Episcopals seize another church for rejecting rule of homosexual bishop

The Episcopal Church continues its vindictive rampage against any church refusing to accept the spiritually illegal rule of Bishop Vickie Gene Robinson.

From a Truth Ministry Press Release

“The ripples from a worldwide trend have reached our city. The Episcopal Church, the American branch of the worldwide Anglican Communion, is in the midst of turmoil over its view of homosexuality. This is causing difficulties for Dr. Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is struggling to sustain unity in his denomination. This turmoil has intensified since Gene Robinson, who is openly living in a homosexual relationship, was consecrated as Bishop in 2003. Many churches, including an Episcopal church in Spartanburg, SC, have been devastated by this situation.

Father George GraySpartanburg’s St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, led by Father George Gray, made the decision to maintain a conservative position regarding homosexuality and the Bible. They have stated that the Bible names homosexuality as sinful behavior from which a person can be redeemed and healed. St. Christopher’s has been the only Episcopal church that supported Truth Ministry, a Spartanburg-based, Christian ministry offering counsel and support for those affected by unwanted homosexuality. Since the Episcopal denomination in large part is continuing to move toward a more liberal view, St. Christopher’s church provided an option for its members to withhold their regular payments to the Episcopal Church.

Because of this stance, the church property was seized by the Episcopal Bishop and the Diocese of Upper South Carolina, and Father George was dismissed as rector. Immediately, about 150 church members joined him in starting a house church which has been meeting for about three weeks. Beginning Sunday, June 1, the group will meet at the Chapman Cultural Center in Spartanburg. On that morning, Anglican Bishop T. J. Johnston will attend the 10 o’clock service to affirm their stance and to bless their new formation as All Saints Church.

The world is looking to the American church for leadership in this crucial time, but the American church is quickly leaving its spiritual roots. The Episcopal Church is only one of many who are struggling with rewriting policies regarding homosexuality and, in some cases, attempting to rewrite the Bible itself. At Truth Ministry, we applaud Father George Gray and the new members of All Saints Church for proclaiming the truth from God’s word that freedom from homosexuality is possible.”


6 thoughts on “Episcopals seize another church for rejecting rule of homosexual bishop

  1. The headline is a factual mis-statement, calculated to polarize rather than heal divisions within the Episcopal Church. If someone does not believe that an openly gay bishop should be ordained that is fine.

    But is it surprising that those who want to steal a Church, and take it away from the Anglican Communion because they disagree with this particular policy will not be allowed to do so? I am not surprised that the Anglican Church won’t allow them the take the Church Building.

    I have always thought it was much to the credit of the Anglican Church that, although doctrinally very close to other major Christian churches, was fundamentally different in temperment.

  2. St. Christopher’s did not give up the church, it was taken from them. How is that “factually misleading” when it is clear that’s what happened, regardless of the reason?

  3. Well, simply they don’t have to leave the Anglican communion, they have done so. I would strongly urge them not to do so. If they do decide to leave the Anglican Communion, they can’t take Church property with them.

    I wish they would not leave, and don’t understand why they are. Everyone respects their views, even if they may disagree.

  4. How is staying an option under such oppression? Everyone “respects” their views? If they did, the oppression of dissident churches would not occur in the first place, thus there would be no need to leave.

    Stop making excuses for purveyors of religious oppression. The leadership of the Episcopal church is operating under a vindictive spirit intent on forcing members of the church to accept the homosexual bishop despite the clear teachings of scripture.

  5. The question comes up “Who owns the building?” and that is where things get tricky. In some places the parishes are owned by parish trustees, in others, they are held in the name of the bishop.

    When it is trustee-owned, withdrawing congregations can often “take the bricks & mortar with ’em”… When the bishop owns it, the bishops keeps it.

    More accurate to say these folks had their rector (an “employee” of the bishop) fired, and got locked out of the church the bishop owns for dissenting against him. Parish churches belong to the wider diocese which in turn belongs to the wider church.

    I am sorry they don’t like the direction of TEC, but inasmuch as they belonged to a church that puts doctrine to a vote every so often… and had grown especially prone to manipulation from idealogues, it is time to accept that there was always a chance that the votes would one day come in for this sort of teaching… It might also be time to examine what Church has not fallen into these false teachings and consider why not… But barring that…

    150 people don’t need a huge church… Each member giving an average of $25 a week, 52 weeks a year, plus fundraising… In the course of 36 months of meeting weekly in a home, the basement of another church, a store front, whatever… they would have:

    150 * 25 * 52 * 3 = $585,000.

    If they want to really demonstrate a commitment to discipleship and demonstrate the value of the church in their lives if each of these 150 members endeavored to donate or fundraise at an average of $45 a week ($6.43 per day):

    52 * 3 * 150 * 45 = $1,053,000

    I bet that would pay for a church in Spartanburgh, SC.

    Give up cable, plan a vacation closer to home, avoid turning the AC on, drive less, drive that paid off car longer, eat at home, quit smoking, give up soda pop… Throw a monthly pancaker dinner, a few raffles, rummage sales, bake sales one a month, etc. It is manageable. If you want to build a church that will be your legacy to your children, grandchildren and all those who convert or come after you, in the light of eternity, that is a small price to pay over 36 months to start anew.

    So let the dead bury the dead and let TEC have the bricks and mortar. They are hemmoraging left and right and in the next 20 years they are going to be a much smaller church of idealogues that have wrested control of an institution, with all of its money and what will be left of the “Episcopal Church™” prestige…

    If these people believe they have a faith worth fighting for, and it is worth it to leave the church they were in… Well making a firm commitment to build might be what is needed.

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