. She does not want to offend anyone in a manner that might crush the means she’s used to using to make money.

    Jesus said plenty about homosexuals, He declared their activity is invalid in Mark 10. Notice Jesus speaks of what is valid marriage and physical joining. Jesus does not mention homosexuality or joining with animals, because such activity is invalid and ungodly. If Cynthia Clawson wants to show love, she would tell the truth instead of trying to turn the gospel of the Lord Jesus into a homosexual satisfying lie.

  29. Am shock that any body in his right mind would see a gay person as a mentally balance human. They are not only self willed sinners but very very sick people. Am amaze that people who call themselves christian will fight in defence of such a way of life. Some day people will ask for the right to be wedded to the animal pets in their homes and all will be saying its their rights let them have it. Jesus did not hang around with sinners to make them happy sinners, but to bring them out of their mess and they did. Think of Zacheaus the crook who when jesus came to his house, change from what he use to be. Romans chapter one is enough scripture to put this issue of gay people to rest. Its not of God but the devil. I wonder were the gays woul have been if their parents had choosen that way of life. i think now is the real end time

  30. Cynthia is a business woman whoose product is gospel music. She said is non of her business how people live their lives, so long as they buy her product.

    Some one should advice her to choose her words with great care when she speaks in public, because she will be required to give full acount in the court of heaven

  31. The question for me has very little to do with what Cynthia is doing. “What am I doing to show love to everybody-Jesus’ love?” For everybody who criticizes Cynthia when is the last time you shared Jesus’ love with a gay person. When is the last time you shared His love with a black person? What I hope Cynthia does from this point on is stop defending herself. There was a time that black folk like me couldn’t get in most churches in America. Why? Being black was wrong in this country not so long ago. I love most of what Cynthia had to say; I only wish she would not defend herself. Whenever one loves everybody, that person will be criticized by people. Cynthia is a bad theologian, I agree, but there are many theologians who know stuff but don’t love. The evangelical, American, often white church has been detrimental in many ways to the gospel because that “church” has always had to be right. Homosexuals actually have the platform that they have now because the white, male-dominated evangelical church has mistreated so many people that it’s easy to side w/gays. I am a Christian pastor, and I am happily married to a woman. I do know how the gays feel in many ways because I too have been mistreated and judged by “the church”-largely white, male, and so-called evangelicals. Grow up and love somebody please!

  32. Please don’t assume that you are the only one who has “grown up and loved someone”. I am also a pastor who deals with broken people from the church and the brokeness of all types of sin. I am particularly compassionate towards those in sexual sin because of my own history of sexual abuse and its subsequent dysfunction. In my eyes your post has a tone of self righteousness in it. Loving someone is not the oppossite of declaring the truth. As a pastor you should know the difference between going to a false church where folk have rejected the gospel for a lie and going to minister to people who have not heard the truth of the gospel. Paul, the apostle wisely (under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit) said a ‘little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.”
    What frustrates me and sometimes angers me are Christians who make their living as Christian “artists”, sign autographs for their books and CD’s etc. and then don’t want to be held accountable to a “Christian” (and I mean BIBLICAL ) ethic as it relates to ministry.

    When Jesus went to the Pool of Bethesda where the people mistakenly believed an angel came and troubled the water for the first person whjo was able to scramble into it ( a superstition and false belief system connected in a disjointed way to Judaism GOD never healed or heals people based on competition). He asked the man: “You wanna get well and get out of here? Get up and get your bed and let’s go.” (my paraphrase). Jesus didn’t go there to entertain the man in his false beliefs or console him in his reasoning around his paralysis. He went to the place, challenged the man with Light and got him out of there. Can you imagine Jesus going around telling all the poor souls mistakenly looking for hope from a lie; “Oh, I love you too. Yaweh bless you, it’s been wonderful to meet you. My Sermon on the Mount is on sale for your benefit.” I wonder if the remuneration for Cynthia’s appearance was sent ahead of time or did she recieve it after her concert. See, I know how this mess works. Maybe Cynthia should grow up and learn the truth about which she has sung for the past 40 years! Also from my knowledge of the industry many Christian performers see every “open door” as an opportunity for ministry. That open door is rarely opened for free. Growing up may mean going to sing somewhere where there is no honorarium. Or routinely going to a shelter to sing for the homeless with no camera or reporter.

    I share the gospel with all people with whom I have sustained contact. Gay, Straight, Atheist, Agnostic, etc. All of which I work with on a daily basis.
    You are right about this: Grown up Christians a re perfected in LOVE. Let’s strive for balance.

  33. I believe Cynthia Clawson has indeed taken a business attitude about her ministry. She will sing wherever she is invited and paid to sing. Perhaps she is putting her business (ministry) ahead of conviction. Homosexuals who are attending churches are not going there to repent. In these cases they are going to churches who accept them for why they are (gay) and that is not church at all. There are no real gay churches. They are just churches who have compromised the truth for worldly and sinful practices. Clawson’s excuse is just justification so she can go sing where she wants and do a gig. She is compromising her moral views for the sake of her living. God hates sin! God loves sinners. Any church who speaks the truth will address sin. People for example who go to a church and are having sex outside of marriage will hear about MARRIAGE and that a Christian should not be having sex before hey are married. Guys watching porn will hear about porn being sin and should not be doing it. Teens thinking about having sex with their boyfriends will hear that you should not have sex as a teen. In addition to the commandments and Jesus fulfillment. To be pure, not to lie, steal, worship idols, lust, kill, etc. Dealing with sin should be a churches highest priority and encouraging and helping people to turn away, repent, and Christians to stop sinning and trusting God (and doing his will). To have a close relationship with the Lord, prayer, Bible reading, worship, ministry, witnessing. ANYONE who runs a church and accepts people openly who sin is no church I would ever go to, let alone sing or preach. There’s a difference between churches that have sinners come in and churches that ACCEPT people who are openly practicing sinful lifestyles. Naturally people are sinful and that’s why a good church will always deal with that issue. And it’s true some people even who go to church can have bondages (Porn, smoking, alcohol, immorality). But those people know that they are doing wrong, and they can be helped at church to allow God to break bondages in their life by turning to God. But these churches are OPEN, you can practice a gay lifestyle and its okay! Nobody would be able to speak against them openly in this church because it’s the church who accepts them. God made man in his image and woman to be for man. One of the greatest moral sins is a man who turns to a man for sex. This kind of bondage is very hard to break and the world is reinforcing that it is okay! Other types of sin can be turned away from more easily but a lifestyle of immorality that is praised by the world and runs deep into people’s souls is very hard indeed to break. A couple living together might get married and go to church and get married (forgiven for their sex outside of marriage). A thief might go to jail and turn to God (and turn away from his crime). A drug addict might go to treatment, turn to God, and get into the church ad repent. But sins that are a DEEP lifestyle that are taken as a lifelong practice with the praises of the world’s acceptance can be VERY hard to ever break. And if nobody wants to speak against it, how will anyone ever get conviction? Another example of this might be Hugh Hefner (the playboy lifestyle). Such a lifestyle is so much praised by the world, accepted, and sought after that someone who ever achieves it may never turn away from it. But in the end it will lead to ruin because without conviction and repentance, a person can never be saved. Without turning away from sin, nobody can be saved. You can’t be saved, and keep being a homosexual, or a playboy, a porn star, a swinger, etc. The whole idea of accepting the Lord, admitting your sin, repenting, showing sorrow for your sin and regret, and turning to the Lord for sanctification and salvation is what being saved and church is all about.

  34. I think you forget that all sin is bondage which leads only to DEATH. Jesus is the only escape from this bondage and the heart of His gospel is the freedom from the bondage of sin. Make no mistake, anyone in sin (homosexuality and ALL the rest) suffers the same torment that plagued mankind since the fall. To "embrace" people that are enslaved to this sin without showing them the way to be free is the same as hanging out with a terminally ill person while carrying the cure to his disease in your pocket without giving it to them. It doesn't help them.

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