When the blind lead the blind…

The homosexual community (both religious and political) is leading our nation into the point of no return. What’s worse, they may not even be aware of it. Politically and socially, such a statement is deemed prejudical and perhaps even one of “hate”. But only truly spiritual eyes can see that this is true.  Jesus declared that when the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit (Luke 6:39). Like running across a highway during rush hour blindfolded, it is inevitable that one will meet with calamity. In the bible, bindness is always associated with darkness, sin and an inability to see truth. The blind cannot see danger before them nor can they warn others to avoid it. Isn’t it interesting that in Sodom, the angels didnt paralyze the men of Sodom, neither did they take away their speech? Instead, they took away the men’s most precious personal resource: the ability to see. Actually, the Sodomites were already spiritually blind and thus the punishment of natural blindness was only a parallel manifestation.

Dr. James White posted this last year and it merits another hearing. Though it is an unpopular position to take in our pluralistic-driven society, our choice is to continue speaking and trusting God’s way, because it is the only way.

I’ve Been Saying This for Years Now…

  Homosexuals are suppressing the truth of God in their lives. It is a difficult thing to wrestle constantly with your conscience, to put out so much effort into convincing yourself that your sin is good, to call light darkness and darkness light. It is toilsome. Because of their state, homosexuals are particularly angered by anyone who would say “homosexuality is unnatural; it is directly opposed to God’s creative order, it is sinful, life-destroying, and God demands you repent from it.” And so, they are willing to lend their considerable financial (and hence politically powerful) support to any politician who will help them to suppress such speech, or to put it bluntly, to give them super-rights. They wish to be able to say, and do, anything at all: but, at the same time, they are willing to see the rights of others, especially their free-speech rights, denied.
   Now that the party that is most in support of homosexuality and its agenda is in (slight) control of the legislative branch of the US government, the laws that are being used to suppress the open and honest preaching of the Christian faith in Europe, Canada, and Australia, are being promoted here. Under the guise of “hate crimes legislation,” HR-1592 is making its way through Congress, the next major step in criminalizing Christianity in the West. Robert Gagnon has the story here.
   Our society’s hatred of God’s law is so deep, so pervasive, that I honestly see this not as something that will bring God’s wrath–we are well beyond that point–but as evidence of God’s wrath. If my generation passes away without facing the very same seizure of our property, denial of free speech rights, and even imprisonment, faced by our brothers and sisters at the hands of Muslims, Hindus, and Communists around the world, surely the next generation will face such hardships. May God grant us strength and insight to use our current freedoms to form for the next generations a solid foundation upon which they can stand against the fierce storm of the world’s hatred.”  (May 2007)

As Dr. White notes, it take tremendous and sustained effort to suppress God’s truth in your life. The outcome is a seared conscience which sees only the darkness of its own matrix.

Because we are blowing the trumpet against the blindness of the homosexual community, it is not to be interpreted that we advocate violence or death to any person in this sinful condition.  Our sincere desire (as is God’s) is that those in sin would repent before it is too late to repent.

If you are a Christian and you have unrepentant homosexual sin (or any sin) in your life, now is the time to go to Christ and ask Him to wash away your sin. Then endeavor with all your heart and soul to love him and live according to his Word.

Don’t be hoodwinked and bamboozled by the pied pipers of the gay christian movement who in their own blindness,  lie to you and tell you that God accepts your definition of righteousness. In the day that you will stand before God not one of them will be able to answer for you or stand in your place to face God. Remember what Jesus said, when the blind lead the blind, they will both fall into a pit. 



16 thoughts on “When the blind lead the blind…

  1. Praise God! This is an absolutely awesome, Holy Spirit led post Pastor Foster!

    I join with you, hoping and praying that the blinded will one day see the spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual deception that has shut their eyes from the Truth!

    All that you have shared here is so beautifully stated!

    Your post contains all of the evangelistic ingredients that not only warns of the impending doom of their unrepentant condition, but also encourages the lost towards the “hope that is in us.”

    As born-again believers in Christ, we are commissioned to share the fact that repentance through Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross will lead to forgiveness. Once that burden of sin is taken away, they will see the true light of the Gospel, and genuine, agape love of the Savior, Jesus Christ ,as what they so desperately need!

    There are so many deceptions out there. I recently received an email from a woman who believes in an Indian proverb that told her that her kindness towards animals in this life will get her into heaven when she dies.

    When people don’t know the truth – as revealed in God’s Word – they can, and do, fall for anything.

    GCMW: Christine, thank you. I felt the HS’s calling as I was writing this. We do long to see one soul, any soul turn away from this madness and follow Jesus. He is calling, but will they hear?

  2. Oh, that God would use such a repulsive things as a “Hate Bill” to awaken the Church from Her slumber. It will be interesting to see what happens when/if such a bill is passed. Will churches be denied tax-exempt status if they preach against homosexuality? Will this law force churches to hire homosexual ministers? Such things would force the TRUE CHURCH underground in a way that has never happened here before.

    “It is time for judgment to begin at the household of God…” (1 Peter 4)

    GCMW: Inquiring minds will be watching. We think it is inevitable. And perhaps overdue for the fat, lazy and self-contented American Christian church.

  3. I found your site and wanted to reply, it is so true and sad to see the Church in this state of mind. I find myself upset with my local and national Church. Which I fell like is compromising the truth for numbers. It is hard when the people who you think should know the truth and stand for it, will not hear the truth. You know ” To him who hath an ear to hear, let him hear” some times we can hear what is said, but do the other. As the Church are we the blind? This is why I replied, thank you for the words of truth.

  4. Beckrl, I feel your hurt on this. I encourage you to trust God as never before. In these times God is our refuge, a very present help in the time of trouble.

    Re your question: I was reading in John 9 about Jesus and the blind man. After a stinging condemnation of the Pharisee’s spiritual blindness, they asked him “Are we also blind?”

    In Revelation he tells the church in Laodicea that they too are blind.

    Its a dangerous state for any of us to submit to the spiritually blind.

  5. Praise the LORD! I concur with the message!

    Pastor Foster, Powerful message for that needs to be heard by everyone in the body of CHRIST!
    The thought came to my mind–there are many Sauls in the GCM that are now enemies persecuting the LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF and scattering the flock. Only GOD knows through HIS mercy and HIS choosing who in the GCM will have a Damascus road experience where they are blinded by the Glory of the LORD and then having one HIS true saints sent to them to pray for the restoration of their eyesight!

    As most American families, Christian, and non-Christian prepare to go their various destinations on this 4th of July weekend, we (especially the Church) need to remember why we enjoy the freedoms we have today, because yesteryear’s generations paved the way–We should all ask ourselves the question, are we going to let Satan steal our crown, destroy our Christian freedom and tear down the Christian legacy of America?

    Tyranny can come in various methods–there are devasting spiritual and NATURAL consequences because the American church and this great nation of ours has COMPROMISED…NOT for what is holy, pure, righteous and true…but for the Sake of Earthly Gain, Earthly Influence, and Earthly Praise–Today the American Church and the nation today has given away our rights and freedoms that yesteryear’s generations paid for with their blood. The physical American church is BLIND and in grave danger! The Bible mentions in Judges 2:10
    And also all that generation were gathered unto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, which knew not the LORD, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel.

    Saints of the MOST HIGH GOD, we are living in that generation right NOW! As you have already mentioned Pastor, NOW IS THE TIME! NOW is the time to face tyranny whether it comes from the GCM or whether it comes from the governments..Now is the time to be endued with power from on high! May GOD have mercy on us in this hour!

    Pastor Foster, have a blessed Independence weekend and may the LORD bless and keep you and your loved ones in JESUS NAME!

  6. Pastor Foster,

    I was reading a post over at Apprising Ministries that was shockingly labeled, “Brian McLaren: Speaking for Satan.” After reading it, I was reminded of the similarity between the Emergent Church’s errors and heresy and the gcm’s adherents and “pastors” that deny the necessity of the atonement through the cross of Christ.

    It makes me shiver to realize that many are so blinded by their love for sins of the flesh that they would (knowingly, or perhaps unknowingly) allow themselves to be agents of Satan himself – within a church! But we know this to be true because we are warned about it (see Jude) when we read and study the Bible.

    Just proves the point of how extremely important your ministry really is in countering the spiritual deceptions, errors, heresy, and apostasy of the gay “christian” movement!

  7. Christinewjc, so true so many people within the church doesn’t realize or understand how much of spiritual deception,heresy, and gcm that there are within the church. For a small church like I attend they know very little about these deceptions. I have talked to my pastor, others pastors, and even my state overseer about my concerns, but the only really place I feel like I can express my concerns is on my blog and here.

  8. Hi beckrl,

    You are welcome to come over to my blog – Talk Wisdom – and discuss it!

    While searching for a new church home, I noticed how several totally ignored the gay “marriage” decision here in CA. I receive what I call “la tee da” types of emails about BBQ’s and other functions going on in the church. Yet, they didn’t bother to help get petitions signed for the Protect Marriage initiative to go on the November election ballot.

    I used that as an indication that they weren’t very serious about adherence to God’s Word.

    The church that we left (for another reason, entirely) has REALLY lost membership. I think that it was because they tried to imitate Rick Warren’s theology. Such a shame that pastors can be so easily deceived.

  9. Pastor Foster,

    Have you ever watched this vid before? Very disturbing! The GCM never addresses the main points and purpose of the Bible and that is the shedding of blood for the remission of sins, repentance, and holiness. Everything is this vacuous love fest. Love, love ,love!

    Watch this below


  10. Okay Kyle thanks I will have to do a post on this. This is the head religious kook of Cathedral of Hope gay church in Dallas. Wow, like a pop singer said once “you give love a bad name”.

    Btw who sang that song?

  11. Pastor Foster,

    I decided to peruse their web page and was startled by their “youth” services. here is a quote.

    “Youth (Grades 7 – 12) meet each Sunday at 11am. The CoH Youth Group is a dynamic group of students ages 12 – 18. Our youth group comes with all different traits. We are fun, loud, shy, “gay” (My emphasis), straight, tall, short, big, small, smart and all are beautiful people.”

    Excuse me! Children as young as 12 defining themselves as gay and even worse than that equivocating that to height and weight.

    Pastor Foster, I would really like to know what is taught to the Children in these gay affirming Churches. I can only imagine the subtle indoctrination that gets more and more pronounced as the children age. This is so disturbing.

    One last thing. If you have not read their “values” page you might want to take a deep breath before you read this.



  12. Hello, Kyle:

    Okay, I submitted myself to watching the video clip you
    suggested: in its entirety. You owe me a breakthrough of some
    sort, man.

    Here’s the problem: “homosexual” has become a keyword
    for me. Whenever a hear the word, or read the word, I think of the following:
    one man inserting his peepee into another man’s hot cesspool.

    I will only take on your second challenge of reading the “values”
    page of the Cathedral of the Catamites after I consume what is
    left of the wine from today’s Lord’s Supper.


  13. Pete,

    These people are wolves in sheep’s clothing. My point for the video was to show how empty their theology was and that what they really are is nothing more than a shill for the Homosexual Rights movement wrapped in Christianity to attempt to legitimize such behavior.

    As for the values section my point was to address the obviously skewed views they have on “values”. These Values are NOT built upon biblical principles but rather their own desires of their wicked hearts. It seems that when one reads between the lines they are indoctrinating the youth not with Bible doctrine but rather homosexual propaganda.


  14. Peter, the emporer truly has no clothes on.

    Thats one of the main reasons homosexuals do not like being called homosexuals. It conjures up images of their sexual behavior which they want people to believe is nonexistent. That’s why they emphasize the “word” homosexual is not in the bible. Hence, the creation of the words “gay and lesbian” which btw are also not in the bible.
    As Kyle said, the gcm is nothing but a religious shill or better yet ecclesiastical eye candy for the homosexual political rights movement. They have zero alleigance to Christ. And people want these folks to lead them??

    Its such a foolish circle of rhetoric being played by them.

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