Orthodoxy and teaching on homosexuality

This video is from the creator of the video with the young woman we featured. This brother whose Youtube name is “Kaz” (I couldnt understand his real name) is teaching about homosexuality in this video and also shares bits of his testimony in an effort to have some common ground with the homosexual men his video is aimed at. I feel his heart is definitely in the right place but some statements may not be biblical.

This critique is not because I disagree with him, but hopefully to take some statements and review them biblically so as to help others. So if you have been wanting to teach about homosexuality, consider this a training lesson. Hopefully it will be seen as the same spirit in which Aquila and Priscilla took Apollos to the side and expounded unto him a more excellent way.

I sent Kaz an invitation to come and join the conversation. I kinda regret he is talking with a bed in the background but maybe he felt more comfortable there. So since I said it lets not have any discussion on the bed.

The second part of the video is here. You may want to listen first before you comment especially if you are disagreeing with a point. I’m really interested in hearing corrective disagreement with biblical support, not just criticism.  Or support of what he says with biblical clarifications. I think we are all agreed that homosexuality is wrong and sinful with clear evidence in the scripture, so there’s no need to argue that point (no sgsnow redux!).

What concerns me is how we present that to those who we are reaching out to. That seems to be a problem with the church. We never make it beyond “its an abomination because the bible says so”. While that is correct, it falls short in terms of redemption.

Maybe, Kaz is trying to extend it beyond that point.


2 thoughts on “Orthodoxy and teaching on homosexuality

  1. Pastor D, I saw a few things worth mentioning that may be problematic.

    1) He kept talking about “vices to straighten out” to inherit the kingdom of God.

    Sounds like some system of “works” here. He never talked about being born again.

    2) He also said that the homosexual is a child of God, child of the Holy Ghost. If I remember correctly, the scripture says that only those who receive Christ, can become children of God. (John 1:12)

    3) and he equates homosexuality with demonic activity. That actual demons have entered the body to pervert the woman or man to perform homosexual acts.

    This last one I’m not too sure of. We know those who are saved, have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but those who are not saved, does not necessarily mean they have demonic spirits automatically. Is homosexuality a demonic activity – satanic? Same thing?

  2. I just saw where you had the 2nd video.

    So far he didn’t even have the right chapter. Romans chapter 16:1, when he meant Romans 1:16….

    That would lose most folks right there who aren’t familiar with the bible…I’ve done that a lot, but you don’t want to put up a video with the wrong info when someone’s soul could depend upon it!

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