Exodus ministry leader at a gay wedding?

Wendy Gritter, the Exodus ministry leader in Canada (ironically called New Direction) who admitted to gay activists she doesnt agree with Exodus’ message of change from homosexual is now telling activists she would attend a homosexual “wedding.”  What’s more, Gritter said she would give the gay newlyweds a gift because “at the end of the day I believe loving people is what God asks of me.” What confusion!

The reason the exgay ministry world can’t be effective is that it’s trying to be all things to all people. You can thank postmodernism for that. Homosexual activists want to see their ministries cease to function. But some –like Gritter– think that winning people to Christ means “hanging out with sinners”. Gritter says her goal is to hang out too and make legalistic religious leaders “nervous.” 

One wonders if Gritter would attend a polygamy wedding(s) simply because loving people is what God asks of her? Would she attend the “wedding” of a 50 year old man and a 14 year old boy if it becomes popular and God forbid legal because God asks her to love people? Since this seems to be about following Jesus’ example, where in the Bible did Jesus attend a homosexual wedding bearing gifts?

We reported here and here that the disjointed messages coming from Exodus International make it impossible to refer people to the organization for help.  Pastors should not refer people to the organization until it can solidify its message and practice into one which is faithful to the Word of God not science, polls, surveys and people like Wendy Gritter.

More Gritterisms:

Gene Robinson and I have a different position on sexual ethics. He and I look at Scripture differently. On some important realities, Gene and I disagree.
But when Gene says, “I think God wants us to be bold…. to take risks. I don’t think God wants us to be afraid.” I have to say, I agree.”

So the gay christian bishop Vicky Gene Robinson says “God wants us to be bold…to take risks”?  So why is it when a man took a risk, stood up in church and boldly called Robinson a heretic who needed to repent, why was the man thrown out of the church? Add hypocrite to heretic and keep repent.

While Gritter is obsessing over whether or not she is seen or not seen as loving or not loving homosexuals who marry, and “hanging out with sinners”, did she ever read this?:

You adulterers! Don’t you know that friendship with the world means hostility with God? So whoever wants to be a friend of this world is an enemy of God. James 4:4 ISV


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  1. yeah, and yet…

    She’s gotten positive attention at exgaywatch.com, right?

    Sorry, but sometimes I get tired of giving the crazies more attention than they’ve earned.

  2. They continue to try and marry Christ with culture (wordly) – the results are a worldly Christ for Pete’s sake!

    Like you eluded to – to be all things to all people you must first kill Theology! and Satan is quite happy to provide them with “orthodox” talk tracks to be successful at this!

  3. I doubt that my little rebuke will change anything, but someone needed to say the emporer is not reading his bible.
    Gritter needs to make up her mind, and Exodus needs to get back to the Bible.

  4. I think that that is one of the biggest lies in the church world today. The best lies ever told are the ones with a grain of truth in them. So, yes, Jesus does call us to love, but not condone. Therefore, how in the church can you allow unrepentant sinners to be accepted? In 1 Corinthians 5, Paul tells the Corinthian church to cast out the one that is committing sexual sin while in the body of Christ. The Corinthians were applauding themselves because they were showing great love and compassion on their fellow believer. But, I believe that it is true that you could love someone right into Hell. Righteous and loving rebuke is needed at times, as is truthful judgment of actions and sins. I am not by any means talking about the judgment only God can impose but the judgment of a loving brother or sister in Christ, confronting things that society says are okay but morality says no to. Good blog.

  5. [“at the end of the day I believe loving people is what God asks of me.” ]

    Satan has used one of Christianty most powerful gifts. which is Love and converts the good for bad.

    GCMW the scripture you refer to in James speakes volumes of todays theology of love.

  6. I’m an ex gay and I’m impressed with the false theology being taught here on this site. When we are warned not to be friends with the world, we are being told not to indulge fleshly desires and become companions with that. Jesus clearly states that the physician has no service to those who are healthy and that it is those who are in need with whom he befriends.

    Likewise, Gritter is an example of standing bold w/love.

    GCMW: Mary, being an exgay is irrelevant to the issue. This scripture is not intended nor does it conflict with Matt 9:12. In Matt 9:12 JESUS calls the tax collectors “sinners” who are “sick”. Would Gritter call her gay wedding buddies sinners who need healing while she is giving them their gifts? There’s the conflict. James 4:4 is for church folk who walk to walk hand in hand with the world without telling them they are sinsick and need to be made whole. Again, there’s no conflict in scripture but with people’s actions while using scripture to justify it.
    Is there any other “false theology” you want cleared up?

  7. Let me start off by saying that i believe Homosexuality is sin according to the Bible. Let me also say let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Now i will get to my point:

    “at the end of the day I believe loving people is what God asks of me.” What confusion!” perhaps your message was not conveyed clearly, but are you saying that God has put limitations on who we can love? what about love your neighbor, followed by the story of the good Samaritan (the Samaritans were viewed the same way you seem to view homosexuals)

    GCMW: The issue isn’t about the parameters or the lack of parameters of God’s love. The question is using love as an excuse to do wrong and justify other’s wrongdoing. Secondly, race and sexual [mis]conduct are not the same. Its not a sin to be “a samaritan”. However, sexual activity outside of marriage is. A samaritan doesn’t need to repent for being a samaritan, but a person committing sexual immorality does have to repent. So how we view the two are different.

    “The reason the exgay ministry world can’t be effective is that it’s trying to be all things to all people. You can thank postmodernism for that.”
    Doesn’t Paul say “I become all things to all people in order to save a few”? i guess you’re pointing the finger of blame at the wrong thing.

    GCMW: Yes, Paul said that. Did Paul mean that we should become drag queens in order to save a few drag queens? Did Paul mean that we should smoke dope so that we could save a few dope smokers? Did Paul mean we should murder someone in order to save a few murderers? If it can’t apply to all then, your attempt to make it apply here isnt correct.

    “But some –like Gritter– think that winning people to Christ means ”hanging out with sinners”.”
    I believe it was Jesus who was scolded several times by the Pharisees for “associating with sinners”. so i guess this idea of “hanging out with sinners” isn’t all that new either.

    GCMW: The lives of every (and I do mean every) sinner Jesus came in contact with or “hung out” with as you say, was dramatically altered. Most prominent was the acknowledgement of and repentance of their sin. Where is the evidence that the people Gritter is hanging out with have done the same? If we are going to cite Jesus, let’s tell the whole story.

    perhaps Jesus never attended a homosexual wedding, but he certainly didn’t shun sinners, and i don’t think its right for us to do so, there are other issues in this article that i did not address i know, but at least consider what I’ve said.

    GCMW: Perhaps? How about no? So, how does Gritter then justify attending a homosexual wedding with a gift because God wants her to love?

  8. mystdancer50

    the passage in Corinthians also says that we are not to judge those outside the church. The reason that Paul speaks so harshly of the Corinthians acceptance of that man is because they allow him to be part of their community. We must keep things in their context or else we can make the Bible say whatever we want.

  9. Being ex gay has everything to do with your misunderstanding of scripture.

    1) Your interpretation would mean that those who reached out to me – never would have in a kind manner

    2) Your interpretation that you kow Gritter’s heart better than God is idolatry of your own pride


    3) You have cast all others who do not minister as you do into a category that is unscriptural

    Besides the gossiping that you are doing and spreading rumors (using a lot of your own interpretation of peoples actions without first coming to speak to them – another instruction from Paul) you have taken the position that you are the Savior and only you know the hearts and minds of others –

    Yes, as ann ex gay I can see I would have learned nothing from your ministry. I am letting you know directly of your error and how this can damage the message of Christ.

    GCMW – you are a group that is using this divisive issue to spread separation of the body of Christ rather than using God’s word to heal wounds.

  10. Again, Mary why do you keep insisting that you are exgay as if its an important aspect this discussion? I still dont see why you feel the need to emphasize that, its obvious doesnt afford you anymore credibility on the issue. Its not like its a Phd in biophysics.

    The issue at hand is using the scripture (or a facsimile of scripture) to justify actions that are sinful. That’s what we are addressing here.

    That being said ,your accusations are extremely confusing.

    1. What “interpretation” are you referring to? Please be clear so others dont have to guess at what you are saying.

    2. What “rumors” is GCM Watch spreading? A rumor is “a piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth.” What has been unverified here? And how is it spreading by word of mouth when it is a written blog?

    3. Check our mission statement and purpose. It should explain why this blog is written. And you liking it is not one of the reasons.

    4. Division is caused by people who refuse to follow God’s word, not the ones who reprove them.

    Mary, here’s some good advice: stop defending people and personalities and defend God’s word. Its the only thing that will remain in the end.

  11. GCMW – you are a group that is using this divisive issue to spread separation of the body of Christ rather than using God’s word to heal wounds.

    I guess the Church at Cornith (among others) had a similar talk track for Paul, eh?

    Mary, Christ said He would build His church, not any believer – and you have the nerve to talk about pride.

    Lastly, Christ did not come to heal the wounds of anyone. Again, the first thing to be sacrificed in making Christ like the world is the death of theology – a proper biblical understanding of the human condition (sin) and God’s word (Truth). The Love trumps all map, is a horrible theological road to follow – it leads no where near the Truth. One need only look at the different human concepts of Love – only one meaning comes from God and all the others do not – a simple fact of perspectives – God’s or yours?

  12. I will say this, it is good to have an understanding of how gays read and interpret the bible so that we may understand and talk to them.

    It is not good to start fights and have websites that throw punches at people who are trying to reach out.

    This blog could have handled this is a much more christian way and ethic than the one it chose.

    I am disappointed to see this kind of action in our community. As a gay person so long ago, it was this very kind of thinking that kept me away from God.

  13. Mark,

    Christ is for anyone who wants him. We all have fallen short – some of us know it – others don’t.

    Wendy has made it clear what her beliefs are on homosexuality. I applaud her efforts to stand in the gap and reach over to others. What a model of Christ’s invitation. Had I known of someone like her with the real message of christ, I would have avoided years of isolation.

    We will have to agree to diagree.

    As it is, I doubt we will ever agree on the issue of how to treat and minister to homosexuals.

  14. i have one thing to say, all your rebuttals to my points are invalid in the context of this post and i will tell you why.

    you ask do we become drag queens to save drag queens? the answer of course i no, BUT GRITTER IS NOT BECOMING A HOMOSEXUAL TO SAVE HOMOSEXUALS! if associating with sinners means that you are indulging yourself in their sin then our own Christian gospel makes a heretic of Jesus.

    GCMW: You injected that scripture to support your claim, but since it doesnt apply, you want to run away from it.

    p.s.- to be a Samaritan was to worship wrongly, it was just as offensive to for a jew to think of a Samaritan as his neighbor as it would be for you to think of a Homosexual as your neighbor. to make it clearer, Samaritans we not only ‘half-breeds’ they were heretical ‘half-breeds’ so race is NOT the only issue addressed

    you have become like qumran community, whom Jesus alludes to several times, and not in a good way. to be a christian for you means disassociating yourself with anything unchristian and that is theological fallacy. (and ironically the exact opposite of what the gospels show Jesus doing)

    i know its unlikely that you’ll really digest any of this, so i’m not posting this for you, this is for other people so that they might realize that Jesus doesn’t hate or shun homosexuals, he takes them as they are and transforms them to something more beautiful. Just as he offers to do with all who fall short (which we know is everyone… thanks Paul)

    GCMW: playing the hate card is an easy out for not being able to defend your pov. Very easy when your end game has failed.

  15. oh one more thing:

    “The lives of every (and I do mean every) sinner Jesus came in contact with or “hung out” with as you say, was dramatically altered. Most prominent was the acknowledgement of and repentance of their sin. Where is the evidence that the people Gritter is hanging out with have done the same? If we are going to cite Jesus, let’s tell the whole story.”

    really? Pharisees? I seem to recall a wealthy man who left unaltered. so no not every life was altered.

    GCMW: Do you know the difference between a sinner and a Pharisee? Are do you think there is no difference?

    this is one of those subjects that i was refering to before. is it right for gritter to say that homosexuals don’t have to change? well that depends, are they saying they don’t have to change to come to Christ? because if that is they case then i agree… MOST people don’t get their life sinless before they come to Christ… that is kind of the point. Now if they are saying that there is no need to change and follow Christ then thats different, theres a lot to unpack there. What about people who never change their orientation but remain abstinent? how are they different from Straight people who remain abstinent? Now i don’t believe they can continue to practice homosexuality and call themselves a Christ follower, a line must be drawn somewhere.

    GCMW: This is way off the subject and issue raised in this post. This is not a free for all open forum, so if you cant or dont want to stay with the topic, dont raise unrelated issues.

  16. We do not know the outcome of Gritter’s life as of yet. Perhaps a person with whom she is in contact today will change their beliefs – perhaps not. But the judging that is going on here is amazing.

    With all the sin that exists – in my life, your life etc… how can anyone of you here talk to a homosexual about their sin? Are you to say that because of that they will be denied heaven? I don’t know that answer. I do know that I sin still – even when I am unaware that I am doing it because I have ignorance of God and his ways. I am human and broken. Not to say that this is an excuse to go out and live knowingly and sinfully, but that we are all sinners. The selection process for sinful behavior that this site is promoting is scary and certainly something to pray about.

    It seems that there is a false teaching here.

    And it seems a lot of sinners have jumped on a band wagon to shun one group of people – where Gritter has not. Shall we shun eachother and all those who see differently than we – keeping the scripture a secret, our lives in Christ a secret or a shameful pride that boasts of it’s own knowledge?

    Seems like a lot of contradiction here.

  17. The issue is not whether it is lawful or loving to be at a common venue (restaurants, parks, schools) where unrepentant sinners (homosexuals, fornicators, prostitutes, drunkards etc.) are located but rather at an event in which you are acting as a witness which gives approval to the action (a wedding, a séance, the worship of a false deity, etc.). Attendees of a wedding are there to act as a witness and hence give approval and celebrate in the act (exchange of covenant oaths).

    I would have no problem being at a restaurant or park where homosexuals are known to congregate, but I will not be a participant in their sin by acting as a witness to their unlawful oath. (Romans 1:32)

    Perhaps Mary’s problem is that she (like many other Exodus leaders) is sadly lacking in her theological education. She may be well intended, but misguided and confused in her actions.

  18. Mary I noticed you didnt answer any of my questions. If you could reign in your pontification bouts and answer the questions we might get somewhere.

  19. I read some of your responses now, you said every sinner Jesus had contact with had his life altered, we dont know that for a fact. You have the famous wedding where he provided the wine, we have people criticizing him for drinking with sinners, but those sinners are not all mentioned as followers. The bible tells of people who were changed, but it doesnt say all those he hung out with (not followed, but hung out with) suddenly became followers. If you pay attention Jesus didnt appear someone standing against the world (laws, rome,) or aggressively telling people in the world how nasty they are. They were in the world after all, not in God. He only did so to those who acted as if they were God´s, or to those who had already accepted the truth and hence should live by it.
    Anyway, in general you are lacking objectivity when you state that ALL those he got to at one time or another hang out with, were altered. That is just not in the bible and cant be affirmed either way (but if you read carefully in some of those cases, not the ones that talk about conversions, but the ones that simply talk about social hanging outs, it is more likely to beleive not all were changed)

    GCMW: To clarify, I meant every sinner mentioned in scripture that is known. If there are some who did not, please cite them with that supporting text. Secondly, there is no indication that the wedding Jesus went to was a group of unregenerate sinners. That would just be speculation on your part. For the record we follow the instructions given in 1 Cor 5. We have stated that clearly many times on this blog and it hasn’t changed.

  20. GCMW,

    I have answered. You simply denied everyone freedom to christ.

    GMCW: okay, Mary since you have slid into game playing mode now, please refrain from posting until you can grow up and answer reasonable requests to explain the acidic accusations you have no problem hurling. If your next post does not comply, you will be placed on restriction until further notice.

  21. I’m not going to argue with you. Answering your questions means not staying focused on your article and theologies about ministry to gays. I gave my thoughts anbd you censored them.

    GCMW: Then unfortunately your contributions to this blog has ended.

  22. Anyone may answer this question.

    How would YOU show true love to an homosexual person and at the same time tell them that homosexuality is an abomination to God’s creation.
    If for some reason that person don’t already know.

    I think the only hope is in the truth.

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