Okay I know this waaaaay off what we normally discuss here, but since this is my blog and I couldnt help myself when I saw this, I decided to share the love. Look at these beautiful, white baby lions born in a German zoo.

I mean, just breathtaking.

ABC has more pictures of beautiful animal babies. It just makes you wonder how people could be so cruel against unborn children. I also couldnt help saying that.

Anyway if you love animals, enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Indulgence.

  1. Let all creation testify…

    Amazing photos of God’s creatures; so beautiful. Thank you for the link.
    Having worked with animals all my life (husband and I are big ‘animal lovers’ like so many others) I am still awestruck with wonder at His creation.
    Just looking at those photos shows His creative design in the ‘babies’ camoflauged patterns/colors of their coats or featherings.
    Never ceases to amaze me.

    I concur with the comments on the unspeakable cruelty against our very own human pre-born babies.

    Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:29, 31 and Luke 12:6,7 that not even one sparrow falls to the ground without Him knowing. No, He doesn’t forget any of them!
    Yet we are worth so very much more to HIm and are of “more value than many sparrows”.

    Brings to mind Ethel Waters, her own life story and beautiful rendition of “His Eye is On the Sparrow”.

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