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38 thoughts on “Open Forum II

  1. I have observed this site with interest, as a minister on the UK, I know that what happens in the US tends to follow in the UK.

    May I state that I am in the ‘Homosexuality is sin’ school of thought and as such an not a popular preacher.

    Recently a leader in the church has been exposed as gay and to make matters worse, he was ordained as a minister while he was engaging in all forms of gay sex activities and whilst being married.

    Homosexuality is now the fasting growing problem within the black Pentecostal churches in the UK and as a preacher of holiness, it is quite often difficult to deal with the fllen state of the church without being persecuted.

    Keep up the good work an keep exposing the sin

  2. thanks John. Wow, brother preacher. Just wow. I totally get the “unpopular” thing. But we’re in good company amen? Jeremiah 1:4-17

    What is Bishop John Francis doing? Is he speaking out or what?

  3. For all the TON3X (thats how he spells it now) worshippers out there, it seems like your idol has taken the gay church plunge. He is at the Fellowhship conference this year.

    Its strange how when these people leave whats true (not referring to the gospel music industry), they always end up in gay churches?

    TON3X even has a song now extolling the rightness of same sex “love” He wrote that especial for the all gay cruise he starred in.

    What a waste of gift to use it to mock the Giver of the gift.

  4. Pastor DL,

    Allow me to post Romans 1:25-27

    25Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

    26For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

    27And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

    ESV: men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error

    That penalty is death eternal.


  5. IC, lol they huffed, puffed and blew the house down and didnt even break a sweat.

    AND got preferential treatment as a consolation prize.

    Taking authority? Right.

  6. Pastor DL, I’m soooo disappointed in TON3X! I enjoyed some of his earlier music, and my eldest son even went to his live concert he gave here in San Diego. All of my children are sickened now by what they see in TON3X but they are praying for that young man.

    I broke out his old music and listened to it again after his last escapades, and now I see how he wasn’t even sure of his salvation if you listen to the words closely!

    I was a sucka’ for that Christian Jazz!

  7. Carlotta, I feel you. Even the BEST saint can fall. Kinda like King Solomon…It just seems like today people dont try to fight and stand in the power of the Lord. As the scripture said I do consider myself and my own ways lest I also be tempted to depart from the faith.

    If youre going to quit, its best to just get out the religion business altogether. The hot or cold principle.

    It is sad to see someone go for false teachings. I hope one day that he will see the error of his ways, look up and see that that his FATHER house has much better than the pig slop he is eating right now.

    Hey BTW, San Diego is my #1 west coast city. My wife and I honeymooned TWICE there. Loved it! Wouldnt go anywhere else. Churched at St Stephens COGIC with Bishop McKinney.

  8. GCMWatch, yea THEY were the ones who took authority alright.

    I’m sure in their deluded world, their successful road show plus the ruling in CA are like some sign to them that they’re really taking the world. And that’s all they’ll get, the world, not the kingdom of God.

  9. I wonder, how many of us follow Jesus in expressing both humble righteous indignation at the pervasiveness of sin and yet also sorrow for those who are lost in the stubborn rebellion and will suffer the consequences for it?

    After a series of repetitious rebukes in which He says, “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites…” Jesus then mourns over the pending judgment of the City of David and destruction of the temple:

    “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling. Behold, your house is being left to you desolate!”

    Do we merely denounce the progression of the Gay Theology movement, or do we also weep over those who have been deceived and are following a lie?

  10. Pastor DL,

    Isn’t this a small small world! I spent a little time training Bishop McKinney’s secretaries in using office software! (Over a decade ago). I met him briefly after his business people had brought me in. Bishop McKinney is a big-hearted man and well loved here in San Diego by many — no matter the denomination!

    And yes, SD is not a bad place at all for honeymooning! 🙂

    But back to TON3X, it’s just shocking to see him go from clean cut, praising God to his wild look he has now and CURSING God in his music! I agree that it would be just so much better to not profess to know God at all then to do what he’s doing right now.

    According to Wikipedia (always unofficial) he is now writing and producing songs for Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Brandy, Usher and Danity Kane.

    Wow…talking about turning his back!!!!

  11. Homosexuality has always existed within the black church….but it has become more prevelant because in control vice Spirit.. Leaders are drunken and sin and have partaken of fornication, adultery, …. remarriage and divorce thats not bibically based… it begins from the head, and has trickled down in to the congregation .Leadership in this hour has become corrupt …instead of discipling and winning souls…. they are consumed with building a wealthy kingdom for themselves..which God has labled most churches “ICABOD”

    as we fastly approach the coming of Jesus don’t be shocked about the direction the physical church is going in .. Most will being decived by the “strong delusion” that God said he would send and that would fool the very elect.. When Leaders continue to get what they call “fresh revelation” that doesn’t line up with the Bible and you have a people who dont study the word or even pick up the Bible …you can again expect the masses to be deceived. Most people dont want TRUTH.. but remember GOD always has a remnant in the earth… Pray for the Body of Christ as whole..

  12. I was made aware of your site a couple months ago, and since this is “open forum” I thought I’d drop a note to say how much my wife and I appreciate your efforts, clarity and committment to sound doctrine. Would to God your work wasn’t necessary. But since it is, God bless and protect you as you do it. Popularity in this life may not be an option, but excellence in stewardship certainly is, and I’m grateful for folks like you who take stewardship and truth seriously. My family and I are joined with you in prayer for the Church and the culture as well.

  13. I hope “open” forum allows me to share my views on the separation of church and state and my defense of Obama’s profession of faith. I think GCMW is a fantastic resource that challenges Biblical commands – an occurrence not limited to the homosexuality issue. My concern is that even Bible truth is subject to being accepted or rejected, and dare I even say misinterpreted by all. So for religious organizations or leaders (eg. James Dobson) to try to hold government hostage is dangerous and hypocritical in the sense that we as Christians do not want it to happen in reverse. The solutions, I think, are the bottom-up approaches of preaching, witnessing, community service, and non-partisan grassroots activism to promote moral/Biblical principles.

  14. I have an interesting topic that is happening in my city right now. Muslim organizations are putting Korans on people’s doors to promote understanding and sensitivity to their religion. I was floored when I heard about this on the news but when speaking about it with others, I found them to be disinterested and not at all bothered by the fact. Am I alone here or is this craziness. I wonder what would happen if I took Bibles and put them on the doors of Muslim families around the city. I doubt if my actions would be regarded as anything but hostile. I’m interested to hear what you all think.

  15. Gig, hmmm we all know the answer to that. You would probably be writing your comments from inside a jail cell or maybe from a homeless shelter after your house has been firebombed.

    Im glad I dont live there. Im mildly confrontational so I would be making a few pond ripples right about now.

  16. Well, they haven’t shown up on my door yet but I’m already praying about what to do or rather how to handle the situation when it arrives in my neighborhood. I actually hope they do so; maybe my voice can be heard.

  17. Well fast and pray about it. But I guess you would treat them like any other false religion proselyzer that shows up on your door. I have had JWs and Mormons come to my door. The other day a girl from the “adventists?” showed up even though she denied knowing who Ellen G. White was. I dont disrespect people, but I make them prove their case to me. Generally if they are taken off script, they falter big time, because its not in their heart. Even though some Christians are the same way. When God’s word is not in our hearts, talking about our “religion” to others is inneffective.

  18. My understanding of the verse in 2 thess.3
    “a falling away first” is rebellion aganist ones beliefs.
    Paul speaks about the day of the Lord, that many have by spirit,word and letter that its that day. That many stopped working cause of this. He says, not to be deceived.

    I look at the Church today and see so much change in our teachings that I some time think maybe this would be a starting point to this falling away. Its hard to think that what you being told for 32 years now was wrong.
    I have no “Dr” in front of my name, but i do some what understand the truth from a lie. God help us not to be deceived by lies.

  19. Kyle…Oh my God. Why do you post these things 🙂

    On another open forum note…

    The British army is paying homosexual soldiers to attend “gay pride” celebrations.

    Have you ever seen a demon manifest in the church? I have. If you havent, look at this video. Pray first. I was shaken in my spirit to watch it!

    See this. Homosexuals wanting to “celebrate their homosexuality” in the church are angry because the Catholic bishop denied them access. Such a bad, mean bishop 😦

  20. Yikes! Todd Bentley and his team of heretics. If this is the latter rain we have been waiting for then I’m buying an umbrella.


  21. Following my previous posting, more homosexual revelations in the church and it seems that the first black homosexual civil ceremony with the pentecostal movement is about to take place………………….. and because it is a personality who also happens to be a singer in the UK, it is being celebrated.

    Something of real note is these women only retreat, lesbianism is begining to come to the fore and as the men in our churches are being squeezed out by the deception of the feminised gospel, the women are turning to women……………………. but my message is the God is a holy God and it is TheWord of God and not alternative therapies that will change lives.

  22. Actually I first heard about this story almost 10 years ago. I didnt see anything where the man said he himself was gay.

    Litigation. The American past time.

  23. jysuper, on July 14th, 2008 at 2:40 pm Said: Edit Comment
    Hello again,

    I wrote on this site not too long ago about the fact that believed that the bible condemned same sex intercourse(anal) but not other forms of sex. I’m not going to go there but I said that to make a point. While I still believe that this site is somewhat judgmental and not telling the truth in LOVE, I do now believe that ALL same sex acts are a sin because I believe that God only condones sex in a male-female marriage relationship. sex outside marriage, sex before marriage and sex with persons of the same sex are all wrong. I am grateful to Courage, which is a Roman Catholic organization that promotes chastity. One of the reasons that Ihad sex with men for so long was because the church always expressed hate towards homosexuals and not love. They hated the sinner and the sin. Telling someone there a faggot will only promote hate and make a person lash out which I believe is why we have so many of the gay activists today. I’m going to read Beyond Gay by David Morrison. I truly believe that if the church tells people that the homosexual orientation is not a sin but homosexual sex acts in LOVE, more people would move into holiness and experience the true freedom which I have. I can truly say as the gospel song says “I’m free, no chain holding me”

  24. jysuper:

    Keep studying. I think you learn “homosexual orientation” is another way of trying to explain that part of your flesh…

    Let it all go

  25. Hello,

    Thanks for the response. What I meant was to be attracted to the same sex is not a sin but to physically act on this is. Trust me I have let a lot of things go. I promised God that I would never sleep with another man again. This is July 2008. I still have issues with occasional pornography and masturbation but I am turning that over to God as well. I’m trying to live a life of holiness.

  26. jysuper

    May the LORD HImself, Bless you out of Zion, Man. Today you are in my prayers, truly.

  27. Since this is Open Forum, can I say one thing….
    Can I please get a group of die-hard believers to at least inform these so called “saved” Obamaniacs that Obama cannot save, change, nor be the conduit for salvation on this earth. Maybe we can have a public rally or something. All this crying over Obama is making me very irritated.

  28. OH-BAM-AH, OH-BAM-AH (say three times till you feel it in your spirit)

    James did you see worship services last night at Obama Temple United Bapticostal Church of All For Peoples, EBG (Excited but Gullible) ?

    I saw folks crying, lifting their hands, shouting…

  29. jysuper..we gon’ have 2 talk….

    anyway…I have something else to get off my chest!

    Ok, I went to see Tyler Perry’s latest body of work entitled, “The Family That Preys,” one Friday afternoon while it wasn’t so busy at the movie theatre. Going that night would have been a disaster, so I decided I would get a jump on everyone else.

    I have to admit, the movie was good. It provided the typical Tyler Perry style of inserting an obligatory choir singing, a few scripture references, and estrogen empowered scenes. While I love seeing beautiful women of color on the silver screen, must most of his movies at the heart, deal with their issues. Yes, DLG, WDIGM, and TFTPreys had situations that applied to men, African-American men specifically. But at the core, his movies are from a woman’s POV. Honestly, I don’t know what that’s about, but I digress.

    As I stated b4, “TFTPreys” was a good movie, very entertaining. (DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE AND PLAN ON SEEING IT…FOR THIS CUD SPOIL SOME MOVIE HIGHLIGHTS)However, I am concerned with one scene where violence towards women was almost given a justification. The story sort of sets the scene up, but ultimately, it comes down to a decision to physically hit someone regardless of what they say to you. Especially someone of the “weaker” sex. I have to say at that scene I was taken aback. It was somewhat disturbing.

    Another point, albeit different, still important…I would like to understand that with all these “black community relationship issues” he continues to tackle, I wonder why he has not made a movie about homosexuality, the black church, DL men, black women and HIV rates, etc…? I mean, he continues to say “God has given me a platform…,” and I do not deny nor validate his authenticity as a believer, but I am concerned. This issue, apart from drugs (been there already), the economy (already touched on), and adultery (old news), it amazes me he has not touched one of the biggest issues to face the black community and the black church. It seems to me with his influence and “God-given platform,” he would be able to appropriately address the issue as only he can….a little humor and a whole lot of redemption and truth. It would be great to actually see that happen.

    Hmmm, I guess I will be holding my breath for a while waiting on that one. Maybe he’s afraid to shake up his fan base? Maybe Hollywood wouldn’t financially back him if he gave them a dose of God’s word on Hollywood’s Sin of The Decade (Homosexuality). Maybe he’s afraid he would be misunderstood. Maybe it’s already in the works…..just maybe.


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