Mel White: “homosexuality is a gift”

Mel White, the grand guru of the gay christian movement provides a glimpse of what is at the root of the gcm’s false beliefs. Although the totality of scripture declare it sinful and repulsive to God, homosexuality, has been reinvented as a “gift”.

If indeed homosexuality is a sin according to scripture, then it is not a gift but rather a payroll installment on something far worse.

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life. Romans 6:23

Perhaps if there was even a smidgeon of scripture from which the gay christian movement could base this assertion on, it could be examined more fully in the theological context. But the truth is that this was made up, and has as much spiritual credibility as the existence of the tooth fairy. But yet, White says it as if he had gotten it straight from the mouth of God.

This is precisely why the gay christian movement must be confronted openly. The blatant lie told by White and others does not liberate nor facilitate reconciliation with God. Instead, it destroys souls and prevents them from entering into the kingdom of God. Contrast that to God’s will that men know the truth and be made free (John 8:32).


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  1. He’s a big-time wolf in sheep’s clothing. He plays the “literal” game, which is bogus. Does he take “love your neighbor” seriously, or dismiss it as being “literal?”

    The Bible couldn’t be more clear that homosexual behavior is a sin. He is the poster boy for Romans 1: “Romans 1:24-25 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.”

    Oh, and how revolting that he sneaks in the “she [God] loves you” just as you are and made you that way. He tries to hide his rebellion, but it isn’t working.

  2. Neil, that hatred of the patriarchial authority of God is rife in the gcm. What a paradox for one who then worships the male creation more than the Creator.

    Generally, I wouldnt attach a “poster boy” tag to anyone who is just following a false movement, but White created this lie out of thin air, sold it to his followers who without the slightest question have bought it and owned it.

    There isnt a more stark example of willful deception. Cultish almost…

  3. Neil,

    Whoa! Good catch. He says it at 2:31 in the video.

    Pastor Foster the worship of a “Female” deity is rife within the homosexual movement. The fact is that all Angels have “male” names. God is in the Masculine. It is not until the creation of man that God creates a female as a help meet. You are correct that it is cultish in that the feminine deity worship is not Christianity but rater Eastern pagan thought. Oh! This brings me to another point. Haven’t you ever wondered why the GCM proponents are so ecumenical in there approach? Must be that they obviously are aware that they do NOT adhere to biblical Christianity.


  4. Kyle, thats the “idolatry” noted in Romans 1. Sexual immorality has ALWAYS been yoked to idolatry in the bible and though they try their very best to reinvent themselve, their sin is powered by spirits who hate God and his word.

    And yes, one would have to be “ecumenical” in order to co-exist with other false teachers. Im not saying ecumenical in the sense that we acknowledge other brothers and sisters in organizations which hold faithful to the Word, but this modern evolvment of the ecumenical movement is rotten to the core because it minimizes if not altogether denies the equal deity, humanity and sovereignty of Christ. This should be absolutely non-negotiable for the Christian.

  5. This is not a direct quote from Mel, but a paraphrase from one of his followers:

    “Mel White is a passionate and articulate man who makes it clear from the beginning of the workshop that he has absolutely no desire whatsoever to discuss the biblical passages on homosexuality. Over the years he has suffered a barrage of debates on the issue and he is thoroughly burnt out. He refuses to engage in the discussion any longer. Instead, he passes out a booklet he has written on the subject and tells us to read it. Then, he encourages us to refrain from discussing the Bible with conservative Christians because fundamentalists have no interest in sincere dialogue. Mel also encourages us not to engage in the debate for another reason. By having the conversation, we expose ourselves over and over again to the “lie” that homosexuality is wrong, and when heard repeatedly, “deep down inside you will wonder if they are right.”

  6. I think this is from a person who went to his seminar but is not a follower of his.

    Wow, there’s that word “dialogue” again.

    Does “passionate and articulate” equal saved?

    Woe to them which call good, evil and evil, good.

    Hearing the truth will make you question the lie you have been told. That;s the purpose of preaching the gospel truthfully.

  7. Mel White’s book “Stranger in the Gate” was one of the first books that I read from the pro-Gay Theology perspective. While I feel sad that Mel tried unBiblical means to deal with his homosexual attractions (shock therapy etc.) I know that this was the result a very bad theology being taught and practiced at a very poor institution – Fuller Theological Seminary. I studied Hebrew at FTS and had very good professors, but the seminary is otherwise overloaded with humanistic psychology that uses a “trial and error” method of trying to help people with their patterns of thought. He would have been better off to see Jay Adams for Biblical Counseling and would have gotten a better education at Westminster Theological Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary, Master’s Seminary or some other institution that upholds God’s Word.

    But here is where the rubber hits the road in understanding Mel’s thinking – not only does he assert that homosexuality is a gift, but he also says that the male prostitute that he had sex with while he was married was also a gift from God. (Pg. 133)

    The fact that unBiblical methods “didn’t work” for him doesn’t justify abandoning the Biblical standard for sexual ethics and buying into the liberal Scripture-denying trajectory hermeneutic of Liberation Theology.

  8. GCMW: Akira, that comment didnt sit well with me. Try it again if you want, but come from a different angle. People are supersensitive about that disease and it doesnt help when comments unnessarily stir up bad feelings.

  9. Although I would not use the term “gift”, what a great video for those that struggle to bring their Christianity together with their homosexuality rather than just killing themselves which is what most traditional churches lead homosexuals to do. You’re going to Hell either way, right? I take the Bible literally and have yet to find any passage that is interpreted the way a misguided and biased church interprets them. I don’t attend gay churches because they do allow God to be called “She” and I view him as male, but we all know that God and the angels have no gender. You should focus more on the false prophets within mainstream “Chrisitanity” more because they are far more prevalent. Almost all on radio and TV, almost every book and almost every church. I can’t even find one good one that is truly Bible based here in my city. So much ritual and garbage.

  10. dsgawrsh…
    Your comments are a mixed bag for me.

    1. how could such a lie be “great” when it has zero scriptural substantiation?

    2. Suicide is another “fruit” of sin or the accptance of sin whether taught or practiced. Satan is involved in that. Kill, steal, destroy remember? That’s why a lie can only bring death in its end.

    3. Focus more on false prophets within mainstream Christianity? Why, when there are dozens of websites that do that. Our focus is unique and necessary. False prophets come in all stripes and the ones of the gay christian movement shouldnt get a pass.

    Otherwise, I agree with you.

  11. So let’s see if I understand this. GCM deals with the social corruptions and faulty government policies but he should deal more witht eh false prophets. deals with the false prophets but it should deal with the social corruptions and faulty government policies.

    Jesus pointed these bozos out when he said “If I eat you say I am a glutton. But if I fast, you say I am demon possessed.”

    Again, I think these people need to launch a site that does what they think it should do. Then they can ignore us the way we ignore them.

  12. The gift that keeps on giving.

    1. AIDS
    2. Other STDs
    3. Murder
    4. Shortened lifespan
    5. Suicide rates higher than general populace
    6. Drug addiction rates higher than general populace
    7. More disposable income

    Yeah – sign me up for a couple of these benefits. My life is way too easy as it is. I need to complicate it a bit.

    GCMW: Melvin: duly noted. Wickedly indigenous dividends we can do without. Add in: captive audience to sexuality pimps.

  13. Pastor Foster the worship of a “Female” deity is rife within the homosexual movement.

    Of course, Jesus did the same when He called God “Abba.” Look it up sometime.

    GCMW: There seems to be a major conflict in what you are suggesting. And that is that Jesus called and worshipped God as a “female diety”. Abba is the Aramaic word for “father.” The word occurs three times in the New Testament (Mark 14:36; Romans 8:15; Galatians 4:6). In each case it has its Greek translation subjoined to it, reading abba ho pater in the Greek text; abba, pater in the Latin Vulgate, and “Abba, Father” in the English version. Consequently, there is no intimation nor is it implied in any sense that Jesus referred to God as “she” by the word “abba”.

  14. You’re right. I mistyped. It’s “el Shaddai,” and not Jesus, but whoever wrote Genesis.

    Abraham, not Jesus. That doesn’t make your case much better.

    GCMW: ????

  15. Mel was right when he stated that he got this revalation straight from the mouth of god. He got it from god alright, from Satan who God calls the god of this world.

    2 Corinthians 4:4
    Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who don’t believe. They are unable to see the glorious light of the Good News. They don’t understand this message about the glory of Christ, who is the exact likeness of God.

  16. I’m not gay. I am a Christian.

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. God loves us, one and all.

  17. I wrote once that there was no evidence in the Bbile to support God’s approval of homosexuality, and was directed to read the story of Johnathan and David again. Come on.

    BTW, Ed Darrell comments above are a good example of people that don’t know the Bible trying to tell
    Christians we’re reading it wrong.

  18. BTW, Clark’s comments above are a good example of people who don’t know beans telling Christians we’re wrong.

    What does “El Shaddai” mean, Clark?

    GCMW: Ed, your remarks are heading off topic. If Im reading between the lines you believe that God is feminine. However, there is sufficient evidence in scripture that God is not a woman, so that line of discussion will be tabled.

  19. He says it as if he got it “straight from the mouth of
    God”. Well, maybe he did ? God still talks to people
    right ? One doesn’t question the writers of the Bible.
    They got their stuff straight from the mouth of God.

    Good thing no one ever questioned them ! Now,
    granted, this guy could be lying. ANYONE that says
    they talked to God now, or anytime could very well
    be streching the truth… Trying to bend someone’s
    way of thinking to their own. However, if you look at it from that angle, it changes things…

    What I got out of the above is “question those that
    claim they talked to God”. (But that means, question
    the Bible). I hope God isn’t trying to tell us anything
    new… Because, by this logic, if it doesn’t fit in with
    what was said in the Bible “It’s a lie”. The person is
    a false prophet. Personally, I don’t think God is
    going to repeat himself, so when he talks, it’s going
    to be something we have not heard. And maybe it’s something we need to hear.

  20. El Shaddai = “the all sufficient God” or “God Almighty who is all sufficient” or “God Almighty.” (from, Wikipedia and Nelson’s Bible Dictionary. I detect a trend.)

    White’s transparently rebellious use of “she” is bad enough, but the God “made you that way” part is even worse. That foolishness would justify any and all sins, i.e., “God made me greedy, lustful, prideful, etc. Really, I’ve been this was my whole life. I was born that way, he made me that way, and He loves me that way, so stop throwing stones at me and telling me to change.”

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

    So why are you throwing stones at us for allegedly throwing stones? Read the whole book. Jesus said to stop judging based on mere appearances and to make sound judgments. There are other passages telling us to make judgments as well. See 1 Cor. 5, for example.

    “God loves us, one and all.”

    But He is sending a whole bunch of people to Hell for their sins against him. If people are rejecting his law the loving thing to do is offer to tell them about the forgiveness available in Christ. If they reject the offer that is their business and they can face God on their own. But if you really love people you don’t encourage them to sin.

  21. “I wrote once that there was no evidence in the Bbile to support God’s approval of homosexuality, and was directed to read the story of Johnathan and David again.”

    In the event those folks eventually repent and believe, I have a feeling that David and Jonathon may have a few words with them during Heaven orientation ;-).

  22. “But if you really love people you don’t encourage them to sin.”

    Putting words into my mouth, are you? No thanks.

    There’s a difference between “encouraging” and allowing others to live their own lives and find their own way. Shoving God down people’s throats usually doesn’t work.

  23. “There’s a difference between “encouraging” and allowing others to live their own lives and find their own way. Shoving God down people’s throats usually doesn’t work.”

    Speaking of putting words in people’s mouths . . . I said that we should offer to tell them the Good News. Let me know how that qualifies as shoving it down someone’s throat.

    And for the record, Mel White et al are encouraging people to sin.

  24. As I said before Neil, I’m a Christian (Roman Catholic, to be precise) and straight. Married, actually.

    From my experiences, most people don’t offer the Good News, they try to ram it down people’s throats.

    I must admit that I don’t really know anything about this Mr. White. I stumbled on this blog from the main wordpress page. I don’t generally argue religious issues. I came here, read the comments and saw it as I saw it. A bunch of “Christians” attempting to prove each other right and feel morally superior to others because they aren’t gay.

    I guarantee that every person who has posted in these comments has at least one gay friend/relative/fellow church member whom they care about deeply and is still in the closet. This person probably is a wonderful person fully worthy of however you feel about them at this moment. Really think about that. That’s all I’m saying.

    GCMW: POL, its really strange how people can “know” and “guarantee” about things they support, but when it comes to scripture, all of a sudden everything is open for interpretation and there are no absolutes. Very telling and biased. Also I see you made a negative judgment on the “commenters” here without knowing them (your standard of evaluation), but you admitted you dont know Mel White, yet you had nothing negative to say about his patently false comments. It really needs to be said that’s called hypocrisy, no matter how “straight, married and Roman Catholic” you are. Think about before you post again.

  25. “A bunch of “Christians” attempting to prove each other right and feel morally superior to others because they aren’t gay.”

    Are you a mindreader? I find it odd that you came to that conclusion. Even if you were right – and you’re not – what happened to not throwing the first stone?

    I am friends with gay people out of the closet and, possibly, some who may be in the closet. I have no idea why that pertains to this thread, though. You appear to be prejudiced against anyone who teaches the Biblical view of sexuality. You assume the worst and stereotype us even though you have no idea how we interact with GLBT folks we encounter.

    Here’s a sample of how I shared the Gospel with a gay young man once – . Feel free to let me know how you would have handled the situation.

    Mel White preaches a false gospel that is salt water to those who follow him. They lap it up thinking it helps them, even though it is slowly killing them. Educating people on his false teachings is a good thing to do and I thank God for sites like this one.

    I will readily concede that some people try to ram the Gospel down the throats of people, but I wouldn’t say that most do that. I have studied and taught evangelism quite a bit and always point out that Jesus didn’t force anyone to believe, and that true faith can’t be coerced.

    But I’ve also noticed that those who harshly critique those who share the Gospel often don’t share it themselves.

  26. Neil, I found many points of disagreement with POL mainly he seems to have a problem with hypocrisy and contradiction. He may not realize that. Such is the case with those who jump to defend homosexuality without using a true standard of judgment. They end up stumbling over their own inconsistensies to defend something that is indefensible.

    POL could have easiliy examined White words without knowing him by reading what the Bible says and seeing if the two are in agreement. Instead, he let his own predjufice get in the way of making a right judgment. Although doesnt know anyone else who commented here. he had no problem pronouncing judgment.

    Hate to say it, but predictable.

  27. Hey, Christopher (the one you were talking with on the Pulpit-pimps site) and I have to agree with everything that you said about this guy. I understand why your desire would be so heavily against THIS PARTICULAR sin and not others. He lips just drip of anti-biblical statements and to the person who said “He who is without sin cast the first stone” earlier, what would they say when Jesus said “Beware of False Prophets”? Yes, I should root the log out of my eye, but I should also cal out theologically criminal behavior.

  28. He is big time mixed up talking about God as a ‘she’ !
    It sounds like a twisted version of paganism to me!
    He says: ” … just accepted yourself, love yourself because God sure does… [She] made you just the way you are… ” How twisted and sick!
    I am an ex-homosexual and am joyful to know that my Lord Jesus Christ paid the price for me and ‘took me out of the pit of despair!’
    Oh! Are we in Colorado? It woud not matter to me anyway, for we are warriors for the King!

  29. I cant believe the reports about sexual immorality these days,it is surely proof that jesus will soon return.god gives us a direct answer to homosexuality.IT IS A SIN!!There are numerous places where it says so.and god destroyed a whole city for such a the bible it says that they were burned with lust for each other and there was sexual perversion in sodom and god destroyed them all.that is God’s warning to us that those who follow that destructive way of living will share the same fate.homosexuality is an abomination in his site.god made man and women.the male and women have sex.the only way two men can have sex is orally and anally and that leads to HIV and STDS=a shortened life(great gift).and the only safe way to have sex is the way god created it,vaginal.homosexuals are mocking and defying the will of God almighty who could lift up the seas,cure the blind,and bring the dead back to life.culture and science are infesting the church.yes we are all sinful but it did god destroy everyone sinful a few thousand years ago.NO!!he destroyed the homosexuals who spread aids buy damaging their rectums.and they want to take their abominable acts into marrige.all those in this lifestyle please repent and ask God for forgivness he is so good that even though you defied him he will still take you is clear the bible says its an abomination and science cant say otherwise because we are the creation and he is the creater.
    let him guide you with his love and wisdom all the days of your life..
    love,warrior for god

  30. science is making homosexuality sound natural.tell me if this sounds natural.
    3.the average homosexual male’s life span is 8 to 21 years shorter than the average straight male
    4.wearing pampers from all the anal sex
    and there is no where in the bible where it says its okay

  31. Help! Where do we start in helping our son. This is recent news to us and then our son handed us Mel Whites book and a DVD of “for the Bible tells me so” and told us that this has helped him understand. So confused and sad.

  32. The undeniable truth is that Jesus said to love everyone equally, to accept everyone, to care for everyone. You are not loving someone if you are denying them memberships to churches and throwing them out of universities. He that is without sin among you let him first cast a stone. Consider that.
    The Bible tells you not to eat shrimp.

  33. Nate,

    Your mealy mouth answer is spoke with a fork tongue and I think you know it. You and others hide behind the blanket statement “love” in a generic sense. Now, if you had said that they should remain in the Church in order that they may “repent” of their sins then that is one thing. However, most people who leave comments such as yours are really using subtle language and are actually proponents of that lifestyle.

    Now as for shrimp and other dietary laws it was quite simple and again your answer is such a weak strawman. God had various dietary Laws established due to the species tendencies to carry parasites and introduce illnesses to people. Take pigs for example. Trichinosis worm at one time prior to better herding conditions was attributed to porcine products. However, due to advancements in the cattle business we no longer have to worry about such illnesses. So to answer your question God’s dietary laws were to protect the people from illness.

    You really need to come with a better response than that Nate. Otherwise we could knock down your strawmen all day.


  34. Mark,

    Your best response to your son is to provide solid biblical answers straight from the source which is the word of God. You will have to study though. I’m sure Mel’s book is replete with out of context quotes from the bible and is filled with his own eisegesis which is nothing more than modern day gnosticism. You will have to root yourself in the word and even go to the point of looking up the original Greek/Aramaic, audience, context, and stick to exegesis.


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