A Historic Year

Today is a historic day for Gay Christian Movement Watch as we celebrate the goodness of God over the past year. GCM Watch was launched on June 1, 2007 to the fanfare of 4 visitors. Today, a milestone has been reached to the glory of the Father God.

Watch. And Pray, Jesus challenged us. His charge came because after his earthly departure, the church would be beset by false teachers, false christs and false doctrines. Their goal, through subversive tactics would be to kill, steal and destroy the flock of God.  Jesus himself fought against the false teachers of his day and adamantly opposed their tactics of leading people away from God, rather than to God.

We began covering and reporting on the activities of leaders of the gay christian movement, their doctrines, and public statements and  subsequently applied scripture as our basis for judgment.  Our goal was to ensure that the body of Christ was informed, warned and equipped to handle this growing, but seemingly secret invasion into the church. Today, one year later, that remains our goal.

What we discovered along the way is that by and large the gay christian movement is deceptive at best and disingenuous in their dealings with the Church. Some of those who have entered their concerts, and similar events said they were drawn there under less than truthful pretenses.  We have reported on the bizarre practices of prominent gay christian clergy. Practices such as libations to the dead, masturbating while fantasizing Jesus as a physical lover, and trips to sex clubs. We understand that these immoral practices are not limited to the gay christian movement, but prior to  GCM Watch reporting them, they went virtually unnoticed.

Our voice and impact on this area of Christian struggle has grown steadily. Some of it can be rightly attributed to our enemies and their attempts to halt this work. Some of it due to our friends and supporters who understood the need for a strong declaration of God’s truth against this movement. And still others were just curious as to what GCM Watch was all about. But God gave the increase.

Thanks to that and the grace of God, GCM Watch recorded well over 200,000 visitors during this inaurgural year. The month of May broke all previous monthly records, with over 30,000 visitors for that month alone. Due to our intentional faithfulness to God’s Word, GCM Watch has emerged as the leading voice against the gay christian movement. We have equally advocated for repentance, reconciliation, and renewal based on the biblical witness. We are indebted to our blogging partners and others on numerous websites who have helped us to expose the unfruitful works of darkness as the Bible commands us to do.

As we approach our second year of service to the Body of Christ, we invite you to take a more active roll in helping us stand on guard to warn and remind those who have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. This year, we are instituting the Neighborhood Watch program.  If interested, please contact us. More details will be forthcoming. This month, we will also move to a dedicated domain name. We’ll post a notice when www.gcmwatch.com goes live. Additionally, we plan to issue public challenges for debates (or dialogue in liberal language) to leaders of the gay christian movement. We believe that if they feel so strongly that their beliefs are right, they should be willing to defend them in the public arena. All this and more in the coming year as our Lord gives us the grace and strength to accomplish the task at hand.

We believe that a radical return to holiness is the answer for the false teachings of the gay christian movement. As always, we champion the love of God, His unfailing grace and His unchanging standards for all people. Our desire as is His, that no man would perish but through repentance and acceptance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, become sons of God and servants in His Kingdom.



9 thoughts on “A Historic Year

  1. Ditto from me Pastor Foster, A big Congrats and Praise the Lord!

    God has used you and the blog greatly in the past year–may He continue to do so.

    God bless you and the work here at GcmWatch

  2. May the glorious light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ continue to shine through you as you stand for truth against homosexuality while showing the most excellent Way through love and conviction of the power of the Holy Ghost.

  3. Foster,
    I am by your side all the way, my brother!!! You have been such an inspiration to me over the years. I know it was God that allowed me to meet you and your wonderful wife and because of God’s grace, my life has changed. I love you, my brother, and thank you for your unwavering faith in preaching the unadulterated Word of God—–straight, no chaser!!

  4. Congratulations pastor!!
    I praise God for you and the work you are doing here. You don’t know how many lives you have affected for eternity! Mine being one!
    Stand strong my brother.

  5. Congrats Pastor Foster!

    I praise God through Jesus Christ that you are bold enough to stand for His truth!

    You’ve paved the way for “rabble rousers” like me to give my 2 cents in the blogosphere. Further, you’ve gone beyond the call of duty in seeking to debate those who claim to speak God’s truth.

    I pray that you continue to abide in Him and that your ministry continually serve as a beacon for deliverence – pointing others to Him until His return!

  6. HalleluYAH!
    Pastor Foster, I bid you GOD Speed with this ministry and I pray that the LORD raises you and your ministry to InterNational Prominence (Worldwide)! I pray for GOD’s protection with HIS Holy Angels and the BLOOD Covering of the LORD JESUS CHRIST!



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