Reknowned theologian leaves ACC

We’re glad to share that J.I. Packer, the famed theologian and writer has left the Anglican Church of Canada over acceptance of homosexuality as reported by Charisma Magazine.

Packer said his departure stems from the liberal leanings of his former bishop, Michael Ingham. “He doesn’t believe the things God tells us in the Bible,” Packer told Charisma. “He believes homosexual unions can be a form of holiness. I believe homosexual unions are not part of God’s way. They are barren and mess up human nature.”

With the recent sanctioning of same-sex blessings in the ACC, 15 large Anglican churches in Canada, including St. John’s Shaughnessy, have left the church and joined forces with the conservative Anglican Network based in Canada. Lesley Bentley, spokeswoman for St. John’s Shaughnessy, said the 15 churches that left the ACC represent the number of people in 13 of the 29 dioceses in Canada. “Our church alone has 800 attending Sunday morning services,” she said. “We’re the churches who are growing and planting other churches.”

Ingham, bishop of the diocese of New Westminster, where St. John’s Shaughnessy is located, threatened court action in February when church members voted to come under Venables’ authority. “Basically, the ACC wants the church building,” Bentley said. “The court action threatened was abandonment of ministry because the priests here aren’t under the authority of Michael Ingham anymore.”

The shadows of persecution over issues of homosexuality continue to grow longer and stronger. As liberals take control of denominations, punitive actions against those who refuse to accept the new milennium golden cow are sure to follow.

Are you still in a church where homosexual affirming theology is being pushed? If so what are you doing about it and when are you going to speak up?



8 thoughts on “Reknowned theologian leaves ACC

  1. “He doesn’t believe the things God tells us in the Bible.”

    That says it all. Good for him to leave. I know that must have been a difficult decision.

    P.S. I read “Knowing God” by Packer and it was excellent.

  2. I read that line too. Impactful and as you said it says it all. It really is difficult to walk away when people refuse to follow God’s commands. But in these times, it has become a inevitable choice.

    JI Packer is one of my favorites.

  3. I’ve appreciated Packer’s writings for many years, but was saddened when he signed on to the “Roman Catholics & Protestants Together” document years ago.

    Packer has a unique ability to explain doctrines very well in a very short and concise manner. In fact he wrote a book called “Concise Theology.” The late Dr. Edmund Clowney told me that Packer wrote the notes for the Reformation Study Bible. Brevity and clarity such as his is an ability I have been working on. It is easier to be long winded than short and to the point. Blogging sort of helps to practice writing in a short manner, don’t ya think?

    I am now wondering, what denomination will Packer join at this late stage in life?

  4. Rik, hmmmm I dont know what made Packer do that. Perhaps it was attempt to be ecumenical?

    I tend to restrict myself from writing excessively long posts and wont read anything thats too long. I want the bottom line.

    I agree with you that conciseness and clarity is a worthy goal when blogging/writing especially about theology. I think you do a good job!

  5. I tend to restrict myself from writing excessively long posts and wont read anything thats too long. I want the bottom line.

    Is that why you haven’t commented on my blog lately? 😆

    Seriously, Packer did the right thing, and of course his departure will be downplayed because of “his inability to adjust to the new era”, or something like that.

    Hey, at least that’s one-less sound mind trying to “swallow the garbage”.

    BTW – old Carlton “the Heretic” Pearson is gaining more ground for his wicked theology…as we suspected he would.

    GCMW: IST, yes I miss my second home. get my guest room fixed up please.

  6. Dr. James Packer is one of the truly great theological minds of the age. The clarion call to the ACC was when he delivered an address last fall to the Anglican Network in Canada Conference, “Who We Are and Where We Stand.” (The full text is posted at In response to Rik’s musing about Packer’s future, he did not leave the Anglican Communion; rather, the ACC left him, for all intents and purposes. The Rev. Dr. Packer is fully licensed as an Anglican Priest under the jurisdiction of The Most Rev. Gregory Venables, Anglican archbishop of the Southern Cone (i.e., South America, See in Buenos Aires, Argentina). As with former Episcopal Churches in the U.S.A., orthodox Canadian Anglicans are seeking–and finding–refuge in other jurisdictions, principally South America, Africa, and South Asia. The Lord reigns!

  7. Jerry thanks very much for this clarification. We love Dr. Packer and this is good that he had the spiritual courage to stand up be an example to all of us in these trying times.

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