John Stott's survey of the gay christian movement

JEM blog has a very good five part series on homosexuality where he summarizes the topic from John Stott’s  book Issues facing Christians Today.

The posts begin with an examination of (surprisingly) “commonalities” and end with a good survey of the contemporary arguments made by the religious homosexual movement and their allies. JEM made this point which was very good because most of the criticism as well as defense of the gcm is based on the “love” (in some variation) argument.

“The Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement borrows from Scripture the truth that love is the greatest thin in the world (which it is) and from the “new morality” or “situation ethics” of the 1960s the notion that love is an adequate criterion by which to judge every relationship (which it is not).’

Did you catch that? The gcm’s argument is blended with of 60’s free love ideology. But love is not an adequate criterion by which to judge every relationship.

JEM or rather Stott also state that one of the commonalities is the fact that we are all Christians. What do you think about that? Is that a good commonality or is it a commonality of generalities i.e. anyone can call themselves a Christian and be accepted as such without any biblical examination of their lives?

Just follow the links to each part from the beginning of the series.


7 thoughts on “John Stott's survey of the gay christian movement

  1. I could be wrong – but I see no way anyone who has the spirit of Christ living in them (Holy Spirit) can possible think without a thorough moaning of the Holy Spirit – same sex relationships are Holy or God’s will.
    I truly pray it’s only a stage of rebellion before they turn back to the Truth and repent.

    I must admit – I believe they are hanging by a thread over the depths of Hell. God will give them up and give them exactly what they have desired – we must pray for them.

  2. One cannot be a christian and claim to be a homosexual or gay. That is an oxymoron. As a former homosexual, which I renounced when I finally accepted Christ, and upon accepting Christ, was baptized in the Holy Spirit, which happens at conversion, homosexual practice cannot be apart of the Christian’s life. It cannot be the ongoing longing to be with members of the same sex. My longing is to become like Jesus Christ, recognizing my sin, and that homosexuality is sin, and any entertained thought of homosexuality is sin. The beauty of Jesus Christ is that He has paid for all of my sin, past-present&future, what He in turn gives us the power to actually do is to NOT practice sin. If we have the new nature, then it is a battle between our old nature, and new nature. I still have thoughts, and they are getting less, but that is the battle which the Christian is faced with, not with flesh and blood, but against principalities, dominions, and all of the fallen angelic spheres which want any christian to fall and any to not know Jesus Christ!
    There is a quote that I got from Mat Staver’s book called “Same-sex Marriage”, in chapter 4, near the end, talking about morality’s erosion in America:
    ” If the camel’s nose ever gets underneath the tent, the tent is history. The camel is coming, but it’s not too late to prevent the creature from bringing down the house. ”
    I hope this is true! I do think that it is not a matter of IF God will judge us but WHEN!
    Regards in Yeshua,
    who was and who is and who is to come


  3. Stephen,
    If I may, you state If we have the new nature, then it is a battle between our old nature, and new nature. I still have thoughts,… that brother is what I call living Faith! Dead folks don’t struggle, only those who are alive struggle! Thanks for sharing God’s life transforming grace. It has never been an issue of hetero and homo, it will alsways be a battle of Truth vs Lie. May God’s blessings be abundant.

  4. Good post.

    Have you ever heard of Dr. Michael L. Brown? He’s got a particular burden for Biblically seeing the church combat the homosexual agenda in our culture in love, by ‘reaching out, but yet resisting (the sin)’. If you haven’t heard him, then I’m sure you’d be motivated and stirred by some of his teachings on the matter.

    Blessings and keep on preaching truth!


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