GCM Watch plans to monitor Soulforce Atlanta visit

Pastor DL Foster, along with supporters of GCM Watch will be at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, this Sunday to observe and report on the actions of Soulforce members who have targeted mega churches in an effort to spread false doctrine about homosexuality and scripture. Both June 2nd services will be monitored.

GCM Watch plans to monitor Soulforce in order to determine whether or not what they place on their website is actually what happened on site. Additionally, since Soulforce is seeking dialogue, we are challenging Sylvia Rhue and associates to a public debate on homosexuality and scripture.

GCM Watch has also engaged in conversation with New Birth officials seeking permission to hand out information about Soulforce real intentions and information about coming out of homosexuality.

Additional monitors are needed. If interested in joining GCM Watch to assist with this monitoring action, please contact us at gcmwatch@yahoo.com

UPDATE 05.30.05/12:59pm est

We have had several indepth conversations with Dan Renee, media director for New Birth. Renee stated that Soulforce contingent is small and no meeting is scheduled between Soulforce and Bishop Long (who is out of town) nor any members of the New Birth staff.  He said per written visitor agreements signed by Soulforce, there would be no disruption of any type expected. Renee could not aswer whether gay couples dressing alike or wearing Soulforce identification badges could be considered disruptive to the worship service. He said that Soulforce may or may not engage members of the church at the “Welcome Center”.  

Renee said that New Birth had only spoken to the group for the first time on Tuesday and he was given an assurance by Soulforce that they were only coming to “worship.” That is in contradiction to Sylvia Rhue’s somewhat militant statement “It’s not that we just want to worship, we want to meet with Bishop Long, and have an official meeting, or outing or a picnic with the church.”

However, Renee said no such meetings would take place regarding homosexuality.  We are advising concerned New Birth members to monitor the church Welcome Center and be prepared to offer truth about homosexuality should Soulforce break its agreement not to engage in such conversations.

GCM Watch will attend to monitor any activites and conversations regarding Soulforce false beliefs.

UPDATE #2 – The gay newspaper Southern Voice made known its intentions to send a reporter cover Sunday’s service. Reporter Matt Shafer said an email to GCM Watch that a “preview article” is scheduled for the web edition today.


9 thoughts on “GCM Watch plans to monitor Soulforce Atlanta visit

  1. And, I ask, will you be requesting a meeting with Soulforce? Will you be chatting with the members and hearing their stories?

    Don’t monitor anything, participate. I can bet Soulforce would be happy to chat with you. Don’t lurke on the sidelines as if you are monitor at study hall. Sit down and talk with these people. We are all humans here. No need to lurke or monitor. Talk, talk, talk….

    Soulforce is asking to have a conversation, be part of it.

  2. See, the problem with the “talk, talk, talk” issue is that Biblical truth has already given the directive as it pertains to those who “choose” to live sexually immoral lives. As Foster pulled the scripture, and as the Word specifically states, “do not even eat with such persons….vs. 13 of 1 Cor. 6 says “therefore, put away from yourselves the evil person.”

    Now, Brummer, if you want to contend with that, take that up with The Holy Spirit that inspired the Scripture. So, now if you want to debate the Scriptures, sure, but this picnic thing Ms. Rhue is talking about….nah, that ain’t happening. You know as well as others that Soulforce has an agenda to push and it is not to just sit, each and chat. It is to engage and to use well established ministries for marketing/PR purposes, among other things.

    Let’s reason the scriptures together…from one human to another. And when we do, please don’t quote Mr. White’s debunked book for reference.

    Foster, do your thing! It’s always good to have a watchman in the tower. Any smart army leader would do the same.

  3. Pastor Foster,

    We are in desperately wicked times. The ecumenical movement has spread from a group of mainline protestant churches to every fringe group who calls themselves Christians including the GCM.

    We are now witnessing the convergence of those leaders in the Pimp racket with the GCM movement. If you take a look at Soul Force’s web page you will see Joel Osteen.

    Therefore we should not be surprised by the likes of Osteen, Jakes, and Long embracing this movement. The ecumenical net is being cast even farther beyond. The antichrist will no doubt have his one world religion soon. As for you and I and others expect the persecution to increase as God separates the wheat and tares.


  4. Hey DL – We’ll be praying for you as you attend this event. It’s troubling that these people are so desperate that they insist on disturbing God-centered times of worship. Let’s touch base next week. Blessing to you and your family — Steve

  5. Soulforce has constructed a facade to mask politically correct indoctrination – all with a “Christian” label attached!

    Been there, done that.

    However, the “Speak Out” I had attended years ago was at a local college. The dialogue was between “liberals and conservatives.”

    Apparently, the moderator of the first one (which I didn’t attend but read about in the paper) started the conversation with conservatives this way:

    Halfway through the discussion, Professor Mufson, perhaps sensing that no conservative voices were being advanced, asked the audience, “Are there any heterosexual homophobes out there who want to express an opinion?” Several times he asked for “homophobes” to join in.

    I was struck speechless. “Homophobe” is a derogatory term. For the professor to use that term to intimidate conservatives —- especially after a discussion about how gender-different people decry the use of the “f” word —- was appalling.

    I asked Mufson later why he addressed conservatives as blanket homophobes.

    Who in the audience, I asked, would feel safe to respond when labeled so unfairly? Mufson said he was sorry that the term prevented me from speaking at the forum but said he was using it “tongue-in-cheek.”

    (Memo to conservatives: It’s OK to use derogatory terms as long as you use them tongue-in-cheek.)

    I did attend the second one. There were @65 people in attendance (down from the 100 that attended the first one). Sixty people were liberals, 5 (including me), were conservatives. Each of us got a turn at speaking. There was one woman who went into a rabid diatribe against Christians who “hate” homosexuals. She really made me feel welcome, safe to express my views and share some of my Christian faith! /sarcasm

    When it was my turn, that particular woman had already left (thank God!) First, I shared a Bible verse. Next, I briefly shared Stephen Bennett’s (Hi Stephen!) testimony about how Christ set him free from homosexuality. You could have heard a pin drop. My voice was shaking – but I got it out. When I was finished, most people clapped! Some had tears in their eyes.

    At the end of the forum, a few people approached me with some questions. One female student was apparently moved by the real-life experiences and struggles I had shared regarding Stephen’s conversion. She wanted to know more about the strength and healing he had obtained through his return to faith. We discussed the meaning of forgiveness and repentance. She shared some concerns about a lesbian friend and I offered some words of encouragement. We had a brief but nice discussion.

    I remember leaving that event thinking that a glimmer of hope had shined through for more breakthrough discussions in the future.

    A week later, I arrived for the third session. Only four people showed up! Two conservatives and two liberals. The liberal couple wore hats that said, “we love our gay sons.” We spoke briefly, but about a half hour later we thought maybe the event was canceled. What a shame.

    Recently found out that the dad of the two gay sons passed away earlier this year.

    I don’t know the exact reason why the third event was cancelled and/or not highly attended. Perhaps the fact that conventional, liberal ideas about gender-identity issues were successfully challenged by only five conservatives who spoke at the last meeting was enough for them to decide that they really don’t welcome such dialogue.

    Soulforce has aptly named itself. They want to force their liberal agenda upon Bible-based Christians.

    This is where we get to the heart of the matter. What liberal groups like “Soulforce” actually want is for Christian conservatives to remain silent at such gatherings – and for those who only agree with Soulforce’s liberal, reprobate ideology to share their rhetoric to their hearts’ content. They don’t want to talk with us, they want ot talk TO US!

    That, in a nutshell, describes my experience of such gatherings at that “Speak Out” session six years ago.

  6. D.L,

    My previous comment must have gone into the spam filter!

    Here are the Bible verses (used NLT version) that I shared with the “Speak Out” group before I told them Stephen’s testimony:

    Pro 15:1 A gentle answer turns away wrath, but harsh words stir up anger.

    Pro 15:30 A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health.
    Pro 15:31 If you listen to constructive criticism, you will be at home among the wise.
    Pro 15:32 If you reject criticism, you only harm yourself; but if you listen to correction, you grow in understanding.
    Pro 15:33 Fear of the Lord teaches a person to be wise; humility precedes honor.

  7. I hope this will bring an end to this question.

    Please show some proof where Joe Dallas is teaching or has taught anyone, anywhere, at anytime that divorce is good. Please cite any information showing where Joe Dallas has stated that divorce is not a sin nor did Jesus say anything about it. Please show clearly where Joe Dallas has encouraged other Christians to get a divorce because that’s “who they are”. Also please provide evidence that Joe Dallas has not repented of having a divorce.

    When you can provide this information, your question will be answered in full.

    Until that time, please dont make anymore comments about it.

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