Reasons: gay deacons and no authority

I saw this at Hicktown Press.
Its just another glaring reason why pastors should get off the prosperity wagon to hell and preach and teach people how to live holy. The refusal to openly address all sexual issues with authority and compassion will produce more people like Deacon Jerome Pitchford of Holy Redeemer COGIC in Milwaukee.

In other news, despite the overindulgent obfuscation and numerous unneccesary lies told by New Birth staff members William Turner and Dan Renee, Bishop Eddie Long received Soulforce with open arms on Sunday. It would be a terrible waste of blog space to begin speculation as to why New Birth would feel the need to lie about and disguise its preplanned meeting with the gay christian group. But since pictures speak much more loudly that words, take a look at the “dialogue” that took place behind closed doors.

I’m getting the picture of a very frightened elephant wearing a pink tutu on a stool with six mice running circles around it while laughing. That’s just an analogy.

Whose pr strategy do you think won out? Soulforce or New Birth?

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  1. Pastor Foster,
    I do not know as firsthand knowledge, but I do remember before my eyes were opened when reading writings by Eddie Long and T.D. Jakes and watching their programs and going to Manpower in 2000–did not Eddie Long say that T.D. Jakes was his spiritual father or covering. I know I remember reading that somewhere by Eddie Long or hearing Eddie Long say it at Manpower (when)??? So if they are still boys, Eddie is going to go along with Jakes.! I am just speculating, but this is my hunch why Long received Soulforce because his boy T.D. did the same thing.

    GCMW: Enoch you are right. Bishop Long has stated before at MP (at least the one I attended in Charlotte) that Bishop Jakes was his “spiritual father”. So perhaps this is a copycat case. Although William Turner said that they were copying Joel Osteen’s approach. After seeing those pictures, Lakewood is looking like a hard nosed apostolic church compared to NB. This is much more simular to TD Jakes’ gushy “gee so glad yall came” approach.

  2. Am I reading too much into this caption..Bishop Eddie Long
    (right in photo) recognizes Rev. Troy Sanders
    (left) as someone he has either met before
    or has heard of

  3. Djenk, I could only stare. Simply astonishing. I had a few more analogies but I would be criticized for airing them.
    William Turner said they were not concerned with whatever “spin” Soulforce wanted to do so Im sure they are okay with the caption and its double entendre meaning given the circumstances.

  4. WOW………..Can believe it, but still can’t believe it.
    Truly the saddest part is that some will defend this behavior.

    Can we imagine the Messiah smoozing with people who were claiming to be his followers and simultaneously engaging in homosexual activities.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, answer Yes!!!
    Indeed, after Christ has put to bed all erroneous ideas of Homosexual activities being Holy, and if repentance doesn’t follow from the aforementioned individuals, that meeting would coming to a screeching halt. (Rich Young Ruler) No picture taking, nothing.

    Again……………Can’t believe it, but I Know to believe it.

  5. Don’t be surprised when gospel of inclusion becomes part of their sermons. The top men I believe will start this off will be Olsteen, Jakes, and Long.

    I believe within two years this topic will be open discussion on TBN. WHY? Because the children/grandchildren of these mega-pastors will fall prey to homosexuality.

    Thanks for keeping us on the cutting edge of news. As a final note, the pictures were quite disturbing.

  6. This grieves me to no end. For all the “bluster” that Bishop Long has given in the past to being against the practice of homosexuality. He certainly was quick to present a “sugary sweet’ image to the media, his congregation, as well as the deceived members of SoulForce. One question: did ANYBODY pull out a Bible during all these ‘meetings’??
    Where are the true bold soldiers that will take a stand and let the chips fall where they may?

    I hope Long and all these other “jelly-back pastors” can sleep at night knowing that they have pointed more souls to the BROAD road (which Jesus said leads ultimately to destruction).

  7. Pastor Foster, I sent you an email on the revelation that God gave me last night on the Gay Christian Movement. I tried to send it to email on this site and my email came back and then I went to your witness ministries site and sent it to the Witness2008 email. Please let me know if you got my email–Thanks and keep being a “Watchman on the Wall”!

  8. Ucanwalkonwater, I agree with your insight about the false gospel of inclusion. I believe it was Carlton Pearson when he was “Mainstream” who opened the doors for T.D. Jakes, Juanita Bynum, and a lot of the prominent Black televangelists in the 80s and early 90s.

  9. Against my better judgement, I clicked to view those pics.

    I guess Eddie Long really is as phony and shallow as he appears to be.

    Did Eddie remind Soulforce about his march through downtown Atlanta (with a torch lit at MLK’s tomb BTW) – denouncing their lifestyle choice and calling for them to repent?

    So much shucking and jiving and grinning in those pix that it sickens me. The Soulforce people were composed – the CNB people were acting like they were taking pictures with Jesus Himself!

    I always refuted the countless rumors I’ve heard about Long and company…maybe I should believe them now. Why else would he bow to their pressure?

    Anyone reading this blog must now realize that these issues have transcended the “GCM Watch” area of ministry – this is a boldfaced attempt to make the Gospel fall in step with their wicked agenda – and with Long and Jakes’ help – they’re well on their way.

    Oh, and Jakes is Long’s “spiritual daddy”. He’s confirmed it publicly during the 6 years I spent at CNB – and Jakes backs it up…

  10. My expections for anything righteous to come out of this bonified debacle were extremely low. As we said before none of these churches seem to have a good grip on sound doctrine and their leaders are just as shaky.

    My greater concern is the apparent influence of these churches will have on others who see them as role models. Thus, the disease of false doctrine will spread.

    Sidebar: Look at what New Birth has for your kids when they go there.

  11. Pimp Eddie not only met them after, but decked things out for them even before he gave his pimp words for the day.

    From the photo page:

    In their church’s Hospitality Suite, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church hosted a tasty breakfast for The American Family Outing. Staff members of the church joined us at the breakfast tables and
    visited with us. Following the breakfast we were directed to seats in the sanctuary where we
    were able to join in the morning worship and hear a powerful message delivered by Bishop
    Eddie Long

    First Eddie Long did a 180 on his stance of being totally against Louis Farrakhan, yucking it up with Farra-the-Con during a “Black America” meeting Long allowed to be hosted at his “church” building and now he’s yucking it up with Soulforce. He’s on the road where Jesus will say to him “I never knew you” and honestly I obviously didn’t know Eddie at all. I thought the pimp had at least some things he was against, wrong!

  12. PF,

    Did you hear Paula White also claimed TD Jakes as her spiritual Father? The Pimp racket has spread its wings very far. As you know from Independent Conservatives site and Pulpit Pimps we have seen the Pimp game spread like a virus. Now we have begun to see them embrace the Gay Christian Movement. This should not be a shock. The game for them is power, influence, and of course MONEY. We have seen the Pimps get involved in other cult denominations, other countries, politics, and now even the GCM. The reason I am expanding on this is because these people are literally casting a universalistic web which includes EVERYBODY – literally! Soon I expect TBN to have interfaith dialog with other religions.


  13. A web indeed Kyle….

    Carlton Pearson “birthed”
    TD Jakes

    Jakes, “father” to:
    Paula, Jaunita, Robert, Eddie

    Paula, “mother” to:

    Be sure to check our IST’s powetful expose of the “spiritual covering/daddy/father” money scheme.

    If anyone else knows more of the “family connections”, feel free to fill us in.

  14. WHOAH! When I watched that video for the Youth at New Birth–Pastor Foster, if you had not mentioned this was a church where the grounds are suppose to be holy, sanctified, and no allowance of unclean things–I would have thought this was at a Concert or a BET function–NOT a CHURCH!

    What are the Adults in that place THINKING–I don’t know if it is true or not, but up here in DC/Prince George’s MD, supposedly Kanye West was paid big time by a Large AME church to perform a concert either last year or 2006 or 2005? I believe Grainger Brownings Church–I cannot recall the name.

  15. You know what else is interesting. Eddie Long met with an overtly homosexual group, wearing a muscle shirt and a vest!

    Sure he’s always trying to show himself off in muscle shirts, but his wardrobe selection for the day given his audience is interesting…

  16. LOL@ IC.

    Personally I don’t read anything into that. Eddie Long has ALWAYS been one to wear tight shirts to show off his biceps. He would do that in front of any crowd because he is so narcissistic.


  17. PF,

    I viewed the expose. I did hear about Eddies spiritual son before. In fact I visited his website in the past. Very typical indeed. It’s always the Pimp and his arm candy wife. Sigh!


  18. A picture of a true Christian pastor along side of a Gay cult advocate should look like two boxers ready to duke it out, not like the Brady Bunch taking a photo op.

    If you see a picture of James White and John Shelby Spong it is obvious that they are on two opposite sides of the table in a debate, not two bosom buddies having a “gay ol’ time” with the Flintstones.

  19. I remember the Pre-pimp Long, who said that A.R. Bernard was his Spiritual father , and Dr. Edwin L. Cole was his Grandfather. Those days are ‘LONG’ gone

  20. The little boy tees are his MO regardless of gender so there’s no real surprise with that.

    @ Rik…I watched the Spong-White debates on youtube. Eddie Long and company, in contrast in the pictures looked like they were estatic at being told they were committing “spiritual violence”. Since the meeting was private, and New Birth will probably still deny they even had a meeting (think Clinton’s infamous “depends on what the meaning of is, is” statement) then who had who can only be discerned with the telling photos.

  21. I thought we were supposed to “shun the very appearance of evil”….so much for that scripture…correct, so much for the Word of God with CNB!

  22. You know, a lot of these folk misuse that term father. A spiritual father as I understand is one who has won you to Christ, discipled you and assisted in your spiritual development.

    I have observed on a local level and in the celeb pastors this tendency to call “father” or “mother” people who have taught them something or opened a door of opportunity.

    ! Corinthains 4 illustrates my point. Paul said the Corinthainas could have many teachers or tutors by not many fathers. He became their father through Christ; ie; the foundational work of the gospel to the Corinthian church.
    I have a friend who transferred from one church to the next and announced the Bishop there ; “Her Father after being there 3 weeks! I wanted to vomit. I knew who had “raised her up in Christ” (as we say) and he would have been so disappointed to hear that.
    These so called fathers a re really turos or teachers and unfortunately they are False Teachers on top of it all.

  23. I am not surprised at all by this turn of events. It is all about the $$$ with these people. Gay people have, power, $$$$, and are the new ‘minority cause celeb’. Much more pimping is possible with this group.

    I also thought it was an interesting wardrobe choice to wear the muscle shirt and vest to a meeting where you are talking with gay men. ???

    Sort of like a woman wearing a tight revealing outfit to a meeting of lesibans. What would that be about?

    File under Fast Eddie a ‘Ghetto Mess’. (and that is insulting the Ghetto)

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