An analogy of the American church

Guest Commentary by Elder Grover Stephenson, Jr.
Believers Praise & Worship Fellowship
Clinton, MD

The American Church as a whole is represented in the Judges 17-21.  Each tribe mentioned and the particular people mentioned represent a different Christian and/or ministry/minister.  In Judges 17, we see the false gospel of prosperity–17:5…the man Micah (an Ephraimite) had an house of gods, and made an ephod, and teraphim and consecrated one of his sons, who became his priest. This is blatant heresy because the only ones who could be priest were from Levi.  Verse 7 holds the key to what has happened in the Black Church and the American Church as a whole. I am speaking to all denominations–the visual church, not the true and faithful spiritual Church body of saints.   There was no king (CHRIST) in Israel (American churches), but EVERY man did that which was right in his own eyes!  Big-time American churches as a whole have booted out the KING JESUS CHRIST and they are following the lusts of their own heart!  The Micah’s are the false “Christians” with itchy ears who control the purse strings to a lot of the Mega ministries–They are paying and feeding the Levite (prosperity shepherds/mega church shepherds)–see Verses 11-13.

The false teachings and doctrine in the majority of the prominent national ministries/ministers has been heresy and another gospel since the rise of Christian TV.  Rarely do they “lay down lives” for the sheep as Samson finally did (Judges 16:22-30) in the closing chapter of his life.  The old saints (American Christians born before the baby-boom generation) would have rebuked and cursed this generation that has produced a false gospel of prosperity, mega churches and the Joel Osteen’s, etc. They would have never allowed the spiritual apostasy, compromise and atmosphere we see today.

The result of the past 20-30 years has birthed the spiritual climate that has been birthed in the Black American and all of American churchdom in Judges 18.  This is revelation fresh from the press.  The false prosperity gospel  started with one man named Micah (in our times, Oral Roberts) in chapter 17. Now in Chapter 18 this heresy explodes into numbers driven versus being only one man (Judges 18:19).  Simularly, the so-called mega church with its mega prosperity and mega political influence was birthed by people seeking their own inheritance (Verse 1) and not seeking GOD.  There is no evidence in scripture that these people even talked to or sought the true and living GOD. 

Judges 18:30-31 closes with a depiction of gross idolatry in the Church.  This sets up the spiritual atmosphere that we have seen and will continue to see today in the churches at large.

I am astonished at what the HOLY SPIRIT is showing me right now in Judges 19.  Hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.

The Levite mentioned represents the “prosperity pimp political shepherds” of today and their churches are not true Christian brides/virgins but concubines. That’s powerful wording I know. But it states that the concubine played the whore against the Levite and went away from him unto her father’s house.  The “concubine Christian” follows other gods and commits spiritual adultery and follows another Jesus.  This Levite Shepherd went after his concubine congregation because he spiritually, physically, and financially enjoys her and what pleasures/benefits/wealth he gets from her, and in come wild extreme wicked cases sexual pleasures. There is no true agape love here as represented by Christ and His Bride. The love here for the concubine Christian is a lust based on the sensual, physical and of the works of the flesh.

I believe the concubines’s  father is symbolically satan and the world system he controls.  The Levite shepherd was pressured by satan to “eat, drink, and be merry and lodge with me”. Doesn’t this mirror the current Soulforce strategy?  They say eat, drink, and be merry with us because we’re all family; we’re all God’s children.   The levite shepherd has been paid off by satan and seduced by “good feelings” (vs10). The levite shepherd lost his spiritual awareness to the point that he ended up traveling at night and not day! This is a major spiritual error.  Being spiritually weak and disoriented, he has no covering and no where to stay. Wandering in the wilderness, they went to what was safe and familiar to them:  Gibeah. Here Gibeah is a type of the church today.

Now, the church in this area did not deal with God-defined abominations in the Old Testament.  Herein lies the key of understanding.  The Body of Christ in America must rise up now and deal with the spiritual sons of Belial and call for a return the things of God that are holy.

I prophesy by the revealed word of GOD great evil manifestation out in the open will occur as mentioned in Judges 19:22-30. The numerous scandals and disgrace over the past 5 years (Ted Haggard, Sherman Allen, the Bethel AME situation in Baltimore, and recently with American Family Outing) are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg that American churchdom is about to crash into!  I am not advocating OT stoning (for we are not under the law) but the church must take up the Sword of the Spirit and go on the offensive lest we become irrelevant and useless fit for nothing but to be cast out and trodden under the foot of men.

Finally, here is the revelation from Judges 19. There were two men. One, the Levite shepherd. The other, the Ephraimite that gave the Levite shelter.  They did not lay down their lives for the sheep nor FIGHT off the wolves. The Ephraimite was willing to give away his virgin daughter and the Levites concubine to the WOLVES. The Levite Shepherd was actually a hireling and not with CHRIST–he gave his concubine congregation over to the sons of Belial! The antichrist agenda of the gay christian movement and others allied with it are gaining strength and momentum and the True Church must rise up in the power of the Spirit now. Already the rape of the church is underway. How long will it be before blood is shed? I believe a “spiritual civil war” is also already happening within the American church, with brother against brother. The next stage is manifestation out in the open throughout America.