Would Jesus approve of homosexual weddings?

Since gay marriage is becoming legalized and the cause celebre’ of the liberal world, it makes sense that liberal christians would move to prop up a fake jesus which of course would go to gay weddings and bring gifts. The Jesus of the bible would have never given his consent to man’s expression of sin. When he was drawn into the controversy of the adulterous woman, he did not approve of her sin and neither did he condone her lawful punishment. He blended the two together and told her to sin no more. Perhaps if he had encountered a homosexual wedding or been drawn into the controversy (which according to the law would have meant death to the participants) he would have told them to go and sin no more. And I believe because of the mercy of Christ not to apply the law, the two homosexuals would have repented, separated and no longer engaged in that conduct, just like the adulterous woman did.

But in this video, gay christian the Rev. Peter Gomes (the same guy that preached twice at West Angeles COGIC) attempts to make the case that Jesus of the Bible would “support” homosexual marriage. Gomes attempts to recast homosexual marriage as something Jesus would approve of because it encourages “fidelity, loyalty and recreating the kingdom of God in two people.”

Really? Homosexuality recreates the kingdom of God in two people of the same gender? How could that happen when God styled Isreal as his wife (male-female model) in the Old Testament and Jesus styled the church as his bride (male-female model) in the New Testament? Where is scripture is there any reference whether implied or explicit which personifies God or Christ in a spiritual relationship with a male persona?

Rev. Gomes if you’re reading this the very act of homosexuality is a dead end sexual experience. It has no propensity to reproduce or recreate anything. All sin leads to and produces death (Prov 16:23). The wages of sin pay out death (Romans 6:23). Death is an enemy to God and his people (1 Cor 15:26). Why would any true saint want to participate in something which cannot produce anything but death? What about that is equal to the glorious life of and in the kingdom of God? This is not to argue spiritual superiority of heterosexuality but simply to note that homosexuality cannot recreate the kingdom of God unless you radically redefine what the kingdom of God is.  Gomes may be masterful at recreating the truth, but not the kingdom of God.

Why would Jesus approve of something he (according to gay revisionists) never even mentioned in the Bible?  Strangely, Gomes mentions the wedding of Cana where Jesus’ first miracle occurs as if it was some sort of downlow affair. He follows a familiar path gay christian apologists do: distort and brutalize scripture to make it fit their predetermined worldview.

The rest of Gomes’ recreating the truth video is located here.


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  1. I could not help thinking about how he was sitting answering question like a guru or the Dalai Lama, giving out ‘wisdom’ about what should be. God is not a God of confusion. He indeed hates our sin and has to punish sin. Homosexuality, however we put it, is condemned by Jesus Christ, if one believes who he claims to be, The Word. Every Word of Scripture indeed are His Words. So, What would Jesus think about homosexuality? I know, He has NOT changed, and indeed, He has said this that ‘I change not.’
    If one believes The Scriptures as God-breathed, then you would have to believe that even Paul’s words were God-breathed. If this is so, then, the Holy Spirit, who is God, hates homosexuality, and so does Jesus Christ!
    The problem here is that this man, Rev. Peter Nomes, does not believe The Gospel and in other words, apostate.
    Interesting article!
    Many Regards in Him who is the Truth: Jesus Christ
    Stephen Archer

  2. Depart from me you worker of iniquity I never knew u. That’s exactly what this man will hear when he stands before God,. He clearly hasn’t found the the right path and it looks like he doesn’t want too . I hope he does before it’s too late for him WOW! and this is what he’s teaching students. He is sitting there in his arrogance and has the adaucity to try and say what Jesus thinks about it. No it’s his own thoughts he’s speaking that’s how he feels. THE SWINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nan that will be so sad for someone to hear that when they could have listened to God’s Word and turned to the truth. But [gay] pride won’t let him do that.

  4. Again, here we are putting a different spin on something that causes men to rationalize within themselves to justify what they want to do.

    No, Jesus would not approve of a same-sex wedding. Because He, God, established marriage and the parties involved. Don’t twist the facts.

    We’ve heard the arguments and spins by the gay movement about Saul and Jonathan, and Jesus and John, yeah, yeah. But even the gay supporters cannot deny that there IS NO PLACE IN SCRIPTURE OF A GAY WEDDING. NO NOT ONE. So why even ask the question? Stop putting something in scripture that is not there (neither is it implied).

    On second thought, wait. If the same-sex wedding was in a church (you know, the House of Prayer?), Jesus has every right to be there because it is His house. Hmmm. Now, should he decide to attend, and see:
    1. The false priest
    2. The spirit of wickness in the Temple
    3. The condition of men’s hearts
    4. The total disregard for holiness and the Word of Truth
    5. The outright blasphemous behavior (irreverent behavior toward anything held sacred) of the holy ordinance and will of God, etc.

    I’m willing to bet that it will be Matt. 21 all over again. You have turned his house in to a den (a cave used as a place of shelter or concealment, a vile place of abode) of sin. Remember who would suspect a church of such doings, right?

    I am inclined to believe that Jesus would not attend as a supportive guest or family member. Neither would he approve of the relationship in the first place. I believe Jesus would turn the place out, sharply rebuke all involved and those in attendance, and command everyone to repent of their aboninations in the House of Prayer. (Matt. 4:17, Mark 2:17).

    As for Rev. Gnomes, seems evident that Romans 1:28 can be applied due to his blatant changing the Word of God into a lie and adding to the Word (which by the way, God COMMANDED us NOT to do.)

    (Pardon me, sarcasm was intentional.)

  5. I have a hard time understanding the need for gay marriage. It almost feels like a child’s battle to say, “Yes, I wil l do this and you can’t stop me!”. Then again we live in a world run by children who need instant gratification so maybe I am the odd stranger in this world.

  6. Wow, Elder Carl I hadnt even thought about the whipping and tongue lashing Jesus served up. And this was not a personal issue with Jesus but a corporate one. I think that when he dealt with individuals, he was compassionate, when he dealt with organized evil he was ruthless. So was his cousin who got his head chopped off for speaking against sexual immorality.

    I read about that “den of thieves” a while back and it seemed to accurately describe a great many buildings calling themselves churches these days. Wickedness is winked at and sin is lathered in false love. How is it that a thief can be so comfortable, welcomed and celebrated in God’s house? Ref John 10:10

    How in God’s name can it be a house of prayer under those conditions?? Thanks for those comments.

  7. That reminds me of a lesbian who insisted that she was a Christian and that Jesus came to her wedding and “danced.” Sure.

    Jesus does not dance over sin.

  8. I do think it is funny how people, when they know the rest of the New Testament would disagree with their views, they pull out the “Jesus said…”, as though His words carried more weight.

    They play masterfully on the idea (the True Idea and Teaching) that Jesus was perfect in everything He thought, said and did, So, if Jesus said something it is worth listening to. Yet, a half-truth is a full lie. When we separate what Jesus said from the rest of the New Testament we are separating the words of the Word (who has eternally been God) and the Spirit–who inspired the Scriptures–who has eternally been God.

    I wonder if they see this form of argument as pitting God against God??

  9. The short answer to the title is “of course not” – especially since (according to the Word of God), Jesus doesn’t even approve of the majority of garbage that parades itself as Christianity today.

    BTW – “verbum domine manet in aeternum”…”The Word of the Lord endures forever”…

    Are you officially becoming a Reformer now 😀

    GCMW: Well let’s officially say that this blog is reforming. How’s that for sidestepping the question? 🙂

  10. Why would Jesus approve of gay marriage when He hung on the cross for all sin?

    In the Old Testatment, God’s people knew that homosexuality was a sin. Jesus didn’t need to speak about it in the New Testament since it was a given. But Paul mentioned sexual immorality in the New Testament and that no one committing sexual immorality would see the kingdom of God.

    If one is born-again, he can no longer practice sinful behavior. I [male] no longer lay with or have sex with men [males].

    John the Baptist stated, “behold, He [Jesus Christ]who takes away the sins of the world.”

    If homosexuality wasn’t a sin, then He wouldn’t have taken it away from me.

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