Effeminism and transpiritism celebrated at Stellars

Byron Cage announced it as “awesome. off the hook!”

David and Tamela Mann stood, laughing and applauding it.

Karen Clark Sheard and Dorinda Clark Cole smiled and grooved along, too.

So what was it that brought the top gospel music industry celebrities and their fans to their feet with such unrestrained excitement?

The parading idiot Ricky Dilliard who seduced the crowd with his display of effemininate diva-ism while ironically singing about Jesus being the “light of the world”.

Don’t ask me why such profound madness has come to define black gospel music. Don’t ask me why such degenerate perversity in gospel music is acceptable and applauded by the top names.  Don’t ask me why pastors long to get these demonic circus acts in front of their young people and churches.

But you can ask G. Craige Lewis. His commentary on the subject is sobering, but would probably not affect these you see in the video.

“I was watching a portion of the Stellar Awards the other day and my 12 year old son walked in. He looked at the screen and saw Ricky Dillard doing his Ru Paul impersonating dance. The whole choir was dropping it like it was hot and the lesbians/gays in the choir were walking it out! My son looked perplexed and I asked him what he thought. He said, How can the people in the audience cheer and clap at that? Don’t they know that’s not right? The Lord spoke in my spirit and said, that is a beast marking! I told my son, those people in the audience want fame and awards so bad, that they will sit and clap for something so bad! They will stand and applaud Satan if it will get them an award or on TV. They will not speak anything against that or any other performance that was demonic because they wanna be something in this life. Have they taken the mark?

Think about it, how can you stand against the very industry that made you famous? How can you rebuke that performance without rebuking the system that put it up there? You can’t! And yet these same recording artists that were apart of that hoopla will be at your church or conference preaching, singing, and laying hands on the next generation to mute them and pass this mark on. The devil has orchestrated it so strategically that these very artists that won’t stand up for truth are the ones that are ministering to the next generation, setting the stage for the antichrist and the mark of the beast. Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribbett, J Moss, DA Truth, and all the other youth ministers that were there clapping, laughing and applauding these antics will be the ones having alter calls at youth conferences all over because many pastors and youth leaders want the names instead of the anointing. But in the spirit realm what they are really doing is inviting the mark of the beast into their youth and teaching the young to be silent for gain and compromise when it’s convenient.”

What can you do? (1)Pray that God would raise up true men and women who will sing his praises out of a pure heart and clean life. (2) Stop –immediately– purchasing the diseased music of these people.

ADDENDUM 06.18.08: To clarify what I meant by “transpiritism”. In short, it is an “exchange of spirits”, hence, “trans” The behavior (or actions) of Ricky Dilliard on the video are a result of a “spirit” within. Definitely not the spirit of God.  In this case a spirit which “manifests” as different than what a man would normally display. This is not a comparison to social masculinity.  Dillard’s actions come across as seductive. The question why would a man display actions normally ascribed to a female? Read Dueteronomy 22:5 God probibits such conduct and any attire that would make one to appear as the opposite gender with the intention of attracting the same gender for sexual purposes. That was idolatry.

Whereas effeminate could simply be circumstantial “acting” (Tyler Perry-Madea,  Martin Lawrence-Shenaynae, etc), transpiritism goes beyond circumstantial behavior to a spiritual condition.



15 thoughts on “Effeminism and transpiritism celebrated at Stellars

  1. First of all, this stuff on this video is nothing but all show of glorifying man instead of God. Next is how I’ve noticed up close, quite up close of two women wearing dresses with low cut scoops showing their cleavage of their breasts which is totally ungodly and even was unheard of in upposed Christian events 20 years ago. I can remember when I grew up in the church, the older women were always watchful over the girls and younger women in church when it came down to holiness, even in how they dress in church and in public. These old time mothers did not play around with the conduct of girls and younger women in church. It seems as though peple could go to church wearing anything they want to wear. Just looking no different from how the world look. What a grave shame of the affairs of the house of God. What a graver shame on how so-called children of God defile their own bodies which is by the way the temple of God in such ways unimagineable. How sad. We as children of God are not suppose to act nor look like the world, we are suppose to seperate ourselves from it.

  2. This reminds me of the Whoopi Goldberg movies “Sister Act” and “Sister Act II” in which the message is – the church is dying and needs the wisdom of a worldly Las Vegas showgirl in order to be saved.

    But don’t feel so bad, it isn’t in just “black churches.”

    Since the early 1970’s the Vineyard and Calvary Chapel movement’s “worship music” has been imitating the soft easy listening tones of the Bee Gees’ “How Deep Is Your Love”, and Peaches & Herb’s “Reunited” while the Historic Confessional Churches (Lutheran, Presbyterian, Reformed etc.) abandon their theologically sound hymns and psalms for the highly repetitive experiential “this is my experience” so-called “Praise & Worship” music.

    When worship becomes man-centered rather than truly Christ-centered and the 150 Holy Spirit-inspired Psalms are completely ignored, the result is “Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi” (Latin: “As we worship, So we Believe”)

  3. Gospel music has been is an ever evolving music. Past Gospel artist like The Caravans, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, James Cleveland and Thomas Dorsey was also considered demonic during that era of gospel music as well.. I’m not a big fan of all of this latter day gospel music either… it has taken on a worldly overtone but thats what sells in the music industry today.. to make music that isnt just for the churchgoers or Christian but for all people..Most of the generation that listened to the pioneers of Gospel music have died…as we fast approach the coming of The Lord Jesus Christ you can expect the music as well as the church to become lukewarm… and they both appeal to the flesh and not the spirit!!!

  4. @Rik Fleming:

    As a boy, I learned to sing from the Psalter.

    Little did I know, there was (is) method to the Spirit’s workings:
    I was memorizing Scripture, while voicing my praise
    through Him to Him for Him.

    By the way, Semper Fi!
    (I just visited your site: will return to comment.)

    And to Pastor Foster: I read your site every day, and try to keep
    the brethren in my circle current on things “unrepentant homosexual.”


    GCMW: Thanks, Peter. Hey, I know the Marines have Semper Fi, but here’s a “hoo-ah!” from the Army…

  5. “Since the early 1970’s the Vineyard and Calvary Chapel movement’s “worship music” has been imitating the soft easy listening tones of the Bee Gees’ “How Deep Is Your Love”, and Peaches & Herb’s “Reunited” ”

    Rik, you have GOT to be kidding me!! 🙂

  6. First of all we need to honestly ask ourselves if this is worship? And if the Choir is singing and dancing to the applause of the audience, then who are they worshipping. Look at the attire and acts of not only the choir, but audience. Jesus said long ago, many will come in my name and deceive not a few, but many. The scripture states, “God shall not be mocked” I am waiting on The Almighty to restore His Name among the heathen. This is why I don’t watch Religious Programming, because if you cannot tell Satan is behind it, well pray for more wisdom.

  7. I may be a little off on this one, but i have to admit, when I was going to work every morning about 3 years ago and Kirk Franklin’s “Looking For You,” would come on the radio, I’m sorry but that song got me hyped and excited while driving. Now that song is very funky and upbeat and the lyrics:

    I’ve been down so long
    I’ve been hurt for so long
    There were times I thought I would never see the break of day
    It was hard for me
    To see your plans for me
    And I tried to believe trouble don’t last always
    But night after night (night after night)
    I’d pray Lord don’t take your joy from me
    And then late one night
    I read in your love letter that it’s gonna get better

    And you know what, that song would get me to worshipping in my car on the way to work and it helped me because I was going thru some things. It helped me to get my focus off my issues and glorify God. And to this day, when I feel down, I sometimes will put that song on and my spirit just takes a dramatic turn.

    Say all you want, but I like a little funky Gospel. What Dillard and the group was doing was a bit much….too much dancin and droppin’ it like it was hot to me, but the song itself was nice. But with those theatrics, who cared about the song, it was about the performance, right. LOL. Certainly it was not about Jesus Christ.

    I don’t even buy contemporary Gospel anymore. It’s like listening to an R&B station now and it seems like most people want to be a celebrity. The last contemporary gosple album I purchased was KiKi Sheard–and I outgrew that disco album in about 3 weeks– it was fluff..no substance.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents.

  8. I agree James. I have that same Kirk Franklin CD (or MP3…gotta get with the times, you know?). There are a few more good songs on that album as well – and “The Fight of my Life” is also full of encouraging songs.

    I must admit that since I started studying more about the reformation and the 5 solas – I find it harder to listen to Gospel music because it simply glorifies man while casually referring to God (if at all – I mean, you can’t say God and Jesus too much and expect to be played on the radio). Plus, the repetitive (and I do mean repetitive) nature of modern Gospel music makes your head hurt.

    As such, I’ve started to listen to Contemporary Christian Music (or CCM). I mean, I a brother who grew up on the south side of Chicago listening to the Tommies, Ricky Dillard (I know, I know) and other pioneers, yet I find CCM (well, most of it) to be soothing in it’s reverence for God and it’s ability to glorify God in simplicity.

    You should see the reaction that we get when stepping out of our car at an urban mall and my kids get out of the car singing a Steven Curtis Chapman song, or Aaron Schust. Now, my MP3 player is full of Casting Crowns, Third Day, and on and on (don’t get me wrong – I still sneak a little Kirk Franklin or Myron Butler in when I’m working out or doing yard work 😉 ).

    The bottom line is that this video is a great example of how we try to make everything appear Christ-like just because we mention his name, or we wear a cross when we drop it like it’s hot.

  9. Call me a purist, but I dont believe we should be mixing the ministry of the gospel —be it music or otherwise— with “sexiness” Let’s be honest, there is no biblical defense for this stage act at all. High camp and religious theactrics? Sure, if that’s what your flesh is seeking, they provide it. But since God requires holy, does a song, just because its mentions Jesus (or rather ablibs the word Jesus) holy? In the OT this was called “strange fire”. personally, if Dilliard is an exotic entertainer of some sort, that’s his life and choice, but why is there a need to pass it off as gospel music? Just be clear about what you do so that people are not deceived. But I think the applause and love of money seduce people to be dishonest about who they are and what they do.

    And since when does the gospel or its music need for the messenger to act sexy (homo or hetero)? When did sexiness and sensuality become part of presenting the gospel message?

    Here’s what the word says about those who fuse sexuality with the Word of God.

    “…Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.

    In the very same way, these dreamers pollute their own bodies, reject authority and slander celestial beings.

    Jude verses 18-19: In the last days there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires. These are men who divide you, who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit.

  10. Praise the Lord, Pastor Foster–I am one that my wife says is Hard-line old school and comes across as stand-offish when I refuse to watch “Madea” and listen to the FM gospel radio stations! I can’t tell you how many Christian women(old and young/married and single) I know of personally that watch, own, attend everyone of those “Madea” plays/movies! They all say that there is a positive message of hope and redemption theme in the end! I say, The devil is a liar!!! Why does a black man have to be Madea to make a living! Satan is good at getting abominations to prosper in the sight of man–then it becomes ACCEPTABLE and the NORM! I am with you 100% on this topic Pastor Foster!

    Kirk Franklin, to me, is double-minded…That boy can preach holiness like the best of them and 5 hours later doing Bel Biv Devoe Stuff on stage(Pulpits)! Reuben Stoddard had a song out sometime last year with Deitrick Haddon and MaryMary I believe…”Love Him Like I Do”… as a man that was DELIVERED from following Hip Hop music 10 years ago…that song has a BOOM BOOM BOOM Bass beat to it! LOL

    Spiritually, Dillard and others like him are drawing people to themselves and into their debauchery…NOT lifting up the NAME of JESUS!

  11. Ok, we all agree that Dillard and Co. was out of order. No question about that. I guess the one thing I have to say Enoch is that Fred Hammond was one of my favorites when I was more of a “babe” in Christ. Songs like “Draw Nigh” and “Hear My Cry” were on repeat in the car. Those songs had a more contemporary “slow jams” sound, but it was, for me, undeniably lifting up Jesus. Does anyone remember Fred’s “Your Steps Are Ordered?”

    (from here on out, i’m just commenting loosely off-topic)

    I certainly agree that some songs can be a bit much, but who is to say that an 808 bass drum cannot be used to make music to God? If I take an acoustic guitar, record a track, then record a piano track, add those together over a drum machine, at what point does it become “unholy” or “profane?” I’m sorry, but I’m just not gonna listen to mellow, slow worship music all day. Give me a little uptempo gospel….even some gospel “house/club” music. I can make you a mix-tape if you want one….LOL….LOL…(that was funny).

    But forreal, I recently purchased a song online for my MP3 player that was house music track with a sermon preached over the track. The name of the song is “Don’t Let It Be Said Too Late.” One day as I was just riding in the car, the song came on and I was enjoying the beat, but then that woman’s voice started lifting the name of Jesus and talking about how that name means everything and that without it/repentance there will be consequences, hence the name of the song. Man, I was about to go “in” while driving down the highway that message was so powerful over that beat.

    There’s a group called Jasper Street Co. They make some great “Gospel House Music.”

    So to wrap this up, I think there has to be a balance. I mean, I like some uptempo Gospel from time to time, but then there are times I want to sit still and allow a soothing melody lead me into worship.

  12. I looked at this video once again and was appalled. There was no ministry in this; just performance. My husband described RG and NG with one word: performers. It bothers me when gospel music is more about entertaining and glorifying man than God. I do not agree with mixing secular with Christian music and wanting to present before the Lord as holy. That also applies in the CCM area. Some artists in this genre look just like the world. We have to keep the Christian music industry covered in prayer because perversion and performance are in the way…

  13. James, had I heard the song without the video performance, I most likely wouldnt have written this post.

    The real issue here is not necessarily the music but what the PERFORMERS were acting out and in what spirit they acted it out that becomes so vile. It goes beyond just “bad taste”. To take Jesus name and smear it with homosexual seductiveness is pure evil.

  14. that’s a hot, hot, hot mess. God will not stand mockery and this is blatant mockery of God and the people appear to love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!. As it was in the days of Noah. Has anyone noticed how we see more than one rainbow in the shy now hmmmmm. People don’t just want to sing and praise God anymore they want to holler, yell, scream. and riff, riff, riff and oh yeah let’s not forget dance and drop it it’s sickening One of the biggest mistakes churches made and are making is letting teens go to their own church. They are NOT being taught the same values we were taught and the music is definitely what they call punk christian rock. They need to be put back in church with their parents next to them so they can learn discipline. People are wearing shorts, flip-flops, tight jeans, low cut tops and tube tops to church now. People are not giving God their best anymore just like Cain didn’t and we know what happened with that don’t we. God has blessed us to go before him dressed better than that and we don’t care anymore. We better remember to give God they best he has given to us IN EVERYTHING and leave the shorts, flip flops, etc to the ball game and the beach.

  15. That was purely a spirit parading it’s definance of God’s laws and commandments on that stage!! What a shame, and Dillard has gotten worse. When I first saw him, I had questions, but now, there are no questions. That is pure rebellion on parade! Come Lord Jesus …. Come!

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