Benny Hinn teaching on homosexuality

Interesting remarks from Benny Hinn who once prophesied that God would destroy the entire gay community in 1995. It didnt happen. Here, in these two short videos (approximately 1.5 minutes each), Hinn remarks that (1) through studying “many books” he has found out that fathers who don’t hug their sons produce effeminate boys, (2) He also asserts that homosexuality and perversion are connected, and (3) touches on homosexual pastors who teach others that homosexuality is not a sin.  Is it a mixed bag or error?
The youtube poster says it is taken from the Hinn-released DVD entitled “Demonology and Deliverance”.

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11 thoughts on “Benny Hinn teaching on homosexuality

  1. He was way off in video #1.

    In video #2 he understands that homosexuality is a sin and those claiming homosexuality is good are perverting scripture. He always wants to attribute a “spirit” to everything and give it a title, even titles we don’t see given to any spirit in scripture. Romans 1 says homosexuality and other things are the result of people who forsook God being turned over to a reprobate mind by Him. What some of us Reformed folks call the real “free will”, to let man go wild in his own perverted fleshly desires.

  2. IC, yes in his attribution to the “spirit of perversion”, “spirit of homosexuality”, nothing per se exists in scripture.

    Sometimes when people use this it makes homosexuality out to be something different spiritually than what it is. If there is no “spirit of heterosexuality” then there is no “spirit of homosexuality”.

    Some try to cast out the “spirit of homosexuality” but it is usually to the spiritual detriment of the person on the receiving end. They think that spirit is gone and yet they continue to struggle causing them to doubt God and even themselves.

    Hinn, shouldnt teach this kind of biblical error.
    The bible speaks to acts regardless of relational context: ie fornication, adultery, homosexuality and the spiritual genesis for all of them regardless of the object is inordinate lust. Now, lust is a spirit.

  3. I think the effort to “spiritualize” everything and never claim that anything anyone does wrong is really of THEMSELVES, is related to the unbiblical saying “God hates sin, but loves the sinner”. Nobody wants to claim that any actual person is really doing evil and nobody wants to affirm that GOD REALLY DOES HATE THE SINNER WHO NEVER REPENTS.

    Romans 9:13 (New American Standard Bible)

    13 Just as it is written, “JACOB I LOVED, BUT ESAU I HATED.”

    I could say more, but I’ll do a Ephesians 4:29 and stop there.

  4. Vid #1 – rubbish. This is like a conversation you’d here in middle school – kids trying to expalin why other kids are messed up and their proof – I read many many books about it man! It’s true. Then Hinn throws out the “50% of teens are raped”… geesh, talk about hat tricks.

    answer is: Error.

    I think our acts (thoughts included) are either in obedience to God’s will or in rebellion. If we walk in the flesh – and not the spirit, we are in rebellion. As such, our ability to discern Light from Darkness – Truth from Error – Holy from Wicked is hampered. As IC points out, when this is taken to the level of replacing what we know is True and replacing it with the Wickeness of our flesh, God will allow folks the penalty of their own “free will”. I say no one is handed over who has not rejected God’s Truth – perfectly revealed and none without excuse.

  5. This guy has significant track record with false prophecy. I turn him off immediately. Whats more, he owns $10 million ocean front property. Of course paid for by all the “doners”. I wish the spirit of PIMPING would die in the church.

  6. gcmwatch,

    I don’t know about the whole “not hugging your son” causing boys to be effeminate thing. I’d like to know what books he studied to come up with that. There are many boys that were raised without fathers that are not effeminate…

    I have to say though, that comment about their being no “spirit of heterosexuality” and thus no “spirit of homosexuality” was amusing to me. I tend to agree with pastor Benny on this point. Nearly every sinful or demonic act is influenced by a particular type of demonic spirit. The names of demons are not particulary important, their function and their type is what matters. So you may not always see demons “named” in the Bible, but their fuction and type are outlined. That is why Jesus often cast demons out of people to heal them. Even in the case of Mary Magdalene, she was delivered from prostituion by the casting out of 7 demons. The Bible does not name the demons, but the function of those demons were made clear and thus such demons could be categorized or “typed” if you will as “spirits of prostitution” or “spirits of perversion”.

    Furthermore, we do not need different spirits or type spirits of righteousness, such as a “spirit of heterosexuality” (if heterosexuality is being marked as a good thing here within the confines of a legal marriage) to live right because there is only need of One Spirit to help us live righteously and that is The Holy Spirit. All righteous living is a result of the Spirit of God at work in our lives. In terms of heterosexual sin, that would be typed as a “spirit of fornication”. Although I definitely agree with you that all of these are derived from “the spirit of lust” which in actuality is merely “the spirit of satan”. So all sin is influenced by the spirit of satan as all righteousness is induced by “the spirit of God”!

    I believe that ignorance concerning the workings of demonic spirits in our lives causes so many Christians to live a defeated life. Identifying a spirit does not give us excuses to sin, it gives ammunition to stop sinning! Typing a spirit is just specifying how the spirit of satan is working in your life specifically.

    Just my thoughts though. Overall, the jury is still out with me concerning Benny Hinn. I don’t know what to make of him sometimes. When I’m not sure, I just keep my mouth of if and pray for the indivdual!

    In His Power,

  7. for all professing Christians Divorce is also equally wrong and hurts our society just as much.. and it too should not be practiced in any Christian church by any Christian persons too..
    Now in the Christian church all lusts, rape, adultery, sex outside of marriage, per the Bible now too, is immoral, unacceptable, and was well all human rights abuses are also still unacceptable, whether it is verbal, physical.. God never approves of it neither should any of us.. the public exposure and prosecution of the bad persons serves everyone’s best interest next too.. being kind, nice to bad guys is a waste of time, for they will not change unless they themselves experience real, negative, personal appropriate consequences .. we need to hate all evil, all abuses and to be angry at it too.. we can use the whip to deal with it like Jesus did to chase out the money lenders, commercial business in the temple, Christian Churches solely. Some persons would say that many homosexuals are violent and sexually deviant, but others would rather point out that most of the violent, sexual deviants are heterosexual men harming women, then they next are charged with getting off-topic, but one still can add the reality that anyone who files for divorce, male or female is also a sexual deviant.. according the same Bible. We need to stand against all sins in the church.

  8. Hi

    I’m the poster of the 2 videos by the way, sorry they are such bad quality.

    In these videos Benny did not necessarily say that homosexuality is wrong or sinfull.

    Because the orientation is not a sin of course, but the practice of the lifestyle is. Two people of the same gender engaging in sex is simply a sin because it is outside of marriage (fornication) remembering that ‘gay marriage’ is not real.

    There are a lot of mis-translations in the Bibles today with the passages that contain, or may contain words referring to homosxuality. Take a look at this website – – Which shows the Hebrew and Greek of things, which is necessary.

    Thank You

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