Open appeal to Crystal Aikin

This is an open message from Gay Christian Movement Watch to Crystal Aikin of Tacoma, WA. Last year, Ms Aikin was the first winner of the talent show called Sunday Best on BET. Ms Aikin if you read this or if someone who knows you tells you about it, we have attempted several times to contact you. So far, there has been no response. If you have received our emails and want to tell your side of the story (which we intend to publish tomorrow), please respond or have one of your representatives to respond.

UPDATE: 06.06.08/1043am EST
Thankfully, we have heard from a representative of Crystal Aikin who asked that her name not be used, but said that she would talk to Ms Aikin and give her side of the story. By the way, we won’t mention what “the story” is until we hear from Ms Aikin or she declines to respond.


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