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Okay, we know we control content fairly tight here and we try our best to keep discussion flowing along theological/biblical parameters,  but for the first time ever  [[[drumroll]]] GCM Watch introduces the open forum free fall better known as “O3”.

But dont let the title fool you. You can talk about and post anything, but not anything. Read between the lines. Posts will still be moderated for ugly language and ugly links (dissension does not necessarily constitute ugliness, but, please,  no gratuitous self promotion without attempting to interact with others). In addition, all first time comments will remain moderated. All general commenting policies apply.

Now that you know…Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Our first “open forum”

  1. Perfect!

    Topic #1. Pulpit Pimps like Rod Parsley and John Hagee are endorsing John McCain.

    With all the flack Obama has received over his Pastor (and rightly so) now we see some of the Prosperity Pimps coming forward and endorsing John McCain. Pastor Jeremiah Wright is far more incendiary and down right anti-American, however the afore mentioned Pimps have their issues too.

    Topic #2. Recent natural disasters.

    With the terrible situations in China, the starvation happening in over 40 countries because of the food crises, and the recent tsunami in Burma do you think this is the beginnings of the end times?

    Topic #3. Is Christianity dead in the West?

    With are pampered lifestyle it seems that we in the West, in particular America lack the fire to evangelize. Will God allow this to go unpunished?

    Topic #4. the recent gay marriage ruling in California.

    I find it ironic that in the 1990s when this push began that many evangelicals stood firmly against this. However it seems now we are reaching a point where the Church has either capitulated or views on homosexuality are changing. The danger of either of these is disturbing.


  2. #1- Personally I think the whole lot of em are rotten to the core. The pimps and the politicians. Sometimes I cant tell em apart.

    #2 – All I can say is wow. My neighbor told me last week God is trying to get someone’s attention. I told her “He definitely has mine”.

    #3 – Maybe, but the church of Jesus Christ is alive and well!!

    #4 – now this may be the beginning of the end.

  3. First, allow me to say that I’ve been a “regular” visitor to this site for a while. I discovered this site from a google search I did. I was listening to Tonex’s interview with Tim Dillinger and heard the name “Yvette Flunder” mentioned and did a search on that name – the gcmwatch page popped up in that search, and I’ve been “hooked” ever since.

    I kinda wanted to comment on Kyle’s comments.

    #1 – I still don’t understand how a Bible-believing Christian can endorse/support any of the remaining candidates for president. And, I don’t understand why Christians don’t even consider that there are more than Democrats and Republicans running for president and that a third-party candidate may be more in agreement with the word of God than McCain, Obama, and Clinton (let’s be real – there ARE surely candidates for president who line up with God’s word more than the aformentioned candidates… but they don’t have the $$$ that they have).

    #2 – I’m just waiting to see what God will allow to happen here in the U.S. next. All these things have happened, yet the nation and especially the church refuses to be humble. 9/11 happened, and instead to being humble, people went to find bin Laden and the terrorist and turned to patriotism (which is really a form of idolatry – people worshipping America…). Then Hurricane Katrina and her girls (Rita and Wilma) came through, and folks STILL refuse to be humble. When will America and the church in America be humble. What will God have to allow to humble us?

    #3 – Hmmm… see my #2 comment.

    #4 – The thing with California is this – the people didn’t decide to allow gay marriage – the courts decided to allow gay marriage. Same thing in Massachusetts (and in Canada). It’s not so much that the majority of people are for gay marriage, it’s that the judges have decided to allow it. But, I’m not surprised…. I’m sure we’ll see all kinds of wickedness throughout the land before it’s all said and done.

  4. Topic #1. Pulpit Pimps like Rod Parsley and John Hagee are endorsing John McCain.

    There are competing theories as how a Christian ought to approach the ballot box. One view says that it is justifiable to attempt to choose the lesser of two evils. Therefore, McCain may be seen as not a desirable candidate but perhaps preferable to Obama and consequently receive and endorsement. Another views says that a message needs to be sent to the political parties that if they go further to the left that NEITHER will get our vote and therefore a 3rd party will be chosen even if there is no hope that such a candidate will win, for the sake of making a statement and perhaps creating momentum for the next election for a viable 3rd party. I have not made up my mind on this issue yet.

    Topic #2. Recent natural disasters.

    You need to study history, such natural disasters have been going on for thousands of years. Stop trying to interpret the Bible via the newspaper. BTW, we have been in the “end times” or “last days” for 2,000 years. For example, in Acts 2:16-21 we read of Peter’s interpretation of Joel 2: ” ..but THIS is what was spoken of through the prophet Joel: ‘and it shall be in the Last Days: God says, ‘That I will pour forth , of my spirit on all mankind….” and Hebrews 1:2 states, “…in these Last Days has spoken to us in His Son…”

    Topic #3. Is Christianity dead in the West?

    I believe that Christianity has been weakened in some ways in the West (Europe/North America) but it is far from dead. Again, you need to study history. For example, would you believe that the city of San Francisco is more godly now that it was in the 1800’s? That sounds shocking but during the Gold Rush days the murder rate was over 500 a year and while homosexuality wasn’t mainstreamed there were a gazillon of other Sodom-like sins going on. There are actually a number of very godly churches in the city, though far from perfect, that did not exist there 100 years ago. Change comes slowly, but the kingdom is advancing! Likewise, the Sierra foothills (where the gold is) were loaded with whore houses and other sorts of places of ill-repute, now there are evangelical churches all over the place. We tend to have a very limited perspective on what is going on and every generation has a tendency to think that theirs is the worst and that “it was better way back then.” This is a rather myopic view of our circumstances.

    Topic #4. the recent gay marriage ruling in California.

    Two comments:

    First, the church tends to think short term and if they don’t get their desired results as fast as they can get a hamburger from McDonalds they quickly become dishearten, give up the fight and then pray for a fictitious secret rapture to come take them away.

    Second, whether gay marriage becomes legal or not it is a loss for the church. Why? Because either way you are looking to the government to define marriage. Sorry, THAT is not their prerogative and their issuance of marriage licenses is unBiblical. Marriage is a familial covenant ordained by God. It is not within the jurisdiction of the state to define marriage anymore than it is for them to define a church. Yet, the odds are the average church has Caesar as its master because it has accepted a 503(c) status which grants the government the right to define your congregation as a church and dictate what it can or cannot teach. Don’t believe me? Look to the north, preaching against homosexual sex is already a hate crime in Canada. To incorporate with the state is to allow the government to become a master over the church. (Matthew 6:24) The church’s response to the state should NOT be “The government needs to define marriage as a lawful union between a man and a woman” but rather “The government does not have the right to define marriage or issue marriage licenses.” We need to get the state our of our homes and out of our churches.

  5. Jude encourages the believers of his time to “defend” God’s unchanging truth, we’re also encouraged to
    “Prove all things” “rightly dividing the word of truth”. The debate between Mr. Don Preston and Mr. Melvin Jones
    is as biblical as it gets when there’re disagreements between believes, every believer should be thrilled
    that the man of God has chosen not act as the world, but as men of God trying eschatology by the Word of God.

    Don K. Preston in an Up Coming Radio Debate
    You can listen to the debate live, on http://www.Covenantradio.com on May the 22, at 7 Eastern time, 6 Central time.
    Depending on the time available, there may be two propositions. Don K. Preston will affirm the following.
    Resolved: The Bible teaches that the Second (i.e. final) coming of Christ occurred at the time of the fall of Jerusalem in A. D. 70.
    : The Bible teaches that the Second (i.e. final) coming of Christ occurred at the time of the fall of Jerusalem in A. D. 70.
    Don K. Preston: affirm
    Melvin Jones: Deny.
    If time permits, Mr. Jones will also have an affirmative, which will be:
    Resolved: The Bible teaches that due to Jewish unbelief and rejection of Jesus in the first century, the Davidic Kingdom was postponed until the Second Coming of Christ which will occur at the end of the current Christian age.
    : The Bible teaches that due to Jewish unbelief and rejection of Jesus in the first century, the Davidic Kingdom was postponed until the Second Coming of Christ which will occur at the end of the current Christian age.
    Melvin Jones: Affirm
    Challenge your eschatology, because it’s not what I believe, it’s what the bible affirms is Truth……..

  6. Sorry for the late approvals of comments. I have been away. Some remarks were not approved due to sheer and astonishing ignorance.

  7. I agree the controversy over public bathrooms is one huge issue we all face. I agree not every man dressed as a woman should be in a womans restroom. Thats just wrong, but then where do you draw the lines. There is just as much if not more danger for a trans gendered man to use a mens restroom than them using the womens restroom. I am afraid all we can do is have unisex one stall bathrooms for those not so large places then who knows what to do in other places. I agree as well that children should not be exposed to the wrong things as well. I fear mostly that we are pointing the finger again at the transsexuals when in reality its those that pose as something they are not which is the real danger. I wish there was a real solid line on this, but there just is not and have seen other forums split apart in arguments just over this one issue.

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