A gay christian, by any other name

TBN host Azariah Southworth states why he chose to become a gay christian. Far from being original in his explanation, its already apparent that he has adapted quickly to the homosexual spirit. Its also apparent that the Spirit of Christ is not in him. That’s the result of choosing a false identity over Christ. No matter how much a person co-ops the name of Jesus, the real spirit operating and dominating you is what will reveal itself most.

Despite repeated calls, TBN’s media company refused to clarify TBN’s position on homosexuality or the employment status of it gay host.

Addendum: This is the documentary Southworth he says he watched, noting that it influenced his decision to become a gay christian. Unless I missed something, I heard nothing about studying the scriptures or talking with my pastor, praying and seeking God, etc. Only talking with friends and doing “research”.



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  1. You can’t be a Christian and claim to be a homosexual since you are saying to God, “Lord, I love you but I will continue to commit grevious sins against you whether you like it or not.


  2. Its also apparent that the Spirit of Christ is not in him.

    You got that right!

    He says Christians are not supporting him. He does not realize, that’s love. Love of God over love of him rebelling against God.

  3. To be honest, I feel sorry for this guy. I’m not angry with him, nor do I question the SINCERITY of his faith.

    But I do question the GROUNDS of his faith in that it is not according to the knowledge of the Scriptures.

    He reminds me of a Mormon who is very SINCERE about his faith but sadly has been sold a lie.

    It is guys like him that I wish I could sit down over a cup of coffee and explain to him the pervasive nature of the fall and our sin nature in that it can affect our emotions, our reasoning, how we understand ourselves and the world around us.

    He also needs to know that CHANGE is possible, though it is a gradual and life-long battle if you are willing by faith to do the hard work of reorienting your mind rather than being conformed to this world.

    Temptation is never ending in this life, but victory is found in Jesus Christ. Giving in to Homosexual sin (like all other sins) is like trying to quench your thirst with water from the ocean. In the long run it will only leave you more thirsty and will eventually it will kill you.

    I will pray for Azariah Southworth, that the Lord will grant him repentance and that he will find the truth – not in Freudian psychology or Reparative Therapy but in the Scriptures which are able to equip the man of God for every good work.

  4. Rik, I too feel a sorrow for him. What he really needs he wont find until he agrees with God and forsakes all to follow Jesus. To many of those who fall into such deception truly want Christ but are unwilling to part with this “one thing”. Like the rich young ruler they choose to walk away feeling justified in one aspect.

    On the other hand there is an anger that the church is allowing this deception to dilute the message of conviction required for a person to see their need for Jesus and the reality that the need for Christ will never be met unless you see yourself as “a wretch undone” rather than someone who wants a “seat at the table”.

  5. In my approach to confronting those who are in sin I keep in mind Jude’s exhortation, “…keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting anxiously for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to eternal life. And HAVE MERCY on some, who are doubting; save others, snatching them out of the fire; and on some HAVE MERCY WITH FEAR, hating even the garment polluted by the flesh.” (Jude 21-23)

    I believe in beginning with mercy knowing that “it is His kindness that leads us to repentance.” (Romans 2:4)

    I approach a person with grace, love and patience. But when the sinner does not want to listen, is obstinate or mocks the truth then I unload the full weight of the law.

    Then if they still do not want to listen I leave them to the judgment of God rather than continuing to cast pearls of wisdom before the swine. (Matthew 7:6)

    Many prostitutes, tax-collectors and so forth repented of their sin because of Jesus’ merciful demonstration of grace and love towards them without words of condemnation. Mercy, grace and love can also be demonstrated as a “message of conviction.” His strongest words of rebuke and judgment were for the religious hypocrites. (Matthew 23)

    I do not believe in either the “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life” approach nor the “God hates you, turn or burn” approach. One is a soft message without a call to repentance, the other is a hard loveless message.

    Both are a misrepresentation of the gospel of a hope for change (life-long repentance), the forgiveness of sin and the call to discipleship.

  6. Yes that spirit has him reasoning alright. I noticed the change in his speech pattern; yet at first he seemed to have a struggle saying the word ‘gay ‘.

    It is odd to think that God would not see gender even tho He created a man and a woman. If this would be the case how could He then see the Just and the Unjust. You see this is where this sort of thinking is heading… total Acceptance, total tolerance. It stems from ‘well God created me this way’. No He did not. Because with that thinking we are bound to say: since He created sinners what is all the fuss about.

    No sin, no repentence, and no need for a Saviour; just a god who likes to hang out with mankind and generously hand out. What’s next, taking down the cross and putting up a peace sign?

    I too feel for him, because he has no leadership to direct him in the ways of God.

  7. I believe in God and His Word and what He says is sin is sin.

    There is no in between with God. God is not lukewarm.

    What did Jesus say to the woman caught in adultery “neither do I condemn you; GO AND SIN NO MORE”.

    When we repent of the sin and ask God to help us overcome by the power of His Holy Spirit indwelling us that is exactly what He does.

    I have had horrible sins that seemed impossible to overcome but when God showed me my sins were sins, I repented and asked God’s forgiveness and to cleanse me and mould me into the image of His Son, OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST, and He did exactly that.


  8. Danni it couldnt be put more simply. There is no other option, we have to agree with God that sin is sin and in order to enjoy relationship with him we must disavow what he has said is wrong even if we find it in us.

  9. All I can say is wow. I feel badly for his mislead belief, however, I do feel the role of other christians is to love him and show him that Gods grace is limitless and that Jesus does love him through his sin, and He loves all of us through our sin. Great is God’s faithfulness, his mercies are new everyday! Hopefully this guy will see beyond his gayness to the reality and grace of God, and the change that can happen in his life if he really allows God to work!
    Just my humble opinion.

  10. Thank GOD Azariah had the courage to come out of his closet. He’s a better person for it, a more Godly person, and he’s helping to expose the lie of homosexual sin.

    He knew this wouldn’t be easy. He knew there were people (like this blog’s author and most of the commenters so far) whose love for him was conditional. What a deceptive kind of love that is.

    Thank GOD he also knew that GOD’s love for him is without boundaries.

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