In brief: coming and going

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Cry Loud has a very good write-up (warning) about leaving churches where leadership refuses or neglects cleaning up sexual immorality in the church. In this case at Bethel AME Church in Baltimore, a 12 year old girl fell victim to the 17,000 member church’s music director. The church is pastored by Dr. Frank Reid. While there is no indication that Reid knew of the man’s sexual dysfunction, it is a lesson to pastors not to ignore teaching and preaching sound, wholistic doctrine on sexual issues—both homosexual and heterosexual.

Additionally, if you are in a church and you KNOW that blatant sexual immorality is being overlooked and winked at, you should leave, but only after making it clear to leadership why you are leaving. For full effect, put it in writing and keep a copy.

Remember heterosexual sin is no less destructive than homosexual sin. I am however, struggling to understand why this mother would release her child into the hands of a grown man. I’m sure there is a message for parents in this tragic event, but we will address at a later time.