To rebuke or not to rebuke?

I have no problem saying that we do a lot of rebuking on this site. That’s because the gay christian movement needs to be rebuked sharply until they repent. Did you know that rebuke is actually a hard component of grace?

The scriptures, contrary to the one dimensional love message of the gcm, is multifacted. According to 2 Timothy 3:16, it is to be used for doctrine (a foundation for beliefs), reproof (evidence), correction (redemptive disciplinary correction), and  instruction in righteousness. Note that this is profitable or advantegeous to be the recipient of such benefits. Thus, the biblical perspective is that it is both good and required.

You wouldn’t know that talking to or reading the angry, but unlearned comments from gcm supporters and others who base much of their lives on fickle opinion.  Consequently, a majority of people who a minimal bible believers reject rebuke, correction and instruction while branding it “judgmental” and “bigoted”. But here’s the truth: no one is beyond rebuke or correction in righteousness. No one. Not you, not I no one. The catch is that only scripture is the proper judge for our conduct and words.

While studying about rebuke, I came across this article par excellence by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon of A Purtian’s Mind. The article is called “Thoughts on Rebuking”.

“Where the wicked man hates rebuke, so at the same time the Christian should love the rebuke, but has a hard time incorporating it into his heart and mind because sin is still present.  Rebuking is loathsome to the wicked mind and heart.  It is loathsome to the sinful flesh.  Christians still struggle with the sinful flesh, and so rebukes that are pointed toward them are also sometimes rejected and despised.  However, Christians must face the fact that one of the means that God’s gives them to overcome sin is the rebuke and reproof.  Though it may be hard to digest, and bitter when taken, the Christian should receive it with joy if they truly love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity.  The rebuke is something that draws them out of sin and closer to Christ.<It is something that draws out sin, and changes the attitude, mind and heart toward that which is holy.  Why then would they still continue to hate the rebuke?  The answer to this is also relatively easy – when Christians are rebuked for sin, they often love their sin more than they love Christ and so hate to change or be comforted to His image.”

Do yourself a major favor and read this commentary. I accept righteous rebuke and correction because I want to be holy and pleasing to God, not equal. I want my life, beliefs, thoughts and actions to conform to the image of Christ, not society’s drifting “values”. Why? Simply because holiness is God’s command to his children, not equality. This is why “radical inclusion” doctrine will never be compatible with the scriptures.

1 Thessalonians 4:17   For God has not called us to uncleanness, but unto holiness.
Uncleannes: Gr “akatharsia” which denotes any physical or moral impurity.

1 Peter 14-16 As obedient children, do not be conformed to the former lusts which were yours in your ignorance,  but like the Holy One who called you, be holy yourselves also in all your behavior [including private sexual behavior];  because it is written, “YOU SHALL BE HOLY, FOR I AM HOLY.” (our bracket insert)


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  1. This goes to the crux of the matter. Have you ever noticed that GCM proponents NEVER speak of repentance, Christ’s “main” purpose, or sin. It’s rather quite simple. As long as you deny Christ as the ONLY way to salvation, the shedding of his blood for the remission of sins (that includes but is not limited to homosexuality), the NEED for repentance, and the living of a holy life. you will never accept rebuke. In other words once you take the Universalistic approach everything goes.


  2. So many churches today say that their for all walks of life, a for everyone church, but they leave repentance out. They show only love to the lost, but do not tell the truth in the way of rebuking. They say,You may hard their feelings and then they will leave us.

    It’s true the way you rebuke you should do it in love and show that love so the one will receivce it.

    But many only see us being “judgmental” and “bigoted”
    for telling the truth. As the end times comes closer this rebellion will only increase.

  3. berckrl, rebellion is at the root of this rejection.

    I can prove it. Jesus, in perfect, unspotted love, rebuked the pharisees and others who had a spirit of arrogant religion.

    Even though his love was guiltless and devoid of any hatred, bigotry and judgmentalism, they yet cried for his blood and pressed for his crucifixion. People in rebellion will reject rebuke and correction even when it is done in perfect love. That in no way mean that we should not do our job and tell the truth in love and so deliver our own souls.

    Thats why Jesus prayed “Father forgive them for they no not what they do.” As Dr. McMahon pointed out it rebuke is to produce repentance and consequently holiness. In a self-professed Christian this is supposed to be welcomed. But the self professed Christians of our times (like the pharisees) are in rebellion against the rule of Christ and any rebuke of their evil ways is rejected.

    Father, forgive them too for they dont understand they are cutting off their opportunities for eternal life with Christ.

  4. Excellent article Pastor DL!

    Rebuke and discipline is exactly what’s missing in most of our churches today. Like you and others mentioned, many are fearful of being labeled judgmental. So they rather remain quiet and accepting of one’s sin rather than to take the steps necessary to rebuke.

    Although not perfect, we are nevertheless required to practice discipline, otherwise how many will sit in their church pews, go to bible studies, church gatherings and the like all while practicing ungodly lifestyles with the thought that it’s okay as long as “God forgive’s them?” We are commanded in the scriptures not to keep company with those who are disobedient so that they can be ashamed! (2 Tim 3:14.) God’s forgiveness combined with our chastisement work hand in hand!

    That’s our problem within the Christian community. Very few are ashamed of what they are doing because the acceptance of their sin is more evident than discipline of it. There is little accountability as many just go to church on Sunday without anyone knowing who they are.

    What a challenge for the church to first get to know someone so that they can become accountable, then secondly practice the love and discipline that’s need for God’s “little children” to grow!

    And I totally agree with your commentary by McMahon, that those who are loving God will accept the discipline and those who are flaunting and unrepentant such as the homosexual community, are going to hate any kind of chastisement.

    Woe to the pastors who are too weak to chastise the homosexual or any other offender but pat them on the back instead!

    Keep on rebuking Pastor DL!

  5. Carlotta, I totally agree, and you said, it so well.

    “Very few are ashamed of what they are doing because the acceptance of their sin is more evident than discipline of it. There is little accountability as many just go to church on Sunday without anyone knowing who they are.”

    Once my former pastor tried to get a fund raiser by the men of the church to dress in women clothes. I was so glad that some other members stand against it.

    He said, it was all for fun, but we asked him what would the church be promoting? Today it seems like we allow anything, where once we would not stand for it.
    “Woe to the pastors who are too weak to chastise the homosexual or any other offender but pat them on the back instead!”
    The Church is to be the Light of the world, not part of this world.

  6. GCW,

    Thanks for this post. The Holy Spirit is going to let this post guide me into my next post about why it is important to rebuke the heretics of this age. I started with this post of “why” I do what I do:

    The more I take a Christian apologetic approach toward my studies the more I see just how crazy some of these preachers are. I cant believe I used to be wrapped up in the WoF theology!

  7. I think the biggest problem is that there isn’t enough buking going on these days, let alone rebuking.

    Seriously, we’re living in the age of “seeker sensitivity” and admonishing people from the pulpit, let alone one on one, will soon get a hireling fired.

    Many people really don’t want pastors (shepherds) who carry both the rod of rebuke and the staff to bring back wayward sheep. They want slick car salesman with fancy hairdos and nice teeth to tickle their flesh.

    Personally, I prefer a humble shepherd-mentor who doesn’t abdicate his responsibility and is willing to tell me the truth (in a loving manner) to my face even if it stings for a while. This is the call of the preacher, “…preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.” (2 Tim. 4:2)

    My best friends and brothers are those who are willing to correct me and warn me when I am in danger and I listen to them and submit because I know that they love me.

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