Soulforce lied (technically) about church visit says Warren

The pastor of one of the churches on the Soulforce Family Outing debacle is refuting the gay christian group’s account of their visit to his church.

Rick Warren said in a statement that the Soulforce press release was “100% false”.

(You) were correct in assuming Newsweek quoted a Soul Force press release headline that was 100% false. We did not invite this group and I will not be meeting with them. They invited themselves to draw attention to their cross country publicity stunt.

My staff has already told them that neither my wife nor I will meet with them for any discussion or debate. This weekend, both Kay and I are receiving awards from two different universities so we’ll be out of town! Also, it’s Father’s Day and I’m spending the holiday with my children and grandchildren, as are all my staff.”

Rick Warren
Saddleback Church

At issue was a Newsweek editor Lisa Miller’s “article” which quoted from a Soulforce press release and published it as if were true. Miller later added a corrective addendum to her story.

It also highlights how the MSM will do anything to glorfy homosexuality and its practioners through media to the American public. Gay and lesbian journalists are urged refuse “defamatory rhetoric” because, they contend, it is akin to asking a white racist to comment on black civil rights. Fatally flawed ideology, but it explains why the msm only does fluff pieces or emotionally charged stories which portray homosexuals as perpetual victims of a hateful society.

Unfortunately, its not any different with the religious wing of the homosexual movement. Victimology becomes them.

4 thoughts on “Soulforce lied (technically) about church visit says Warren

  1. Seems that RW wants to have it both ways. On the one hand he won’t meet with Soulforce himself technically. But on the following day his staff DOES meet with Soulforce. Saddleback staff represents RW don’t they?

    PS: prayers to Timothy Wright and family over the loss
    of his Wife and Grandson in the car accident.


  2. Correct Donna, there was a meeting.

    The next day, eight of our families met with Saddleback ministers and staff for lunch and conversation.

    I’ve known SoulForce to be a lot of abominable things (and they are a whole lot of abominable things), but I’ve never known them to claim a meeting occurred that did not actually happen.

    Out of just about all the so-called “mega pastors” that Soulforce met with, Rick Warren has a history of being the most open to so-called brothers who walk in their flesh than any of the others before this. (A so-called pastor and so-called brothers. All teaching their heresies) Why is Rick Warren even TRYING to play like he’s so against meeting with Soulforce now? Are these pimps revenues down and they are saying things to try and make more money or what?

    What’s the Matter With Rick Warren? A Lot!

  3. This was definitely an issue of technicalities. Technically, there was no meeting of Soulforce and Warren. There was however a meeting with his staff. Same difference. Same thing at Jakes church. No meeting with him per se, but with four “official” staff members.

    I think Warren only responded because the information appeared in a national secular magazine.

    The games people play. I’ve amended the title.

  4. It all makes sense. By speaking out both sides of your mouth you have a win win situation. You appease those in the Church who disagree with such behavior all the while keeping your options open on increasing your Church membership. Come on! Rick Warren is ALL ABOUT building mega churches.


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