Is GCM Watch "hypocritical, judgmental and close-minded"?

I get a number of comments accusing this site of what the following reader claims to exist. Although they are reviewed on a per case basis, often these comments aren’t posted because they are typically hypocritical, judgmental and close-minded.
Notice anything?

One of the major contentions by gay christians and their supporters is that Christians who believe homosexuality to be a sin refuse to “dialogue” and have an open mind. What exactly, I ask, should I be open-minded about? And how is “open-minded” defined?

Representative of most of those comments —with a variation— is the following from “Kamron”. I am posting it with slight editing to keep things “to the point.”

“great patience and instruction…thats something many of the blogs seem to lack..including mine. If people feel like they’re going to be persecuted they won’t want to add, at least not in a productive way, to your discussion and it will remain a site that condemns the sinner and lays out all the seedy details without offering much hope to those who are in sin. i’m not saying to justify homosexuality or to sugarcoat the reality that it is an abomination against God. I’m saying to be wise as serpants yet gentle as doves because this kind of topic tends to get heated when discussed rationally and those of us who are looking for help and prayer and support will only be intimidated by what may be sound christian rebuke but instead comes off as hypocritical self-righteousness (which seems to be the case in many of the postings i’ve read). So all this passive-aggressive rhetoric may be satisfying’ve made your point and managed to use scripture in the process..but are you really winning? The type of behavior exhibited in many of the interactive posts only takes away from your cause by portraying christians as hypocritical, judgemental, and close minded. If anyone disagrees with a statement, even a wrong statement, don’t take the quick and satisfying pun or self-righteous rebuke backed with scripture. Instead really examine the statement, post your opinion offer scriptures as the truth that sets us free not the word that condemns us. people are more likely to consider what your saying, follow up with more questions, and find the help they’ve been looking for if they don’t feel as if they are being judged and loathed. Be careful with your words they are powerful weopons. The fight is not with your peers its with satan. Use your words to condemn him and the lies he’s used to fool many not our brothers and sisters in Christ who have strayed..the fight is not with us lost sheep. Its with the wolf who seeks to destroy.”

Another question arises (which Kamron is free to answer) is: did you come to this site for help or to criticize what was written? If you are/were looking for help, what other sites have you visited (in your search for help) or are you being disengenous about seeking help? Have you sought the Lord with your whole heart, before seeking online help? Since that is one of the points you made against GCM Watch, please clarify.

I disagree with Kamron and anyone else who asserts that GCM Watch “condemns the sinner”. This is not a site about sinners, but a site about those who claim relationship with Christ, but refuse to acknowledge biblical restictions on sexual conduct, namely homosexuality. Further, there is no condemnation (a finality of judgment with no hope of redemption) but rather conviction (highlighting error so that the individual will repent and live). According to scripture, there is a vast difference in the two and our response to them. As such, 1 Cor 5: 9-13 needs to be stated again:

I have written you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people— not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. In that case you would have to leave this world. But now I am writing you that you must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat.
What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked man from among you.” (markup ours)

In addition, the point about snarkiness, unjustified pun and sarcasm paired with scripture is not lost. We do need to clean up the presentation of our language in response to those who oppose our message and by extension the message of Christ. I pledge to do better and will also ask regular posters not to readily engage in such online behavior.

11 thoughts on “Is GCM Watch "hypocritical, judgmental and close-minded"?

  1. Hypocritical -NO!


    Close Minded-Yes!

    And as Christians we should be closed minded to these things. For example I would applaud any Church who closes their doors to the likes of Soul Force and the rest. Think about it. They are not open to debate they are all about spreading an agenda. As Christians you DON’T let the leaven in.


  2. Thank you for your sensitivity and clarity in speaking with this brother. It’s the exact thing I read everytime I’m on this site. Facts are facts and the only reason these particular posters feel judged is because they are. Some come in STATING they are in the church!

    We are to judge each other; remember Kamron this is all for the sake of pleasing Christ and His Word is the LAW…Period. When it happens to me; as it does just about everyday because someone always has something to say; I immediately go to the Bible to see if God’s Word lines up with what I heard. If it does, I pray and fast and ask God to help me to correct whatever it is and I thank him for putting me around people who care enough to say something; sort of like this website. Does it sting and cut like a sword; YES but again the Bible tells us this is a characteristic of the Word. It only hurts when your flesh does not submit. Live in the spirit and it will sound less like judgement and more like love.

    I don’t see anything in their posts which refute what has been said so many times before. You gave them scripture to back that up. If he/she wants a dialogue on this type of website, what do they expect?

  3. Praise the LORD!

    Pastor Foster, GOD has given you a platform and a voice to cry out for holiness and righteousness! As the old timers say, “Don’t Take Back!” “Stand Your Ground!” The answers to the 3 questions, NO, NO, and YES because we cannot COMPROMISE the Word of GOD!

    I have posted a link of what’s going on this week in my neck of the woods with pastors–especially in the large black churches.

    The nerve of these guys being at a school of divinity–“ever learning but never coming to the knowledge of the TRUTH”

    These type of pastors/ministers/leaders/officials are the MODERN DAY PHARISEES. Anyone who labels Pastor Foster a Pharisee is not saved and following another Jesus!

    You will notice the “POLITICALLY CORRECT” word “INCLUSION” . Read the comments by Pastor Veazey! The devil himself could not do more damage than “pastors” with hearts and words like this guy!

    Brother DO NOT compromise!

  4. I find that Jesus had the best balance between uplifting and rebuking. Take the way he spoke to the Pharisees, the ones that claim to be righteous and how he spoke to the unrighteous. He spoke with love to the unrighteous and rebuked the so call righteous.
    So to give strong corrections to the GCM which call themselves christians would be in line.
    Also John the baptist rebuked strongly, but had many to come to be washed clean. There will always be some that will cry against how and what you say, but keep telling the truth.

  5. In response to a recent open invitation, I commented:

    I pray

    that peace




    may all find their voice

    within us

    and sing.

    It’s not clear to me why my comment didn’t see the light of day here at GCM Watch.

    But, if you want to speak openly about being principled, thoughtful, and open to dialogue (instead of “hypocritical, judgmental and close-minded”), I would welcome that information.

    This isn’t a an academic or activist exercise for me. Some of my closest, most beloved family members are Christians.

  6. Hey brother,

    I came here to learn and to read your well-written posts. 😛

    Your ministry is a much needed one.

    God bless your work.

    In Christ,

  7. In addition, the point about snarkiness, unjustified pun and sarcasm paired with scripture is not lost. We do need to clean up the presentation of our language in response to those who oppose our message and by extension the message of Christ.

    This is where I must say – say it ain’t so bro! 😉

    Lord of the Idiots

    PS I do hear ya – just still in rebellion

  8. Pastor DL, Good reminder to have us be watchful of the way we share God’s word with others. I think we’ve all been guilty one time or another of being out of God’s will in the way we speak to those we are witnessing to and sharing the Word with. It get’s too tempting at times to really let loose with folks especially if they anger us!

    Dealing with those who claim to be of the “fold” are our biggest challenge. But nevertheless, although we must deal with them the harshest, it still must be God’s way and not “our way.”

    On a side note, TON3X is performing tomorrow at a church you are familiar with – St. Stephens COGIC with Bishop McKinney here in San Diego – He is Performing with Eddie Baltrip & V.O.F.

    Is Bishop McKinney aware of Ton3x, a so called Christian singer who’s CD is so vile it has a Parental Advisory on it? (the first I’ve seen for a “Christian” CD). If you look at this link, I guess he’s supposed to be naked. And this is considered “gospel?”
    Naked Truth

    Okay, I’ll be nice! Won’t say no more!

  9. Wow! Carlotta. I hate to say this but even if some of these leaders were made aware they are too locked in to the $$$$ to simply say no we wont have that at our church.

    Regarding the St Stephens, tonex was feted at one of Bishop McKinney’s jurisdictional superintendent’s church so Im sure they do not care.

    You can see with the remarks from the defenders of these people they have no regard at all for biblical principle or the scripture itself when it comes to their IDOLS, And I mean that in the idolartry context. They will fight tooth and nail because they are FANS of man and not servants of God.

  10. Carlotta,

    I went to Ton3x Myspace. The dude is pulling out the early 90s Prince look AND the early 90s Prince music. This guy is all messed up now.


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